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Shop 4569 Meeting with Kelly 4/18/19  

- Who can help Kelly? She needs access to a developer.

- One of her main requests is getting data out of the system. One page that she would like is a full parent inventory with all flex grid fields. See the top_secret/custom/full_customer_list.cfm page for a sample that does the same thing but for customers and flex grid.

- Pieces of pie analogy - and who gets access to those developers and how do we get everything tied back together.

- Symptoms of the problem - a non whole-listic approach

- Kelly is having to take the information out of the system and run her own reports

- Two main parts that Kelly wants tracking money and tracking inventory

- What are the minimum levels for a code developer? Looking for talent. Kelly and I talked about beginners, intermediate, and advanced developers.

- Project management software for adilas

- We need money and funding to keep going

- We need to focus on our own system and get it across the finish line as a product

- The model of independent consultants and/or developers can get very scary - the scary part is the inconsistency of how the money comes in - somewhat of a feast or famine type feel

- Developers: Wayne, Alan, Eric, Calvin, Bryan, Shawn, Josh, Dustin, Brandon, Will, Steve

- People believe in the tool and like what they are doing

- In order for adilas to get bigger, we will have to change some things

- Revisiting the entire business model

- Investments - pros and cons - period for two year (funding numbers)

- Let's setup a whiteboarding time and come up with a new model

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Shop 4504 Custom upload inventory quantities project 4/18/19  

See email from Ian on ideas. Maybe look into a new system wide tool vs a single custom page. The email has a date of 3/25/19.

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Shop 4490 Bear 100 mile race meeting 4/17/19  

Bear 100 mile race meeting. They use adilas for tracking all of their runners and aid stations.

Went into town and had a meeting with the race committee. We went over a big to do list. Adilas will be tracking the runners again this coming fall. They, the Bear 100 folks, are also looking to redo their website and make it more mobile friendly. Another thing that may be coming down the pipeline is a trial version of 10 satellite GPS units and tracking the runners through the full course. That will be fun and exciting.

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Shop 4567 General 4/17/19  

Emails, tech support, and light project management and pushing info and details off to other developers. Back on code sign-off and building on the sub special account tracking project.

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Shop 4571 Talking with Spencer 4/17/19  

- Full Circle IM and using an API to create SMS (text messages). They would like to build out an API socket that would update Full Circle 365 on any client record changes. The best spot for this would be the add/edit customer action page. Of course, all of this would be contingent on the company/corporation having Full Circle turned on and mutual accounts on both sides.

As a side note, part way through the meeting, we had a guy from Florida join our meeting and gave us some information on their adilas account and some current and upcoming needs. I took some screen shots and got some contact info. I'll pass it along to the developer who will be working on this project.

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Shop 4570 Working with Josh 4/17/19  

- Parent items and fields vs sub inventory templates and sub attributes

- Browser issues - working in one and not in another

- Discount history and tracking all of those changes

- Styled cart and super limited

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Shop 4515 Adilas Time 4/17/19  

Pretty quiet morning. Dustin and I were on the meeting but mostly working on our own stuff. He did have me help push up a file to a server for testing, but other than that, just getting going and working on our own projects. I spent most of the morning working on the add/edit page for manual transactions for the corporation special accounts (things like customer loyalty points, gift cards, etc.).

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Shop 4561 Meeting with Kelly 4/16/19  

Analogies for defining deeper processes

Steve - Business is like a pirate ship - (who is the crew, are they good/bad, who is doing what)

Kelly - Business is like a body - (what is your tool to get to your goals)

- Goals and sub goals to get to the bigger goal. Adilas is just a tool. The people who use it are the ones making the goals.

- Talk is great, but we need to work on some implementations (getting out there and doing it).

- How do we implement the tool... this drives customer satisfaction.

- Adilas is so flexible that sometimes that is a problem

- Kelly was not saying don't be flexible... but we need a standard starting place

- There are new things that get launched all the time... without any training - this keeps deepening the need for good reps and consultants

- Unintended consequences

- Pressure and pain drives the current development cycle

- Everyone looks to a system to be "The" solution - systems can do a lot of things, but they can't save you from yourself

- Good physical control of the system is a huge key - stick to the plan and then go from there

- Many of the business owners don't even know what they are doing and then that translates to their business processes

- Helping to setup mini goals for the client... miniature options for success

- Addressing the physical before jumping into a digital realm

- Sometimes, a companies leadership will drive things right into a ditch

- Kelly has been doing some research on what other developers and companies do to help standardize things

- A good setup will make or break the whole deal... from there forward (what milestones are set and achieved and was there a good handoff between the software company and the rep/consultant)

- Accountability practices

- When a client has a question, have tech support use the user guide as their answer. As a side note, Shannon and Brandon are working on the adilas user guide.

- On numbering... instead of using a straight 1, 2, 3, 4... system (single numbers). Maybe think more along hundreds 100, 200, 300, 400... (lots of room to add and subtract as needed)

- Sub attributes - Kelly doesn't think that piece is fully "strong", yet we are building upon it. Steve thinks the concepts are pretty good. We just need to fix some of the coding pieces to help get reports, searches, and exports more up to speed.

- Steve was talking about the complexity of even servers - we had a meeting this morning that just dealt with servers (hours and hours). So many moving pieces and working with somewhat limited funding and talent options.

- Due to our current size, we almost have to say - in order to setup clients, you will need to setup an adilas specialist (in your company) and we will help train them. They will then help push that ball forward.

- Some of our squeeze points deal with persons who have the skills, talents, and time. We have masters like Steve, Brandon, Kelly, Daniel, etc.

- Start by defining the language that we are speaking - adilas is its own language - A good starting point - how do we communicate things, as a company

- People want organization and structure - being too thinly spread can be a big problem

- Allowing dreaming and custom options - we love it but that could be a problem - we may get in trouble by giving them too much or too many options.

- Maybe have them run with the standard options for 6 months and then talk about going into the custom realm - we have seen problems with people going into full on custom too quickly.

- Like an airplane - put the oxygen on yourself first and then help others around you - you end up selling what you do

- Setting clear expectations

- Maybe have some tools and education (training materials) about how to run a business and how to use the tools - Steve has had the ideas of putting on basic business seminars across the country. We could use the adilas tool as the backbone of the basic business training sections.

- We are seeing a bigger and bigger need for training, guided training, and even self training. This could be checked and/or quality assurance based on skills, tests, scenarios, sign-off's, etc. In traditional learning environments, there is standardization, testing, feedback, etc.

- What about using elements of time to help monitor the virtual checklist of what has been done and to what level?

- We do need a team, but at what level do we need to get to? That gets tough. People resources are always tough to manage.

- More training sessions - pros and cons to our current model - people want to learn in privacy - some of the training sessions get out of control (high jacked).

- Vocabulary and what things do and what we call things is a big part of the puzzle

- Some people don't want to know the why (that takes time)... they often just want to know how (show me quickly so I can do it)

- Education from gaming - 2 minutes or less - quick YouTube type mentality

- What kind of users are you? Do you like to self train? Do you want the easy button? Do you shoot from the hip (all the time) or are you a detailed oriented person who likes to organize and manage things? Great questions... help pre-qualify them in a way. The adilas system works best if the users want to put the things into the system (feed it) and play the whole game.

- Sadly, we can't fix everything... sometimes, we have to just go to the next person

- AI (artificial intelligence) and where things are going - automating setups and then automating tech support - keep going where things are going (skate to where the puck is going)

- Working on your company vs working in your company - focus on working on it and making it better

- What is the low hanging fruit and where can we start?

- How many touch points are needed to get someone setup? Who setups up the quote? Who turns things on? Who setups up things? Who does logos and watermarks? Who does labels? etc. - you get the idea - try to automate as much as possible.

- Somewhat of an internal bulletin board - who is doing what and what changes are going on in those shifts

- Just adding bodies doesn't always help things - events happen, how do you deal with that - there has to be an internal training process to take care of those things. It comes down to core things that are needed. Who is going to do those things (virtual checklist of what is needed)? Light talks about templates.

- Function vs fashion - where do you spend your time? We may not be able to solve everything but we can try to take the edge off of things. We want to show them what is possible. We want to present a nice package. We also want to make sure that things work (functionality) for them.

- Steve and I are trying to get out of the way. We are trying to fully get the process all setup and dialed in. Sometimes, if we are a pivotal part of the puzzle, it just doesn't happen, we are maxed out.

- Going back to consistency... We know we need it, we are trying to work through it and then actually using it. What can you expect every time? We also need a timing of those events... when should we do things, not just what should be done. There is a difference.

- Sustainability - We need to keep doing this (our business) for years to come... let's set ourselves up for success.

- Building our own processes to help with project management, task management, and to do list checkboxes before doing x (fill in the blank). Templates and automation processes. Help share the load.

- Things are changing super fast... nobody knows everything - we are currently letting different parties run with what they think needs to be done vs having one person giving orders and then getting a good return and report type process. Currently, it is somewhat of a community type effort.

- Why are we doing it and should we do it? Check this out before you jump in. Think of the consequences first.

- Kelly is going to help get a group together to help bring up the structure level and get the oars (some driving and direction) into Kelly's hands. We need a good driver who won't run us aground. We are going to let Kelly run with some things on the core management side of things.

- We are going to be starting at the very beginning and then going from there. A great place to start.

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Shop 4558 Work with Shannon 4/16/19  

Shannon and I got together over a Zoom meeting and worked on adding content to the adilas university elements of time for the adilas user guide. We were copying and pasting and chatting while doing that work. Mostly just a work session.

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Shop 4568 Code review 4/16/19  

More code review on the special accounts and special account tracking project.

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AU 3942 4 - Meet the players 4/16/19  

4 - Meet the players

-A lot of these keys pieces are based off of the map.... We want people to read this brief overview, basically concepts and what someone would need/want to use it for and have them feel like, "Oh that makes sense. I get it." That is what we want!

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AU 3943 4.1 - General Overview 4/16/19  

4.1 - General Overview

-Is it easier to say what we can't do, b/c we can do so much

-A whole package


-Buffet - pick & choose, can play at any level you want - imagine a buffet with 100 items, say you want 2, 3 or 50, you get to pick and choose what you want, it's great!


-All data is live & searchable, serviceable, sustainable, .... etc. Joes thing

-Tanya's graphic: choose your flavor, pick your tools, skin your engine, ....world

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AU 3944 4.2 - Admin 4/16/19  

4.2 - Admin

-Dealing with some of your high end user features, accounting, histories, HR stuff

-Permissionable to whatever level you would like - user with extra permissions (additional responsibilities)

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AU 3945 4.3 - API Sockets & Communications (application programming interface - send & receive data remotely 4/16/19  

4.3 - API Sockets & Communications (application programming interface - send & receive data remotely)

-This allows computers to talk to computer - adilas accounts talking to other adilas accounts, or adilas accounts talking to other outside parties, or vice versa

-API is almost like computer to computer telepathy, you cant see anything of the data per say - just the communications

-We use standard formats like JSON or XML to pass the data, standard way of communicating

-You can have data in a database, crunch it down, send it across the wire, and it can be reinflated on the other side - stuff that is automated on demand or request or create your own custom application that feeds or draws from the main application - you can create secondary apps that can play that way

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AU 3946 4.4 - A/P - Accounts Payable (vendor waiting room) 4/16/19  

4.4 - A/P - Accounts Payable (vendor waiting room)

-Time element (all time is stamped & tracked) - aging

-Fed by PO actions, etc. or inputs (partial paid or still due)

-Catch all for monies still owed

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AU 3947 4.5 - A/R - Accounts Receivable (customer waiting room) 4/16/19  

4.5 - A/R - Accounts Receivable (customer waiting room)

-Tied to A/P - one's outgoing, one's incoming - so very much like A/P but what people owe you

-Comes in through invoices & sometimes also through time.... charging people for time

-Monies received during the day but not deposited yet.... staging area, like your cash register, vault, bank bag, etc.

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AU 3948 4.6 - Attributes (parent & child inventory flags and tags) 4/16/19  

4.6 - Attributes (parent & child inventory flags and tags)

-If you need more ways to search things or ways to flag and tag things you need attriubtes.

-There is no possible way that we can know all of the data points that you want to filter, search by, etc. So this allows you to sort of build your own database to flag and tag your data.

-Another important thing is that a lot of this is external as to how you want to present these things to your clients. How can they filter, show it, sort it, etc. To your clients.

-Technical side - attributes are tied to a data type - a number, a string, a toggle switch, a list, a date/time

-Unlimited - you can have as many of these as you want. Set up your own database, collect your data points, then filter & search by them.

-These are usually tied to inventory or item categories. 

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AU 3949 4.7 - Balance Sheet 4/16/19  

4.7 - Balance Sheet

-A snapshot in time.... where are things at right now

-It's buddy is the P&L (P&L - is over time), the P&L (the income statement) feeds into the balance sheet through net profit, which ends up being an equity item

-Roll call, ask the items where are you, where have you been, where are things at

-Tells you your story (kind of a day by day specific)

-3 main pieces: assets (have), liabilities (owe), & equity (gained over time)

-System maintained pieces (about 75% automated) & user-maintained pieces (specialized things you need to track)

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AU 3950 4.8 - Banks 4/16/19  

4.8 - Banks

-In order to create deposits or expenses you need to have a bank setup.... they are technically outside of the adilas system

-So external, you can have as many as you want, the expenses & deposits require this... but one step farther.... your deposits often come from invoices, expenses from inventories and expenses for processes

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AU 3951 4.9 - Barcodes & QR Codes 4/16/19  

4.9 - Barcodes & QR Codes

-Be default this is usually an inventorty type tool but technically can be used anywhere across the system for anything.

-Have many internal barcode creators/makers, can scan, we have direct links.

-Really it is just a way of getting somewhere/something quickly that you dont have to type it out.

-We allow interactions through a HID (human interface device) - I.e. a scanner, which can speed up the process if we know what you are looking for.

-All of our barcodes allow for alphas, numerics, special characters, you can create your own, you can use existing ones, or we can autogenerate them for you.

-Bunch of cool help files on barcodes. We have not seen the end of what is possible with QR & barcodes.

-Think of the possibilities to get invoice, customer records, medications, reservations, rentals, etc., etc.

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AU 3952 4.10 - Black Box Page Technology (custom code options) 4/16/19  

4.10 - Black Box Page Technology (custom code options)

-What happens here is we have to give you a starting stop which is what we call our classic interface.  If you need something changed, added, altered, edited, etc. You will need somehting changed - enter the black box - custom code.

-This is done per corporation, per page, or it can be done in bulk and used more as a general theme change or a multi-use custom code. This could be a corporation specific need or an industry specific change.

-Important to know that if you go custom it is a two-edged sword. You get what you want but it could potentially cut you off from other standard features that keep being developed.

-On a technical note, we actually have up to 8 different spots per page that we can interject custom code. Such as logic, headers, footers, bodies, full take-over, etc.  

-Usually this is ran as a custom job between you and the developer. You say what you need and the developer tries to accomplish that for you. These are all outside projects from the main adilas core.

-Quote(ish) from Steve, Choose your solution, then invest in that solution.

-Available internally as well as in eCommerce. Anything that you see may be changed including shopping carts, dashboards, interfaces, etc.

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AU 3953 4.11 - Check Requests (sub type of the normal expense/receipts) 4/16/19  

4.11 - Check Requests (sub type of the normal expense/receipts)

-Requires an additional approval process

-Vendor & items known, but a delayed payment and the need for approval on that payment aspect

-Main, line items, & then this one has a special approval process for payments, so it is short paid or gets sent back and reworked and has to pass through the approval process again.... it is trying to become an expense/receipt

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AU 3954 4.12 - Check Writing 4/16/19  

4.12 - Check Writing

-This is not required but is an option. We can generate computer, printer based checks.

-We allow for you to setup each bank with different kind of checks - check on the top, bottom, center, multi, or handwritten.

-If you choose one of the computer setups, we have a whole setup widget that helps you customize exactly where all of the key fields print. This is specific per bank so you can have multiple different checks and their specs set up.

-The checkwriting system has potential flags and ties. You can capture all of those histories and major auditing trail, who printed it, touched it, etc.

-As far as the filing system, it holds all of the important information on the check stubs, the E/R number, the payee, the amount, the notes, the memo, external reference numbers, etc. Makes filing super easy.

-This is very handy if you are paying bills, inventory, payroll, etc. It fulfills and ties together the whole expense circle nicely.

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AU 3955 4.13 - Chooser (custom interface chooser) 4/16/19  

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AU 3956 4.14 - Corporations (worlds) 4/16/19  

4.14 - Corporations (worlds)

-At the world level, what is your world, what is your business... individual business entities - the giant umbrella that all of the groups fit under

-What are your flavors, what do you do, what do you need?

-You can technically have multiple corporations and switch between them... so a user can be bigger than individual worlds

-Can custom name your corporation, LLC., INC., entity,.... name your world

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AU 3957 4.15 - Coupons & Sales Campaigns) 4/16/19  

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AU 3958 4.16 - Customers/Clients 4/16/19  

4.16 - Customers/Clients

-People you want to track something one, whether contact info, who owes you what - that is a big one -, histories,

-You can custom call this one whatever you need/want for your industry: clients, patrons, patients, students,

-Customers can deal with eCommerce, invoices, A/R waiting room, .... refer to the map, all the stuff that is around it

-(Possible graphics showing how items connect with other things on the map)

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AU 3959 4.17 - Customer Logs 4/16/19  

4.17 - Customer Logs

-User maintained history - anything you want to track or add to your customers, notes, follow-ups

-These are unlimited in length & number

-You can also use follow-ups, etc. A date sensitive history log, helps tell the story, who talked to them, when, what was said, etc. (this is what happens)

-Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) scenario

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AU 3960 4.18 - Customer Queue (check in/out) 4/16/19  

4.18 - Customer Queue (check in/out)

-"Who's next?", who is ready to be serviced next.... lines, queues, service center that needs some kind of ordering, very hand for service type businesses with any kind of a waiting room or waiting process (great for servicing time sensitive independent interactions)

-Can be generic with notes to help you know who it was, can tie to customers, can be used as a plain numbering system

-You can custom name this as well

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AU 3961 4.19 - Data Imports & Exports 4/16/19  

4.19 - Data Imports & Exports

-Histories, reports, access to all of your data

-Deals more with an admin level

-Getting your data back out of the system.... pdf's, web, Excel, build your own reports, etc.

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AU 3962 4.20 - Departments 4/16/19  

4.20 - Departments

-Internal organization - conceptual setup and organization, organization of people

-A backbone of payroll

-Deals hugely with payroll, deals with time cards, payroll, manager - not necessarily physical locations but departments are required to be setup for payroll - who's the admin, manager, who is in that department (then you can set up pay rates, payroll taxes for specific people in various places)

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AU 3963 4.21 - Deposits (monies coming in) 4/16/19  

4.21 - Deposits (monies coming in)

-Any money coming in.... ideally, the standard flow comes from invoices, ends up in the A/R waiting room until you come to the end of the day or how often you deposit and pull in the money you have to deposit

-There are other flows, though standard is through invoices, but you could have investments, credit paid for a customer, bank to bank transfers, etc.

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AU 3964 4.22 - Discounts & Discount Rules 4/16/19  

4.22 - Discounts & Discount Rules

-First off you have to realize that price is a variable that you can play with, cost is fixed. Price can be manipulated. Some people choose to change prices & others choose to use discounts to changethe price. Discounts - A visual price change.

-In line discounts: these are per line item in percentages, dollars off, or mixed. Occur per line. Huge level of control and your taxes are spot on.

-Standalone discounts: these are a new line item that just holds the discounted amount. These are more general and depending on your industry may or may not be allowed. The hard part about this one is if you have advanced tax stuff it is hard to back out all of the taxes correctly. That is why in-line discounts are more detailed on the taxes.

-There are ways of setting up discounts through corp-wide settings, campaigns, based off of customer types, can tie discounts to buttons (my cart favorites), and there are other global rules & settings being developed including date & time based discounts. (i.e. happy hour, double Tuesdays, etc.)

-There are also settings per item that you can say include or exclude on discounts. So this can be taken out to the individual item level.

-There are also some discount calculators that deal with cart as a whole, individual lines, or just sample data so that you can figure discounts.

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AU 3965 4.23 - Display Options & Interface Choices 4/16/19  

4.23 - Display Options & Interface Choices

-Settings & permissions

-How do you organize your space? Your work space?

-Chooser - what do you want your interface to look like? Adilas has many available out of the box but this piece is entirely customizable and a lot more will be coming.... you can request or design your own which can then be quoted, individually charged/billed for & built out

-Very customizable - what do you use? What do you need? What is important? What do you want to see? What do you not want to see? 

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AU 3966 4.24 - eCommerce & Web Presence 4/16/19  

4.24 - eCommerce & Web Presence

-Another corner piece

-2 parts to this: Web presence: on the world level - do you want to show it yes or no? You can control this on the world level. You can control it even more on the item or stock level. A customer facing portion, outside secured environment - so basically a satellite or moon of your world (your retail storefront instead of your back office)

-Next part: eCommerce: goes a level deeper, controlled on the Universe level, allows virtual shopping carts to be used outside of the system. So the next level, instead of just showing the system you can sell, make payments, which will affect inventory and affect things within your world (the Adilas system). There is a whole other piece coming beyond the one by one transactions by creating to be a way for customer to log in to pay their bills, or view/print their histories, so almost give them a limited functionality to do their stuff

-Ways to hide the pricing in eCommerce and give wholesale pricing to your clients

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AU 3967 4.25 - Elements of Time (calendar & scheduling) 4/16/19  

4.25 - Elements of Time (calendar & scheduling)

-A tool for using time. Are you doing: reservations, rentals, reminder system, scheduling, forums, a history, calendar event .... which you can then attach to anything else, or tie it to other things in the system

-Mix & blend, connect things, standalone & have it show up on the calendaring & scheduling application, tie it to customers, to vendors, to users... an additional time and scheduling/organizing piece for any of the other pieces, players, or functions in the system

-You can name and create your own templates, bins, buckets; You can name your locations or separate time organization & track in various ways

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AU 3968 4.26 - Email Settings 4/16/19  

4.26 - Email Settings

-By default you can automatically email quotes, statements, & invoices directly from the system.

-There are also ways that you can configure custom emails that allow for html coding (rich look & feel). These emails can also use data directly from the system.

-If you need a custom address, there are ways that we can implement a custom email address.

-Professional quality emails. There is an entire sub-section just for email settings.

-There are custom options available. So if you need reminders or certain triggers need to be set or monitored, we can send you email notifications directly through the system. 

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AU 3969 4.27 - Employee/Users 4/16/19  

4.27 - Employee/Users

-Permissions, individual settings

-Which keys - permissions - are you giving them? Where can they work, play and what can they do in the system.

-Can by bigger than a corporation... they can have access to multiple corps

-Over 100 permissions, but must have 1 active permission to be considered a user

-This is one of the Main 12

-Often connected with payroll

-Every single piece is eventually connected to "who" - which user - did it, the system history, the employees can walk down every hall and go in every room if you give them the keys for it

-Employees & vendors technically the same in the system, except that one has permissions in the system and the other is just an outside feeder - ties to the end goal of getting paid - expense/receipts 

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AU 3970 Welcome to the Adilas user guide - Table of contents 4/16/19  

Adilas is what we call a "business platform". What that means is there are tons of tools, functions, permissions, settings, and processes to help you run your business. This guide or manual will take you on a step by step journey in exploring and explaining some of the functions and tools that are available to you and your company. Not every tool or function will be used and that's ok. We want you to match the right tools with the right job. Some of the goals in providing this manual are helping you learn the system, apply the concepts in your own specific manner, help you track all your operational and accounting data, and help make you even more successful than you currently are! Let's get started!

Basic Outline - Feel Free to Jump to a Specific Section or Area
1 - Understanding The Basics
1.1 - What is adilas?
1.2 - How Does It Work?
1.3 - Enter Once - Use Many
1.4 - Database Basics
1.5 - Web Basics
1.6 - Standard Page Elements
1.7 - Navigation Tips & Tricks
1.8 - Vocabulary
1.9 - Adilas Theory

2 - Logins, Passwords & Permissions
2.1 - Main Website Features
2.2 - Username & Password
2.3 - Creating An Adilas Bookmark or Favorite
2.4 - User Permissions

3 - General System Settings
3.1 - Main Corporation Info & Settings
3.2 - Locations
3.3 - Sales Tax Settings
3.4 - Payroll Tax Settings
3.5 - Departments (tied to payroll)
3.6 - Assigning Employees to Departments
3.7 - Timecards (clock in/out)
3.8 - Master Time Templates (calendar & scheduling)
3.9 - Flex Grid Tie-Ins (custom data fields)

4 - Meet The Players
4.1 - General Overview
4.2 - Admin
4.3 - API Sockets & Communications (application programming interface - send & receive data remotely)
4.4 - A/P - Accounts Payable (vendor waiting room)
4.5 - A/R - Accounts Receivable (customer waiting room)
4.6 - Attributes (parent & child inventory flags and tags)
4.7 - Balance Sheet
4.8 - Banks
4.9 - Barcodes & QR Codes
4.10 - Black Box Page Technology (custom code options)
4.11 - Check Requests (sub type of the normal expense/receipts)
4.12 - Check Writing
4.13 - Chooser (custom interface chooser)
4.14 - Corporations (worlds)
4.15 - Coupons & Sales Campaigns
4.16 - Customers/Clients
4.17 - Customer Logs
4.18 - Customer Queue (check in/out)
4.19 - Data Imports & Exports
4.20 - Departments
4.21 - Deposits (monies coming in)
4.22 - Discounts & Discount Rules
4.23 - Display Options & Interface Choices
4.24 - eCommerce & Web Presence
4.25 - Elements of Time (calendar & scheduling)
4.26 - Email Settings
4.27 - Employee/Users
4.28 - Expense/Receipts (monies going out)
4.29 - Exports - MS Excel/CSV/PDF
4.30 - Flex Grid Tie-Ins
4.31 - Floorplan
4.32 - Gift Cards, Rewards, & Loyalty Points
4.33 - GPS & RFID Tag Tracking
4.34 - History & Reports
4.35 - Ideas & Sharing
4.36 - Interface Options, Dashboards & Choices
4.37 - Invoices
4.38 - Labels & Custom Paperwork
4.39 - Locations & Tax Settings
4.40 - Look & Feel (custom colors & navigation)
4.41 - Manufacturing (changing or modifying inventory)
4.42 - Marketing
4.43 - Media/Content/Files (physical file uploads and referencing)
4.44 - Merchant Processing - Credit Cards & Financial Solutions
4.45 - Mini Conversions (buying, selling, & tracking inventory - units of measure)
4.46 - My Cart Favorite Buttons
4.47 - My Stuff (personal settings & options)
4.48 - Objects & Data Over Time (theory & concepts)
4.49 - Orders
4.50 - P&L - Income Statement
4.51 - Parts/Items (general inventory pool)
4.52 - Payroll, Commissions, & Time Clocks
4.53 - Permissions
4.54 - Photos & Scans
4.55 - Purchase Orders (PO's)
4.56 - Quick Search
4.57 - Quotes
4.58 - Recipe/Builds
4.59 - Reimbursements (REI's)
4.60 - Reoccurring & Automated Options
4.61 - Sales & Promotions (see coupons & sales campaigns)
4.62 - Saved Reports (custom report favorites)
4.63 - Settings - Corp-Wide
4.64 - Settings - Group Level
4.65 - Settings - Page Level
4.66 - Settings - Personal
4.67 - Shopping Cart
4.68 - Special Line Items (system parts)
4.69 - Splits (payments made on account)
4.70 - Statements
4.71 - Stock/Units (serialized inventory)
4.72 - Sub Inventory (parent/child inventory)
4.73 - Support
4.74 - Texts, Emails, Reminders, & Communications
4.75 - Third Party Solutions
4.76 - Tiered Pricing & Pricing Engine
4.77 - Timecards (digital clock in/out)
4.78 - Tools & Maintenance

5 - Customers (in depth)
5.1 - Customer Settings (general)
5.2 - Customer Types
5.3 - Customer Logs
5.4 - Customer Additional Contacts
5.5 - Customers to Invoices & Quotes
5.6 - Customer To Elements of Time (scheduling)
5.7 - Customer Photos & Scans

6 - Inventory (in depth)
6.1 - General Inventory vs. Serialized Inventory
6.2 - Parts, Services, & General Inventories
6.3 - Vendor/Payees
6.4 - Part Categories
6.5 - Use PO's to Add Inventory
6.6 - Updating Inventory Counts
6.7 - Light Manufacturing
6.8 - Recipe/Builds
6.9 - Stock/Units (serialized inventory)
6.10 - Makes
6.11 - Models

7 - Sales (in depth)
7.1 - Shopping Cart
7.2 - Advanced Add To Cart
7.3 - My Cart Favorites & Smart Group Buttons
7.4 - Quotes
7.5 - Invoices
7.6 - Invoice Payments
7.7 - Transitional Invoices
7.8 - Reoccurring Invoices
7.9 - Discounts, Returns, Trades, & Refunds
7.10 - Statements
7.11 - Sales & Profit Reports
7.12 - Sales Tax Reports
7.13 - Merchant Processing (credit card payments)
7.14 - Transfer Invoices

8 - Deposits (monies coming in)
8.1 - Banks
8.2 - Deposits
8.3 - Deposit Types
8.4 - Deposits on Merchandise
8.5 - Depositing Invoice Payments
8.6 - Bank Transfers (deposit side)
8.7 - Special Deposits (balance sheet)

9 - Expenses (monies going out)
9.1 - Payables Homepage
9.2 - Expense/Receipts
9.3 - Expense Types
9.4 - Check Requests
9.5 - Reimbursements
9.6 - Splits or Payments On Account
9.7 - Pay Stubs (payroll and withholdings)
9.8 - Payroll Tax Liability
9.9 - Sales Tax Liability
9.10 - Special Payments - Credit Cards
9.11 - Bank Transfers (expense side)
9.12 - Special Expenses (balance sheet)
9.13 - Printing Checks
9.14 - Advanced Concepts & Usages

10 - Reports & Searching
10.1 - Report & Search Basics
10.2 - Adilas Quick Search
10.3 - Basic Application Type Searches
10.4 - Advanced Application Type Searches
10.5 - History Homepage
10.6 - Sales & Profit Reports
10.7 - P&L - Income Statement
10.8 - All Advanced Searches & Exports
10.9 - View Custom Code & Reports

11 - Financials & Accounting
11.1 - Bank Reconciliation
11.2 - P&L - Income Statement (logic and flow)
11.3 - Balance Sheet (logic and flow)
11.4 - User-Maintained Balance Sheet Items
11.5 - Adilas Theory on Accounting
11.6 - Roll Call Accounting Principles
11.7 - Old School Accounting vs. New School Accounting
11.8 - Vision for the Future

12 - Other Tools & Features
12.1 - Bridging Users Between Corporations
12.2 - Site Look & Feel (colors and logo)
12.3 - Corp-Wide Settings
12.4 - Training & Support
12.5 - Barcode & Label Generator
12.6 - Profit & Discount Calculator
12.7 - Finance Loan Calculator
12.8 - Financial Flow Calculator
12.9 - Global Parts Find & Replace
12.10 - Global Parts Mark-Up
12.11 - Global Stock/Unit Mark-Up
12.12 - Admin Time Clock
12.13 - Update Inventory Counts
12.14 - Managers Checkbook
12.15 - Wholesale - Cart Builder
12.16 - Cross-Corp Sales
12.17 - Custom Forms & Documents
12.18 - Custom Code & Reports
12.19 - Building Master Time Templates
12.20 - My Cart Favorite Buttons
12.21 - Smart Group Buttons (tiered pricing)
12.22 - Become an Adilas Rep

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AU 3971 4.28 - Expense/Receipts (monies going out) 4/16/19  

4.28 - Expense/Receipts (monies going out)

-Any monies going out of the bank.... opposites of deposits

-Used for many different things - paying off PO's, inventory, paying employees, paying business fees, services, utilities, reimbursements, etc., even one expense receipts can be used to pay off multiple subs

-One of the most flexible pieces for mixing & blending & has incredible potential for great depth

-This is one of the Main 12

-You can detail out and organize all of your expense categories

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AU 3972 4.29 - Exports - MS Excel/CSV/PDF 4/16/19  

4.29 - Exports - MS Excel/CSV/PDF

-Exports are important and we want you to get your data. We help you store & secure it but it is your data. If we provide you with data it is part of our back up plan. You get your data, your needs, in your way.

-Almost all of the main system reports have export options. Usually exports are tied to the admin permission. Once it is in Excel or CSV you can alter the data however you want.

-There is an entire page that deals with just export options. Also, a lot of the new data tables, which is technically the word for special web tables that have cool features, they automatically have export options directly from the tops of the data tables.

-The system automatically can generate PDFs for POs, invoices, statements, quotes, P&L, & balance sheet; all of those can be configured to specifically match your needs. 

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AU 3973 4.30 - Flex Grid Tie-Ins 4/16/19  

4.30 - Flex Grid Tie-Ins

-Create data relationships, connect players together (tie things together), 15 custom fields per the 12 main players- create your own customized database, notes

-Can add log notes to any of the 12 main players, unlimited in quantity

-Virtual buddy system

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AU 3974 4.31 - Floorplan 4/16/19  

4.31 - Floorplan

-For big ticket items - trading titles for working capitol - your credit line

-Deals with the bank, an outside entity, almost like a multi-note with the bank per specific big ticket items (so like a loan with lots of miniature pieces or subs under it)

-This categorizes and data tracks and helps to track things with your floorplan - data tracking on serialized units & inventory

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AU 3975 4.32 - Gift Cards, Rewards, & Loyalty Points 4/16/19  

4.32 - Gift Cards, Rewards, & Loyalty Points

-Tons of custom options are available. Often these reward programs have some corporation specific flare.  

-The Adilas standards are still currently under construction. Expected release data first quarter of 2019. Some of the standards will include: loyalty/rewards, gift cards, punch cards, in-store credit, vendor credits, etc.

-Technically all of these special account types or payment types are subs of the balance sheet. Behind the scenes all of these accounts will be run under a general title called sub special account tracking. Within that we will allow you to name the special programs according to your needs. For example, if you want to call your gift cards XYZ Bucks, that is totally fine.

-All of the programs that get setup will automatically inherit a default set of rules. Then we will let you modify those rules to match your company. This may be custom naming, special ratios, values, redemption exceptions, all kinds of rules, etc.

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AU 3976 4.33 - GPS & RFID Tag Tracking 4/16/19  

4.33 - GPS & RFID Tag Tracking

-GPS stands for global positioning system and RFID tag stands for radio-frequency identification

-One of the differences between GPS (global positioning system - usually satellite based) and RFID Tracking (radio-frequency identification - usually small tags or chips) is dealing with the distance from a hub or known area. Both technologies deal with tracking items or things according to a specific location or coordinates. GPS usually covers more distance and is mobile and RFID is more local, fixed, or within a controlled environment.

-These technologies are capable of tracking an "x" coordinate (longitude or width), a "y" coordinate (latitude or height), a "z" coordinate (depth, height, altitude, or elevation).

-Currently we have all of these as a possible sub of time so they can be turned on and off.  The fields exist so that we can capture real data or we could have other third parties that could feed us data and we could capture that.

-Basically the field is set to play but it is not fully automated yet. There are tons of places that it could go but currently it still needs some further development for it to be fully automated. 

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AU 3977 4.34 - History & Reports 4/16/19  

4.34 - History & Reports

-Usually checked and used by admin - get to the history & data in/from the system

-Historical, Effectual, & Financial - levels of history on the different pieces

-Lots of flexible ways to get your data - All Data Is Live And Searchable

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AU 3978 4.35 - Ideas & Sharing 4/16/19  

4.35 - Ideas & Sharing

-We love ideas! As adilas can get to it, it will get to it. But if you have an urgent need, get with adilas and help pay for that feature to be developed and you will benefit and it helps to grow the overall functionality of adilas

-Piggy back system, ideas grow & feed on ideas, so it all helps build a better system in the end

-A lot of great ideas come for our users and we appreciate any submitting of ideas, improvements, or tips, tricks

-It is a huge asset to have so many users contribute to the growth of this project

-In the future we would like to have ideas & sharing as a sub piece of Elements of time so that we can have a more open forum and a way to share and improve together 

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AU 3979 4.36 - Interface Options, Dashboards & Choices 4/16/19  

4.36 - Interface Options, Dashboards & Choices

-Every user gets to select or specify what user interface they want to use. This is done through a thing called the chooser. By default there are seven global interfaces that you can use and there are over 30 other custom ones that may be used as well.

-There are also custom options that may be added and built in through your corp-wide settings. So once a custom page has been built you can actually add that to your chooser so that you could use that as your homepage.

-Any of the other sub- homepages could also be set as your default interface or landing page.

-There are also a number of themes which are pre-set color structures. You can modify your own or select from our pre-sets. Basically it is custom look and feel all the way around.

-Some of these presets include things like classic look, blue pastel, geometry, Snow Owl theme, etc. Some of the interfaces like Snow Owl have hundreds of sub-settings to dial in your look and feel.

-Because we allow color and theme changes there may be white label options that have their own, unique look and feel due to 3rd party vendor white labeling.

-Currently custom dashboards are done on a per corporation basis. You come up with the different things you want to be displayed and shown. You work with a developer and they build it for you to your customized specifics.  

-More things to come! =D 

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AU 3980 4.37 - Invoices 4/16/19  

4.37 - Invoices

-Very flexible

-Must be created through the shopping cart (the building zone), once it is done & stamped as an invoice it is in the database, collect money (or money still owed, or partial payments), mapped to financials, deposited

-Invoice hold lots of info: COGS, customer info, payments, revenue

-Invoices feed P&L, they also feed inventory levels on Balance Sheet

-Potentially tied to payroll if you are doing commissions

-One of the most used pieces in the system

-Can by reoccurring as well

-This is one of the Main 12

-Internal parts ticket - taking products & services and moving them around - internal ticketing

-Also deal with sales taxes & accounts receivables - receivables mainly come from unpaid or partially paid invoices

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AU 3981 4.38 - Labels & Custom Paperwork 4/16/19  

4.38 - Labels & Custom Paperwork

-Labels and custom paperwork usually deal with getting some sort of information out of the system and getting into a different format for printing and/or saving.

-We have a number of presets that are in the system that anyone can use. If you need anything custom, we can attach custom paperwork or label options to any part of the system. For example, if you needed contracts for invoices, or customer signatures for rentals or reservations, or labels for things like pharmaceuticals or chemicals, etc.

-There are a number of pre-built labeling systems inside the system that allow for direct labels for items, customer, invoices, elements of time, etc.  These labels may contain other output values such as: barcodes, descriptions, id numbers, names, date, quantities, locations, etc.  

-Custom labels and custom paperwork may be added to any section such as parts, items, shopping cart, invoices, customers, POs, vendor, employee (HR), etc.

-There are some corp-wide settings to help control some of the defaults for labeling.  

-Labels can be printed on an individual basis end to end, stacked, or custom layout. There are also options to print bulk-sheet labels. 

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AU 3982 4.39 - Locations & Tax Settings 4/16/19  

4.39 - Locations & Tax Settings

-The ability to customize your location specific tax settings

-Helps organize things by geographic regions or areas

-You can use virtual locations as well, which you can also name - example a retail side, a service side, etc.

-Corp-wide settings to custom name

-State, county, city and 5 customer additional ones per location so you can setup all your location specific tax settings

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AU 3983 4.40 - Look & Feel (custom colors & navigation) 4/16/19  

4.40 - Look & Feel (custom colors & navigation)

-We want your business to look and feel like you want it to. Some of this is done through settings so that we can speak your language. Some of it is done through visual interfaces and displays so we can make you feel more comfortable with using things and making things happen.

-The backend is like an engine but we can use function and form to help you get what you want and the look and feel that fits your needs.

-**Skin Your Engine Graphic - This has the motorcycle, van, sports car, semi-truck, UFO, all with the same engine.

-We have a number of presets. The one we first started on is called the classic - very simple, non-moving, but very powerful and dynamic. Some of the newer ones have more mobile, responsive ones, more sliding/moving menus, more modern technologies built in.

-We allow you to upload logos, alternate images, watermarks. You can change colors on virtually every single thing - backgrounds, roll-over colors, menu icons, buttons, link colors, messages, icons, etc.

-There are many different settings that you can setup for reports, navigation, and hundreds of settings that let you control feeders, footers, headers, custom navigation. Tons of options for corporation links, individual links, and other options for navigation that can be customized for your particular needs or setup for your corporation.

-Custom interfaces - we have thousands of pages which could be available to set as your homepage. If you need your own custom look/dashboard we can create that as well. Or we can blend those pieces together to get what you need.

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Shop 4517 Adilas Time 4/16/19  

Dustin and I met up on the morning meeting. We touched base and setup a meeting for Thursday afternoon to work on his cultivation stuff. He is doing great and has been a good team player.

I started working on some code review. Didn't get very far. Both Alan and Wayne popped in.

We went through a whole new section where Wayne was explaining and showing us what was going on out in the AWS land. Wayne was the presenter and was showing lots of things. Alan was asking questions and I was taking notes. See attached for the latest notes.

Steve and Eric popped in later on to listen and chime in. Wayne was showing some of the Docker image stuff. He was also helping Steve look at a server and find out what was going on. Good stuff.

Need - drop shipping and special tax tables for that drop shipping

We also had a client express that they wanted to be integrated with a number of other outside ecommerce type systems. Steve was using the analogy of having multiple fishing poles in the water (this ecomm package, this other ecomm package, and this other one - get more clients from different sources and areas).

At the end of the session, Eric and I went over the progress on the code sign-off project for special accounts and special account tracking (customer loyalty points, gift cards, etc.). Still working on things, but making progress.

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Shop 4563 sub inventory 4/15/19  

Working with Bryan on options to search sub inventory and filter ecommerce searches based off of sub inventory attributes and sub inventory search filters. We went over some code, started making some changes, and ran into a number of questions. We ended up talking about some existing options (selling options in the ecommerce settings - show and sell parents, show parents sell subs, or show and sell subs). We also talked about ways of doing some custom searches or reverse searches (starting with the subs and then going into matching parents). We went in circles a few times but hopefully came away with at least some ideas and better questions to ask the client.

Part way through our meeting, I got a call from an outside consultant that does some integration between Sage and QuickBooks. They are trying to help an adilas client and trying to get a good picture of how the client uses adilas on the inventory tracking side (PO's, sub inventory, sales orders, fulfilling orders, and shipping).

Recording notes and cleaning up for the day.

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Shop 4564 General 4/15/19  

Emails and working on code review.

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Shop 4520 Adilas Time 4/15/19  

Alan came on to the morning meeting and gave Steve and I a small demo of the new merchant customer homepage. This is for reoccurring credit card payments and tracking some customer information that are scheduled as a reoccurring and/or subscription type payments or reoccurring invoices.

Steve and Dustin were working on some Metrc changes and fixes. I was working on a list of topics and questions for Wayne and Eric dealing with the transition between Newtek and AWS (amazon web services) stuff. See attached for a starting list for our conversation.

Wayne actually joined the meeting and we went for over an hour and half going over some of the topics dealing with the transition between Newtek and AWS. See the other attachment for a current working document with tons more details.

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Shop 4562 General 4/12/19  

Paying bills and working on code review for Eric's special account tracking project. Also did a verbage update on some default customer field settings. Altered the master verbage for the default tax category for customers. This field got some new functionality a few months back, but we never updated the main settings. It, meaning the new functionality will be highlighted in a news and update post dealing with cascading the default customer tax category clear through the shopping cart. The old setting was just a reminder of sorts (there but not fully working). Now it has additional functionality and actually tries to cascade the default tax category clear through the cart. This is huge for customers/clients that are say resale, wholesale, or government (non taxed). The new setting helps to make sure that the cart does not try to apply tax to non taxed clients. Anyways, a small update.

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Shop 4549 Code review 4/11/19  

Working on the special account transaction homepage. This is part of Eric's special account tracking project (sub of the balance sheet and deals with customer loyalty points, gift cards, and in-store credit type stuff). Made some headway on the special account transaction search and homepage (what are the individual recorded details).

Also helped Shawn with getting back into the invoice due date project.

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Shop 4555 Work with Shawn 4/11/19  

Jumping back on the invoice due date project with Shawn. It is amazing how much time it takes to transition back into an older project. Shawn is going to be helping and working on merging in current master files to the old project branch files, to help get things up to date.

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Shop 4528 Adilas Time 4/11/19  

Facing some legacy issues... validation length on certain characters and strings. Also a conversation between old legacy code (adilas classic) vs the new fancy code (adilas snow owl) and updated features. We talked about even having some different pages and allow the users to choose between generation one, two, three, etc. (page versions and compatibility levels). We may end up using the corp chooser pages (special links and pages per corp) and point people to different files or different versions. On the code side, it becomes harder and harder to maintain and update multiple pages that provide different levels of functionality.

Steve and Dustin were working on some changes and restoring and creating some page variations (legacy code issues discussed above). Meanwhile, I was working on lowering the validation limit on PO and invoice line items. The old code required the line item description to be at least 3 characters in length. However, an item number or part number only had to be a minimum of 1 character. We were having problems with users creating a 1 character item and then not putting a 3 character description. The normal pages stopped any of that from happening, but we have some code that auto builds certain things and fills in default values (makes it quicker). The new auto build code didn't have the same validation. In order to help standardize, we actually lowered the required characters on the line description to allow both sets of code to work without any issues. Constantly refining piece by piece.

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Shop 4550 Code review 4/10/19  

Reviewing code on Eric's sub special accounts (sub of the balance sheet for customer loyalty points, gift cards, and other special accounts). Also working with Shawn to get him started on the invoice due date project. Trying to circle back around and get that project going again.

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Shop 4523 Adilas Time 4/10/19  

Dustin and I worked on his cultivation phases and getting some of the queries and filters a little bit tighter. He already had them in place, we just helped get things a little bit tighter. After doing the phases and phase counters, we switched and worked on the location counters section. All of these pieces are in a section called cultivation that he and Steve have been working on for months and months. It is really looking good.

Eric joined the meeting and had a couple of questions. I really appreciate that fact that he tries to look global or general adilas before just making a one-off custom report. His questions were dealing with showing discounts, discount ranges, min/max discounts, etc. He also had another request for some sub inventory and RFID tag reports. We talked about options and also talked about custom dashboards that have prebuilt buttons that allow our users to get to the reports that they need and want within a single click (precode the buttons and/or page links to contain the filters and search criteria.)

Working with Shawn and getting him setup on a new branch. Shawn and I also talked about two new projects that are coming up. He will be doing Oklahoma taxes and withholdings and the two of us will be working on the invoice due date project (old one that Russell and I were working on middle of last year). We need to pick that project back up. Called and talked with Calvin.

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Shop 4556 Email Attachment 4/9/19  

Bryan has a project that needs some advanced computing and data manipulation. The client is on the data 2 server. They want a report generated every night and saved as a PDF (mini report of sorts). They then want that PDF auto sent as an email attachment to a specific person. By themselves, all of those things are possible. Our model gets a little bit more complicated due to the different servers. The server that sends the email doesn't have access to the data that is needed. The server that does have the data has to communicate through an API socket connection to the email server. Bryan and I went over some options and did some light drawings of what we could do.

The easiest way would be to send an auto email with a link that has a date range or specific day coded into the link. Then the user would get the report as soon as they click the link. Basically, generate the report on demand or just in time. If we start physically creating files, you deal with storage, eventual clean-up, and then transferring files from place to place in order to email or send as an attachment. We talked about converting the physical file into a base64 (code subset protocol) and then sending to the other server. We could also use FTP (file transfer protocol) to send the file to the other server. It may be a series of smaller requests to prep and make sure that other steps have been performed and are ready to go. Anyways, it gets kinda complicated due to how the email server is setup as compared to all of the individual data servers.

Bryan had a good attitude and enjoys learning some of the deeper and/or more complicated options and workarounds.

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Shop 4538 Work with Shannon 4/9/19  

See notes from last week - https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/time_web_gallery.cfm?corp=748&id=4506

Shannon and I reread the notes from last week (including the sub comments or new comments since our last meeting). We went over those ideas and concepts and went in and setup some new master time templates. The new time templates were for the adilas user guide in the adilas university site. No real content was added, but we prepped a bunch and Shannon will try to go in and do some uploading and filling in content before our next meeting. Progress is being made.

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Shop 4548 Code review 4/9/19  

Code review for Shawn. Pushed a couple of payroll updates to all servers.

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Shop 4546 Just getting my name in for today (Shawn) 4/9/19  

Shawn joined the GoToMeeting session and we worked on payroll updates and changes. He was testing the new changes and had a question every once in a while for me. While he was doing that, I was updating an adilas sales flyer with new contact information. The original flyer was dated back in 2014. Lots of water under the bridge since then. Kinda fun.

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Shop 4514 Adilas Time 4/9/19  

On the morning meeting with Steve and Dustin. Steve had some questions on a page he was working on. We looked at a query and made a couple of changes. We then chased down a small bug that ended up being a user error, not a bug. We pulled some data and Steve took some notes to let the client know. Towards the end of the meeting, both Steve and I helped Dustin with a small fix on his local environment.

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Shop 4551 Recording notes 4/8/19  

Paying bills and recording notes from a couple of days ago. I had some unrecorded post-it notes from back on 4/4/19. Filling in the gaps.

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Shop 4545 Community Chooser Project css update 4/8/19  

Bryan and I spent some time looking around on the adilas community user group site. This is live but not yet made publically available. We were talking about flow, CSS, look and feel, and how to force certain system elements. We ended up comparing some pages and then trying to get the desired output. Bryan is going to wrap things up and leave some notes on where we jumped off. We'll have to pick it up again in a little while. That is no fun, to leave a project, but it part of life.

I told Bryan that the term adilas community and optional services had come up already multiple times today. We are trying to prep this piece so that when we are ready, we can pick it up and use it with minimal changes.

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Shop 4547 General 4/8/19  

Emails and recording more notes. Added some additional notes (sub comments) to the element of time # 4506 dealing with a balanced approach and how to mix the different pieces. See this link for more info about number of clients, sales, system development, education, training, output, needs, byproducts, talent pool, services, and the adilas marketplace.


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Shop 4526 Adilas Time 4/8/19  

It must be Monday... We started out on the morning meeting and only Steve and I were on at first. We chatted about the transition over to the AWS (amazon) stuff. We have a number of questions and aren't really sure which way to turn. Steve needs to provide some of our clients with an answer, can we service them or not, and we need to know how long it will take to get the AWS stuff fully up and running. Lots of unknowns, but some great potential. Part of us wants to return what we know (older stable ground) and the other part of us wants to keep pushing forward (new and uncharted but promising ground). It creates an emotional battle of sorts.

We switched gears and Steve had some questions about a project where he is tying in balance sheet numbers to vendors. As part of his project, he was trying to come up with a switch that we could flip to help us know if a vendor was an inventory (parts or items) vendor or just a normal vendor. As we talked about it, we decided to take it out to an app type level (the 12 main system players). We talked about that and Steve liked that idea. I got him some code to help him get started. It is amazing how much, as we keep going, that the system keeps organizing itself into main player groups and what kind of relationships are needed per system or main player group. Very interesting. Almost like it likes to be organized into groups and related functions. We sure have learned a lot along the way.

Alan joined the meeting and we were talking about some of his projects. He is still working on automating some of the reoccurring invoice stuff. We also talked about having Bryan work on the dynamic field names and settings per main player group. That is pretty deep and we may keep it tabled for now. Also, as we were talking about it, we were talking about how an object oriented programming approach may be a better solution for some of these new settings and defaults. Currently, we build and break, build and break (speaking about pulling and accessing settings). It may be nice to keep and hold some of persistent or permanent settings and features. An object oriented model may be better equipped for that type of transaction. Currently, we look things up just in time. In the future, we may need to catch and hold those settings and maintain them in the user's session (stored in memory) options.

Eric popped in and we did some check in and follow-up with his code review on the sub special account tracking project. This is a sub of the balance sheet and deals with special accounts (mini bank account type objects) like customer loyalty points, gift cards, in-store credit, etc. That project is promised by next Monday. I will be trying to focus on the code sign-off this week.

After that, Eric and Steve and I started talking about some of the new look and feel, CSS, and user interface stuff that Eric is wanting to help with. Both Steve and Eric were talking about a virtual "Adilas Cafe" or a global landing spot for the adilas users. This all goes back to separating the users from the main application code. There will still be a tie-in, but we are seeing a bigger need to keep users on the outside as a single entity and then allow them to go in and work or be a part of a corporation. We have many users that  have and/or will need access to multiple corporations, and even be able to bridge servers. Currently, our model is based on users per server and then tied to corporations based on active permissions to those corporations. We are seeing a need to break that down even further and have a master or global user id (virtual pool of users) and then allow then to be bridged to different corporations on a more global scale vs just per server (physical box) vs the possibilities of dynamic cloud networks.

As we got deeper into the conversation about the potential of the Adilas café type model, we were talking about doing mock-ups, flow charts, etc. Eric had some questions about authentication servers and how that would all roll into the mix. We told him that he would need to get with Wayne to get more details. As we talked, we decided that Eric and Wayne should work together in a mini team type environment. As we explored the options, some of Steve and I's concerns (listed at the top of this entry) started to go away. We ended up somewhat asking Eric to be a project manager type role for this transition project between Newtek and AWS. That little tweak in the plan and how the developers were paired up, made a ton of difference and some of the anxiety started to go away.

We need to crate a list of specs for Wayne and what we want the application to do. Plan and play as if for years. We also talked about in-house coordination and communication. That is a huge key and helps all parties involved. Steve was talking about skating to where the puck (pretend we are playing hockey) is going to be. He and Eric were talking about the existing login pages and the corporation chooser page as being the beginning of the adilas café (landing spot or centralized common ground area). Good discussion.

We would really like to keep pushing the ball forward and making each system its own entity. This means having a centralized database controlling users and access to different corporations and/or entities and then having the individual entities having their own database or system for just their stuff. Currently, there are a number of tables that are shared between parties. For speed and efficiency, we really need to split things up more. This may also affect how we are able to bill for storage and processing vs a set monthly system fee. Anyways, as the conversation progresses, Steve and Eric were talking about using the choose corporation page as the starting common spot or commons area. Steve was also saying that he would like the users to be able to go to work (assigned or authorized corporations) as well as go play (demo sites, play grounds, or play sites). Basically, anybody could have an adilas account, and then they could either go into a real site (aka work) or a play site (aka play and testing). Fun ideas.

One of Eric's and Wayne's first item of business will be to do a virtual inventory check of where things are at on the project and what will still be needed and/or stands in the way. That will be awesome. It really was an mini answer to prayers that we decided to team up Eric and Wayne. It helped us let go and be willing to embrace some of the unknowns. As part of that, we are hoping that having the guys work together in mini teams helps us prioritize what really needs to be done and when. Sometimes, by yourself, it is hard to know what needs attention first, especially if it feels like everything is vying or trying to get the input, attention, and/or priority. Crazy stuff, I'm been there before and will be back again.

Steve and I talked about cycling through hardware and how that is just part of the line of work we are in. Later this year, we will need to buy some new laptops and upgrade some development environments.

One of the breakthroughs for today was the mini team concept. We have Steve and I, Steve and Dustin and Josh, Brandon and Alan, Wayne and Eric, Shari O. and Pat and Drea, etc. There are starting to be all kinds of little teams. That is awesome.

Shawn popped in and reported on some payroll updates and changes. We scheduled a time to meet again tomorrow. He is also willing to help me out with some of my projects and such. After that, I spent the rest of the session recording notes and trying to get caught up (as good as I could).

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Shop 4554 General 4/4/19  

Helping Dustin with a code merge and light clean-up. We had to do some manual cross checking, but got the files merged in and uploaded to the servers. Spent the rest of the time doing clean-up, recording notes, and writing an email to Wayne requesting that we get a plan in place for the transition over to the AWS (amazon) stuff.

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Shop 4553 Code review with Josh 4/4/19  

Back on with Josh. We worked on help files, final code merge, and pushing new permissions and help files to all servers. Josh went in and did some live testing.

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Shop 4541 Discount engine sign-off with Josh 4/4/19  

Working with Josh on some code review for the discount engine stuff. We spent some time reviewing code and making small fixes to the database updates. Josh gave me a demo and we got some things prepped. We broke for lunch and re-hit things around 1:15 pm.

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Shop 4521 Adilas Time 4/4/19  

Meeting notes. Steve, Brandon, Wayne, and Dustin were on the meeting. Wayne was showing Steve and I about some cool image manipulation options. The site and tools are called Thumbor - image manipulation. It was capable of pushing up an image and then running all kinds of cool tweaks to the image, on the fly. Things like cropping, scaling, specific file sizes, grayscale, colorizing filters, etc. Pretty cool. Our goal there was to talk about ways of using existing tools to eliminate how much processing we make our ColdFusion servers do. Currently, we do all of our own image manipulation and storage on a per server basis. Just some ideas and concepts at this time in the game.

After Wayne and Dustin left, Steve and I had a good discussion about where are things at and where are we headed. Both positive and potential dangerous and/or scary. Open conversation, no specific takeaways. Here are some of our notes:

- Defining strengths and weaknesses and then working on both

- Talking about the new AWS stuff - pros and cons

- The skill level difference between an adilas user who is a developer and a normal or non adilas user computer developer - there is a difference. A lot of our stuff has a culture and all kinds of cause and effect relationships attached to single decisions, setting changes, and/or wants and needs. Interesting.

- Your eductaion and expierence help you on your approach and/or your angle of attack

- Revenue is not what you get to spend

- We have a bunch of things that are partially done - finishers wanted

- We talked about the scary pieces... These are mostly the unknowns... this could be on complexity of the AWS side of things and/or the unknowns on normal operational costs (speaking of AWS stuff).

- Steve and I spent quite a bit of time on - Let's make a plan - this is huge. We really need to see what and where we are doing and going. We know that the plan changes from time to time, but we need something to help us direct this thing as we move forward.

- Scratch built vs pre-fab or mash-up options. We have been pretty spoiled and have built our own scratch built pieces for years... we can't keep up with demands if we keep that same mentality. We are being somewhat forced to start using pre-fabricated pieces, outside code libraries, and outside products to create a mash-up of sorts. As a side note, even through we like scratch built features and options, one of the adilas goals is to become an API socket option (aka a mash-up option) for other companies. We want to build out the tools and then let others (individuals, companies, and even outside 3rd parties) consume the adilas API sockets as needed.

- One of our concerns is, we spend hours and hours of our time on meetings and talking about possibilities. Technically, this is just R&D (research and development/design) stuff but it takes us away from other tasks (opportunity costs). We love it and we still need it. It comes down to a balance and a plan.

- Talking about business and the different balances needed to keep things going and in check. Steve and I talked about an emerging 3-way balance between clients, systems, and education. Each of those main topics branch into sub topics. For example: Clients may branch into sales, funding, shear numbers (how many clients), and market demands. The system side of things seems to branch into user interface, functionality, features, settings, permissions, development, and tech. The education side seems to open into documentation, ease of use, instructions, guard rails (don't let people fall off), just in time learning, and the need for good reps and consultants and other trained individuals. Very interesting. Shannon and I had a similar conversation the other day. See this link for more information: https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/time_web_gallery.cfm?corp=748&id=4506

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Shop 4542 setting for invoice email 4/3/19  

Reviewing a news and update (still in draft mode) for viewing customer history. Cory has been working on it and it looks good.

Got on with Bryan and went over the new show/hide email contact settings for printable invoices and quotes. We merged in new code, ran updates, and did some testing. Towards the end, we had to do a light little bit of bug checking and testing out in ecommerce land.

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Shop 4543 Code sign-off 4/3/19  

Back working on Eric's sub special account tracking project and code sign-off. Working on the corp-specific rules portion.

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Shop 4535 Code sign-off with Josh - Discount engine project 4/3/19  

Josh joined the meeting and we worked through a few small things. He has 5 files that needed to be looked at. We talked about a few things and he will be reporting back in tomorrow for the final sign-off.

Wayne jumped in and had some questions about where and how we are storing images. We talked about what it would take to get all of those images pushed out and stored on the adilas content server. As part of our conversation, we did a quick search to see how many pages may need to be updated. We got a number around 340 pages that deal with images and/or image paths. All of those files would need to be updated.

Back on the code review project for Eric and the sub special account tracking stuff - sub of the balance sheet for things like loyalty points, gift cards, in-store credit, etc.

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Shop 4524 Adilas Time 4/3/19  

Working on code sign-off for Eric's sub special account tracking project (loyalty points, gift cards, etc.).

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Shop 4539 Recording notes 4/2/19  

Reading notes and recording notes from the day. Busy times but lot of good things going on.

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Shop 4537 setting for invoice email 4/2/19  

Met up with Bryan to go over the new invoice/quote settings for show/hiding different contact email addresses. This is a new corp-wide setting that displays different invoices on the printable quote/orders and printable invoices. The different options are: show the salesperson's contact email address, a location specific email address, or a corp-specific email address. We made a few changes and Bryan is going to be finishing things up and we'll launch it tomorrow.

Steve and I had to do some quick checking on the data 7 server. It was having some problems and issues. Steve also reported on a meeting he had with Eric and talking about putting Eric on some of the look and feel pieces of adilas. Lots of good things going on and happening all around us.

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Shop 4506 Meeting with Shannon 4/2/19  

Ideas for a balanced approach... imagine a plate on a pivot point or a fulcrum - how much of each section could you load up without tipping things over or what is the virtual balance point? Good questions. We are seeing needs in the following areas. There may be more... System development, number of clients, and education

 -System development (look and feel, new functions, logic, database, and basic functionality)
 - Number of clients (sales and number of system users - feedback, funding, and ideas)
 - Education (how, when, why, where, how much, etc. - videos, graphics, text, verbage, flow processes, industry specific, trends)

- Here is a good question, how do you manage the demands? What about funding? What about skilled people power (skilled talent)? Those are resources that need to be managed and balanced as well. Interesting.

- We talked about possibly stopping development (system development). There are pro and cons to this. We also talked about - can we even stop that? It seems to keep going on for as far as we can see.

- We talked about how good reps and consultants are filling in the gap between new clients and education and new clients and new system development. They, the reps and consultants, become a virtual motor or engine to help people keep going, train others to do what is needed, and push things forward. There is no standard training material that is provided by adilas right now. The good reps and consultants provide those missing pieces. They are a super valuable piece of the puzzle.

- If we keep building, how to do we support (education) that new development?

- If we made a full on system user manual, would anybody actually read that? There might be a few, but most would like to know that one exists, but they want their information and training quick and on demand. Almost the "google it" - type mentality. A quick YouTube search, looking for videos that are 2 - 5 minutes (max). What would help us be the most successful in that realm?

- What if we put in small videos and started using the small little gear on the side of the snow owl look and feel theme (additional page settings)? Put some small videos in place and help the education process by putting assets in the right place.

- Shannon and I will be turning and going back to filling in some more content on the user guide. We will be turning all of the content into different elements of time in the adilas university site. We are then able to show/hide content, edit things, add photos, show user threads (sub notes and comments and/or forum type discussions), add videos, add other media (Excel, Word, PDF, images, etc.). Turn it into our own content management system (CMS). Making these changes will be a game changer for us. That will really help. Exciting.

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Shop 4540 General 4/2/19  

Got on to work with Shawn. He was working on payroll stuff so I ended up on a tech support call with Pat and Shari O. We spent about 1.5 hours working on getting those two, Pat and Shari O., setup and using the adilas label builder wizard that Calvin Chipman created. They got a pretty good taste of what it can do and we did some light playing and training. Lots of potential there. After that, I worked on some other emails and notes.

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Adi 1416 email setting for invoice and quotes 4/2/19   Here is a new function. It is a corp wide setting (#24) that allows for the email address selection from salesperson, corp, or location. It shows up on the bottom of both web and regular invoices and quotes.
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Shop 4522 Adilas Time 4/2/19  

Wayne pretty much ran the morning meeting today. As soon as I joined, Wayne, Steve, and Dustin were already on. Once we got started, the entire session was dealing with updates and upcoming changes that are available to us out in AWS (amazon web services) land. Kinda interesting.

We started the morning talking about photos, scans, and images and how those are stored currently. We moved to media/content (outside files) and then talked about ways of doing that kind of storage in the new environment.

Wayne was showing us how quickly he was able to copy whole servers (existing dedicated boxes at Newtek) over to the AWS environment. He was also showing us how some of the resource management (CPU's, memory, and load balancing) were working as he spun up other instances. Very quick and very powerful. We are going to be able to speed up our time to market by leaps and bounds. Lots of talk about current model, options, and needs vs upcoming/future model, options, and new needs.

There was quite a bit of time spent talking about existing flow, hot fixes, FTP (file transfer protocol), and code repositories and deployment options. Lots of talk about the advantages of building a testing library and running tests and unit tests to increase the level of comfort, efficiency, and confidence for the developers and the clients (system users).

Wayne was using the term "tooling" and using the new tools and/or tooling environment to help standardize environments, processes, and expectations.

We went over some possible problems with incomplete data and who is going to help mange and/or watch what pieces of the system. It really will be, and currently is, a giant team effort. We need all of the players to keep pulling their weight and doing what they do and how they do it. More and more talks about teams and cross training those teams.

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Shop 4536 More payroll updates from Shawn 4/1/19  

Merged in some new payroll withholding updates from Shawn. Ran the new updates on all servers.

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Shop 4534 Invoice/Quote email settings 4/1/19  

Bryan jumped on and we went over some new possible corp-wide settings for showing email addresses on invoices and quotes. We talked about allowing options for showing emails per salesperson (payee/user), per corporation (per business entity), or per location (per store/location - all invoices are tied to a specific store/location). All he needed was a little bit of direction.

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Shop 4531 Meeting with Shawn 4/1/19  

Working with Shawn to get his system up to date with new code.

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Shop 4532 Ongoing date ranges for saved reports 4/1/19  

This has been a known need... We need an ongoing date range feature for the saved reports. Say something like: today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, current day, current week, current month, ect. We have some of those settings, but it would make some of the saved reports even more flexible. Currently, most of our dates are set and very specific and they have to change the dates if they are running off of saved report settings.

Long story made short, we need a way to save a dynamic (somewhat moving) date range for some of the custom reports. That way, the dates keep moving as needed, but all of the other saved search or filter criteria stays in place.

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Shop 4533 Going clear out to hours and minutes 4/1/19  

On the balance sheet, we currently only do a report per date (single date). We would love to get it out to hours, minutes, and even seconds. Eventually we would love to get it to the 3D time calendar level, but there is a need there. All of the reports would be cool if we could take it out to hours and minutes as well.

Along with that, we have had requests to allow the transitional invoices and transitional PO's to go clear out to the hours and minute level. Currently, those invoices and/or PO's are set to a physical date (single day).

As a side note, everything is breaking into subs and fracturing into smaller and smaller levels. Even reports and date/times, etc. Pretty crazy.

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Shop 4513 Adilas Time 4/1/19  

Steve was out all week, last week. He gave us all a report on some of his outings and adventures. Good stuff and Steve is excited to be back in the saddle. Alan reported on his reoccurring payment stuff. We talked about more charts, eye candy, and other reports. Alan and I also talked about working on some code sign-off and trying to get back to some of those other projects.

I helped Steve with some code merging and pushed up some new files. I then got on a call with Eric and we touched base on his sub special account tracking project (loyalty points and gift cards). I told him that I was going to be pushing more on that this week. We also talked about an upcoming project to look at the adilas look and feel (over arching look and feel). This doesn't exist yet, but I was just talking with Eric about looking for ideas and making a plan. Anyways, he is interested in helping us out there.

I setup a time with Shawn to work with him. I recorded some bills, did some email stuff, and recorded some notes. Trying to push the ball forward.

Steve was on with Cory (an adilas rep) and they were going over some production and cultivation processes. Cory is going to be helping with some news and updates. After that, Wayne joined the meeting and we briefly went over the transition progress between Newtek servers (existing dedicated models) and upcoming AWS (amazon web services) stuff.

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Shop 4511 Tech support 3/28/19  

Emails and tech support stuff. Busy day.

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Shop 4509 Cross Corp category & Lab710 data 3/28/19  

Working with Bryan on a modal popup window and submitting and interacting with some underlying non connected form data. We ended up building a small test page and playing with the values there. The main page, where it was going to end up, was too complicated to mess with and/or do some testing. Sometimes we forget that a simple test page can really make a difference in the learning process.

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Shop 4510 General 3/28/19  

Working on some code merges and tax withholding updates from Shawn. Got a call from Shari O. and Dustin and I had to do a quick fix on a page that was pushed up earlier today. Minor tweak, but somewhat urgent.

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Shop 4481 Adilas Time 3/28/19  

We did a code merge and sign-off between Dustin and I. He has been working on some new settings, look and feel, and some cultivation pages and functions.

Wayne joined us and started showing us a difference between the existing Application.cfm and Application.cfc. He was showing us some code on session start, on page request, on page load, on request end, etc. Lots of cool access points for the application as a whole. Economy, efficiency, consistency, etc. Lots of good stuff. We could pick up the gains and even gain some performance enhancements.

At the end of the session, Wayne gave Dustin and I a few pictures and short peak into his life and what he and his family do for fun. It was nice to put names with faces and see what makes everybody tick. I really enjoyed that.

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Shop 4508 General 3/27/19  

Emails, follow-ups, phone calls, and light research on a custom project that is coming up.

On a GoToMeeting session with Shawn going over payroll things. He committed some new files on the sdc7 branch. Started to do a code review and code merge.

On a tech support call with Shari O. We were looking into some expense/receipts and running things through auto pay outs for splits (making payments on account).

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Shop 4480 Adilas Time 3/27/19  

On the morning meeting with Dustin. He had a question about one of his custom pages. We got into it and worked on a dynamic variable for some of his JavaScript pieces. It got pretty deep as we had to find a special column number that was used to get special data that the page needed. We had to mix hardcoded columns, conditional columns, and an unlimited number of dynamic or user-defined columns. We had to find the correct column number that held a special batch number and that was dynamic as well (a mapped setting). Lots of moving pieces. Anyways, he nailed it and we got it done. We also set him up with some light FTP access to one of the servers to do some live testing. Good stuff.

Wayne joined us and had a few questions and some updates. I then spent the rest of the session finishing up the new Texas application for farm use license plate form and PDF. I tested and uploaded files to all servers. Light tech support and emails.

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Shop 4507 General 3/26/19  

Recording note, emails, and tech support stuff. Busy day.

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Shop 4492 Working with Shannon 3/26/19  

Reviewing timelines and progression. Sometimes that helps to remember where things are at and where things have been.

Shannon had an idea on house floorplans and layouts (as a concept) - We have a graphic with bread cut into different shapes and sizes (loaf, slice, cubes or sections, and mixed or different options). As far as the home floorplans analogy, people understand that. It becomes a standard package and/or a starting place. Most people don't want to build things from scratch with no plan in place. But they would love to get a few floorplans that they like and then tweak and blend between the existing pieces. Technically, we could build things from the ground up, but most people don't really know what they want and/or what is available. We may have to give them a good starting place. This may be size oriented (size of business) or industry specific templates, packages, and/or virtual floorplans. Great ideas.

We went through a document and some notes that we took (Steve and Brandon and Kelly) a couple days back.


As Shannon and I went through the older notes, we talked about a number of the concepts. We may need to start creating packages and virtual starting places for our clients. Help to standardize things and simplify the setup and implementation. We also talked about the pros and cons of getting more people involved and on the system. Is it ready for them? How do we get them in and help them get going quickly? Great questions.

The meeting today had a light flavor of education and training and standardizing.

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Shop 4505 delete quotes 3/26/19  

Emails, tech support, and recording notes.

Bryan joined the GoToMeeting and had a couple questions. He has a client that needs to delete a number of quotes. Normally we don't delete data, we just hide it. I gave him permission to delete certain items. We talked about all of the relative tables that go along with that. He also had some questions about mass exports of PDF's that have been uploaded. We talked about web technology vs FTP (file transfer protocol) and how we have to keep things separated.

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Shop 4479 Adilas Time 3/26/19  

It was just Dustin and I to start out with today. We pushed up some files for him to test live. I was trying to track down a small bug that Wayne had passed over to me to look at. It was something to do with code out in the adilas market (adilas world). Wayne popped into the meeting and gave us a small report as to where things are at with AWS transition. After that, Eric and I went over where we are at on the special accounts project. I'm trying to push on that project and finish up the code review.

These are just general notes, but it was mentioned earlier today that one of the problems with our model is actually allowing the clients to control how much effort is put into custom code. They don't actually code things, but they do fund things. Sometimes they opt for the cheap route vs the best route for all parties. Sometimes this has an adverse affect on poorly written code or bad code.

Another small topic from today was dealing with the size of the shared database structures. Some of them are getting very big. That makes it hard for certain queries to run efficiently or as optimized as possible. In the very near future, we will be pairing the database schema (tables and field names and values) into a smaller per corporation type model. That should really help with some speed and performance.

Towards the end of the session I was working on a new application form for the state of Texas. This is used by trailer dealers and applying for special farm license plates and registration stuff. We already had this form in place, they just have a newer version that we had to code.

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Shop 4503 General 3/25/19  

More code review on the sub special accounts project.

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Shop 4502 Working on code sign-off for Eric 3/25/19  

Working on code sign-off and fine tooth combing of the sub special accounts pages.

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Shop 4482 Adilas Time 3/25/19  

Trying to catch up on emails. Dustin was on with me this morning. He had a couple small questions about some JQuery stuff that he is working on. Mostly, we were working on our own stuff.

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Shop 4501 Small flex grid bug fix 3/22/19  

Emails and small bug fix for the new flex grid tie-ins. The additional flex grid settings was having an issue with pre-saved content and us adding 15 new fields. Pushed up the fix to all servers and did some testing.

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Shop 4464 Meeting with Kelly 3/21/19  

Meeting between Kelly, Steve, and Brandon. This was a discussion about the current state of adilas, wishes, hopes, disappointments, frustrations, needs, wants, and dreams.

Kelly has been involved since 2010. She has trained, trained our trainers, done tons of tech support, and opened up tons of accounts on her own. She would like to help drive the business but feels like she doesn't have much say.

Steve was talking about payment and commission structures (monies paid and owed to Kelly). Kelly wanted to know, what is our admin structure? Steve said, well, we have dependables - people who just help and work with adilas. Kelly would really like to see our organizational structure.

We are seeing different people and they have different skills in different places... How do we mix and blend those pieces?

Kelly proposed a basic model... see graphic. She really wants to build out a standard structure. She sometimes get very frustrated by having to provide customer support for things that we are adding and doing in the background.

Question: Is it the size of a company thing or is it personnel thing? Kelly came back and said - It sounds like you need a motor (a person), someone to help drive the ship per company. We are starting to see that there are some dependencies. Some of the known dependencies are good consultants and good developers. Steve said, our solution is a tool, we need to find those that want to use our tools, in whatever state (our system) it is in.

It kept coming back to different people being good at different things. Nobody can take adilas from a to z. Currently, it is a very loose model right now. Steve kept coming back to having a person who helps to drive the adilas implementation per corporation. Kelly wants it to be standardized. She really wants some kind of structure to be able to hand off to a company so that they can run with it. Currently, there are a lot of moving pieces.

From our side... every corporation runs slightly different. That makes it really hard to setup a perfect standard and/or structure. We currently are having some of the best success with people who really want to jump in try and love to learn things. Kelly really wants adilas to come up with a more standardized structure - do this, do this, do this, we recommend this, ok you're set. The easier that we can make it, the easier we can get more people on board.

Adilas - all data is live and searchable - we need more options to get at the data better. Kelly wants all of the pieces live and searchable. We have a good start, but there are certain places that really still need some loving. Kelly wants to know what our plan is? What about funding and going out and trying to raise monies? Currently, that door is not an option. We are really trying to stay within our means. We don't like owing money and living under that debt.

We talked about some of the challenges that keep pulling at us. Tons of projects and tons of demands. We also talked about accounts receivable, reoccurring credit cards, and constantly chasing payments. We talked about some of the trouble makers (hard clients and customers) and what to do with them. We talked about online bill pay stuff and how to get the monies that are owed to us quicker.

How do we market our product? New sales, marketing, word of mouth, referrals, etc. The power of a good consultant. Those who have a good consultant seem to be able to keep it going. Another place where we sometimes struggle are in the developer arena. Those skilled persons are very critical. That seems to be the squeeze point (trained people and who does what and how do our people know what expect and who to ask).

Sometimes you can oversell things by saying, you can do anything. Kelly would really like for the process to be more standard and structured. Basically, putting training wheels on the system. Maybe we need an outside party to really run with their own standard process of setting up a client. It may not come from us (right now). It would be so awesome, if we could get people going without a great consultant. Turn it into a step-by-step wizard and/or step them through the paces by virtually holding their hands (Dustin calls it guardrails). If it gets better and better and faster and faster, it will become more intuitive and will take less handholding will be required. Maybe show a 1,2,3,4 setup process and/or show checkboxes to show what is needed. Help guide the users through the process.

Some people don't want to spend the time to watch a video. They want to just guess and/or fake it. There are also some who just want to be shown, by a real person. They almost want it so, so easy, that it isn't funny. It seems to come down to who wants to fund and setup these services. There are tons of things that are needed, but who is going to build it and who is going to fund that development? It gets crazy. Sometimes it is so much, we almost overwhelm people. It would be nice if we could turn things off, turn other things on, and/or limit them in certain ways.

Who wants to set up their own processes, because everything keeps changing? It gets tricky. We need it, but who is going to do it? Plus, it keeps changing and changing and has cascading cause and effects. It seems to be never-ending.

Kelly wants to know who is driving this ship and who is taking care of the financials? We keep flexing and rolling with what comes.

We may need more exports to MS Excel and/or CSV. We need access to the underlying data. This could be datatables (prebuilt exports and sortable tables), this could be normal exports, etc.

If I were a lifer (in it forever - a lifer), how would that look and where would it go and how would I be a part of that? Steve would like to put adilas in a trust - no employees, just dependables. There will always need to be a caretaker and/or person(s) that help it keep going, but it could run light and get direction from those involved.

Does anybody know adilas all the way through? No, we don't have anybody that really knows it all the way through. Kelly wants to see things get more organized and/or stable. As a side note, we know that we need adilas university (training and support) and the adilas marketplace (adilas world - who is able to help and who can do what). Kelly feels like we need to drive in a direction (goal oriented) vs just reacting to the pull of what is happening organically. Currently, we have outside independents and they tend to max out and growth is somewhat slow. The word "evolution" kept coming in and how it relates to the business model.

Different areas... communication, training, design and user interface (look and feel), development (code and functionality), and other services that are needed and/or offered (open marketplace). We need to keep bringing up all of the pieces. Keep finding people who want to play and are able to play.

As we get more developers... some of the pieces become less stable (different flavors and/or code quality).

There are a lot of clients that are looking for a solution. At some point, they will take what they have to as they keep looking for something better. Interesting.

There is currently no handbook for adilas. There is a lack of training materials and structure. That is a known issue that we are facing.

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Shop 4484 General 3/21/19  

Emails, tech support, and general to do list stuff. Replacing adilas for business emails with normal adilas stuff.

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Shop 4477 Adilas Time 3/21/19  

Steve and I were talking about our general direction as a company and how we want to get where we are going. Good discussion. I was running updates that Wayne had passed over to me for updating database tables between servers. I helped Steve with a small Metrc package table update and pushed up some new code. While I was doing that, Steve and Alan were working on some new code that deals with looking up both adilas id numbers and Metrc id numbers. Lots of back and forth between the two systems. Metrc is a state compliance system that we have to integrate with for some of our clients.

Steve, Bryan, and I had a discussion about the adilas user group and when to launch some of that code. It currently exists, it is just somewhat hidden. We were talking about working with Wayne and his open id (open users) stuff. Eventually we would like to have all of the users held outside of the main corporations (a general user pool). Then, once we have that, we could then allow the users, in the open area... to vote on things, add new projects, and participate as they feel prompted.

Steve would love all of the users to login into their own area... Then we could allow them to jump into the virtual data sphere and either start working, participate in the adilas community (all kinds of stuff), sell their own skills (real users doing training on what they do best), buy stuff, request access to certain sites, get training, etc. Lots of good options.

Steve was talking about first impressions and helping to really help get some "wow's" and "that's cool". Steve wanted Bryan to start working on a timeline type page and/or report. Steve was talking about 4 main things that he would like in our virtual lobby - what are we working on, where do you want to work (what corps have granted you access), news and updates, and a virtual marketplace to allow you to offer your services (what are you good at). As far as the what are you good at (virtual job board), it would be super cool if we could show stats on what you have done in the system. For example: John Doe has 32,000 expense/receipts that he has made and 150,000 invoices and 10,000 uploaded photos and scans. Expand that idea, but just some ideas and such.

Bryan and Steve got in to talking about some cool timelines, CSS templates, Inspinia and bootstrap options, awesome look and feel, etc. We also talked about how to move open community projects (general pool) into the adilas community funded projects (projects that people could donate and/or help fund) and how that would work. It would be super cool to show and allow votes to be cast on what people want, projects to be planned and commissioned and assigned, and parties being able to help and fund things as they see a need and/or want to participate. Great ideas.

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Shop 4494 Flex grid add fields 3/20/19  

Bryan and I got together and worked on his code to up the custom flex grid tie-in fields from 15 per system player group to 30 per system player group. We checked some code, ran database updates, merged the code, uploaded and tested. We also updated a few help files and even a small image to help with flex grid basics.

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Shop 4476 Adilas Time 3/20/19  

The morning meeting started with Steve going over some of his plans. Normally he has been taking Wednesday's off, but he had a couple of small questions. He is building a new page to help cross tie PO's with balance sheet items (some special tax project of sorts). He is using some new CSS templates to wire things up. He is getting good and is able to start seeing his way through the entire project. It is pretty cool to see him getting the ideas, concepts, and then being able to mix and blend the pieces to get the output that he is looking for. That is exciting.

Dustin was on with us as well. He is researching backend classes and API options for working with datatables for some of his projects.

Steve wants me to start working on the transitional invoices and adding the inventory in transit (asset) piece to the balance sheet. I went in and added the new code. It wasn't too bad, most of the work was already done, it was just showing it up in the correct place on the report.

Eric joined the meeting and had some questions about 3rd party solutions and push vs pull type requests. Most of our 3rd parties want to get data through the API sockets as a pull type request. We do have some that want the data pushed to them as things change (just in time or at the source of the changes). We talked about the differences in developing and also the differences in costs. Eric will be helping some of his clients move more towards the push type technology. We get better results that way and don't get flooded by too many pull requests. It is actually better for both parties, it just takes a little bit more planning and coding on the front end. Eric will end using that as a small revenue stream depending on what the clients want.

Wayne and Alan popped in. Wayne let me know about a couple of pages out in the adilas marketplace that were not very secure. I ended up going through a number of pages and adding in some URL validation to help prevent XSS (cross site scripting hacks).

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Shop 4493 Code review 3/19/19  

Back working on the code review process for the sub special account tracking project. Working on the corporation level assignments (copying master special accounts to individual corporations).

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Shop 4473 Working with Shannon 3/19/19  

Shannon and I met and talked about progress. I shared with her that we have 4-5 big projects that are coming into play in the next little while that all have a balance sheet flavor of sorts. We went over those pieces and how they play in. Some of the projects are: expand the transitional invoices and adding in inventory in transit (shown as an asset), new transitional PO project that Will is working on (in code sign-off but stills needs a little work), sales tax expansion project (on phase 5 of 5 and just need to finish some things up), Eric's sub special account tracking project (sub of the balance sheet for things like loyalty points, gift cards, in-store credit, etc.), and sub inventory with mini conversions (deeper inventory tracking and how that affects the balance sheet).

I also spent some time drawing out some changes that are coming with our transition out to AWS (amazon web services - new web hosting model) and things that Wayne is working on. I drew our current model and also what I know of the newer AWS model. We talked about pros and cons and I tried hard to help Shannon know where things are going. Some exciting stuff coming down the pipeline.

We talked about the concept of filtering and boiling things down and using a funnel type analogy to get towards the goal. Sometimes it takes years and years, but we are still making progress and learning along the way. We ended our meeting by using a quote from an author (different Shannon - Shannon Hale) - "There will still be time..." Sometimes that really helps me out, if I'm stressed or something. There will still be time...

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Shop 4486 Code sign-off on special accounts 3/19/19  

Back doing code review for Eric's sub special account tracking project. This is a sub of the balance sheet and will end up allowing for things like reward points, loyalty points, gift cards, gift certificates, punch cards, in-store credit, lunch cards, vendor credits, employee payroll draws, affiliate programs, tiered marketing options, and tons of other special accounts. Basically, we will track all of the special accounts and then connect them to a single balance sheet item. The main balance sheet item will show up on the actual balance sheet. Behind the scenes, we will keep track of all of the tiny twists and turns and individual transactions. The summed up results will then be available for the balance sheet as part of the assets, liabilities, equity accounts, or even phantom accounts (kinda there and kinda not there). Pretty interesting.

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Shop 4478 Adilas Time 3/19/19  

I came in late, but Alan and Steve were looking into some Metrc API sockets and matching up things between systems. After that, Alan and Dustin got into some of the Inspinia datatables and how to interact with some of those new things. Alan was able to help Dustin out and point him in a good direction. Steve and I then looked into a balance sheet item called inventory in transit (asset). This is part of the math and code for the balance sheet. Eric popped in and had a few questions to help with his sub special account project (loyalty points, gift cards, etc.).

Wayne was talking about some other options that are available through AWS. Top level firewall rules, XSS (cross site scripting) validation, queues, topics, reminders (SMS), etc. Wayne predicts that our ColdFusion pages will become smaller and more efficient as we offload some of the other code functionality to other tools and/or other applications. So many options. We also talked about new possible options for using and doing custom black box pages as well as custom themes (global or industry specific). We were talking about all custom code and file storage (photos, scans, images, files, media, content) per corp and being able to charge for that. That really takes it down to the corp level and charging for storage and usage.

Emails, paying bills, and light tech support.

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Shop 4488 Flex grid add fields 3/18/19  

Working with Bryan to go over the new flex grid fields. We are adding 15 new custom flex grid tie-in fields. Some of the session was going over code and making sure that all is well. He is getting close, he just needs to test a few more things and do some light clean-up. We also talked about a couple of other projects including the adilas user group code and a new setting for what email address to show on invoices and quotes.

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Shop 4483 General 3/18/19  

Emails and light tech support. Added a few more projects to the tick list.

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Shop 4475 Adilas Time 3/18/19  

Steve, Alan, and Dustin were on the morning meeting with us. Steve had some questions about a custom gram control that he was working on. Alan was reviewing with us his work with USAePay and helping to automate the invoice payments and reoccurring invoice stuff. The conversation trended towards the use of the external alternate id number and how those fields get used. We are already seeing a need for a one-to-many relationship between normal id's and the use of the external alternate id number (id numbers from outside parties and/or outside systems). Very interesting.

We ended up talking about custom needs, settings, and how to help direct people in other areas. We spent a little bit of time talking about building generic tools and generic database tables vs industry specific and vendor specific tools and database tables. There are pros and cons between both. Generic helps cover the basis but sometimes takes a little bit longer to implement and design and develop. Specific code could be very fast, but you then need to somewhat duplicate pieces as things grow and expand (different parties wanting the same things).

We also got into some talks about frontend development and backend development. Look and feel, user interfaces, flow, animations, and design vs functions, code, logic, database stuff, and backend tools. So many people judge our entire application based on their first impressions (what they see). There has to be a good balance between good tools and good looks.

Working with Dustin on some JavaScript and advanced options. We spent over an hour looking around and trying to figure out how to cross tie some application pieces together. It got pretty deep with some of inspinia and bootstrap code (special CSS templates, JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML output pieces).

Wayne popped in and gave us an update on where he is at on the AWS stuff. Lots of new moving pieces. Our goal there is to get the existing code working out in AWS land before adding all kinds of new code to the mix. After Wayne left, Steve and I were talking about some of the changes in the wind (virtual direction and force of the upcoming changes). Pretty interesting. We may need to get some other players involved and then figure out where they are going to fit in and who wants to do what. Lots of options.

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Shop 4453 Bear 100 mile race meeting 3/14/19  

Went into Logan to participate in a Bear 100 meeting. The meeting was at Bridgerland (Btech) to go over a changing of the guard (key players) for the Bear 100 mile race for 2019. They use adilas to help track runners and aid stations. Most of the meeting was dealing with other parts of the race vs just adilas stuff. The only thing that they wanted was to head more towards mobile or full app stuff.

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Shop 4487 Code sign-off for special accounts 3/14/19  

Going through code done by Eric for the sub special account tracking project (loyalty points, gift cards, in-store credit, etc.). I was working through master account rules today.

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Shop 4474 General 3/14/19  

Emails, follow-up, and recording notes. Also checking in with Alan on a server-side bug that is being reported.

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Shop 4467 Adilas Time 3/14/19  

Steve and I were looking into a barcode scanning question from a client. We went in and logged in and looked around and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. We changed the item names and looked in the backend database to see if we could see anything. It seem like all is well. After that, Steve and Dustin started working on some of their production (mini manufacturing) processes.

Eric joined and had some questions about adilas API socket settings and being able to turn certain things on/off through the 3rd party solutions. We also setup some time to work on code review for his sub special accounts stuff (loyalty points, gift cards, etc.).

Tech support and helping Drea out. Wayne jumped on and helped with the backend tech support stuff. Basically, a company was missing a couple of records. We looked and the database had no record of them. Even the auto id numbers totally skipped them. From our point of view, the system should have given them an error message saying that a certain actions were not possible. Anyways, we did some research and got Drea as much information as we could. She will have the client call back two of their customers to see if they could get some data from them. There is no record in the actual database.

Wayne and I then did a little session where he wanted me to look up some small bugs that are showing up in his server error logs. I recorded one of them and we looked at a couple of other ones. Small little issues.

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Adi 1409 testing again HTML 3/13/19  
Cool HTML testing
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Shop 4437 Out of the office all day - Special event with my son 3/13/19  

Tanner (my son) and I went to a thing called the young writers and artist fest at USU (Utah State University). The theme was "This is me!". I really enjoyed the event. This is not directly related to adilas stuff, but I learned a lot and took some notes. Just sharing...

- Be brave enough to say - this is me

One of the workshops was with a band called Dyer Highway (a number of siblings and family members who do country and blue grass). Here are my notes from their presentation. I really enjoyed it. They did a great job.

- You have to learn the basics before you can take it to the next level.

- Once you get the basics down, you start to mimic other masters - getting influence from others

- Start getting out there

- Find a professional that can really help you get in to it

- Song - Basic message was things grow on you - love gets sweeter with time

- They were telling their story and used some fun songs to help fill in - helping to inspire young minds and help them see how things build up

- They allowed us to stand up and get in to it (break from being perfectly quite and sitting - I liked that)

- Finding out your path... it comes down to choices, decisions, and consequences

- They chose to give some of their music away for free

- Write and do what you believe... what is important to you

- They were thankful for their parents - watching and learning as they go along - "I learned more than just cooking"

- What is the moral of this story... We don't need fame or fortune to do what we do - do you have something to share? Tell your own story - Tell the truth and share your own story.

- You have amazing things to do

- Go change the world and tell your story


Next we went to a workshop from a professional writer and author. His name was J Scott Savage (www.jscottsavage.com). Here are some of my notes from his presentation:

- Plotting vs Pacing - Often we only think of the plot or the set of events... Pacing deals more with when things happen and wrong and right times for those actions.

- Get tools to put in your tool box - you don't have to use the same tool every time, but it helps to have a number of different tools

- The big picture - start with what you know and divide your story into meaningful chunks

- The power of fourths (quarters)

- Conflict is necessary - writers introduce sub conflict early and then get more into the main conflict later or tie-in the sub conflicts with the main conflicts

- Plant seeds - good foreshadowing

- He was talking about a virtual "readers radar" - ping, ping, ping - How fast or crazy are the ping patterns. If you are doing a higher ping pattern, you had better use that later on

- Characters get sent on a quest

- Often they get put on a false path of some kind

- Something that the main characters believes to be true but that changes later on - seeds being planted for the real path

- Characters are active, not reactive - people want to root for your character

- Internal and external dilemmas collide

- Something changes everything - changing from inquiry to charging forward

- Obstacles help pull the readers in... the magnitude of the real dilemma

- The main characters may question their own ability and devotion

- Time is running out, the clock is ticking - what does the character learn?

- Big revelation - something happens and makes everything clear

- Scenes and sequel - fast and slows

- Towards the end... high action with minimal time to react

- Try fail cycles - false success - you think you know the end, but it doesn't work - once again, try fail cycles

- Eventually, all is lost - how can you possibly pull this off

- The author always has the real plan - the solution or the exciting climax

- Take your time with this (meaning the climax or solution) - The reader is looking for a big pay off

- When the reader finished... you want them wanting more

- Finish the story and then introduce something new - a new conflict and/or dilemma

- Writer's block - something went wrong with the story... how do you fix that...

>> Backtrack to where the disconnection happened

>> Put a plug in... something amazing happens here... keep going - do what you know

>> Push through to the end and you many need to circle back to fix some things - there will still be time, even if everything isn't fully fixed

Anyways, these are my notes from the workshop. It has nothing to do with adilas but that is what I learned today. Enjoy!

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Shop 4471 Flex grid add fields 3/12/19  

Working with Bryan on some display options for his adilas community projects. Also talked about some tweaks on new flex grid fields that are needed.

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Shop 4455 Working with Shannon 3/12/19  

Shannon and I met up and got back into looking into some sales ideas and concepts. We started out by going back to last week and reviewed some of our notes. Then we figured out our plan for today and divided and jumped into working on our different tasks. Shannon went in to the online training photo gallery and took some notes. I went into Adilas and started looking up photos and entries that have been pushed to elements of time. My plan is to go back and gather up some of the nuggets that have already been entered and time has somewhat forgotten. Fun to dig in the past a bit.

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Adi 1408 new project 123 3/12/19   new project 123 doit
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Shop 4472 General 3/12/19  

Emails and tech support. Added in a new link on the customer log page if the corporation allows for online bill pay. Also worked with Shawn to get some new numbers and federal tax withholding numbers.

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Shop 4468 Adilas Time 3/12/19  

Steve and I were on the GoToMeeting session for about 2 hours this morning, just the two of us. We were both working on other small projects and just talking back and forth. Lots of good things are going on. It has been quite the journey. Some of our subjects were things like: progress, small micro tweaks, continual growth and tweaking, building for the future, countless blessings, laying down stepping stones, building on foundations, willingness to learn, skill levels, being inspired by one another and what we are doing, our guys and gals (developers, sales, tech support, reps, consultants, etc.), and how many untapped avenues there are in front of us. Tons of potential.

As a side note, sometime it really helps to have someone else along with you on the journey. When one gets tired, bored, or burned out, the other may be able to help, encourage, inspire, and/or lift. It really helps to have a friend and just keep going. Sometimes that continual pushing is better than one short burst of energy.

Wayne came on and had a few questions. He also reported on a few of the things that he is working on. After he left, Steve and I kept talking about some of the talent and team members that we have, that are going along with us on this epic journey. Those other people are carrying the load and helping out. That is awesome and we are very grateful. We are hoping that they are having fun and being supported as well. It takes a team to do these things.

After chatting and working on small projects, Steve and I decided to look into a report that some of the sub inventory searches were struggling when finding certain sub inventory values. These problems were only reported in certain cases. We did some local and live testing and couldn't make it fail. We came up with some possible issues or scenarios and then tried to fix what we could. We may need to go deeper, but we got a few things tightened up. We removed some spaces in the code and in the display for sub inventory items. We did some data trimming to help make sure we were getting what we were expecting. We pushed up the code and did some testing.

Just a little after 11 am, I got a hold of Shawn and he jumped on with us. He is working on some payroll numbers and withholdings. Shawn and Steve were talking briefly about gardening and greenhouses. Both are somewhat hobby gardeners.

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Shop 4469 Flex grid add fields 3/11/19  

Worked with Bryan on new flex grid tie-in changes. He has a client that wants to increase the number of custom flex grid fields from 15 to 30. We talked about pros and cons and decided to go for it. He wasn't sure where to start. So, we jumped on and went through the process. I was showing him pages and mentioning things that might need to be tweaked and changed. He recorded the small session and will go back and make sure that he gets all of the pieces. Each developer has a different style on how they collect and gather information. Kinda fun.

Later on, after our initial meeting, he called back with another question. His new question was dealing with a client that wanted a date sensitive inventory report to be emailed on a certain schedule. We talked about options, we go in and looked at some pages, and I made a few suggestions. He seems pretty busy.

As a fun side note, it has been a long winter here in Northern Utah. Today feels like spring and we are both wanting to get outside and see the sun. Bryan encouraged me to get outside and I ended up taking him up on that. The sun is good for the soul. Good stuff.

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Shop 4470 General 3/11/19  

Added some notes to other elements of time and did some email stuff.

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Shop 4398 Virtual Post-It Note 3/11/19  

Checked current SSL's as of 2/13/19

data 0 - 3/2/20
data 1 - 12/5/20
data 2 - 12/5/20
data 3 - 12/5/20
data 4 - 2/12/20
data 5 - 3/14/19
data 6 - 9/23/19
data 7 - 1/21/20
data 8 - 9/14/20
data 9 - 1/31/21
data 10 - 5/14/20
data 11 - 10/30/20
swc - 5/20/20
content - 5/4/20

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Shop 4466 Adilas Time 3/11/19  

Joined up with Steve on the Monday morning meeting. He was showing me some new pages that he was working on and using some prebuilt CSS templates that we purchased. Russell Moore got us started with those CSS templates a few years back. Steve has been in there playing around and is grabbing code and pages and plugging in real code and database values. It is starting to look pretty good. As a side note, a couple times today, we have circled back around to prebuilt templates and what they offer.

Steve and Dustin were talking about some of their combined efforts and different demos that Dustin has been giving and doing. He has done a great job and is very easy to work with. That is a huge plus.

Calvin joined in and had a few questions. He also helped both Steve and I get the latest versions of his adilas label builder wizard. We worked with the label editors and then also gave Calvin a few change order to do list stuff. We would love to get some data formatting functions to help make the data look good. The other major topic was talking about 3rd party solutions and how we secure those pieces. I told Calvin that I would work with him on what is needed and how best to get the desired outcome. We are planning on adding a section for Calvin and MyEasySoftware in the adilas 3rd party solutions section.

One little nugget from todays talks and discussions was: We may be better off getting one or two key persons trained up on certain features and implementations and then allowing those parties to charge or get paid to help setup the others who need those pieces. It helps get specialists and also really cuts down on the tech support required to do harder or more complicated tasks and processes. The summary is: Get people to pay for value added services, especially somewhat technical or complicated setup or in-depth processes vs trying to teach everybody how to do it on their own. The other option to that, which would be nice if possible, is to make the setup and/or processes more simple and intuitive. Somehow we need to monetize some of these deeper tools. Either charge for setup and training or increase the monthly reoccurring.

Wayne joined the meeting and had a few questions. He and Calvin chatted about AWS, windows services, and how they may be able to use AWS Lambda functions to do similar things that we are doing under the current Windows server model. It got pretty techy. We setup a new permission for Wayne to use in his open id user pools and how to grant or deny access between open id users and different worlds or corporations.

Steve and I did some more work on templates and getting a good starting place to work from. Steve was talking about how awesome it is to use prebuilt CSS templates due to the fact that you start from a working picture (static or fake data) and then build in functionality from there. We did a code merge for Steve and I had to help out with some page view icons for some of the new pages.

Towards the very end of the call/session, Wayne popped back in and had some questions about changing the MySQL data engine from MyISAM to INNODB type tables. Techy database stuff. He also had a question about the scan and add to cart process and how complicated it seemed to be. We talked briefly about some performance tuning and options. Basically ways to help go in and split things apart and/or speed up certain queries. Afterwards Steve and I chatted and talked about some of the cool things that are coming down the pipeline. Keep moving forward.

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Adi 1407 looking at new stuff 3/8/19   looking at new stuff with Steve
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Adi 1406 Another project 3/8/19   Another project for testing
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Shop 4465 Prepping files for Wayne 3/8/19  

Did some prep work for Wayne. He is working on creating a new open user login using AWS vs internal adilas login stuff. He needed a couple of pages built to help approve and accept open users being bridged between corporations. The pages allow for accepting a request or denying an access request. I built him three small pages that had an outline of the code that will end up being real. This was more of a prep work project than actual code. Sent the files to Wayne.

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Shop 4461 Helping Calvin with sub inventory API 3/7/19  

Working on a fix to help Calvin with a custom project. We had a mixed cart search that returned sub inventory and their values. I had to rework the method call and logic to return the correct number of decimals in the quantity sums. It was treating the sums as integers (whole numbers) vs sub inventory quantities with decimals. Anyways, made some changes and pushed up new files. Let Calvin know to go and do some testing.

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Shop 4460 PO fields/Flex Grid 3/7/19  

Bryan and I spent most of our session trying to get the snow owl data tables to work outside of the secure environment. We tried a number of different things but ended up with a plan to contact Russell and ask for help there.

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Shop 4459 Meeting with Shawn 3/7/19  

Shawn and I got on a GoToMeeting. He wasn't quite done, so we both just worked on our own projects. I finished up some custom code for Beaver Mountain. They wanted me to modify their add/edit process for adding new ski/snowboard lessons (new elements of time).

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Adi 1403 Menu Board 3/7/19   We really need to be able to visualize all the data in adilas
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Shop 4446 Adilas Time 3/7/19  

Steve and Alan were talking about frontend automation on the credit card side of things. We are looking into API sockets for USAePay (our credit card gateway that we are using) and being able to pull reports that show customer credit cards that have expired, will expire, or expire during a set date range. It would be super cool to get this information in order to help our billing department.

- Steve is really excited to see what the AWS (all of the stats and such) side of things will bring to the table. We really want switch our billing based on storage, throughput, bandwidth, requests, etc. That would be awesome.

- Two parts, the gateway side and the adilas side of things... we need the header and app side of the communication process (extension of the invoice due date project). The goal there is to use adilas and be able to communicate back to the users (different companies) and let them know if their invoices are getting to a certain age. Based on settings, the goal is to warn and help get a payment and if needed, to shut off and prompt for payment before usage resumes. There are more details, but that is the general idea.


Got on a Zoom session with Calvin. He was having a problem with an existing API socket. As he was looking deeper, we recently made a number of changes to that page back in January. It is dealing with sub inventory, searches, and calculating sub inventory quantities. I scheduled an hour, later today, to look into his question.


About 11 am, Steve, Bryan, and I got on a meeting to look at Bryan's adilas community projects page. This is an area where adilas users and consultants can submit and vote for what projects they want us to work on. Basically a way to get outside input on priorities and what is needed and wanted. Steve sees some of this as each user having their own little individual user account (almost outside of adilas). They then could do whatever they need to outside of any specific corporation, just as a user. When they want to go in and do some work, they would need to enter a corporation and/or world. Basically creating a separation between users and worlds (adilas accounts).

Some of our conversations turned to possible misuse, abuse, rants, and managing potential problems. In a way, it is almost like opening up a virtual forum and public facing entry point. We also talked about design and styling out the page to make things look more modern. It is crazy how deep, sometimes just a single decision goes to crazy deep levels, and it is hard to see what is going to happen. Lots of cause and effect decisions. Steve was talking about how the look and feel almost helps guide the process. How well does it show? Do people want to spend time doing something that looks old? If it looks modern and smooth, would they use it more? What do people accept? What do people want?

After the discussion about look and feel, Steve ended up back on the master user accounts topic and being able to use a single sign-in type interface. This deals with users being able to independently use certain functionality outside of an assigned corporation. We also talked about being able to submit projects and notes and having some sort of sign-off and/or approval type process.

We also talked about timelines and being able to show other projects, ideas, completion rates, what project are on target and/or in progress, and other ways of communicating as to what is going on. Long story made short, we love the ideas and concepts, but it still needs some loving and direction. Eventually, we want to open this adilas community forum and community projects to all users and consultants.


Talking with Wayne about the new open/general login process. He was talking about an open id (somewhat of a master user id - a hashed username string). We were talking about questions about what happens if a user gets setup but hasn't been associated to a specific world and/or a corporation? How do we allow those assignments to be made, requested, and eventually approved. Wayne was talking about an authorization queue and a way to approve and allow access to certain users.


Worked with Dustin on adding new entries in the sub GPS/RFID tag table. This is a sub of elements of time. He is tying things into his cultivation and production pages.

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Shop 4462 Tech support 3/6/19  

I got a call that a client was having problems with their patient (customer) queue and keeping people in the queue. Apparently, when the queue was refreshing, it was appearing that all persons had been flushed and it wasn't able to hold them (their order in the queue and who was in the queue). We looked at servers, code, and finally they confirmed that all was well. No physical changes happened, it just seemed to start working again. Kinda random.

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Shop 4458 PO fields 3/6/19  

Working with Bryan to cover some options for a client. The client wants to be able to record more information on a per PO basis. We talked about 4 different options. 1. Use flex grid tie-ins and black box code to get the job done. 2. Add more flex grid tie-in fields. Currently there are 15 and there has been some talk about extending that to 30 (double). 3. Use a custom form to collect the data, a custom action page to push the data where it needs to go, and build a custom black box database table specific to the task at hand. 4. Look into and build out the real in-line database extensions (be able to expand the native database tables as needed based on a per corporation basis).

We spent quite a bit of time discussing each option. Without trying, we ended up spending more time talking about the option 4, real in-line database extensions. See the link below for more notes about this option. We already have a few small in-roads to this solution, it just needs to go out the next level. As part of that conversation, we talked about a new table to help control the custom field names and assignments. This would be a new table that would allow us to setup the new fields, what to call them, what data types they were, and where the data would be stored. Along with this, we also briefly talked about the existing custom dates, custom numeric, custom text, and custom json tables. Currently, we already have some logic in place on sub inventory and sub attributes as well as parent attributes. Both sections use the custom tables to hold the data.

I warned Bryan that even though these new dynamic features sound awesome, there are some major challenges. Including searching, dynamic show/hide, requirements, sorting, defaults, custom instructions/directions, ect. In a way, it almost sounds like another project that is tied to a database table called db_field_settings. That table allows for normal or default database fields to be named, show/hide, sorted, defaults, maxes, mins, etc. They both have a similar flavor. The main difference is one controls tables that already exists and have fixed columns or field names and the other is kinda managing vaporware or fields that are wanted and needed but only exist in the real in-line extensions. Interesting.


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Shop 4454 Working with Shawn 3/6/19  

Reviewing code and running some tax table updates locally. Passed the existing files back over to Shawn.

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Shop 4443 Working with Eric 3/6/19  

Going through pages and working on code review. Starting to get into the dynamic rules per master special account.

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Shop 4445 Adilas Time 3/6/19  

Alan and I touched base on some of the work that he is doing with reoccurring invoices and automating that process. He is working with USAePay (merchant gateway) and automating both the reoccurring invoices (when and how do they happen) and automating the reoccurring payment part of that puzzle. Currently, the there are two side, the USAePay side and the adilas side. The current project is automating things so that both side know what the other is doing and the reoccurring credit card payments get attributed to the correct reoccurring invoice on the adilas side. Currently, a human has to make some of those connections and finish some of those transactions.

After Alan and I were done with that, Wayne joined us and we had a good discussion about the new Lucee/AWS stuff (new build out). We spent quite a bit of time talking about OAuth stuff (special multi-level authorization processes), single sign-on, and other user level security things. Wayne had a couple of questions and both Alan and I were helping with ideas and direction. That project is deep, but Wayne seems to be fully going in the right direction.

Pushed up some code that allows the advanced parts/items search page use URL (web address) variables. We have a client that has requested URL access to a couple report pages, so far. As a side note, if you expose the variables to the URL scope, you can virtually manipulate the search form without actually pointing and clicking on certain search criteria. They are basically creating their own links (virtual favorites) and then running their own pages to control inside adilas pages. That is pretty advanced, but as long as you have an active login, you could do it, no problem. Kinda interesting.

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Shop 4434 Working with Shannon 3/5/19  

Working with Shannon. We met up and did a little bit of catch up. We then decided to do a small work session. I was working on some other code changes while Shannon was working on concepts for the sales flyer. We got back together towards the end of the session to review. Shannon showed me some potential headings and/or topics. These are things like (still working on exact verbage):

- The freedom & flexibility of a self-serve model

- Real expectations for success

- Our most successful client recipes

- Building your business world on system relationships

- Zipping up the gaps

- Telling the whole story

- How we play the game a different way

- Picking the right fit for you

- Think of where we can go

- Calling for dreamers

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Shop 4452 Working with Shawn 3/5/19  

Touching base with Shawn. We setup some time for tomorrow. I started working on some other pages.

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Adi 1402 One more 3/5/19   Testing project
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Adi 1400 Final Testing 3 3/5/19   this will really work this time
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Adi 1401 Community Chooser Project 3/5/19  

The Community Chooser Project allows developers, business owners and consultants to add project ideas. They can then vote on them to help Adilas prioritize the projects.

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