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Adilas.biz Developer's Notebook Report - All to All - (7676)
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Shop 4700 Working with Eric 6/13/19  

Working on the new sub inventory options for the general web API sockets. Currently, the general web API sockets only have parent part number or item information. We are going to tweak it out and add some subs to help things go smoother for outside parties and outside developers. This will make the original calls and responses a little bit bigger, but it should cut down on the number of calls. That's the plan.

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Shop 4698 Herbo White Label push live 6/13/19  

Helped Bryan get a few new files merged in and uploaded. We had to fix a couple of merge conflicts, but that process went pretty smooth. We pushed up new files and Bryan did some testing.

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Shop 4685 Meet with Shannon 6/13/19  

Shannon joined the meeting but I was working with Eric on some sub inventory documentation. I had to cancel with Shannon and we'll reschedule for later. If she has time, she will keep plugging away on adilas user guide content.

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Shop 4699 Working with Eric 6/13/19  

Eric, Steve, and I were on the GoToMeeting session. Eric and I were working on adding in sub inventory to the getWebGeneralInventory API socket method. We first had to go through things and figure out where to put the new code.

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Shop 4683 Adilas Time 6/13/19  

Mostly just Steve and I on the meeting this morning. Dustin and Eric joined for a bit but today was mostly a work session for Steve and I. Normally, we have Wayne help with all of the data migration projects. He was out travelling today and won't be back in until Monday. Anyways, Steve and I had two new corporations to setup and populate with data from other existing corporations. I spent some time and updated a bulk parts/items copy tool and got Steve using that tool to migrate parts and items from one corporation to another. I then worked on a customer (patient/visitor) upload file that they provided and got it all prepped and ready to do a data migration for the customer records. I migrated close to 7,000 customers from a spreadsheet into two different corporations on the data 7 box. We had to do a little bit of custom stuff and all of the records had about 5 flex grid tie-in fields to go along with the normal records. Once again, mostly a work day today, so far. Time for some lunch.

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Shop 4697 Research 6/12/19  

More research and playing with the transitional invoices. I think I need to go deeper in some ways and lighter in other ways. Trying to follow all of the possible options. The tricky part is that the line items switch the dates to the last known date (actual book date or actual invoice date) at the end of the process. That helps us keep things straight, but it also creates a small gap and virtually changes what is really happening. I'm not jumping there yet, but I'm wondering about tracking individual dates based on the line items vs based on the main. This issue has more teeth than not, but may be worth looking into. The other thing that seems to be baring some teeth is the tax liability and when and how to make that show up. Anyways, just rambling.

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Shop 4693 Testing the AWS stuff for Wayne 6/12/19  

Gathering up some documentation for one of the original 3rd party solutions (back in 2014 ish). They are circling back around and getting some things going again. Small blast from the past.

Logged into the testing corporation on Wayne's AWS (amazon web services) cluster to do some testing. Recorded a number of errors and bugs on element of time # 1430 in the adilas corporation. This is where we are gathering all of the notes for Wayne.

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Shop 4696 General 6/12/19  

Research and working on the transitional invoice project. Small tweak to the balance sheet and how things are handled. Trying to track down values. I got a call from Eric to ask about tax reports based on counties and zip codes. We talked about some options.

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Shop 4681 Adilas Time 6/12/19  

Dustin and Alan came on the meeting at different times. Mostly just to check in and report. I was back on the transitional invoice project and light tweak on the balance sheet dealing with the way we show the transitional invoices (QTI invoices). Towards the end of the meeting, Eric joined the meeting looking for Wayne.

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Shop 4695 push API live 6/11/19  

Helped Bryan push some code live for a 3rd party API socket. Pretty easy change and uploaded file.

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Shop 4684 General 6/11/19  

Shannon wasn't able to meet today. So, I did some more research on the QTI stuff (transition invoice stuff - QTI - between a quote, transition, and an invoice). Balance sheet research. Verified that some dates were changed as the process completes. Still need to figure out how that affects the numbers on the balance sheet. Getting closer.

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Shop 4682 Adilas Time 6/11/19  

We had a few of the guys on the morning meeting this morning. We had Steve, Dustin, Wayne, and Alan. We started out and Steve and Dustin were going over some of their new cultivation code. Dustin is already breaking up the page and adding in some AJAX (asynchronous or non-linear database calls) stuff. This will really speed up that page and alter the flow. Steve and Dustin were sharing some code back and forth and getting certain pages updated.

After that, Wayne had a few questions about some legacy look and feel pieces. Most of it was how we managed the corporation id number switches and why we did what we did. Some of the older code would change look and feel based on who was logged in, whether or not they were logged in, and what corporation was asking for what page. We are looking to get rid of some of that older code and make it more standard.

Alan had some updates on his merchant processing stuff. He is heading into the refund and refunding realm. I tried to let him know about a few of the pit falls and crazy scenarios that could happen out there. As a take away, we ended up talking about time lines, cause and effect, life cycles, and digital storytelling (tracking what physically happens and how we track that digitally). I really wanted Alan to automate what he can easily and then leave some of the crazy things to human intervention (manual transactions and manual processes). We don't want to speed up the flow of monies going out too much. That could be abused, misused, etc. Lots of drawing and small models and scenarios.

The next topic of the morning was the invoice due date project, that Russell and I started back in December of 2017. Alan and I talked ideas, concepts, theory, and how all of those pieces tie in. This project would really help out our own internal people that have to collect monies and do accounts receivables stuff. The overarching goal is be able to set an invoice due date and then monitor aging according to that date. Once an invoice gets to a certain date, we could virtually let a client know (say through a header feed or something like that) some kind of action was needed (payment needed). If we use the warning system correctly, we could also have standards for all kinds of processes and/or procedures. This includes when we turn systems off, for not paying, or warn when invoices are certain days old, etc. Basically a notification process based on invoice aging and monies due. That project has had a lot of work done on it, but it currently is sitting in code branches in the code repository (aka code sitting on the shelf).

Steve and I looked into an AJAX feeder that Steve is using on one of his pages. The page was working one way but not another. After some testing, we found that the way it wasn't working was because of a miss spelling. No error handling was being done and the error was going undetected. Once we fixed the spelling error, it allowed us to get at the new data we were trying to harness and get to. Crazy how sometimes it could be as simple as a missing letter or a 1 switched with a 0 and things may or may not work. Lots of detail work.

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Shop 4691 General 6/10/19  

Worked on the admin corp-wide settings to help open things up for custom adilas.biz email addresses. Shari O. has instructions on what is needed there to help set those values up. I was only able to get the admin corp-wide settings page to update. The other page (AFB custom email settings) in question needs some database work before it will be able to updated. Sent a note off to Shari O. with an update.

Got a call from Bryan and he wanted to meet for a bit. He got an email from a gun club that uses adilas to file member waivers, sign people in/out, and run their gun club. They are interested in showing community events (calendar and elements of time) to the public on their website. They would also like to do some ecommerce and do some online booking and reservations and being able to sign-up for classes through their website. Great stuff and very possible. Some of those things are already done and some just need a light tweak and we could make it work. Kind of a mix between ecommerce, elements of time, invoicing, quotes, customers, files (media/content), and making it all flow through correctly. Sounds fun.

At the end of the session, I was working on a few small changes to a sales flyer for Pat, Shari O., and Drea. The originals are held here: https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/adilas_banners.cfm

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Shop 4688 Working with Eric 6/10/19  

Eric and I met up to talk about a couple of things. Pretty casual and we finished up a little bit early. Back on the new email fields and settings.

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Shop 4679 Working with Shari 6/10/19  

Shari O. and I met up to go over some email options. We currently have about 3 main email addresses that our clients use to send invoices, quotes, statements, etc. As such, if anyone replies to those emails, they get sent back to my inbox (email mappings). Our goal is to create a number of custom email addresses and then allow the customers, clients, and corporations to have their own email addresses. This should save quite a bit of time and should help the customers have better business transactions because I won't be in the middle (as a pass through account). Anyways, that is the goal.

We went over some proposed changes inside of adilas and how those values will affect the email settings. We then spent most of the time over in the SmarterMail application going over their settings and options for forwarding emails. We made a good plan and will go from there. Mrs. Shari O. helps Steve and I pick up numerous pieces and does a knockout job. One of the giants of the adilas teams (awesome job).

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Shop 4692 Spelling error with Verbage vs Verbiage 6/10/19  

See the attached email screen shot. This is for a spelling error inside the system. It seems like a quick thing to fix, but it has some teeth. The term verbage/info is used as a system reserved part or item. It would need to be changed in multiple places including tons of back database pieces. It could be a couple of hours or more to make this change.

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Shop 4690 General 6/10/19  

Paying bills, recording expenses, and light email research. We are wanting to allow corporations and companies to be more self-reliant with their own custom adilas.biz email accounts. Shari O. and I will be meeting later today to discuss some options.

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Shop 4680 Adilas Time 6/10/19  

Another fun day on the adilas farm... We had Steve, Dustin, Eric, Wayne, and I on the morning meeting. Dustin was reporting about some of his new AJAX stuff on his cultivation pages. He is trying to break that page and flow process into smaller bite size pieces. Steve had a few questions on some of his bulk page clean-up tools (bulk close sub inventory packages that had a 0 quantity and were set to show - disabled). We looked at some queries and made a few minor tweaks. He is doing great. Eric had a couple of questions. Steve had some 3rd party API socket settings stuff for Eric and I. There is also a Lots of moving pieces out there. Steve also let us know about a possible project that would be funded by an outside party that deals with an API socket connection between Woo commerce, WordPress, and adilas. Wayne was checking on our AWS transition testing and making some tweaks. Lots of good stuff.

As a side note, there were some small discussions about security and liability of our clients using the adilas API sockets. We also talked about other outside parties using the same API sockets. We have to maintain who authorized what access and who virtually opened the data window/door. I told Steve that I would like to keep the API sockets open and increase the options to use them. He was worried about both security and liablility levels and wanted to know how some of that stuff works and/or is setup. We covered the basics and even went over a few scenarios. We had a brief, but good talk on the subject. As a follow up, we will be doing a mix between a full 3rd party solution and a custom black box for a single client and their mini 3rd party provider (kind of a hybrid of sorts - just for a single corporation). The important thing is, we will be tracking all of their data requests via a custom and special id number (this will help with the audit trail).

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Shop 4689 Light debugging 6/8/19  

Working with Drea and Dustin on a small bug with the cultivation homepage. We had to log into the remote server and run some check-up queries. All three of us were working together and changing who was running with the presentation. Dustin had his code editor open, I was logged into the remote server, and Drea was logged in as a user in the corp that was having issues. Good team work. We got it fix and did some light checking. 

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Shop 4675 Testing the AWS stuff for Wayne 6/7/19  

Light testing on the AWS stuff. Ran into problems with the main login.

Did some research and worked on a small tutorial dealing with CSS, JavaScript, and a photo slide show. That was kinda fun.

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Shop 4687 White label email question 6/6/19  

Questions about assigning sub details per items. We considered parent attributes, flex grid, or dynamic web/ecommerce part or item options. We spent some time and talked more about the web part options. This may be the best solution for what he is trying to do. We went over permissions, some part category settings, and how to populate the data.

Eric was also on the meeting and had some questions. His queries are dealing with flex grid queries and some cross corp flex grid queries. All of these guys are really pushing the limits.

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Shop 4667 General 6/6/19  

Paying bills, emails, and reviewing some code standards on W3Schools - how to do certain tasks.

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Shop 4665 Adilas Time 6/6/19  

There were quite a few people on the morning meeting this morning. We had Steve, Dustin, Wayne, Shari O., and myself. We started out and Wayne wanted to get a standard spot to report and handle issues and bugs for the transition to the AWS stuff. We setup an element of time and will be using the sub comments and notes to record any issues and/or bugs.

After that, Steve and Dustin wanted to go over the cannabis cultivation homepage and figure out where we could speed things up. See attached for some notes. The main take away from the meeting was user designed, single pagers, let users control the flow of data based on clicks and events, and use AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) type interfaces. The conversation turned lightly to aggerated data (pre-summed up data) vs transactional data (individual details). We would really love to keep heading more and more in this direction.

Shari O. was talking about some communication issues between our clients and the reps that support them. We had an issue last night when we had to turn a client's system off. We had contacted the client and they were over 3 months behind on monthly payments. We shut them off (the companies system) and then crap hit the fan. The client was open 24 hours a day. Anyways, we had a rep that got on the phone and was ripping our tech support people a new one. We had some talks about how we need to use the system to be the bad guy. We have a project planned that will show prompts in the page headers and will let them know that they will be shut off if they get past a certain date. We need to get back to that. If we could get this project done, it would save a lot of headaches.

Shari O. was talking about some team work and playing as a team. We have some great people who help and participate and some that don't do much. We have a spectrum of different people all around.

This is both funny and sad, but sometimes we really feel like the little red hen - who wants bread? Me, pick me. Ok, who wants to help me plant it? Not me, not me. Ok, who wants to help me harvest this stuff? Not me, not me. Ok, who wants to help me with (fill in the blank)? Not me, not me. Ok, I guess that I'll just do it my self. Suddenly, we get the bread done, and everybody wants it. There is some truth to that.

Steve was expressing some concerns that he is getting behind on his email stuff. We had some light talks about what needs to happen there and how best to structure our team. At a certain point, you almost give up and/or can't keep up. The mountain keeps growing and doesn't seem to stop.

Back on team building stuff... we are trying to help and train our guys and gals to work as independently as possible. There are constant needs that just keep coming. It gets pretty crazy. Back on the email stuff, maybe we need to use more of a standard like "support@adilas.biz" or "info@adilas.biz" and then let it get filtered out before it hits all of us. Steve really wants us to use technology to play this game. More automation and more ideas and options. Lots of tag team stuff. We are also learning along the way. Lots of new lessons being learned and hopefully applied.

Steve was talking about dependables and who is playing with what and who is doing what. We have a very independent model. That is awesome but does have some challenges as well. Steve would like his sales focus to be more on the white label type arena.

Alan joined the meeting and gave us an update with USAePay and there EMV chip reading and chip processing. We may end up having to integrate with FirstData as a merchant processing account (more gateways). We currently offer some chip reading options, but it still kinda random and small ball of strings. There is a growing need on the merchant processing and gateway stuff (credit card processing and chip reading technology stuff). This is way out there... but maybe at some point adilas will be their own merchant processing gateway (some sort of internal solution). Alan volunteered for this project (just kidding).

Towards the end of the session, Eric jumped on and needed some help with some queries of queries, complex data, and getting some data tables setup for his custom reports. We also scheduled some other time next week to work on sub inventory and API socket documentation stuff.

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Shop 4676 Push Dutchie 3rd party page 6/5/19  

Working with Bryan. We did some checking on some custom ecommerce filtering (by sub inventory attributes). We actually had to log onto the server and run raw database queries to check for certain records.

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Shop 4677 General 6/5/19  

Recording notes, paying bills, and emails

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Shop 4674 Working with Eric 6/5/19  

After Dustin and I got done debugging some comparisons between settings and sub inventory attributes, Wayne and Eric popped into the meeting. Wayne was just checking in and letting Steve know that more progress was being made in the AWS land stuff. Eric then had some questions about a 3rd party API socket project that he was working on for a company called Spring Big.

Basically, if a company turned on this 3rd party solution, it would share and pass both customer data and invoice data over to Spring Big. I'm not sure of all of the details, but it seems that they did some marketing and offered some coupons and/or campaign type offerings (don't quote me on that - just going by impression). Anyways, Eric and I were looking into new custom code and debugging some of the API calls and internal methods. He has a pretty deep wrapper function that have a number of other sub routines and sub API socket calls. We spent over an hour looking and testing things. We found our bug and fixed the issue. Towards the end of our session, he was checking API socket calls, pushing data, updating data, and finalizing transactions. Great progress.

At the end of the work session, Eric left and Steve and I started working on some of his projects. We spent about an hour looking into his (Steve's) and Dustin's cultivation code and the phases tab (changing plant phases section or sub section of the main cultivation homepage). We did some debugging, added some page and query filters, and commented out some older code. We tested both locally and push things up live. We have a client that is pushing the limits of what we can get the system to do without timing out. We also spent some time talking about ways of changing the existing page structure, carving the code and output into smaller pieces, and using more AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) type technologies for breaking pages into smaller chunks of data. Lots of potential there.

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Shop 4664 Adilas Time 6/5/19  

Working with Dustin and Steve on some debugging on their cultivation stuff. The bug we ended up finding, after tons of searching, was dealing with text comparisons vs id and settings comparisons. It got pretty deep. 

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Shop 4673 Molly: sub barcodes 6/4/19  

Bryan and I worked on some new logic for some sub inventory searches and exports. Some of it was some training on complex data sets (arrays of structures, and arrays, with sub arrays, etc.).

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Shop 4666 General 6/4/19  

Working on installing new software on my local environment. Running tons of database updates and scripts to get my copy of code and database stuff up to par.

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Shop 4672 Working with Eric 6/4/19  

Eric and I met and talked about exports to MS Excel. We talked about traditional methods and doing custom exports and/or going more fully to the JavaScript Snow Owl data tables (prebuilt exports to Excel). I showed Eric a sample page that deals with showing a snow owl data table with the built-in exports. He will modify his code based on what that page does. We also talked briefly about outside API socket documentation and who takes care of that.

On a side note, both of us were talking about having too many projects on the fire at the same time. We all lose so much traction and end up spinning our wheels in the transition of switching between projects. It helps to have a couple projects and then to focus on those, get them done, and then go open up a new drawer or project.

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Shop 4663 Adilas Time 6/4/19  

Steve, Dustin, Wayne, and I were on the morning meeting. Wayne was working with the guys on some of the changes out in the AWS land stuff. Once I came on this morning, Steve and Dustin jumped off to work on a separate project. Wayne and I talked about some logo and image changes and then some update queries. After that, I did a local database back-up and got ready to uninstall and reinstall some database servers.

Bryan, Molly, and Eric joined the meeting. They were talking a lot about 3rd party solutions and who pays for what. We also talked about some needs for sub inventory. We need API sockets, documentation, more integration models, etc. We even started talking about 3rd party solutions and diverse plug-ins and how to best help that model out. Not all solutions are worthy of spending the time to fully integrate. We want to enjoy working with these other companies.

Molly is looking to expand the searchability and export options for sub inventory. They have done some foot work and worked on a custom export for sub inventory. They would love to bring some of that more into the core process. Currently, a lot of the filtering is done from the parent level down to the subs. We are seeing a need for being able to filter from the subs up to the parents (reverse filtering). We briefly talked about adilas and that we will be doing a new adilas funded round on sub inventory. Currently, we have done 3 full rounds on the sub inventory section. We will be bringing in Alan Williams to help with this project. Before we jump, we are looking for a proposal and/or a plan for going forward.

The conversation started going towards... what is coming up next both with adilas and in general. The landscape keeps changing. What are the priority on the different projects that are coming down the pipeline? Molly was expressing some of her priorities and where the needs are.

Pagination vs grouping - Going back to sub inventory... We need exports and searches on parts, items, sub inventory, parent attributes, sub attributes, etc. To sum it up, we need better reporting on sub inventory and everything that it touches.

Towards the end of the meeting, Steve and Dustin were working on some custom reports and I was working on new install stuff for my local environment.

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Shop 4671 Research 6/3/19  

More research on core concepts. We need good code to help support our cause. However, the real value lies in the underlying concepts. I'd really like to keep pushing on that part of the puzzle. Our code (actually what the system does) could be one of thousands of possible options. The underlying core concepts are the stable foundation on which to build on or build off of. Good stuff.

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Shop 4669 SWC & Full Circle: code push 6/3/19  

Got on a meeting with Bryan. We merged in two code branches and pushed up some files to live servers. One was some custom parts/items report stuff. The other one was dealing with new code for Full Circle (marketing and text messaging stuff). Full Circle has an active window right within the system where the person could be logged into both systems at the same time. Kind of a hybrid type scenario.

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Shop 4670 General 6/3/19  

Working on my local coding environment. Installing and configuring new code editing programs. While programs were installing and uninstalling, I was doing some reading on adilas core concepts, out in the developers notebook, searching between 1/1/13 and 21/31/13. Lots of work on core concepts during that time period.


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Shop 4662 Adilas Time 6/3/19  

On the morning meeting with Steve. We did some light talks about a concept of "flow state" or "flow status". This concept came from an audio book that a buddy and I were listening to on a road trip over the weekend. I haven't looked up the author, but I believe that the book was titled "The Rise of Superman" dealing with how action sport athletes use this "flow" or "flow state" to do amazing things that some people consider impossible. The book was covering how it works, what they know about it, pros and cons to flow, and what kind of triggers that that these athletes use to enter that flow state. Anyways, it, the audio book, had some interesting concepts and I would love to use some of those things in the adilas world and adilas environment.

Josh joined the meeting and gave us a small report. We should be hearing more from him in the next couple of days. Eric joined and was looking for an update. He was also volunteering if anything needed to be done on different fronts. He just got back from a trip, so he is swamped, but willing to help. Wayne joined and gave us all a small report on the AWS transition stuff. He and I were talking about some of the changes that he is making and where things are going. He showed me some of his custom tags dealing with look and feel and corporation logos and settings. Making progress.

As a fun side note, we can't do all of this stuff on our own. We need a team of highly trained professionals, each in his/her own way. That is awesome.

While the rest of the meeting was going on, I was working on my local environment and getting new programs installed and configured.

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Shop 4661 Sal and Ham code 5/30/19  

Meeting with Bryan to go over a number of projects. He had me merge in some code for him. He had some questions and wanted to run a few things by me. A lot of his projects are dealing with items and sub inventory out in ecommerce. He is also doing a number of custom search projects that deal with non category specific searches and exports for sub inventory. Our clients keep wanting more and more reports and exports, especially in the sub inventory arena.

At the end of the day, I finished up some logo and watermark info for Wayne. See attached. Nothing major.

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Shop 4580 Meet with Shannon 5/30/19  

Brandon & Shannon working on Section 11 - Financials & Accounting on the User Guide. Uploaded document with the content we have created up to today. 

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Shop 4650 Working with Josh 5/30/19  

Met up with Josh. He had a number of questions and just needed some direction. Some were dealing with his discount engine and resetting form values. Changing from limited text fields to bigger volume text fields (varchars to actual text fields - 255 characters to 65,000 characters of capacity). Some of his include and exclude lists are hitting the 255 character limits.

We also talked about some JavaScript functions to resort output, tables by column heading, and reusing datatables and code snippets. We also talked about ways of storing huge amounts of historical data. This is especially true on his discount engine stuff and what is needed for the audit trail on those pieces. I showed him how we are grabbing all inbound arguments when editing a location with tax settings and how we store those values in a big date stamped JSON object. Last of all, we talked about some other custom reports and how to help those reports show up for specific clients and corporations (different worlds). Great meeting.

Back on stuff for Wayne to help prep some info about corporation logos and watermarks (look and feel stuff).

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Shop 4608 Adilas Time 5/30/19  

Talking with Wayne about setting up and storing logos, alternate logos, watermarks, header logos, footer logos, etc. There are tons of options and some of the code is all over the place. Wayne is worried about the stop and go type mentality that we seem to be following. Sometimes some of the stress is by thinking and requiring certain things (some of which are out of control) of yourself.

Alan, Steve, Wayne, and I were on the morning meeting. Alan was trying to help encourage Wayne and help him keep going. Sometimes it gets really tough in the trenches.

After the meeting. I started to prep some stuff to help Wayne with the images stuff. Alan was in town (normally he lives in Arizona) and came by. We talked for a bit and got caught up. We then had a small session on what is happening and where to focus. Alan is going to be helping with some developer education stuff and also looking into refactoring sub inventory. That is a huge piece of the puzzle. I sent him a couple of files. He will be looking into things and then proposing a plan. We aren't going to just start working on things, we want to get a proposal and plan in place and then go for it. That should be good and will be fun. Much needed.

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Shop 4659 Upgrading my local environment 5/29/19  

I spent all afternoon upgrading my local environment from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Tons of updates, restarts, reboots, etc. The goal is to get Windows 10, ColdFusion 2018, and MySQL 8 up and running on my local machine. In reality, it took from 11 am to 7 pm, but not all of that time was productive. Install and wait, install and wait, flip some settings, wait, etc.

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Shop 4611 Adilas Time 5/29/19  

Wayne and Dustin were on this morning. Wayne had some questions about logos, images, and look and feel stuff. We got over to the AWS stuff and did some testing. Only certain users were working on the new stuff. We re-flipped things back to the data 0 box and he will do some more debugging and testing. We lightly postponed our active testing until another day.

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Shop 4658 Push code with Dustin 5/28/19  

Got with Dustin and helped to do some code review and code merging. Got all of the new files (all in the custom folder) merged in and pushed online. He is doing a great job and I really thank him for his efforts. He is super easy to work with. That helps a ton. Good stuff.

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Shop 4585 Meet with Shannon 5/28/19  

Working with Shannon on adilas user guide content. The subject for the day was old school accounting vs new school accounting. We only got some content written on the old school side (classic double-entry accounting). We went over journals, journal entries, ledgers, t-accounts, chart of accounts, batching, posting, and reports such as income statement (P&L - profit and loss), and the balance sheet. Shannon has all of the content. As soon as it is ready, we will post it in an element of time.

I had Wikipedia open and was doing a number of different searches:

Christopher Columbus - sailed the ocean blue in 1492 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Columbus

Luca Pacioli - father of accounting - published a math text book with rules for double-entry accounting called "Summa de Arithmetica" in 1494 (2 years after Columbus). - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luca_Pacioli

double-entry accounting - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-entry_bookkeeping_system

We didn't get to it... but this was an article that we (adilas) wrote back in 2011, it has a number of different key features and shows some of the changes in newer or more modern day accounting (new school accounting). This is a 6-page document that is more in historical story type format, but a fun read. - https://www.adilas.biz/adilas_history_bio.pdf

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Shop 4660 Backing up files 5/28/19  

Burning database files and code back-ups. Emails.

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Shop 4657 Working with Wayne on the database 5/28/19  

We are seeing a need to add an adilas URL (web address) on a per corp level vs on a per server level. Currently, most of our redirect options are all based on a per server basis. Also, we may need to go back in and change some of the existing links and hardcoded web links.

- We need some options for manual load balancing.

- Wayne was showing us his custom functions and how he is combining code into custom tags.

- We also talked about some of the aliases and how certain field names show up. As a side note, we will have to update our API socket documentation to note some of those changes.

- Wayne has been doing some mappings to certain relative and fully expanded paths.

- Lots of simplifying code and things. There is still tons to do, but we are starting to make progress.

- Having a centralized spot to help Wayne know about errors and/or issues with the transition to AWS.

- We need a community based process that allows us to publish wiki type information, definitions, best practices, etc. We may even want some of this wiki info to be automatically generated. We need to keep things up to date to make it relative and productive. As a side note, Wayne has setup and contributed to wiki type things and has some know how there. He will be a great resource on that stuff.

- Ways of harnessing the skills and knowledge to help others. Letting people be part of a cause and participating to the overall adilas community.

- Steve would really like the adilas users to have options to play, work, participate in the adilas community, learn, train, sales their stuff, participate in the marketplace, sell their skills, contribute, etc. This could be part of the adilas marketplace, adilas world, the adilas café, etc. Lots of options.

- Being able to share our knowledge with others. Helping to speed up the process.

- Steve popped in and was saying that maybe we could use our WordPress and/or our news and updates section. We also have help files, web/API socket documentation, developer's notebook, user guides, elements of time, etc. We have also made and created a number of self contained PDF files with specific topics. We would like to make sections for developers (super techy), users (definitions, help files, tutorials, etc.), reps/consultants, community, and other sub sets.

- Currently, there is a deficit on the training and education side of things. We may end up going in and checking stats on some of the older inactive adilas users and see who did what. We also need to open up the adilas market and adilas café to all of the users who have some great and awesome skills and skill sets. That is a great way to even out our tri-facto model of clients/users, system, and education stuff.

- Steve was seeing and talking about co-founders of adilas. It doesn't come from just one person. It comes from a community effort.

Towards the end of the meeting, Brandon went back to doing some prep work on the adilas user guide. As part of that process, he spent some time reading an old history bio from the adilas team. See attached for a copy of the bio. It has a publish date of 2011. Lots of fun info.

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Shop 4605 Adilas Time 5/28/19  

Doing some database and code backups. Prepping some information for the adilas user guide. Today we are going to be talking about old school accounting vs new school accounting and how adilas plays into that topic.

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Shop 4618 Adilas Time 5/27/19  

On the morning meeting with Steve. We did some quick catch-up and then onto our different projects. Dustin popped in and out. Wayne had a couple of questions. We need to make the main login more session based, in order for the code to transfer better out to AWS (amazon web services) land. After that, Josh jumped on a had some code repository questions. I then took some time and built in a session corporation key as part of the main login process. I'm hoping that will help out Wayne with his AWS transition stuff. We also set up some additional time for tomorrow.

Basic to do list stuff and emails.

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Shop 4655 Full Circle: push code 5/23/19  

Bryan joined the meeting and we were looking at a mixed filtering by sub attributes for sub inventory. Pretty deep. See attached for some of our brainstorming. In the end, we decided to go a different direction, but this was progress to make some decisions. Good stuff.

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Shop 4583 Meet with Shannon 5/23/19  

Adding new user guide content for adilas theory, roll call accounting principles, and other account concepts.

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Shop 4656 Working with Eric 5/23/19  

Eric and I got on a GoToMeeting session and went over a number of projects. Some are on track and a couple are somewhere in the middle. As a side note, more and more clients are wanting deeper sub inventory reports, filters, and exports. We are hearing this from multiple sources. The other thing that we are hearing is a demand for adilas to fund and pay for all of the new development and documentation. Some of the demands are ridiculous but none the less, they still exist. Kinda funny in a way. Our plan is to keep going as fast and well as we are able. If someone wants or needs us to go faster or in a different route, we flip it to custom and they need to pay for that development and/or project management. There is only 24 hours in a day and we need to divide and balance resources as needed. That is all we can do.

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Shop 4647 Meeting with Tim at herbo 5/23/19  

Tim Lyons from Herbo was online with Steve and I. His goal in meeting with us to get to a working process. He was talking about sub assemblies (recipe/builds) and then building and mixing a number of those pieces. He would like to add the operational costs as he goes through the process.

Steve was talking about how adilas tracks all of the internal production stuff. He is really working hard on the production stuff. Just like cultivation, he is out pioneering pieces, and then he will turn it over to someone else to really tweak it out. Fun process.

Steve showed a small demo on his existing production home page. He was doing parent/child inventory tracking, extractions, internal build, RFID tags, unique batches, subs, sub attributes, etc. He was talking about elements of time, time based reporting, phases, sub locations, etc. It got into alerts, lots of time based reports, stages, phases, steps, etc. It got into concepts and tools and what is pre-programmed and what could be configured. Steve was talking about transfer invoices, external reference, combining quantities, and all kinds of good stuff. His demo was using his local environment. Lots of talking back and forth. Good conversation.

We were showing 5 decimals of accuracy, distributing cost of goods sold, pulling and pushing quantities, etc. Steve was bouncing between parents, child inventory, elements of time, PO's, category level options, etc. It got into parent attributes, aggregated recipe/builds, processes, SGA costs, distributed accounting, distribution models, trucks, product transfers, chain of custody, detailed tracking, GPS, Google maps, custom stuff, and all kinds of crazy details.

One of the next steps is going to be setting up parent inventory items and then figuring out the flow process.

Towards the end, Steve had to leave. Tim and I jumped into some other corporations and looked around at real data. We looked at corp-specific flow, a corporation with a number of sub locations and sub entities, and some of the automated reporting that is available for both cross-corp or internal reporting. We also looked at usage reports, quick sales reports, switching between different corps, and using the quick search to get around.

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Shop 4614 Adilas Time 5/23/19  

Interesting turn towards the financial end of things. Steve reported that he had a great meeting yesterday doing some deep financials and balance sheet stuff. He was talking about internal builds, internal payments, flex grid, reflexive side of the flex grid, elements of time, etc. Lots of tools to help thread the story all together and have everything show up and flow through the whole P&L and balance sheet. As a side note, I was in deep yesterday on the backend balance sheet code as well. Kinda fun and interesting.

Steve and Dustin were working on cultivation stuff, while I was burning back-up DVD's. I have to upgrade my laptop and need to have all of my files backed up.

Steve and I were talking about education, training, and options that exist there. Adilas creates so many opportunities and virtual byproducts. At some point, someone will pick up some of these opportunities and virtual byproducts and run with it. Good for them and they will be able to make it. That is awesome.

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Shop 4653 General 5/22/19  

Helped Bryan with a query question. He had a list of strings (text entries) and needed to filter those values in a database query. I pointed him to a list qualify function and that got him going.

Working on the balance sheet and making sure that the transitional invoices (work in progress or wip invoices) were shown correctly on the balance sheet. As part of this project, I went through almost 2,000 lines of code and wrote out small little notes on what happens during the process. I'm looking for possible disconnects and ways of tweaking things to make sure everything lines up. Pretty deep.

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Shop 4609 Adilas Time 5/22/19  

Just Dustin and I on the morning meeting this morning. We talked about some of our adventures and shared some photos and stories. Fun stuff. After that, we split up and started working on our own projects. I was working on the percentage calculation page and using the new calculations in populating an add item to cart page. Finished up the percentage calculation project and pushed up new files. I also updated help files and cascaded changes to all servers. See the gallery for a couple of screen shots.

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Shop 4652 General 5/21/19  

Working on a new percentage calculator for the cart. Lots of JavaScript to help the flow of the data. The new page will be part of the basic add special line item to the cart.

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Shop 4651 sub inventory report 5/21/19  

Talking to Bryan about a custom export report for sub inventory. Mostly strategy and concepts.

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Shop 4582 Meet with Shannon 5/21/19  

Getting user guide content for balance sheet items and different types of balance sheet items. We also went into some adilas theory on accounting.

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Shop 4645 Working with Josh 5/21/19  

Got on with Josh and helped him get some of his new inventory level warnings linked in and merged into the master code branch. We pushed up the new code, light testing, and setup some other work sessions. After that, I spent a little bit of time recording notes and doing some clean-up from the morning sessions.

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Shop 4649 Meeting with Wayne 5/21/19  

Wayne and Eric jumped into the morning meeting. We went over a few things with Wayne and got a better idea of some timelines and what to expect with the transition over to AWS. Still lots of unknowns, but making progress. We also talked about some contingency plans and how fast we could switch gears if needed. See attached for a few new notes (bottom page with a date of 5/21/19).

After Wayne left, Eric had some questions about some of his current projects. Eric is very good at doing custom work and also trying to help circle the wagons and help people get onboard the main platform vs always doing the custom one-off jobs. Good stuff.

Steve and I chatted about using technology to help us promote our products and then also using technology to help promote the services and byproducts that get produced from the main adilas system and/or platform. The byproducts are amazing and we have some folks generating $10,000 to $20,000 a month, by themselves, just off of the byproducts and services. We want to keep pushing things more and more out to the open marketplace. We briefly talked about the adilas marketplace, the adilas café, and adilas world. Lots of options to get those power users more jobs and options to sell their skills and services.

At the end of the meeting, Josh popped in and had some git repository questions. Small session helping him get his stuff in order.

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Shop 4619 Adilas Time 5/21/19  

Steve and I were on the meeting. Most of the time was spent working on our own projects. I was working on a cart level percentage calculator to help with adding in percentage based fees and other percentage based items.

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Shop 4646 Randomized PO numbers cart_3.cfm 5/20/19  

Working with Bryan on some cross corp queries that check for sales in different systems and crisscross sales numbers to make sure that someone doesn't exceed limits by store hopping. We also looked into some multi click data migration process and what options are available through web or server-side code looping through a queue of sorts.

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Shop 4648 General 5/20/19  

Email, paying bills, and writing an email to Wayne about AWS and transition planning between existing servers and new AWS cluster servers.

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Shop 4615 Adilas Time 5/20/19  

Getting started for a new week. Dustin, Wayne, Alan, Steve and I were on the meeting. We got some quick reports from the guys and then they all jumped off and started working on their own projects. Wayne is working on splitting up the corporations table. It has almost 400 fields or columns. That's a big table with tons of settings. Alan was talking about some of the automation with merchant processing and USAePay. We also talked about maybe holding the corp-wide settings in the session scope and maybe even storing some of the sessions in a JSON type object.

Steve and I had a good conversation about the transition over to AWS and all of the changes that are happening. There are lots of exciting things but there are also some unknowns. We were talking about back-up plans, what would it take it we had to make a turn this way or that way, etc. Lots of what if's and trying to look objectively at what is coming down the pipeline. I did a lot of drawing and tried to explain what changes I know about and how I interpret those changes. I think that helped, but we are still going to contact Wayne and try to get some more information and/or make a good plan.

Eric popped in and we worked on some API socket connections. He has a new project that he is working on that is a 3rd party solution that wants to integrate with adilas and get certain sales data passed back to them, based on who signs up for their services. We did some prep work, found some good examples and handrails (code and logic samples), and started building an outside scratch file to do some testing. In the scratch file, we were only pulling in the minimal requirements and pieces. A great start.

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Shop 4644 Working with Steve on the balance sheet 5/16/19  

Steve and I were working on a balance sheet question and scenario. We were trying to document the flow of a transitional invoice like a work in progress (wip), a pre-paid invoice, or a layaway invoice. They all follow similar formats. We have some code that has been added clear back (like 10 years ago) but just checking to make sure all was booked and accounted for correctly. In a way, it was kinda fun to go backwards and take a small trip down memory lane.

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Shop 4587 Meet with Shannon 5/16/19  

Working with Shannon on adilas user guide content. We were adding things for financials and accounting.

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Shop 4643 Meeting with Josh 5/16/19  

Working with Josh on some inventory controls. He has made a small feature that allows for category level thresholds. The code then checks the shopping cart and shows small warning icons if getting close to the quantity thresholds. We did some code review and pushed some files. We will link it into the main system later on.

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Shop 4617 Adilas Time 5/16/19  

On the morning meeting with Steve, Eric, and Dustin. Steve had a couple of questions about some new logic that he was building. It was dealing with looping over the form scope and getting counts and counters from that process. After that, Eric had a number of questions. We talked about adding in drill-down links to the new sales numbers on the daily/weekly sales summary pages. We then got into some needs on the API socket side of things. We needed to expand one API to include the web long description as well as add some samples and documentation to other API sockets. That whole section still needs a little bit of loving.

Eric and I started actually doing some of the work on the API sockets and pushed up a couple of small changes. Making progress, slowly but surely.

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Shop 4641 White label push 5/15/19  

Bryan and I pushed and merged in some code for Herbo and Dutchie - 3rd party solutions. We also started looking into a quote line item search. Bryan took an advanced invoice line item method and was trying to adapt it for quote line items. They are very similar, but it has a few other tweaks that make it unique.

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Shop 4638 Working with Josh 5/15/19  

Josh and I met up over the GoToMeeting session. He is working on some custom inventory alerts and warnings for reorder quantities and levels. We had to figure out where the existing page settings were coming in and how then to incorporate his new settings. We setup another time for tomorrow.

After that, I went back to working on the code review and sign-off for the special account tracking project.

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Shop 4612 Adilas Time 5/15/19  

Pretty quite meeting this morning. Dustin checked in and then bailed out. Alan jumped on and gave me a small report. We also spent some time looking at the custom tables for holding sub inventory attributes. We talked about some possible rework options and helping that process. We logged into a server and looked around at database activity, column counts, row counts, and basic database stuff.

I got back on the code review and code sign-off for the special account tracking project. This deals with things like customer loyalty points, gift cards, in-store credit, etc.

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Shop 4581 Meet with Shannon 5/14/19  

Shannon and I got on and had some fun talking about life and different adventures. Not a lot of major work but it was really fun. We had a small session and went over our direction on getting new content for the adilas user guide.

After my meeting with Shannon, I finished up some graphics, uploaded them, did a number of emails, and called and chatted with Steve. He is trying to get some data from a dynamic page that the user controls. He is working on some manufacturing stuff with an emphasis on the production side of the manufacturing and factoring quantities backwards into outputs. Fun math stuff.

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Shop 4642 General 5/14/19  

Catching up on emails and light tech support. Did some work on a logo for a client.

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Shop 4639 Light database updates 5/14/19  

Wayne jumped on the morning meeting and we were talking about a few of the bigger database tables. The two big tables are the corporations and the afb settings. Huge amounts of varchar (text) type entries. We need to split those tables and/or reorganize them. Small little maintenance project.

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Shop 4607 Adilas Time 5/14/19  

On the morning meeting with the guys. Wayne had a small report for us. We need to tweak some of the big settings tables and pare them down a bit. They have a number of big varchar (text) fields and become too big. Eric jumped on and had 4 small merge requests for some of his past code. We made the changes and updated all servers.

Recording notes from yesterday and then back onto some dynamic sub inventory attribute search options. Pushed up new files and light tech support.

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Shop 4637 Patriot Care: Sub attributes 5/13/19  

I met with Bryan and we went over 3 different projects. They were dealing with how to treat the Herbo whitelabel  stuff, options for filtering sub inventory attributes, and Full Circle API socket integration and some strategy on that project.

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Shop 4640 Code review with Eric 5/13/19  

Eric and I jumped on a meeting and went over some code that he needed to push up to the master code branch. The new code included some customer type filters for sales reports and some new grouped totals based on discount campaigns and customer types. We pushed up new code to all servers.

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Shop 4616 Adilas Time 5/13/19  

I was gone for a couple of days. Most of the morning meeting was doing some catch up and getting back into the groove. We had a number of different developers pop in and give us updates. We had Dustin, Josh, Alan, Wayne, Eric, and Steve each give some reports. We answered some basic questions and then got to work.

Shari O. and Drea were also on the call. They let us know about a tech support issue that needed some loving (small error or bug). I then started to work on that bug. It was dealing with sub inventory attributes and being able to dynamically search by the attributes. The value in question was N11 (meaning the 11th numeric field). The old code had 20 custom text fields, 10 custom date fields, and 10 custom numeric fields. We are expanding it to allow up to 100 custom text fields, 100 custom date fields, and 100 custom numeric fields. That is just a number so that we keep it in check, technically, it could be pushed further, we are just taking smaller steps.

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Shop 4586 Meet with Shannon 5/7/19  

Quick meeting with Shannon to touch base and talk about where we are at. She is working on education and training content. Both for the user guide and general research on certain topics.

Paying bills and tightening things up. General to do list stuff.

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Shop 4636 Meeting with Mike and team Herbo 5/7/19  

Meeting with Mike Rountree, Jim Dougal, Tim Lyons, Gannon, Steve Berkenkotter, and Brandon Moore - Team Herbo

- Looking at options to help do a white label and see what market share they could get to and/or grab

- From seed (starting) clear out to general ledger (full backend/frontend accounting and financials)

- Working with Cory as an adilas rep/consultant

- There are three different things that need to be implemented together

- They have clients in the CBD category - raw material providers, internal manufacturing, packing, distributing, retail, lots of supply chain things, marketing and sales

- They have a distribution category

- They have a retail category

- How do we scope a project? You start on paper. You make a plan, you know the tools that exists, you see what matches, what doesn't, where do you start, and what are the priorities? It comes back to a plan. This could be a flow chart, diagrams, whitepapers, other documentation. It really helps if you have someone who knows Adilas and what tools are available and what tools can flex and change by default. That really helps.

- Some of the tools are different corporations (different worlds), multiple locations within your worlds, what key players (12 main players) play into that model, etc. Steve was also talking about parent/child inventory relationships. Lots of mixing and blending between the things.

- Builds, transfers, phases, locations, sub locations, etc.

- White labeling allows for custom pages and custom code - We have white label theme levels (multi or group level) as well as custom black box code (per corporation or per world). We can customize almost anything. This includes show, hide, look and feel, logic, toggle switches, flow process, requirements, validation, reporting, ect. We use the phrase you dream it up, we'll help you wire it up.

- Cory is great consultant that really knows Adilas. At some point, you will need someone on your teams that really plays the other part of the puzzle. You have to know the client and the solution. Then you mix them together to get results.

- Bring up questions... they aren't good or bad, they are just questions. Get them out there and then see what is needed (easy, medium, more complex)

- Herbo will create some diagrams of what they need and how they want things to play (processes) - Here is the world and here is how the players need to interact

- Training and content - Who owns what, who builds what, who does what? Also, what about passing training and content back and forth? Adilas is willing to provide any thing that we have through database exports, Excel, CSV, XML, JSON.

- Tim had some great questions on the backend stack and server climate. We recommended that he get with Wayne Andersen to get all of the details. Tim has a vast knowledge of backend operations and servers.

- Herbo will be working on some flow charts, processes, etc. They will have a virtual meeting of the minds and making any plans that are possible.

- On the Adilas side, Steve will be working with Cory to help with any deeper consulting info. Steve is a master planner and knows the system front to back and what is possible.

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Shop 4634 Meeting with Calvin 5/7/19  

Questions for Calvin:

- What/when on your time lines and load? Timing and budgets.

- Having a hard time getting them setup (login credentials and who gets to do what)

- Charging for the adilas label builder wizard setup - once they get through... they can go far, it is just hard on the frontend

- How can we get this more inside the system? Maybe move more towards the web and setting things up that way. We need to simplify the frontend. Instead of full API credentials, maybe just check their username and permissions (web-based). Maybe going in doing some research. What is the next level.

- Maybe fill out a form and then send that to Calvin vs just an email

- 3rd party solution stuff - security

- Custom formats - currency, decimals, med date, sm date, long date, time 12, time 24, integer, other

- Being able to nudge selected fields with arrow keys - currently just drag and drop

- We need access to core sub inventory and sub attributes  - this could be a major challenge - super dynamic - on the PO side, invoice side, cart side, and normal part side

- bulk print from the cart (session stuff) - Crazy mixing pot - People are used to printing from here, but maybe we need to make it easier on the finished invoice side. How can we make it easier to get to?

- As some point, we will need flex grid values, vendor info, store/location info (could come later) - maybe even being able to mix some of these things.

- At some point, we may also need access to parent attributes (could come later)

- Audience questions... common user, tech user, designer, programmer - How do we select and train them - Ideally, we would like to have one person per corp that could do labels.

- Defining the database terms and fields

- Videos and other training materials

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Shop 4606 Adilas Time 5/7/19  

Wayne had some questions about some of the photo galleries. Especially on the stock/units and general inventory items (things that you sell either smaller widgets and/or serialized or bigger inventory items). Wayne is going through the code and taking code that is very repetitive and pulling it into custom tags and then doing some mappings to get to those tags. Lots of little tweaks to help speed things up and actually use some of the browser caching as part of the solution vs trying to force an auto refresh every time. Making good progress.

Steve and I had a small meeting about what we wanted to cover with Calvin in an upcoming meeting. As a random side note, we have to monitor time lines, budgets, and bang for our bucks (return on investment - ROI). We also talked a lot about education and how training and education keep playing into the mix. They are some of the easiest pieces to leave out, but they are critical for better turn over and long term usage and retention. Good conversations.

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Shop 4635 Code sign-off 5/6/19  

Back working on the code sign-off for the sub special account tracking project (customer loyalty points, gift cards, in-store credit, etc.).

Got a call from Bryan and we had to jump onto the SWC dedicated server to check on a database problem. We found a locked table and had to reset the database server.

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Shop 4610 Adilas Time 5/6/19  

I joined the morning meeting a little bit late today. I had to get my vehicle into the shop. When I got on, there were 5 guys on the call.

Eric had some questions about sub inventory API sockets and 3rd party integrations. We looked into the need for more web/API documentation. After that, Alan reported on his current USAePay stuff. He is working on more automated features, syncing data between adilas and USAePay. We also talked about some chip reading options and where we want to head in that arena. See attached for some of his research.

Wayne joined in and gave us a small update on the image storage process out in the AWS land. He is making more progress and getting things transferred over and fixed.

Josh had some questions about adding in icons and/or color coding for line items that are getting low (re-order help).

Steve and I were talking about our business model and our business plan. We had a great brainstorming meeting a couple of weeks ago and really came up with a good plan that works for us. Good stuff. Here is a link to that brainstorming meeting. https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/time_web_gallery.cfm?corp=748&id=4574

One of the things we are doing right now is trying to create loose bonds (like an organism) between different parties that can help and perform certain functions. Certain parties really want us to have a hard/fixed plan and an employee/employer type model. We are trending towards the independent and dependable type model. Much more loose, but it fits our style and objectives. It just takes longer to get where we are headed. Anyways, just some notes and ideas.

I got a call from Eric and we talked about some date specific sub inventory reports and where to find existing reports that are date specific for parent inventory and what we may be able to adapt. It just keeps going.

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Shop 4632 Elevele: eCommerce sub inventory 5/2/19  

Working with Bryan on sub inventory and getting the searches correct. It gets really deep if you search by sub attributes and then try to go back up hill to subs (child inventory) and then up hill further to parent inventory. Pretty deep. Lots of drawing and looking at data structures and database schemas.

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Shop 4584 Meet with Shannon 5/2/19  

Recording notes and verbage about different user guide topics. We talked about saved reports, save report favorites, group level settings, page level settings, sub inventory (parent/child inventory), support, users, texts, emails, reminders, and communications.

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Shop 4633 two key features that need a bigger presence 5/2/19  

The part_category_id and the customer_type_id fields need a bigger presence. Both of those fields have proved to be major sections in multiple places. Currently, we only record those fields in certain places (true one-to-many database logic). However, to help with certain reports, it would be so helpful if we were to cascade those values to those sub tables. It would save so many links and table joins. It would also allow for faster grouping based off a single table vs joining multiple tables and then showing the same results (heavier load). Anyways, those two fields have been huge system dividers and things that people want to filter and search by. Interesting.

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Shop 4620 Adilas Time 5/2/19  

Wayne jumped in and gave us a small demo of where he is at with the images. That seems like it has been a little bit crazy, trying to switch things over to AWS. The old way used ColdFusion and physically uploaded an image. Once the image was uploaded, it resized, renamed, and moved the images around where needed. The new process has to take the image, upload it to a single spot, then tweak it and save it out to an S3 bucket that is somewhat floating in the cloud. Not as stable (physical) as the old way, but eventually will be more powerful.

Dustin and I were working on some JQuery stuff for his pages. We ended up going back to a super simple test page type scenario to work on the pieces. It is amazing how if you take a super complicated piece and break it down to bare bones, you can play with it and learn vs getting completely overwhelmed. That is the value of a small test page.

Eric came on to the meeting and wanted to add a small form filter to one of the reports. No big deal, right? Well, he wanted the sales reports to be able to filter by customer type id (this is not a direct table value - we had to join other tables and then run custom filters). We also had to deal with form values, URL values, validation, flip/flopping between page scopes, drill-down links, button code, and other pages and tweaks. He had no clue that it would go that deep. We spent the next 1.5 hours following all of the cause/effect relationships for just adding a single form field.

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Shop 4630 General 5/1/19  

Emails, prep, and other stuff.

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Shop 4613 Adilas Time 5/1/19  

Talking with Wayne about triggering specific Lambda functions out in AWS to help with clean-up, logging, image manipulation, and backend processes. We may need to add some code to help keep things in line and fully up to date.

Eric jumped on and we talked about some math on showing discount math for some reports. We want to make the discount section more visible and searchable. We are starting to get more client requests to be able to run certain reports at certain points in time. As a matter of fact, they even want to get down to the hour, minute, etc. for these reports. It reminded me of a 3D calendar type idea. We even went out and looked at some old mock-up images.

Light talks about regex and regular expressions and interpreting those values. That always gets a little bit deep and sometimes funky.

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Shop 4628 eCommerce sub inventory 4/30/19  

Working with Bryan on some sub inventory queries. We also worked on using lists and queries of queries to help filter sub results. Some of what he needs to do is filter by sub attributes. Those are very deep and kinda illusive in a way. Good session.

We ended up building a really simple page (I saved it in bryan's folder on my local drive) that pulled in parent items, all associated subs (packages), and then filtered those sub packages based off a sub attribute. Super simple code set but hopefully enough to get the ideas and concepts across. I emailed Bryan the file once we were done.

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Shop 4579 Meet with Shannon 4/30/19  

Writing some new content with Shannon. We worked on topics like the chooser (selecting the interface(s) to use and set as your default homepage), coupons and sales campaigns, sales and promotions (getting a little bit into marketing stuff).

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Shop 4576 Meeting with Russell 4/30/19  

On a GoToMeeting session with Russell. He was showing us some new and modern concepts of MVC (model view controller), object oriented pieces, full API access, getters and setters, custom skins, GUI interface, and tons of cool JSON storage stuff. Russell also had a number of ideas for the adilas fracture site and what we could do, be, show, and even become. Kinda fun. I recorded the session.

Russell would like to take adilas to a new level. Putting in standards and testing to help the process. We want to standardize without cutting off the custom code arm that we love and are used to. Adilas would be the safeguard of the data and files and content storage, we then allow, through the API sockets, the ability to sew things up and put things in any way they want. We become the major backend app and allow for customized frontend options. Dream it up, we'll wire it up.

Steve and Russell had some early conversations about custom dashboards and being able to build things with small widgets, modules, cards, windows, panels, tabs, etc. Be able to show/hide different things, be able to drag and drop features, make it super cool.

Beautiful, powerful, easy!

If you had to start all over again (virtually burn things down), what would you do different? What would you do the same? Where would you take things? Fun questions.

Steve is seeing huge needs of a integrated system out in ecommerce land. Currently, there are tons of small companies trying to build their own little piece of the puzzle, but nothing interacts and fully connects. He is also seeing a need for a single system that could be good at all of the different pieces.

Brief talks about the current adilas Snow Owl theme and where things could go with new CSS variables. Lots of JavaScript and web components. The look and feel is super important. Light talks about heading more and more towards open source code and projects. Good talk and discussion.

After the meeting, Eric jumped in and had some questions on showing some of the discount stuff. We talked about who on our team could do some more CSS stuff and finish up some of the Snow Owl functionality. We also talked about Spencer and maybe having him help with some raw CSS stuff. Maybe we could make some CSS snippets and then build from that or from there. That would be really cool. Good page or resources of the CSS and styling changes (over time). The existing CSS stuff (minus Snow Owl) exists out in https://www.adilas.biz/css/index.cfm - It would be super cool to keep expanding some of those options... :)

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Shop 4629 We need more discount reports 4/30/19  

Discounts have always existed. Currently, you can pull some reports, but that needs to be expanded. We would love to show in-line discounts, percentage off, dollars off, mixed discounts, by campaign, and also old school standalone discounts. We need some of these subs and values to show up on daily/weekly invoice sales report. Think, all data is live and searchable. Keep it going.

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Shop 4518 Adilas Time 4/30/19  

Wayne, Steve, Dustin, and I were on the morning meeting. Steve and Dustin were working on some JQuery and JavaScript stuff. Wayne had some questions about images and why each one was named a certain way. We talked about it and I prepared a document for him to show all of the different naming patterns for all 12 main application types. Out in the AWS world, things will be treated differently, so our existing structure and processes may need to change. The file that got worked on is stored in Wayne's folder on my local hard drive. It would be unwise to post it on this element of time at this point in time (our current processes are still in use).

After that, Steve and Dustin went back to working on some projects. Once they were done, we both helped Dustin with a small bug that he had and then we broke out into our own projects. I recorded some bills and started going through some emails. I added Pat Dolan to the approved adilas email names and options. Pat is helping us out with sales and what not.

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Shop 4604 Elevele: eCommerce sub inventory 4/29/19  

Talking with Bryan about code tweaks and changes for sub inventory. It gets really complicated when trying to dynamically output all values, even with crazy different sub attributes. Eventually, our conversation went into reports, building your own complex data structures, and showing correct results out on ecommerce. One of the things that gets tough is sub attribute names. Bryan has a client that wants all sub attributes with the same names, to be displayed together in the same output column. It just makes is tough to get back to the correct pieces.

For example, say you have 5 different item categories. Each of those is capable of having their own sub attributes (unlimited). But, for display and reporting, you want everything to show the batch number column in the same column, even though some categories have that as text 1, text 3, and text 4 (just for this sample). Technically, it may be named the same (human side), but in the background, the data is stored based off of column 1, 3, and 4. That makes is more complicated. Anyways, we are seeing multiple requests to help standardize things and make it simpler, even though, technically, it is based off of dynamic user-maintained one to many relationships. People want it to look and appear very simple. That makes it harder on our end to make it look and appear simple.

Took a little bit of time and recorded some notes on our sub inventory document.

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Shop 4625 Working with Eric 4/29/19  

Eric and I jumped on a Zoom meeting and worked on a new export for sub inventory. The new export will grab all sub inventory items and will do the export without any sub attributes. We worked through some tweaks and did some testing. The new export report will be part of the normal advanced parts (general inventory items) report.

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Shop 4626 Adding the part or item category to sub inventory data storage 4/29/19  

The deeper we get in sub inventory, the more we keep having to go back and forth to figure out the part category. Basically, all sub attributes are based off of the part category. Maybe we should hold and store that data per line item vs having to look it up every time. It does duplicate data (for storage), but it would really speed things up. If needed, we could add a special watcher, in case the part category every changed, to help cascade all part category id updates, but at least we wouldn't have to keep looking it up. That seems to be a pain.

Long story made short... add the part_category_id column to the time_sub_inventory_[53] table. Make sure and cascade all entries (forwards and backwards), but that would really help with looking things back up. Faster on searches and less table linking needed.

Another note, along similar channels, sometimes getting to the actual sub attribute values (actual data, not the columns themselves, but the stored data) is sometimes really hard to pull back. Everything is related and multiple levels deep. Maybe look into that and seeing if there are easier ways of getting the information back. That could be more database columns and/or some other kind of flag that helps us look things up quicker. We are currently able to store the data pretty efficiently, but getting it back out is a pain in the rear. help this process out by looking at the common look-up options. If needed, it is totally ok to duplicate data to  speed up the look-ups. We just monitor things and make sure and cascade changes if and when a change is made.

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Shop 4516 Adilas Time 4/29/19  

Steve had some questions and updates. Working in AJAX and JQuery and having Dustin do some cross training and helping Steve with some of the new technologies. He is also working on some new production stuff and even possibly looking into tying in full recipe/build type stuff. Some of that is getting pretty deep.

Dustin is going to be adding more subs of elements of time to help with his harvest pieces. He is going to be using sub flags and tags and adding some new harvest types. They are already doing sub phases, sub groups, and now sub types. That will be really cool.

Eric popped in and had a number of questions about sub inventory through adilas API sockets. We ended up talking about the need for better and better documentation and someone to help with API socket stuff and keeping up with documentation. We also have a number of projects that are done and need to be pushed through the code sign-off process. There are a number of projects that have been put in my court, but I just haven't gotten to them yet.

Wayne popped in and gave us an update on some of his AWS transition stuff. We talked about which companies were going to be pulled over for some live testing. Wayne gave us an update on the document and image processing stuff. We also talked about some new functions and how Amazon is starting to build up a giant community of alternate functions and globally accepted options. We also had a fun futuristic talk about AI (artificial intelligence) and using computers doing translations (languages), OCR (optical character recognition), etc. Lots of good stuff going and coming down the pipeline.

Wayne and Eric are going to be working together on a few things. That is awesome. We are going to be changing from an application .cfm (auto include file) to an application .cfc (auot include component). Getting things ready for a single corp structure (splitting corps out to separate database - world building concepts). We also need ways to build in the payee/user integration stuff. There are potentially a number of duplicated records out there.

Steve was telling me some stuff about sales and where things are going. We then talked about some of the other developers who are out there, both established developers, and also the ones that are hanging around and may be very valuable, based on their skills. We specifically talked about Shawn, Spencer, and Josh. Those are some developers who have already played the game and could go even further.

Steve and Josh were talking about an "inventory engine" (max, mins, reorder process, etc.). The inventory engine would help manage the re-ordering of inventory and reporting on inventory levels. Currently, this is just going to be some settings based on a per category level of what is needed (eaches or grams). Think of algorithms of how fast certain projects are being used, consumed, and/or turnover rates. Helping to automate the re-ordering process and even showing some forecasting on inventory items and levels. Helping the system tell you more about selling habits, turnover rates, and the virtual batting average of some of these items.

On sales (and in life), Steve loves to look at things in halves, thirds, quarters, etc. If you can break things down a bit, it becomes more manageable.

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Shop 4527 Adilas Time 4/24/19  

Nobody was on the morning meeting today, so I spent some time going over some older notes and goals. Super fun and I could get lost out in that realm for quite some time. Here were a few of the places that I spent some time today.

I re-read and lightly edited notes from Steve and I's brainstorming and business plan meeting last night - https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/time_web_gallery.cfm?corp=748&id=4574

Research from the developer's notebook on core concepts - https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/developers_notebook_home.cfm?q=core%20concepts - I then did a local web browser search for the words "core concepts" and read the entries accordingly. Spent quite a bit of time here.

I would love to re-pick-up on this brainstorming doc - clear back from 2014 (part of an adilas training class with Shannon, Cheryl, Dave Forbis, and my self) - tons of cool ideas and concepts. https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/time_web_gallery.cfm?corp=371&id=3681

Other core concepts that we have learned over the years - https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/time_web_gallery.cfm?corp=371&id=1190

This may sound old... but there was a ton of work done on fleshing out the adilas core concepts in 2013. If you want, you could go to the developer's notebook and do a search for core concepts and filter the date range to 1/1/13 to 12/31/13 and get some great ideas. I ran out of time, I would have loved to have done more.

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Shop 4574 Business plan - whiteboarding with Kelly, Brandon, and Steve 4/23/19  

We were going to have a meeting with Kelly and do some online whiteboarding and business planning, but that didn't happen. Instead, Steve and Brandon had a couple hour brainstorming session about their own ideas on a business model and business plan. Super fun brainstorming meeting.

- Steve and Brandon were talking about the role of the adilas market, adilas university, and the adilas café.

- Steve was talking about ideas... are you buying or selling? What section of the market and/or café do you play in?

- Just jump in... see a need, fill a need - we love it

- Another piece that we may be missing is marketing and sales type literature and media pieces

- We would love to recruit some others to help with the heavy lifting - There are tons of great adilas users out there who have some great skills

- It takes time and energy to get things going - the goal is, once it gets going, hopefully it will keep feeding itself.

- Steve is having fun tackling the business model - analogy - like a friendly pirate ship. It could be a boat, a ship, a car, a plane, or anything that moves over time. The fun come in as you start asking questions. Are we friendly? Are we mean? How many sails do we put out? What direction are we going (what is our heading)? What kind of crew do you want? How big and how small do you want to be? Etc. Fun stuff.

- Sometimes as we write and record these log notes, it may expose some of our underbellies, but we really gain from it in multiple ways.

- Steve and I would like to be open to discussions from any parties. We also acknowledge that there is a cost to being open and listening to those ideas.

- There seems to be many cycles that interconnect and play as the ball gets kicked down the road.

- Zipper analogy of bringing operations and accounting together. We started this a long time ago, we want to keep going but some of the steps are bigger and harder than others to conquer. Problems exists and that helps keep things going. Problems force decisions and hopefully a solution.

- Working in teams and pulling through things together - it helps get the ball across the finish line and you build relationships along the way.

- A constant mode of refinement - dive and resurface, dive and resurface - build and break, build and break - the concept of maintenance.

- Building blocks of teams - forming, storming, norming, performing - where are we at in our team development process?

- As we keep coming together as a team, there will be some normalizing and efficiency as we keep going. Good stuff.

- Steve is always on the hunt for the better and better ideas. He loves the hunt, in theory and in practice.

- Different angles, different views - false summits, operations, accounting, task oriented, dreamers, managers, etc. Like a pie analogy, we need the whole (in the end), and certain people are doing certain pieces (delegating tasks and processes), but hopefully as you bring it all together and it becomes the whole.

- The proof is in the pudding - if you have a great idea... let's put it to the test... we don't have a monopoly on all of the good ideas. We want to be open to those around us. Ideas by themselves don't really stand too long... those ideas have to be put into action and start applying those concepts.

- You can fund a company through investment, equity, sales, or leveraging debt. We are leaning towards sales and equity.

- Talking about models, we are even seeing some morphing models (mixing and blending), client/services, budgets, and strategic customer care projects. Customer tune ups, targeted tech support, and other customer care and retention efforts.

- Hoist anchor! Starting to get the ship out of the harbor.

- Models - rep model, hub/shop model, 3rd party solutions and white label model - We are seeing a small mix between the basic rep model and the basic hub/shop model. - Russell's word "Dependable" model. A loosely bonded hub/shop type model where the bond is the dependable type and/or dependable people who service other parts of the service model. Basically, they stick around to help pick-up and service the by-products that are created (training, consulting, setup, design work, custom code, tech support, project management, training, and other by-product services).

- Being able to clone some of the main core players - Steve, Brandon, Shari O., etc. Small teams forming under some of these key players and creating loose bonds (dependable type bonds). Very interesting.

- Talking about sales and white label options, we have no boundaries and no zones - people could consume our product wherever they are - we don't plan on adding any boundaries and/or zones.

- Anybody could identify a problem and/or issue - what we really want and need is those who help come up with and are willing to work on solutions.

- Steve was saying that the employer/employee relationship is a kin to slavery - it can work, but over time, it has other costs and drains. Steve really wants to keep moving towards the dependable type model - It is very loose but it can and does work - We want to keep helping those around us - if you look at it... we have so many by-products, the by-products completely outweigh our normal products. Very interesting. One of the key pieces is, you have to want to play the game. If you are just coasting, it doesn't work very well.

- Finding that balance point - We were talking about the difference between a normal company that has an employer/employee model vs this loose community of dependable - We also talked about how some companies are replacing the traditional model with robots, AI (artificial intelligence), or automated services. Where are those balance points and what makes things tip to one side or the other? One the core concepts that we have is, our main product creates tons of subs or by-products. We can allow others to pick-up any of those by-products by offering their services (basically an open market type option).

- Some of this is just happening and we are figuring it out as we go... We have plans, we try things, we fail sometimes, we go backwards and forwards, we try to listen, we harvest other's ideas, we experiment, we tweak, we refine, we circle back around. That seems to work for us. It is more of the try storming type mentality vs just a plan it and build it type model.

- Randomly enough, we keep getting people circling back around after years of talking with them initially (old sales leads). We also have other people who are looking for and needing some of the functionality that we are working on and/or already have. The general public needs keep advancing right along with us. Step by step building process. Keep building towards the full system (fully interconnected pieces) and even full world building levels.

- Talking about commissions and outbound monies and such - Steve used the word semi-dependable (not a full dependable, but still part of the whole team).

- Finding the glide plane - like an airplane coming in for a landing.

- Tag teaming based on abilities - Coach, put me in... I want to play or give me a shot.

- People putting in time to help move the ball forward - Steve would like to move the company into a trust at some point.

- We are excited that we are moving some things over to deeper and more expanded technologies - tech stuff and server models.

- Keep working to get out of the way

- There is some magic in having a business plan but it can have limits - we do need some direction but it also helps to have your head up and be looking around. Our current business plan is "we are heading North" or something like "we are heading to the top of the mountain" - we have a direction and a way to go about it, that's about it. Fill in the gaps and cross the bridges as they come up (we know they are out there, but we don't have a full plan in place for every little thing).

- What about enjoying the journey? There is some fun in planning out the journey and then responding to cause and effect relationships that happen based on those decisions. That sounds like world building, in a way. The five core concepts of world building are: Characters, relationships, trouble/problems, decisions, and consequences - see this element of time for more information... https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/time_web_gallery.cfm?corp=371&id=3634

- Some people will like what we do and sadly, we may make some enemies - we want to keep it as an open model - there are tons of options out there. We welcome those who want to play and we'll keep refining and building as we go. We want people who are looking for a solution and are willing to help and invest in their solution. We want to make adilas consumable... what do you want and how can you make it work for you?

- Model of being able to charge for different components - it all needs to exist - what if we showed all of the 12 main players and what part of their bill gets charged out and/or applied to what part of the 12 main players? That could be pretty cool.

- We may want to open up the adilas ecommerce piece to all of our clients. Currently, they have to pay for the extended ecommerce functionality.

- Data - the new currency... people are offering features and functions for free, just so that they can collect data. Very interesting.

- Steve would like to help push forward the ideas of the adilas café - a virtual community of users and/or other companies that offer their services - that will be really cool - helping to push the ball along the path using the skills and talents of others (a community of adilas power users and/or outside services). Once again, the by-products are a huge part of the model.

- We do need some standardization pieces, but some of our model is the flexible ways you can do it... We need both side of the fence.

- We ended by doing a brief look at where we have been and where we are going (historical summary of invoices and client based financials). Good stuff.

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Shop 4578 Meeting with Shannon 4/23/19  

Met up with Shannon and we decided that the two of us would try to focus more on the education side of the puzzle. We may have to split our time, but we were thinking news and updates, help files, user guides, screenshots, videos, adilas university, adilas market, adilas café, sales and marketing materials, etc. Along those same lines, we will start meeting twice a week to help make some more progress in that arena. That is exciting.

Shannon spent some time adding some content to elements of time in the adilas university site. I had to help finish some emails out to an adilas consultant.

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Shop 4577 General 4/23/19  

Emails and tech support

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AU 3984 4.41 - Manufacturing (changing or modifying inventory) 4/23/19  

4.41 - Manufacturing (changing or modifying inventory)

-Taking an original or raw product and making into something else, anything that you are altering & selling as a product

-Anything mixed, blended, bent, changed, tweaking or making pieces of inventory

-It is tied to inventory - so it gets pulled in on the PO side

-Can be manufacturing big ticket or small items

-Friends with recipe/builds

-A request PO - like a quasi PO, or a quote, on order - to make

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AU 3985 4.42 - Marketing 4/23/19  

4.42 - Marketing

-Once you have all of the data from your day to day operations and accounting - think of all the power you have. We can use the massive amounts of data in your system to connect with other companies that can help you manage your marketing in whatever ways you need.

-Presently we have all the data. We do not manage the marketing but can connect you to third parties who are focused in various marketing aspects. We provide you with great resources for business intelligence as you can access all of the data in the system.

-We have a number of reports, charts, graphs that can visually show you data. If you need something customized we can build that for you.  

-We have all the data. You can pull reports, trends, export things, and use your data to improve your work flow and your company. 

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AU 3986 4.43 - Media/Content/Files (physical file uploads and referencing) 4/23/19  

4.43 - Media/Content/Files (physical file uploads and referencing)

-A Library to organize content

-What are your files & media? Contracts, video, drafts, drawing

-Files on your local machine, on a network

-You can tie them to any of the 12 players or you can just categorize & organize them

-Can tie to individual items, to groups or to everything

-Cataloging, referencing, organizing, logging, tracking your pieces, pulling in & connecting any type of content that you want

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AU 3987 4.44 - Merchant Processing - Credit Cards & Financial Solutions 4/23/19  

4.44 - Merchant Processing - Credit Cards & Financial Solutions

-Merchant processing is a great addition to any business. This allows you to process any transaction with credit card or digital payments. This feature is not required to use our system, it is just an available option.

-You have to have at least 3 players with merchant processing. You have to have a POS (Adilas), a gateway or credit card processing company, and then you have your banking entity which is your merchant or banking entity. Some big companies actually fill multiple of those roles but all three of those components are required for merchant transactions.

-**Flow chart diagram for Merchant Processing

-We do not require that you deal with a certain merchant. We do have a number of merchant gateways that we have already coded to. So if your bank already deals with these gateways you can be very easily integrated.

-We also have a number of other closed circuit payment options. This is basically where you load money on to a card or account and then you can spend that money at participating stores.  

-If you have a specific gateway or banking entity that you would like us to work with. We need to be notified of that, we will do some research, get you a quote, and built the pathway to use that merchant processing option.

-Merchnat processing may be used in internal POS/shopping cart options, online bill pay, payments on account, external eCommerce, reoccurring invoicing/payments, etc. 

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AU 3988 4.45 - Mini Conversions (buying, selling, & tracking inventory - units of measure) 4/23/19  

4.45 - Mini Conversions (buying, selling, & tracking inventory - units of measure)

-When you deal with parent/child inventory - this is usually a placeholder at the parent level. Then usually some sort of sub-batch or group to create the child inventory. Mini conversions are actually breaking that child inventory into different units of measure to either be used, consumed, or sold. Mini conversions is only at the sub inventory level, this is not available at the parent level.

-An example is water - how do you get it? How do you sell it? If I sell you a case, that may be 12 bottles of 1 liter per. Breaking things into smaller pieces. Technically the same water could be sold by the drop, the cup, the pint, the gallon, the liter, the case, etc.

-Part of the plan with mini conversions is also being able to track who has what and what is available so that we can go back and forth between conversions. Going back and forth between conversions. So this will allow you to create or destroy conversions so that you can go back and forth as needed.

-Another goal of mini conversions is being able to track the hard to track inventory pieces. Right now there are some known areas that are tough - what is real, what is committed, promised, what is ordered online, what is in the shop, someone elses shopping cart, warehouse, what is requested, etc. It gets into a way of micromanaging your inventory in a way that you are going to buy and sell it.

-It goes deeper and deeper, youll be able to set prices, you will be able to also create some standard things that you can use over and over again. You will be able to setup how internally manipulate these items as well as prices, structures, and a whole chain of custody that is built into mini-conversions. Where did this product come from, what happened to it at every stage, what is it being used for and put into now, where is it sold, split, etc.  

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AU 3989 4.46 - My Cart Favorite Buttons 4/23/19  

4.46 - My Cart Favorite Buttons

-These are basically preset code that help you to sell things, organize things, or create visual checkout processes. You can tie them to existing searches, exactly to specific items to tie to the cart, you can tie them to recipe/builds, or even stack, group, or turn them into tiered pricing models.

-Originally they were designed to be user specific and they still can be. However many companies want them to be one master set for the company. Either way will work and you are also able to copy, view, and share buttons as needed.

-As far as organization goes, you can name them, add photos, stack them, group them, color-code them. You can tweak out your buttons to whatever fits your needs! For example say you wanted a certain group of items to be orange or purple, or if you were a deli you could have a button that said Desserts and nested under that button you could have pies, cakes, cookies, sodas, ice creams, etc.

-There are multiple different kinds of buttons - you can have Flash buttons or HTML buttons depending on your interface. Certain devices, operating systems, or browsers work better with certain kinds. For example an iPad does not allow Flash and would use HTML. Switching between button types is very quick and easy.

-Some companies even like to run their entire POS with just the buttons directly or something called a split cart mode that allows them to see and click on their buttons while viewing the shopping cart screen.

-One kind of button is called a smart group which allows you to setup your own tiered pricing structures. This can go as deep as you would like to go and one of the secrets behind it is rules and assignments. The rules are where your price breaks come in, typically based on a quantity type model. The assignments deal with which items or product are associated with that set of rules. All of those are one to many relationships and that button is able to hold all of the related functions you have set for that button.   

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AU 3990 4.47 - My Stuff (personal settings & options) 4/23/19  

4.47 - My Stuff (personal settings & options)

-My stuff usually deals with things such as clocking in/out, checking your hours, updating your own username and password, setting your own user defaults and presets - so that you dont have to make certain selections every time, etc.

-Personal settings are sometimes at the lowest, most detailed level. The highest level is the corporation or world setting, then a group or player level (like parts or invoices), then page level settings, and then one of the lowest things are personal settings. Things that you can set that can best help you out.

-Some of your personal settings deal with your own default homepages, a specific shopping cart type/style you use, cart favorite buttons you use, if you use the queue, if youre tied to a specific location, etc.

-Also within your personal settings you can view your own history - what did you touch, work on, effect in the system, what were your logins, etc.  If your company is running payroll through Adilas you can also view your paychecks and paystubs.

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AU 3991 4.48 - Objects & Data Over Time (theory & concepts) 4/23/19  

4.48 - Objects & Data Over Time (theory & concepts)

-Creating the data as objects which are then able to be moved over time and mapped back to, because things are tracked as objects, they can be mapped, tracked through time, you can go back & see where things were at certain time

-Also everything that is tracked over time you can go back and see the story, it really helps to tell the story

-Objects allow for depth, diversity, detail

-Everything has a life cycle: it starts, things happen to it (depth), and then things can be mapped to it & it concludes its life cycle or 

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AU 3992 4.49 - Orders 4/23/19  

4.49 - Orders

-On the quote side for customers (invoice side)

-On the request side for PO's

-Already started but no monies are owed, paid yet... partial, quasi status

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AU 3993 4.50 - P&L - Income Statement 4/23/19  

4.50 - P&L - Income Statement

-Profit & Loss - a financial document

-Feeds the balance sheet

-2 calculations (Gross profit & net profit) & 3 main pieces (Revenue, COGS, Expenses) - (Revenue & COGS which then derive your gross profit, then after your expense you have your net profit)

-The P&L is fed by the line items from the invoices, deposits & expenses

-The P&L is 100% automated from the objects, so when you want to adjust something from the P&L you go back to the source and you can re-categorize or whatever you need to do with it so that it ends up in the right place

-Time range on it, can look at date ranges, by the end of year, it is your fiscal year

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AU 3994 4.51 - Parts/Items (general inventory pool) 4/23/19  

4.51 - Parts/Items (general inventory pool)

-What is your product? Is it actual product? Is it services? What are you putting on your invoices?

-Parts are generally tied with PO's (incoming - the way to get something into the system) & invoices (the way to get them out of the system) sold to customers

-A place holder is created in the system for the parts by bringing it in on the PO, (so the pipe analogy to track incoming and outgoing) by tracking this, then you can roll call on the pipe at any given time, this place holder holds your name & cost (which can also be adjusted) it becomes the unit, so that you can track and roll call the outgoing and incoming pieces

-This has a number of corp-wide settings attached so that you can name what you want to call these - parts, services, widgets, etc. name it what you want it

-Parts & inventory are eCommerce ready

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AU 3995 4.52 - Payroll, Commissions, & Time Clocks 4/23/19  

4.52 - Payroll, Commissions, & Time Clocks

-Paying your employees

-Payroll tax settings, user tax settings

-Deals with people, so it is a buddy with employee/users, to time clock (clocking in/out), also ties with invoices if doing commissions, then it also ties to expenses for paying the employees

(From 4.13 Departments section: A user is assigned to a department and then set up for payroll where they can have pay rates assigned, personal tax settings and other settings saved for them in that department. This provides great flexibility, because you could have the same user assigned to different departments, receiving a different pay rate depending on what job or “department” they are working in for that period of time.)

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AU 3996 4.53 - Permissions 4/23/19  

4.53 - Permissions

-Wanting to control who can play where

-"You don't want the bull in the china shop."

-Making sure people have the ability to do what they need to do but not allowing them to work where it is not needed

-Can give temporary access and then turn it back off immediately

(-From admin file: The beauty of adilas is that you can give each individual the permissions they need to do their individual jobs, whatever that spectrum may be.

grant or deny access to your users as to how they are able to play and function in adilas based on the permissions that are assigned to them. (i.e. employees, members, etc.) other users in where they are able to work in adilas.

How access is permissionable, which allows them to maintain control and structure in their organization. It also allows them to access or permission access for various responsibilities and information.

The permissions are color coded, so that you can see visually as well as by reading the description which permissions are more basic and which are more admin oriented.)

Help File: to the permissions page

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AU 3997 4.54 - Photos & Scans 4/23/19  

4.54 - Photos & Scans

-Can be attached to any of the objects (or individuals) for the 12 main players & can attach up to 100 per individual

-Tells your story, it's your evidence, your trail, document, story, picture, hand scribbled note, whatever you need it to be

-Selling tool

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AU 3998 4.55 - Purchase Orders (PO's) 4/23/19  

4.55 - Purchase Orders (PO's)

-Ways to get things into the system

-An inventory tool - an inventory manipulator tool, so you may use it internally just like you would use a PO to bring in product from a vendor

-PO's flow to the general inventory pool, often come from a vendor, but as mentioned before can be used internally

-Manufacturing all done through PO's

-Eventually moves to the A/P so that someone can eventually get paid (you can also have $0 PO's for internal uses or services & such things), buddies with vendors, parts & eventually expense/receipts

-One of the 12 main players

-PO's you can name as well - out of the 6 available you can name 4 of them

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AU 3999 4.56 - Quick Search 4/23/19  

4.56 - Quick Search

-One of the quickest ways to move around the system or reference things, almost like teleporting

-Bounce & jump all over - once you learn the quick search it is your buddy, it is how you get around

-Two flavors: More expanded version on the classic homepage & then there is the smaller version on the top of every page 

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AU 4000 4.57 - Quotes 4/23/19  

4.57 - Quotes

-Related (brother or cousin) to an invoice -

-A saved shopping cart - so you can restore it back to the active cart or edit things before it is finalized for invoicing, you can send it out as a quote so you can still work with it... you aren't quite ready to finalize & commit it yet

-So it is a definite buddy with customers & invoices

-Quotes can hold stock units, elements or time... basically anything that an invoice can do, a quote can do, except progress through checkout, then you will have to restore that to the cart & finish out the process as an invoice

-Quotes a prep/holding spot or to quote a job/service

-If you are just learning adilas, this is a great spot to spend some time b/c you don't hurt anything at all. It doesn't alter any sort of financials or inventory or anything so it is a great resource for practicing! :)

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AU 4001 4.58 - Recipe/Builds 4/23/19  

4.58 - Recipe/Builds

-Great tool for any repetitive processes - almost like coding or prepping the system in a way - groups, kits, choices, options, things that go together (buddies, add-ons, accessories)

-Can almost create a virtual walk through list or a questionarre so you can cover everything with a customer

-Currently 2 flavors. Flavor 1: Build & Sell (Invoice/Quote side)

-Flavor 2: Build & Hold (PO side)- like miniature manufacturing

-Can be tied to buttons

-You create the recipe at your lowest common denominator (essentially) then you can use a yield multiplier to create as many recipes of that thing as you need

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AU 4002 4.59 - Reimbursements (REI's) 4/23/19  

4.59 - Reimbursements (REI's)

-An expense/receipt with a special flag - it was already paid but not by your company. Someone else paid it but you need to pay them back. So this exists but you need to pay some else back.

-Reimbursements - each one you say that you are going to pay off (and you can pay off many at one time), has to be paid in it's entirety whereas splits will allow you to do partial payments

-Can pay back multiple reimbursements at a time - so you can stack multiple reimbursements with one check (or one form of payment)

-Depends how rigid paying it back is between here and splits

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AU 4003 4.60 - Reoccurring & Automated Options 4/23/19  

4.60 - Reoccurring & Automated Options

-We have a full section that allows you to do recurring invoices if needed. Basically you would setup a master invoice, setup a schedule of when that needs to happen, then it rolls itself into an ongoing queue that you are able to view and process. Currently this process does require light manual babysitting, We want to provide you the opportunity to make sure that everything is still as it needs to be. Oft times things need to be changed or adjusted, change of service levels, or products.

-Reoccurring expenses are fully automated. Once these are setup they will automatically run based on the scheduled date and time.

-Another thing that deals with recurring is recurring elements of time. This one is special, you create the original element of time and then you have the opportunity to duplicate on a bulk fashion up to one year out from its creation. Its recurring format is based in a calendar format with easily select-able days, weeks, that you can click on and have that event duplicated and pushed into the future.

-There are also some automated options such as automatically emailing things, certain states require certain syncs or updates that function automatically, if there are certain tasks or reports that you need we can automate those, there are many options for custom options with automation. At times certain business processes need to trigger other things in the system, so we can specifically code things to happen just for your business. Eventually we will have automated texting options as well where you will be able to setup reminders and such. 

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AU 4004 4.61 - Sales & Promotions (see coupons & sales campaigns) 4/23/19  

4.61 - Sales & Promotions (see coupons & sales campaigns)

-This deals with selling your inventory - whether it is live where the customer comes in, they order online, or they somehow respond to an ad.

-This is part of your marketing arm. Most of these transactions will take place on quotes, invoices, and online eCommerce.  

-A lot of the current tools deal with being able to set and control discounts and record which campaigns they are tied with.

-There are ways of doing discounts that are manual, in-line, automatic, pre-set buttons, etc. There are also reports to help you view and see these discounts that have been given.

-One of the big tools is something called the discount engine. This allows for discounts based on vendors, part categories, specific dates and times, you can exclude or include certain items, etc. After being setup these discounts occur automatically.

-Additional marketing and discount ideas are still in the works. 

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AU 4005 4.62 - Saved Reports (custom report favorites) 4/23/19  

4.62 - Saved Reports (custom report favorites)

-There are tons of reports and options straight out of Adilas. You can run these reports at anytime. If you have something you want to run all the time you can use the save report feature. These buttons are spread out through the whole system.

-Most of the advanced searches have save options. What this does is remembers all of your search criteria and then allows you to name and sort your reports. These can all be accessed from a special page called my saved favorites or favorites for short.

-Small technical note on each favorite - behind the scenes we actually store all the settings and search criteria in a database format. Once this happens it actually creates an id number and allows you to get to the same report by using the id number without re-specifying all of the criteria again.

-You can actually name your own reports, you can assign them to specific users, you can make them private, you can sort them, and you can view them at any point in time. There are no limits to how many different reports you can save.

-To edit the search criteria simply browse to your favorites, click to view, then look for a button or link that says refine your search. At this point it will take you back to the original form and populate it with the stored criteria. Simple change the criteria, resubmit it, and if it looks good simply find the save report settings button.   

-You can create a report, modify it, and then save it as a different report. So you are basically creating multiple reports off of an original report.

-You should be able to save reports for almost all of the 12 main system players.

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AU 4006 4.63 - Settings - Corp-Wide 4/23/19  

4.63 - Settings - Corp-Wide

-Corporation look & feel, how you kind of set up your world; what do you buy, sell? What do you call things? What do you call customers?

-Foundation level of setup for look and feel, to speak your own language (to make you comfortable), to help accomplish the goals of your company or industry

-Change once, use many - from changing it in the corp-wide settings it cascades throughout your entire corporation

-We will continue adding more and more custom settings (History: we started out with 6 and now there are over 100)

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AU 4007 4.64 - Settings - Group Level 4/23/19  

4.64 - Settings - Group Level

-Basically the group level settings deal with our 12 main players:




Parts & Inventory



Elements of Time



Purchase Orders (POs)


Balance Sheet Items

-These settings are things that help us set up custom naming and usage for these main players. Of these main groups how do you want to play, what do you want to call them?

-Many of these currently exist in the corp-wide settings: what do you want to call your customers? What naming conventions do you want to use? What options do you want to toggle on or off? What fields do you want to use? What special features do you want to use? What handling options? Rounding? What flow do you want to use?

-Currently some of these group settings are mixed between page level settings and corp-wide settings. Our goal is to eventually break them all out independently according to their group (i.e. invoices, customers, etc.).

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AU 4008 4.65 - Settings - Page Level 4/23/19  

4.65 - Settings - Page Level

-Settings that only deal with certain pages or sections. This is very common to help with defaults, mapping, decision making, and how expanded or contracted pages look, feel, and react.

-If there are page level setting you get to them through a gear icon or a button/link that says page settings. These are very common in the industry specific pages  or pages that can have custom industry specific options.

-As a technical note - most of the page level settings are stored as a JSON object. So technically we can add as many as we want in one single entry - this could be corp specific, user specific. This is efficient because we can store it as one single object so when that page is pulled we can pull it as a single object to use whatever settings have been assigned for that page. 

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AU 4009 4.66 - Settings - Personal 4/23/19  

4.66 - Settings - Personal

-Choose and set your default settings. So your default interface, banks, PO's, payment types, etc., etc.

-This piece will be growing like crazy... to eventually set up buttons so you can control your space, your settings, how do you want things to work, what do you want to show, do you want certain reports, settings..... you personalizing the system for your specific needs

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AU 4010 4.67 - Shopping Cart 4/23/19  

4.67 - Shopping Cart

-The interface with your customers. How you sell products and services.

-One of the most flexible and critical pieces of the entire system.

-Highly recommend that you read this help file (View Cart) - it shows you multiple ways to get items into your cart, how to apply discounts, payments,

-All virtual memory - so nothing hits the database until it is saved as a quote or you go through checkout - then it becomes an invoice and hits the database

-So what that means is that you could change price and all sorts of stuff in the shopping cart and that does not affect the actual details for the item

-Non-linear... because it is held in virtual memory, you can go anywhere else in the system and it is still held in virtual memory - in it's own little container

-There about 30 corp-wide settings that deal with shopping cart and invoices - clear to disclaimers, show/hide bin numbers and other features, units of measurement, check out options, barcode options, payment options

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AU 4011 4.68 - Special Line Items (system parts) 4/23/19  

4.68 - Special Line Items (system parts)

-System parts - items you do not have to bring in through a PO

-So the system gives you between 15-20 pre-set items you are ready to use

-Items such as: labor, discount, freight

-Pre-set tubes or place holders - system standard, you can turn them on or off but they are there for every corporation, a hard-coded item

-These have special back-end connections and mapping to financials

-They are controlled through a sub-section of the corp-wide settings, they are all unlimited as well, so they can be used over and over again

-Basically without doing any sort of PO you could start doing invoices with all of these pre-set, out of the box, loaded items

-Non-editable, so you cannot switch vendors, change things... you can only turn them on or off through the corp-wide settings

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AU 4012 4.69 - Splits (payments made on account) 4/23/19  

4.69 - Splits (payments made on account)

-Define Splits: if you had a bigger payment to pay for littler things - so payments on account or partial paying stuff

-2 Basic Scenarios: 1 - paying multiple payments on one item or expense; 2 - paying one bigger payment that pays for multiple little pieces - so using an expense to pay other expenses (a 1-many-many) (A video tutorial might be helpful to add in this section)

-A type of expense/receipt - either short paid or partial paid, so it is not fully satisfied on the payment portion - b/c of that it automatically routes itself to the A/P waiting room

-You can apply payment after payment until it is satisfied or you can wrap multiple ones together.... probably the most flexible when it comes to the expenses/payment section

-More flexibility in paying it back... can pay it back in multiple times

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AU 4013 4.70 - Statements 4/23/19  

4.70 - Statements

-A snapshot in time of lots of invoices

-One statement can hold many invoices - kind of like a summation

-As soon as you create it, it is dead or a dead end - it is just a snapshot in time - it is just a tool so you can get payment or tell someone where they are at

-You can send them as a pdf

-when someone does remit payment you actually go back and apply payments through the apply payments section (a sub of the A/R waiting room) or through the invoices themselves - statements are just a tool to help you get that money

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AU 4014 4.71 - Stock/Units (serialized inventory) 4/23/19  

4.71 - Stock/Units (serialized inventory)

-This is one of the original reasons this system was created - this is where we started! :) Pretty cool how adilas really grew and came from this area - this is where the history starts (give a plug here).

-One of the deepest sections of the system and one of the most powerful tools inside of adilas.

-They deal with makes and models - it has organization, (inventory type, sub inventory type, make, model - adding corp wide settings so that you will be able to change those names)

-One of the main 12

-These are items that need to be tracked on a one by one basis, they are usually serialized

-It is part of inventory, they automatically allow for subs to be connected, internal ticketing (tied to invoices and parts), external repairs (automatically ties to expense/receipts for those specific items)

-They allow for photos, we can track location, age changes, and location aging

-Allows for the manager's checkbook or slush fund accounts

-Floor-planning is tied to stock units

-They automatically create a payable out for that base price when entered

-Can be sold and mixed with other items all on one ticket or invoice (mixed tickets)

-Can attach multiple customers to it

-You can work deals and payment options on it. They allow for setting up multiple payments

-Can be tied to payroll, commissions

-There is a LOT of depth here

4.71 - Stock/Units


Understanding the Basics:

There are many levels and sub pieces which allow for some of the This is where adilas started from and this area holds some of the greatest depth and power for data tracking.  This are contains many levels and sub pieces and can be


Getting Started:



Suggested Permission & Settings:


Basic Use:

Section: “Permission”

Admin Use:


Related Pages & Help File Links:

Payables Homepage help file:



Splits for A/P



Additional Content:


 -Screen shots


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AU 4015 4.72 - Sub Inventory (parent/child inventory) 4/23/19  

4.72 - Sub Inventory (parent/child inventory)

-Sub-inventory started out as a need for more data on an inventory item. Technically we have something called a parent item, which is a top level item or can even be a place holder for child items. Then we have child item, which become a sub of the parent. A simple example of this would be the candy snickers bars would be a parent item. Then underneath that you might have different batches of snickers bars such as different expiration dates, holiday wrapping, different additions, or some other value that needs to be tracked or compared.

-Some people wonder why it has to go that deep and it depends on how tight you need to monitor things. Certain things do great staying at the top or parent level. Anything that changes overtime, whether its costs, attributes, quality, ingredients, batches, lots, etc. - that should all be tracked through sub inventory.

-One of the benefits of sub inventory is getting perfect cost of goods sold. For example if your snickers bars are normally $0.50, then you get a new batch that costs you $0.55 then you can actually differentiate between the $0.50 snickers bar and the $0.55 snickers bars.

-We recommend labeling your sub inventory or having explicit process rules where you scan all sub items or only open a package at a time so that you can track your cost of goods correctly.

-There are ways that you can supersede or bypass the sub inventory controls. Usually it is at the clerk or counter person level where they scan one item and put it times a quantity instead of scanning individual items. This could be okay in certain settings or be a negative to a company wanting a tight tracking on sub inventory pieces.

-Anyone who has to report to state compliance systems or has some sort of outside monitoring on their inventory, we highly recommend using sub inventory. It goes to a much higher level of tracking including RFID tag tracking, sub barcodes, and other sub attributes.

-Dealing with sub attributes, these are unlimited and you can virtually build up your own database needs and requirements and assign attributes to any part categories. These may be drop down fields, numeric fields, date/time fields, open entry. These sub attributes are also searchable and may be printed on invoices, quotes, and labels. Basically it allows you to identify additional data points that you need and want to track.  

-There is tons of brainstorming and documentation on the potential scope of sub inventory - how deep it needs to go, where and what could be done with it, etc.

-Once you have sub inventory you can actually open packages, have them but keep them disabled, and also fully close them out. This allows you to dictate the flow of inventory going out and needed package controls.

-Sub inventory can be purchased, mixed, blended, sold, and the entire chain of custody can be maintained and held throughout the system. It is very deep level inventory controls.  

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AU 4016 4.73 - Support 4/23/19  

4.73 - Support

-Support can come on many different levels - company, on-site, tech support, call-ins, etc.

-If you need general Adilas support please call 719-966-7102 or email support@adilas.biz.

-We cater to small to medium-sized businesses. Our main tech and admin crew is under 10 employees. In order to service our clients and to keep your costs down, we openly solicit the help of independent reps and consultants. We bill all of our clients directly on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reoccurring basis. We pay a generous commission to reps and consultants. Reps and consultants are then able to offer their own services to help and support our clients. They bill and collect independently.

-Independent reps and consultants may be found at the Adilas Marketplace.

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AU 4017 4.74 - Texts, Emails, Reminders, & Communications 4/23/19  

4.74 - Texts, Emails, Reminders, & Communications

-There are two primary technologies used in the web - they are push technology and pull technology. Currently Adilas uses a lot of pull based technology. This is where you input and store your data and information then when you want something you ask for it or run a report. Push technology is outbound notifications, reminders, requests for inputs. It sounds awesome but push can also get very annoying.

-We have a whole section called Elements of Time that deals with scheduling. You can have an unlimited number of time templates that can allow you to create types of time, sub aspects of time, etc. There will be a future section completely devoted to reminders and notifications.

-There are currently a couple 3rd party solutions that provide email blasting, text messaging, and marketing options. We also have some internal projects that have been slated to help us fill that need internally.

-There is a huge section if you want to send emails directly from the system. You are allowed to send invoices, quotes, statements, and other things directly from the system. There is also an entire section that allows for custom settings that provides for you to create custom emails to send out to your customers or clients. 

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AU 4018 4.75 - Third Party Solutions 4/23/19  

4.75 - Third Party Solutions

-These are outside independent parties that have a product or service that we have authorized or provided some integration through the Adilas system. Basically whatever we dont have or where someone else has filled a need we have a number of 3rd parties that are able to fill that need and are integrated with us. These could be things like merchant processors, payment solutions, marketing, fulfillment and inventory reordering processes, compliance services, special eCommerce packages, state tracking systems, banking entities, cash management systems, reward programs, etc.

-If you would like to become a 3rd part you need to reach out and contact Steve at 719-439-1761 or sales@adilas.biz.

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AU 4019 4.76 - Tiered Pricing & Pricing Engine 4/23/19  

4.76 - Tiered Pricing & Pricing Engine

-Tiered pricing deals with being able to change prices based on quantities. This can happen in a couple different ways. One you can have a number of preset rules, where certain quantities get certain price breaks. Or two, you can run specific discount campaigns through a discount engine.

-There is a thing called smart group buttons that allow for rules and assignments. Here you can setup rules, price breaks, quantities, custom assignments, who gets to play and what, custom descriptions, and even custom barcodes.

-There are a number of custom availability options as well that can be built right into smart cart logic and/or using sub inventory attributes to help control pricing.  

-Additionally there are some other things planned called mini conversions. This allows you to differentiate units of measure and quantities. For example say you wanted to sell water by the cup, by pint, by gallon, by the barrel, or by the drop. Mini conversions would allow you to do things like that.

-Prices are a variable and we allow that to be manipulated.

-If you are at the sub inventory level we allow you to set different prices on your sub inventory and that can track through the entire system. You have full control over direct sales prices of packages.  

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AU 4020 4.77 - Time cards (digital clock in/out) 4/23/19  

4.77 - Time cards (digital clock in/out)

-Tied to users, also tied to departments - there needs to be a connection made between a user and departments before users can use the time cards

-3 deep level: admin (sees all), manager (only sees departments assigned to be over), user (only sees user)

-Unlimited - add as many as you want

-Can be used as a standalone journal or they can be tied to payroll (does not have to be)

-By default it automatically gives you a date and time stamp

-Super simple - often assigned to your most basic people, it has 2 fields a reason and a note section (optional) - everything else gets done behind the scenes


-Limited to individual users as well unless you are at the manager or admin level

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AU 4021 4.78 - Tools & Maintenance 4/23/19  

4.78 - Tools & Maintenance

-A corner piece on purpose (on the interactive map)

-Technically all of adilas is a giant tool set - and maintenance is how well things are kept up, stay in tact - you are doing maintenance on the system (it can be modifying, advancing items to the next levels, find & replace, general up keep, clean up)

-There are many tools integrated to multiple pieces but they could be used as stand alone as well - like calculators for financial flow, payment calculator, discount & profit calculator, little widgets, barcode generators

-Adilas is a tool! It has tons of tools! You pick and choose what you're going to do.

-How many banks, locations, special buckets for expense & deposit types, how are things laid out and organized, how do things get set up, does it need to be modified

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AU 4022 4.79 - Training & Support 4/23/19  

4.79 - Training & Support

-Contact numbers for technical support or training, email form directly to support@adilas.biz

-adilasuniversity -

-User guides, help files, training videos, graphics, pdf flyers, developer's notebook

-More & more training will be developed as we continue to go along

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AU 4023 4.80 - Users (see also employee/users) 4/23/19  

4.80 - Users (see also employee/users)

-Users are the people inside the system that do things. Technically a user could be bigger than a corporation because one user may be capable of doing things in multiple different places and corporations. For example Jimmy works for Company X, Company Y, and Company Z. Jimmy is just one person but he can work in all of those places based on his permissions.

-Users can be limited or authorized by permissions. There are over 100+ permissions which allow administrators to determine how much access you would like for each individual user to have in your system. Even though, as was mentioned previously, a user can have access to multiple different corporations, there access is determined by that corporations owner/admin. For example Sally could have unlimited access in one corporation that she helps manage but only access to clock in/out in another corporation because of her role there.

-One advantage of having every user with their own account is that the system automatically records a history of who touched, changed what and when it occurred. This allows you to track what is being done by your employees/users. There are many great reports which can be accessed to see what users are doing in the system, from what IP address they are logging in at to what parts of the system they made changes in. These features are incredibly powerful for running a transparent system. 

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AU 4024 4.81 - Vendor/Payees 4/23/19  

4.81 - Vendor/Payees

-Vendors can be tied to expenses, to PO's, to stock units (their buddies)

-One of the Main 12

-Employees & vendors technically the same in the system, except that one has permissions in the system and the other is just an outside feeder - ties to the end goal of getting paid - expense/receipts (b/c eventually you have to pay a vendor or a user - so it helps us to connect those pieces)

-Can be tied to Elements of Time as well - can schedule for demos, or deliveries, or need to order, etc., etc.

-Vendors are tied to parts as well, they have a large role on the incoming piece of the puzzle, they eventually get paid - which eventually gets tied to invoices and the other pieces in the systems

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AU 4025 4.82 - Watchers, Feeders, & Triggers 4/23/19  

4.82 - Watchers, Feeders, & Triggers

-Watchers, feeders, and triggers exist in the Adilas system currently but we hope to add lots of future development in these areas. These watchers, feeders and triggers are associated with how things in the system interact and effect each other. This also deals with being able to get more and more aggregate, summarized, and bigger picture data instead of the transactional or individual level.

-An example of a watcher could be something that is keeping an eye on inventory levels and alerts you when you get to a certain level. A feeder could be pulling information from many different sources to create a report of information you need. A trigger could be anything that causes something else to happen.

-All of these things interact and are working together throughout the system naturally and normally as the system operates. We can create backend code that is watching and feeding in data for totals, reports, analytics, and so on; which could then be triggered at certain points to create summations or pull in other parameters to give comprehensive feedback. These pieces are at work constantly in the system and will continue to be used to produce greater tools.

-As mentioned before we have plans to add more of these watchers, feeders, and triggers to provide access to more aggregate data and improve data analytics and tools for marketing.  

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AU 4026 4.83 - White Label Options (skins, themes, & custom) 4/23/19  

4.83 - White Label Options (skins, themes, & custom)

-Customizing, skinning, or white labeling Adilas can occur at varying levels. Adilas allows for large amounts of customization. There are many options for customization available out of the box and built into the system. Other options are available through custom projects working with an Adilas developer. Either way there are many ways to make your Adilas customized and fitted to suit your needs.

-Easily accessible to every company or individual that uses Adilas is the ability to change the look and feel. This includes options for color changes, various theme options, interfaces, using a company logo, watermark, etc. All of these things can cause an amount of individual skinning, branding, or customizing for a company or individual.

-On a different level there are some companies that choose to have custom pieces created that give their company a unique look, feel, or function. This could include custom pages, interfaces, functions, features, etc. These projects are typically completed by Adilas developers working with the company for the custom projects, functions, and features.

-Other companys have white labeled the Adilas system with their company brand. This involves coordination between the Adilas development team and the branding/marketing company. These can give the Adilas system a very different look and feel creating and create what you need things to be.  

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AU 4027 4.84 - World Building & Data Assembly Line 4/23/19  

4.84 - World Building & Data Assembly Line

-World building has become a key concept for Adilas. This occurs in every company and organization and is reflected in the Adilas system. The concept of World Building includes characters, relationships, troubles/problems, decisions, and consequences. This is what business and life is all about.

-As an example, different characters in the system such as customers and invoices interact together in a relationship. This relationship brings about circumstances that require decisions which have consequences. Even at the most basic level of customer needing to buy a good/service and as a result you track in the system your good/service and the exchange of good/service for money or something else of value. These interactions occur continuously throughout the system.

-As each company has differing needs, resources, personalities, different processes for accomplishing tasks, etc.; we recognize how important it is to build/create the business/Adilas worldthat will suit your purposes and needs. With Adilas we want to empower you with tools and the flexibility to do just that.

-The data assembly line is the idea that your data is more like an object that moves through a lifecycle, just like the creation of something moving through an assembly line. There are check points, assembly areas, holding points, quality control checks and measures, etc. As data move through the system it follows a similar ebb and flow of creation, assembly, checks for quality and validity, and making it to final completion or destination.

-One example of the data assembly line in the Adilas system is creating an invoice and depositing money collected from the invoice/sale. The invoice is created with a date/time, customer data and some other information. The next step is to add content or items to the invoice. After the desired items are added to the invoice it moves down the production lineto the check out and collecting of money for the goods being purchased. After receiving the money the invoice is completedbut then moves itself into another holding area with other completed invoices waiting to be added to a deposit. The invoice and other invoices are then added to a deposit which effects the bank and financial accounting side of the system. This can be given a final stamp of approval and locked down when all funds are seen for and accounted in the bank.

-A phrase used at Adilas is objects and data over time. Data also undergoes a creation process that moves across time and has relationships to different things. Being able to track and account for your data at any given point in time as it moves, or moved, along its life cycle is a foundational component of how the Adilas system works. This allows for incredible transparency and power with your business data.  

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Shop 4519 Adilas Time 4/23/19  

Getting started and getting all caught up. Steve had some files that needed to be merged in. Wayne popped in and helped to answer some more questions on the transition to AWS. See attached for the latest notes. We are calling that transition document done, at least for now.

Working on merging in code for Steve. Also got a call from Calvin Chipman and we chatted about some things. Lots of moving pieces. Steve and I got back to the code merging and while we were working, we were chatting about some of the great people that we have and get to work with. That is awesome. We would love to do another training event, here soon. Even if it ends up just training our own team, it is worth it.

Dave Forbis called in and I chatted with him for bit. He is on the outside edge, but he could be a great asset when the time comes. He has a number of customer relationship and project management skills that could really play into the mix, if the conditions were right. Great potential.

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Shop 4572 General 4/22/19  

Paying bills, tech support, and recording notes. Also had to login to the data 0 server and call tech support about the server not responding. Not sure what was going on there.

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Shop 4575 check and push code 4/22/19  

Met with Bryan and we went over some things. We did some code sign-off and merged in a branch of new code that dealt with exports for sub inventory. The new exports have two new fields. They are the sub barcode and the time id per sub inventory package. After that, we made a small fix to a cross crop page that helps create new items in the invoice to PO section. We also talked about an API socket error and brainstormed on ideas and possible fixes.

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Shop 4529 Adilas Time 4/22/19  

- Steve and I were talking about data normalization - reporting systems (data pushed to them) - display systems (data pulled to them) - push and pull type technologies - what is the outside company's purpose? Are they a reporting agency or a menu and display type agency?

- Steve had some questions that were dealing with the application type id flag and setting that on vendors. Basically, he is introducing a new variable to help flag certain vendor records as inventory only vendors vs normal expense/receipt or vendors for paying bills.

- Wayne jumped in and had some questions about out API sockets, rest API's, and helping to standardize things. We talked about the Swagger Editor and some of the different standards that should/should not be used. Internal and external API sockets. Wayne was also talking about using Amazon Lambda functions and doing some API socket stuff from there.

- Steve and I were talking about our goals and where we want to go. Good conversation.

- We also talked about white label options and how that could play out. Even options on internal and external white labels.

- Around 11 am, Alan, Eric, Wayne, Steve, and I had a meeting to talk more about the transition over to the AWS stuff. We were using a small Word Document as the outline for topics and questions to go over. I was scribing and the guys were giving their input and ideas. See attached for the latest working document. Lots of good notes. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but the future looks bright.

- After the meeting, Alan and I spent about 1/2 hour looking over his current project. He is working on automating merchant settings and reoccurring invoicing. He showed me some of his code and we did a brief overview and looked at some of the new reports and functionality. It is getting pretty close. We also talked about custom black box code and where we want to go from here. It is super awesome to be able to do custom work, but there is a few hidden costs to it.

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