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Adilas.biz Developer's Notebook Report - All to All - (7160)
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Shop 4225 Adilas Time 12/10/18  

Clean-up and to do list stuff.

Get Janna new account info to help her with the WordPress site back-up stuff.

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Shop 4203 On site training for Beaver Mountain 12/10/18  

10 am - Meeting in town with Beaver Mountain to go over system for new office lady.

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Shop 4224 General 12/6/18  

Emails, checking servers, and trying to wrap up to do list and mini projects. Sent a quote out to the assisted living guys for either a per facility rate or a per bed rate. Tons and tons of emails.

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Shop 4221 Password restrictions 12/6/18  

Bryan and I jumped on the GoToMeeting session and went over some options for limiting the my cart favorite buttons. We drew out some ideas and options, and then we started playing with the existing cart favorite buttons to see how they work. Our primary goal was checking public vs private buttons and how do those pieces share as others try to use the existing buttons. Once we got that figured out, we went over some other possible ways of harnessing and/or interjecting custom code into the flow and then returning back to the normal flow again. Good session.

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Shop 4220 Meeting with Spencer Garner 12/6/18  

Alan, Dustin, and I jumped on and watched a demo by Spencer for about an hour. We asked him questions and looked at some of his projects and style. Fun stuff. He showed us a couple of responsive designs that he has done and we talked quite a bit about future vision and where we could go internally, inside of adilas. He uses a lot of his own CSS, JQuery, and AJAX to make some fun designs and great one-pager type layouts with loaders, JQuery, and AJAX calls (get the data on the fly without a page refresh). Great meeting.

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Shop 4213 General 12/6/18  

Phone calls and emails.

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Shop 4226 More fun adilas doggie cartoon images - png's 12/6/18  

Lots of new PNG's from Naters Art for the adilas doggie cartoon images. See attached.

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Shop 4198 Adilas Time 12/6/18  

Quick meeting with Steve to go over some code changes. I spent some time recording notes and touching base with Alan on some projects and concepts. Tons of emails and light tech support stuff. Worked with Wayne, Dustin, and Eric on different projects.

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Shop 4188 Onsite setup 12/5/18  

Went into town to work with Industrial Tool & Supply. I brought all of my POS (point of sale) hardware and a projector. I got all setup and then we went for hours both showing them things and trying to get some of the employees up to speed. Most of them were pretty easy going and had a few questions here and there. However, there was one guy who was very outspoken and 50 million questions and what not. That was a little bit crazy.

Anyways, a great meeting. I really think that a few of the people are really getting it and will do a great job. It is amazing how many ideas and great comments you can pick up as you are out and about, in the trenches, per say. Adilas will be better and better the more we all get out there and dig in. If we have to use it, and not just make it, the whole product will become better.

After the sales guys got their training, I spent some time with the accounting ladies and answered a number of their questions. Great session and I'm already seeing some lights come on. One of the biggest things is the ability to edit something... Apparently, in their old system, once you put something in, it sticks and you can't undo it very easy. That seemed to be a reoccurring comment that they kept saying - "I'm so excited that I can edit my stuff. That will be huge.". The other comments were something like - "You mean that I can do that from my own desk and don't have to go use the main sales terminal. That is awesome and will save tons of time." Lots of other fun comments as well.

On the sales side, some of the requests were to make a super simple interface that leads you into the other things. Too many buttons or too overwhelming. They want it super simple. Basically, a help me know the two main tasks that I need and that is it. They also expressed, if I need more options, make a way for me to get to it, but don't put all of it in my face at one time (aka hide it until I need it). As a side note, we had an earlier discussion with Hamilton from Full Circle and we were talking about a super simple entry point and the analogy between a huge mountain and a small ice berg. Even though both could be big and huge, the ice berg (analogy) is easier to chew and approach in a lot of ways (super simple and then more if needed vs getting lost in the size of the huge mountain in front of you). Good stuff.

Another couple requests were: make a simple interface that allowed for users to switch really easy between who was who and who was on what register. Another one was actually putting the word discount as a payment type. I thought that was a good one as well. Lots of good info and ideas.

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Shop 4206 Adilas Time 12/5/18  

Merging in code with Dustin and Steve.

Meeting with Hamilton from Full Circle at 10 am. They are looking for a January 1, launch date. Josh gave us a small update on where he is at. Customer dash board to show coupons, loyalty points, preferences, and maybe even a self check-in (add to queue). A possible manager's dashboard and tracking throughput and what campaigns are used and ratios for closing those campaigns and coupons. Josh is looking to build out some matrix to help show profit, costs, and other demographics (age, distance from store, etc.).

They are looking to add a flag at the corporation level as well as at the customer level on who is playing with Full Circle (who opted in). If both corp and customer levels match up, we can add additional functionality. As part of an advertising campaign, we may just grey out the fields and help prompt the users to sign-up to get the additional functionality.

Josh was talking about a virtual batting average per campaign - how many messages were sent out, what was the ROI and usage, etc. This will be more than just a response matrix, it will include prices, costs, profits, usage, etc. A mix of different stats and variables. Josh is also trying to tie-in things with his new discount rules and discount engine. This is a combo of both existing discounts in the system as well as mixing with outbound campaigns.

There have been some talks on making a standalone version to capture more market share. Basically, a special functional section for adilas users and another one that is just a standalone, that way it may be used in multiple arenas.

Timelines and vision - Josh is going to be breaking things into chunks to help with development and deployment. One of the keys that has been tied in, this past week, was the line item level of or for campaign tracking. That will be a huge key for reports going forward.

Question by Hamilton - what options do I have if I wanted to stand up my own box (server and databases)? He was talking about a go to market strategy. What are the entry points? Options (1, 2, 3, or 4)? Two scenarios, existing adilas users (what do they get) and new users, that don't use adilas (but maybe hit at what they could have)? Basically, Hamilton doesn't necessarily want two code bases but we may have to try to direct them to the main adilas system. Make it a double sale. Hamilton was talking about a mini version of the adilas platform (small and cute and limited) and then over time, allowing his outside users to eventually migrate over to adilas over time.

We talked about a mountain (show everything) vs a ice berg (limited view but more available)... Josh and Hamilton would like to flip the model and expose a smaller portion that looks awesome but has huge potential as they get deeper. It kinda comes down to the entry point (perception). This conversion is basically talking a mini version of the white label concept with a limited entry point. One of the key pieces is the domain name (it has to be pointed to a single server). We also talked about some dual entry points where we have both adilas domains and full circle domains pointed to the same box. Think of it like doors on a building... did they come in from the front, back, side, or up from the floor below? Piece of cake. It comes back to entry points, preferences, and traffic flow.

Hamilton was talking about "dangling" options in front of his clients... virtual up sales of what else if available. If you purchase adilas as a package, it may be harder to up sale the client - they kind of expect the full package. However, if they come in from the Full Circle side, they Full Circle, could sell and/or expose other pieces based on a more modular pick and choose type model. That could be really cool. Once again, showing the full mountain vs just an ice berg with more potential under the surface.

There were some light conversations between Steve and Hamilton about data storage and processing - who is hosting what pieces and where does the traffic come from? In a lot of ways, we don't really care where the clients come in the door as long as they come to play. We also talked briefly about Full Circle being able to expose small pieces as they become available (breaking the adilas mountain into modular pieces that are add-on's and virtual up sales).

As a side conversation, there was some talks about beefing up the reoccurring billing section (reoccurring invoices) and making it more modular and automated. Billing for our services is a big things for us internally. The easier the process becomes, the less time we have to spend chasing it. That leave more time for other tasks. The tuff part is the technical side, the fun part is the selling of the features - from Hamilton. Hamilton wants to use his existing adilas account and setup reoccurring billing from inside the system for his existing Full Circle invoices. We will have Josh and Shari O. help get Hamilton all setup with the reoccurring billing inside of adilas. Josh was stating some ideas about helping to automate things back and forth between the main adilas accounts and the Full Circle billing parts and pieces.

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Shop 4217 Server MySQL 12/4/18  

Bryan popped in for a couple of minutes to ask a couple of questions. Most of them were dealing with versions of MySQL and some of the software that we use on the different servers. Pretty small meeting.

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Shop 4186 Working with Shannon 12/4/18  

Shannon and I jumped on a GoToMeeting session. After we got caught up a bit, we started working on more content for the adilas user guide. A few of the topics of the day were: discounts, discount rules, gift cards, loyalty points, exports to Excel, CSV, and PDF. We are trying to fill in gaps where we don't have much info and/or content for the outline subjects. We setup a time to meet again next week.

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Shop 4218 General 12/4/18  

Emails, recording notes, and prep work. Reinstalled Git (version control software) on my machine.

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Shop 3464 Virtual Post-It Note - Renew SSL's 12/4/18   Check the SSL's for data 1, 2, and 3. Each of them expire on 12/20/18. Maybe look forward to the 2019 ones or at least setup a reminder.

Here was my list as of 1/22/18:
data 0 - 3/2/20
data 1 - 12/20/18
data 2 - 12/20/18
data 3 - 12/20/18
data 4 - 2/11/19
data 5 - 3/14/19
data 6 - 9/23/19
data 7 - 1/21/20
data 8 - 9/14/20
data 9 - 1/31/21
content - 5/4/20
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Shop 4196 Adilas Time 12/4/18  

Steve and I were talking about some fun sales ideas and using the new adilas doggie graphics. See element of time # 4216 in the shop for some fun images. We got a bunch of new graphics yesterday from the artist.

Dustin was showing Steve and I some of the new functionality on the cultivation side. It is a nice interface with tons of backend wiring to make it really fly. Pretty cool. Eric popped in and had a couple of questions for Steve and I dealing with mag stripe readers and integrating with loyalty cards and what not. Steve answered most of the questions. After that, Wayne and I looked over a data import on the data 6 server. We talked about some additional pieces that will help the import look and be more clean.

Emails, tech support stuff, and looking into bug reports. Towards the end, Steve and I had a small chat about the assisted living business vertical and providing some guys a quote to use our system. No firm values, but we were playing with options based off of rooms or options based off of facility sizes and what not. Good stuff and Steve is excited to see where things go.

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Shop 4216 Some new adilas doggie graphics 12/3/18  

We got some new graphics from the artist in Salida, CO. His name is Naters Art. See attached for some of the renditions. Some of the dog posses deal with fast retrieval, organized inventory, efficient search, secure storage, user friendly, etc. Fun stuff.

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Shop 4215 po number 12/3/18  

Bryan had some questions on randomizing the PO numbers for a company. They have this thing that they want the PO numbers to go up by 1 if they are on the same day. If not, it randomizes the main PO numbers making it look like they have more activity. Totally smoke and mirrors on the client side. Anyways, we had to go in and do some light clean-up and also make sure that some of his custom stuff is good to go.

After that, we talked about a mobile oil change company that is looking for some software. Basically, they want a way to do a mobile oil change, put in the date and mileage and then have the system text and/or email them when that customer may need another oil change. Anyways, Bryan and I talked about ways we could do that and how we could repurpose different parts of adilas to help them out. We also talked about a future project of text reminders and outbound messages and communication through text messaging. We want to be able to do both bulk texting and individual laser focus text alerting, reminders, and messages.

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Shop 4214 General 12/3/18  

Emails, recording notes, and setting up meetings with developers.

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Shop 4192 Adilas Time 12/3/18  

Alan and Steve were working on some tweaks for ecommerce. They have some new code that helps generate tiered pricing code and they were debugging some of the pieces. Around 10 am, Wayne popped in and was giving us some information and an update about the servers and what things he was looking at as far as thresholds and matrix. He is really helping things out and is able to watch things and really get things more and more standardized and monitored. That will be a huge help. I'm really excited about that.

Eric joined and had a number of questions. For example: How do we flag the transactions to know what type they are? (manual, double tuesday, normal, auto, redeem, etc.) What about tracking rules and history changes for the rules? What about changing things (rules) right in the middle of the day and/or middle of the transaction? Eric is thinking we may need a way to change things and then publish and/or commit changes in bulk. That would allow small tweaks to happen and then fully wait for all other changes before really committing things (stages). We talked about a few of these things and decided that we will use 3rd party error logs to track rules and changes. We also decided that we would not do the publish and/or commit changes in bulk. For now, all changes will be live as they happen, one by one.

Alan and I were on the meeting and went over a number of projects that are currently in the works. We went over some needs on the sales tax project. We decided to do one more major push on that project and then push up the code and get things going. We have been close on this one for awhile, but it keeps getting hung up with the moving black box (custom code) target.

Alan reported on his permission and user project. This is a project that breaks users and permissions into a more object oriented model with services, logic, and database access objects (DAO's). Basically, our existing code base checks a three-way connection of user to permission to corporation on every page in the entire system. A lot of that data doesn't change very often. So, in the background, we are spending time and resources checking relationships that are fairly stable. Some pages have between 10 and 20 permission checks. That is 10-20 trips to the database for data that doesn't change that often. So, we are starting to cache (temporarily store) the data in the session scope. If nothing changes, we'll start using session or memory checks vs full database checks. If anything does change, we reflush the session cache and then go from there. This reduces the number of database trips by tons, if you take each page, used by x number of users per day, all with active database checks and queries. Great savings on time, resources, and processing.

We also went over a couple of other projects such as a round 4 for sub inventory and ways we could speed up some of the manual processes for reoccurring invoices, reoccurring merchant processing payments (credit card stuff), and tying things together in a better flow environment. Good meeting and lots of good progress on multiple fronts.

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Shop 4120 General 11/29/18  

Recording notes, quick phone calls, and emails.

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Shop 4191 Password restrictions 11/29/18  

Working with Bryan on coming up with a plan to help limit certain my cart favorite buttons and only allow them to be used if a certain password was entered. This is for specials (special pricing and/or discounts)... basically, the client doesn't want the user to be able to use the special buttons unless they get clearance by a manager. We came up with a whole page of possible options. Bryan has that file.

Our best idea, without going into all of the details was, creating the special buttons as private buttons vs public buttons (existing feature). We could then add a new button to the view cart page where they could click it and go to a page that prompted for the password. It would then show the special private buttons. They could then use the private buttons from that page. There were a number of other questions, concerns, known issues, etc., but that is the super skinny version. It still could be a pretty decent sized project. Some of the other options were doing multi-page black box options and controlling the page flow tigher. The one above seemed the easiest without going into brain surgery (pretty deep and cascading changes).

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Shop 4151 Adilas Time 11/29/18  

Steve reported about his meeting with Spencer yesterday (flight out to Grand Junction, CO). It sounds like Spencer is quite sharp and also really likes to work with CSS, user interfaces, and graphical look and feel stuff (UX or GUI stuff). That would be really cool. We could really use a good designer and maybe even a person to help train us on what to do as well. I would be super stoked on that.

Steve had a question on how to filter some data out in ecommerce land. His current project is a work around for showing tiered pricing out in ecommerce. We started out looking where he was at on the normal big huge pages (ecommerce searches and search results pages). That was pretty deep, so we did a full test page and coded a small sample file to get us the info that we needed (concept and database level). It was a good exercise and we literally went clear back to the beginning and brought up the small test page from virtually nothing. That exercise helped both of us realize more about parent attributes and where and how things are stored in the database. That project was originally done by Russell and Alan, so we knew about it, but didn't really have deep hand-on knowledge. Good stuff.

After Steve and I finished, I worked with Dustin on doing some sub filtering on his custom cultivation pages. Basically, we ran a pre-query to get certain matching records and then then used those records to filter the next major (actual) query. We then worked on some dynamic AJAX calls. It was working if we called his helper files in smaller chunks, but it would break if we passed too many requests to the helper and builder page. We did what we could and eventually I recommended that Dustin get ahold of Alan to work out the deeper details.

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Shop 4190 Clean-up from the day 11/28/18  

Recording notes and creating reminders and other clean-up stuff. Light tech support and emails.

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Shop 4174 Meeting with Industrial Tool 11/28/18  

Went into town and met with Mindy at Industrial Tool. We spent the afternoon getting their adilas account up and configured. We went over logins, setting up users, permissions, departments, clock in/out, admin time clock stuff, settings, look and feel, and some other general training. Good session and Mindy seems like she will pick it up pretty quickly. I left her with some light homework (users, permissions, department assignments, and expense types). We have a return appointment for next week for some deeper inventory training.

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Shop 4121 General 11/28/18  

Merged in and uploaded new changes to the advanced search reports. Uploaded 8 pages with some tweaks. Also added some new links to the global price change report from some of the parts and items reports and home pages.

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Shop 4187 Bulk tools for price changes and discounts 11/28/18  

I just wanted to record a note about bulk price changes and discounts. Currently we have a permission and a special page that allows price changes in bulk. It only deals with the parent items. It does, however, allow for a salesprice change or a mark-up change in bulk. I'm thinking that the same tool may need some more power. I would love to be able to update prices for sub or children items as well as set global discounts. That same tool might really benefit from some web or ecommerce specific functions as well. It could include show/hide on the web, special web pricing, and other sales options listed above, such as price changes and discounts.

The current permission is: id=74 and the actual page name is: top_secret/secure/global_parts_home.cfm

Maybe think about beefing that report and page up a bit. I really think that it could help.

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Shop 4153 Adilas Time 11/28/18  

Somewhat of a quiet morning this morning. Steve was flying out to Grand Junction, CO, to meet with a new adilas developer. His name is Spencer. My first task of the day was getting a non-compete and non-disclosure document ready for Spencer. Alan popped in and had some questions about discounts for my cart favorite buttons. We went over some options and ideas.

I spent some time adding drill-down links to advanced search reports (PO's and invoices). I chatted with Wayne about digital file uploads and importing inventory for a client. After that, I worked with Eric more on the sub special account tracking project (loyalty points, rewards, and gift cards). See attached for the latest notes.

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Shop 4173 Meeting with Janna - WordPress stuff 11/27/18   Janna popped and we went over a few things dealing with our WordPress site. She is a technical writer and will be helping us keep things up to date and helping us to edit our verbage and/or written information. She will also be helping as a consultant on other changes to WordPress and making recommendations as to security and other plug-ins and options.
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Shop 4181 Meeting with Shannon 11/27/18  

Meeting with Dave Forbis and going over his assisted living flow chart stuff. He has posted 3 different flow charts to date. We spent a good hour and I took a number of notes on what he is thinking and where things are going. Dave has been working on ideas, concepts, how data will flow in/out and interact between the facilities and adilas. Great stuff. See the element of time # 4147 here in the shop.

Shannon jumped on just before 3 pm. She listened in as Dave and I were talking and chatting. Once we were done, we talked about getting some of the adilas developers up and on the adilas market or in the adilas world (marketplace stuff). That is great place to start. There is already a huge demand for that service.

Around 4 to 4:15 pm - Janna popped in and we covered some WordPress stuff and some small tasks that she is going to do. She is a technical writer and will be helping us with content and making sure things are good to go there. This was the first time that she virtually met both Shannon and I. We told her that eventually, we would have her helping Shannon and I on the adilas user guide.

The last part of the session was actually going through and working on the adilas user guide. We did a small session and were recording some notes to help us document each of the players and what they do and/or may do. Nice little work session. Shannon and I rescheduled for next week to continue chipping away at our internal projects. Good stuff.

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Shop 4122 Working with Eric 11/27/18  

After the morning meeting part of things, we flipped over and started working more on sub special account tracking (rewards and loyalty points) stuff. The first part of the session was just Eric getting some things off his chest as far as project scope, and what will be part of round 1 vs round 2 deployment. See the attached notes. Some of the thoughts were dealing with existing custom code, cross-corp integration options, how best to stack the multi-corp model and allowing for some kind of shared customers between systems. Some of the ideas came down to either wait until later and/or do some application flex grid and some cross mapping to help things happen.

After Eric left, Steve and I started talking about adilas goals, direction, and who we are and where we are headed. We have received a number of emails about certain clients not being happy with what we offer and threating to move off of our platform. That is nothing new, but we were just talking about our take on things and the direction that we want to go.

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Shop 4150 Adilas Time 11/27/18  

On the morning meeting with Steve. We merged in some of his code and then made a few new changes. Alan popped in and gave us a small report. Dustin was also on the meeting and working on his own stuff.

Eric popped in towards the end of the main morning meeting. He and Steve were talking about category level rules on expiration dates and how to track and process items as they age over time. Basically, keeping track of expiration dates and helping to flag and move inventory to help keep things fresh and moving.

There was also some discussion about part/item categories and parent attributes. Both tools are well used and there is some cross over between them. The difference is how many things may be applied per item. Only a single item category may be assigned per item, but an unlimited number of parent attributes may be applied. Sometimes, the clients and users, and doing some mixing and blending. We may need to keep looking at that and maybe even allow for some rules, flow processes, etc. What we are hearing is the need for high level rules and then applying those rules to the items that are cascaded under that category. Basically, grouping and sub grouping, even inside the categories. Steve and Eric would like some other filter options for the main categories. Almost a mix and blend of categories and attributes.

There is still a growing need for sub categories within the main part/item categories. It is amazing how many new feature requests keep coming in on a daily basis. Pretty crazy.

This is just a side note... but we are getting more and more requests for some of the subs of elements of time to be applied to other pieces of the system (other 12 main player groups). We would love to push that out and allow for it to happen, but it just hasn't been built out yet. These are things like: color codes, sub dates/times, sub flags and tags, sub locations, sub phases, sub grouping, sub notes and comments, and sub sign-off's, and such. We have tons of ideas on this (virtual adoption process between elements of time, subs of time, and other system players). I'm excited to see where these things go. As a side note, we could create daily elements of time for certain things and/or tasks (this almost creates its own group) and then you move things or flip things from there.

We are also seeing a problem with some companies that use adilas for just one or two processes, but they don't use adilas for the whole thing. That creates problems because things can't flow from phase to phase and state to state. They are kinda wanting things to flow to a certain level and then just magically appear over in some other section. That gets tough to automate that because it is basically skipping steps.

Steve was showing Eric how to setup custom page settings and storing those values in JSON. As another side note, our original goal for the custom page settings was to give every page an id number (web_page_id from the web_pages table). We also wanted to give every CFC method or virtual API socket connection a similar web_page_id number. That way we could track what is being used and how often (behind the scenes stats). We started that process, but got pulled off due to other projects that needed attention. This is a huge piece of the puzzle and would really help if we go to the full adilas fracture account level. Dealing with page level id's, we also need to figure out what is needed for black box takeovers and extended settings of settings and/or conditional settings. It gets pretty deep fairly quickly.

Steve was just dreaming, but he would love to see the adilas application as an artist pallet where you could pick and choose your widgets and where to place them. Basically a build your own dashboard and build your own layout. Steve would also love to see a configurable shopping cart, where users could pick and choose what they wanted to see. Just some dreams.

Another huge observation today... Steve was showing Eric (who has done tons of development for us) around the system. This was huge for Eric and he could see and catch the vision. Sometimes you don't even know what you do not know. One of the down sides to adilas is the current size of the application. It is huge and has tons to offer, because of that, some people never venture into certain areas, even though they could really use the functionality offered. Maintenance and training are huge concepts that need to be pushed and available to our users.

Steve - Question - Is that even a tree you want to cut down? Steve was cutting trees as a winter job, just out of High School, and was talking to a old sawyer (tree cutter) and the older guy was telling Steve to leave a certain tree alone because it wasn't worth it. Steve was young and wanted to conquer and do a good job. The tree had some old barbed wire embedded in the bottom of the trunk. The old sawyer was telling him to leave it alone because it would be a ton of work and may end up ruining your chainsaw. Business is like that, you may not want to cut down every tree in the forest. Abundant model - next! Great advice.

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Shop 4185 General 11/26/18  

Emails, tech support, and general to do list stuff.

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Shop 4183 paperless flow 11/26/18  

Bryan and I jumped on a GoToMeeting session. He had some questions about creating a super simple form and then having that form populate a quote. His questions were dealing with the amount of data that needs to be looked up and gone through before adding a quote line item. Some of his questions were dealing with calculating taxes, discounts, costing, etc. I showed him a couple of pages that already do similar things and hopefully pointed him in the right direction.

As a side note, it sounds so simple... (certain user requests) however in the background, we have to have the system doing multiple back flips in order to make everything go where it needs to. Kinda interesting. Appearance vs reality.

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Shop 4119 General 11/26/18  

Emails and recording expenses.

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Shop 4155 Adilas Time 11/26/18  

- Tons of emails and light tech support from things over the Thanksgiving weekend.

- Brandon and Steve talking about updates on people - we were talking about Shannon, Russell, and Dave Forbis.

- Alan popped in and had some questions about his new projects. He is working on discounts on my cart favorite buttons.

- We lightly talked about vertical (business verticals or industry-specific) templates and settings. Make it easy to cater to specific verticals.

- Talking about system stats and storing that info in a daily watcher or feeder type table. We also talked about queued back end services that run on daily routines. We also talked about pulling reports and monitoring growth and changes.

- We were also talking about "rules" or standards per vertical (industry). Each industry is different, and thus may need some general rules based on the type of industry that they are. Basing the pricing off of processing and storage vs charging for the code. Some users may or may not be using certain features and/or modules. This discussion ended up going into questions about what do we want to do with the adilas databases (make it bigger and better or break it up into small faster pieces). This is still an active discussion and we are trying to gather pros and cons of both.

- Alan was talking about vertical and horizontal scaling - add more and more servers (distributed or cluster model) vs single server and up the capacity and resources. This lead into a small discussion on back-ups, redundancy, and disaster recovery options. Currently, we are doing somewhat of a modified horizontal scaling method.

- Steve had some questions about the API socket level and what that load may be and/or take?

- Alan had some ideas on risk mitigation and how to help our clients even do their own risk mitigation processes. Lots of talk about what are the vulnerabilities and how do you treat, track, and deal with those vulnerabilities. It always tends to come back to an analysis of what is the threat and how much do I care, need, want, and/or require? Talks about server up time and reliability. What maters most and what are we willing to pay for and/or spend?

- We would love to show all of the corporations (virtual worlds) what their stats are and what we (as adilas) are carrying and helping them out with. That helps us show a benefit and advantage for those who use adilas.

- We lightly talked about an offline adilas mode and allowing a user to use the main web system, if a problem, they could use a local copy, and then sync up things later on. This sounds awesome, but it could be a huge project and could be riddled with loop holes and gotcha's. Possible, but hard to tell what the real costs are and/or would be.

- The technology wave and what is here, coming, and already gone (outdated). We are constantly riding those waves and making decisions. Alan lives down there in Arizona and could maybe pop in and check things out with the actual server farm. We could even branch out and spread out our exposure to other server farms.

- We could update older servers to help with stability and up time. We could upgrade to using solid state drives, bigger processors, more RAM memory, and updated server and software packages. That could be a great upgrade for the time being. We also talked about optimizing our existing servers by tweaking settings and such (performance tuning).

- We may end up needing some new training on how to configure and upgrade the things that we need. This is just a possibility, but there is an upcoming ColdFusion summit convention coming up in April 9-10, in Washington, DC. Just looking at ideas and options. Our goal is to get the most out of what we can by either upgrading to the newest models and/or versions and getting the proper training needed to make it dance and sing. ColdFusion is allowing more and more scripting languages and is gaining some momentum.

- There was some small talk about upgrading from Windows servers to Linux servers. Wayne is the one that knows a lot there. Lots of possibilities.

- Some new shortcuts and getting up to speed. Alan was showing us some coding shortcuts. Params, is defined, and quick conditional processing. Things like a turnary operator (one line true or false if statement - switch), elvis operator (reference something and it is able to self-define if it doesn't exist but will use a real value if it exists - less breaking code for things that are undefined).

- There are many paths that we could take and would work. Let's make a plan and then work that plan.

- What we do is not easy. There are so many moving parts and pieces. As we build, we keep finding that it comes back down to more and more permissions and settings. Subs of subs. Eventually, it could become simple if you get enough sub pieces built into the mix. Kinda crazy.

- We are also seeing more and more needs for bulk tools and such.

- We are also seeing that people are really looking for a system that could do almost everything with both global tweaks (per business vertical) and also granular control (permissions, settings, etc.). Almost a wish list of sorts.

- As we get out, in the field, we may end up adding some icing here and there. Maybe even some icing per business vertical.

- On black box stuff - what if we had a list of what happens and/or what black box code is running? We may need to use some kind of technology to help us monitor and/or use what black box code that is out there. Maybe a way to notify our developers, consultants, and even our users what code they are using.

- Small concepts - creating an adilas fracture account - future concept once we get a few of the other pieces in place. This was an idea from Steve, clear back in 6/22/17. We would basically, allow the normal or classic adilas to keep going, and then start building out the adilas fracture accounts. Everything would be broken up into tiny modular controls but would also have bulk tools, templates, and industry specific defaults to help play the game. This subject could take up volumes, as far as other ideas and concepts that we would like to include. Super cool idea and future project.

- Steve would like to see us work on breaking out users from the systems... They, the user pools, exist and can interact as needed but they become their own entity - Imagine pools of professional (adilas community members and power users) users that could work for other companies as needed. Separate users and systems, even more than what they currently are. Steve has some good ideas on that. Kinda like a marketplace for features and functions as well as power users, employees, and people talent. Fun ideas.

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Shop 4182 Working with Dustin 11/20/18  

Dustin jumped on the GoToMeeting session and had some questions about his custom bulk cultivation page. We are working on the action page (making things stick and/or be recorded in the database). His code allows for small pieces to be selected and then either transferred and/or flipped between a phase of the cultivation cycle. His code gets pretty deep as it allows multiple things to be flipped at once. We spent the whole session going through a small build out process of taking what we have (passed through the form scope) and creating a complex data structure or object to represent what was submitted. Tons of arrays and structures within the arrays. We had to write things out in plain English before building it... it was quite deep. We finished up and left him in a good spot with some minor tweaks to make for that part of the page logic work. He still has more to go, but I feel good about that part of the logic map.

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Shop 4180 Bulk edit 11/20/18  

Working with Bryan on the bulk edit PO page. We added in the sub barcodes and talked about adding in sub attributes to the bulk edit page. The sub barcode was pretty easy. The sub attributes was much tougher. We opted to break the project into two sections, that way we could release things quicker.

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Shop 4125 Working with Steve 11/20/18  

On a call with Steve. We were looking over some tiered pricing options out in ecommerce. We did some coding, testing, and playing with the options. We also spent quite a bit of time talking about menu level selling. This is a small analogy to a restaurant menu, but menu level selling is basically saying, what would you like? Once we know that, we, inside or the user fulfilling the ticket, actually appropriates the correct item. The ecommerce part of it is just like a dinner menu, super vague, but it gets the ticket started. I think Steve was really getting it and buying into the menu level concept. Good session. 

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Shop 4152 Adilas Time 11/20/18  

Steve was showing us a small demo of some of his tiered pricing out in ecommerce. We had Kelly come on and gave him some feedback. It is literally crazy to hear what they, the users and consumers, really want. It gets super crazy and they want a multi-flipping gymnastic display with super easy functional and beautiful at the same time. The deeper we go, the more things are really flowing and trending towards more configuration settings and then being able to display things in a really simple format. Another thing that I am seeing is the need for specialized and specific interfaces, per business vertical. It is crazy how much people want and how quickly they want it. That makes for a tough mix.

Creating a layered approach seems to work better. The user experience is huge. On that same level, we are seeing a growing need for a developer to code it and a designer to help with flow and the user experience.

As Kelly and Steve got deeper in the ecommerce demo, they, were asking for more searchability, more multi select, more JavaScript show/hide filters and menus, etc. They want the moon and even demand it. Kelly would like to do a different session where they, (Steve, Kelly, and Dustin) go in and do a look around on other ecommerce sites and get ideas of good/bad/ugly and then make a plan from there.

These are some questions that are going on in my head, who is coordinating all of these decisions? How is it all going to work and play out? Who is funding what and who is driving what functions and features? Assuming that we have the funding, who is going to plan, design, and code it? Huge demands and huge questions.

The conversation started rolling over into complaints about look and feel, server up time and/or perceived up time, and other perceptions for the users. They were talking about levels and costs to get to those levels. It then got into a discussion between web, on-sight servers, software, hardware, hybrid solutions, apps, mobile, etc. What are the expectations and what is expected?

Kelly wants us to get pricing on what it would cost for this and that. Steve came back and was talking about how the system keeps growing and developing and who is going to pay for this and/or that. Kelly then was talking about costs and choices that need to be presented to the clients. If you want this and that, you need to pay for this and that. If you only want a smaller set, you would hope that you only need to play for that piece.

Steve was talking about the cost of, even say, your worst employee? It most likely will be $2,000 to $5,000 per month. What is the cost of the adilas system? Say maybe $200 - $400 per month. There is a known disconnect, the adilas system provides tons of functionality, but yet, the price is itsy bitsy tiny and therefore sometimes perceived as less important. The conversation then turned to how do we support the bigger clients and what are their needs.

Wayne popped in and was reporting on servers and server stability. FTP and FTPS - normal and/or secure file transfer protocol issues. He had some questions on how do we keep the servers up to date, synced up, and how do we manage the custom code (things that are different per server or per corporation). Custom code is somewhat of a wildcard piece and/or variable per server. We talked about core adilas code and custom code and how they relate and interact. We also talked about ways to manage custom code and who has what code and/or reports (we need a system of recording who has what and what it does). We have had requests on the client side - am I running custom code? We have also had requests on the tech support side - are they running custom code? We have also had some developers ask the same question - are they running custom code? Kinda interesting - lots of different angles to cover and what not.

I got a call from Bank of America to talk about some term loans and/or revolving business credit lines. I was on the phone for 20 minutes and the rep is going to be sending us some information. They have a couple nice looking products that have way better interest rates as compared with Kabbage and other high interest options.

Steve and I were talking about the future of software of a service is - we do build a product that has as many permissions and features as we can see to solve the needs. The future is that the clients want to customize the results and/or the output. They all want some kind of specialized output. Each client wants to mix and blend the variables in a different way. This could be seeing the data in a certain way (report and/or dashboards) or they have a slightly different process (add/subtract certain steps). Steve is seeing that there is a cost to switch systems, so we are hoping that our clients have basically, choose your platform and then invest in your solution to make it almost your own. Custom solutions that fit people's needs and how they want to play.

Sometimes with bigger clients, you actually get beat-up more and they still may not be happy. We need to find the clients that are happy with us and even bring us donuts... :) We want to find the correct level for us and our company. Bigger is not always better. From Shannon - it is an abundant model. That is awesome.

Picking your battles and multi-concept decision making. That is quite the game. Fun, but very challenging. Question - who wants to play? Great, let's play. Lots of indicators, you just have to make decisions according to those indicators. Adilas is a giant idea farm. We will keep building and breaking things. That is somewhat of our model. We want to help businesses succeed. Those who want to play with that model, we love it, let's play. On the financial side, we are so glad that we don't owe anybody huge amounts of money. That is freeing to the mind and the soul. Good stuff.

This is on a different note, we would really like to circle back around and see where we are at on the accounting side. Most of our current efforts are still focused on operations and operational flow and process. There is some huge potential for future growth in that area. We need to keep working on and refining our plan. The other area that could really use some loving is the user interface and the look and feel. There is a constant progression from one thing to the other. That is fun and exciting to see and even revisit those pieces.

Steve jumped back into a recap of where he started with the coding and development side - simple HTML and web stuff on the old steps to success. As you get deeper and deeper, you keep needing to step outside and get deeper in the complexity and background pieces. Lots of moving pieces under the hood, but it looks super simple on the outside.

 Steve and I are realizing that we can't do this whole project by ourselves. We have a great little team and we are even refining things within that model. That is exciting. It is the team that wins the battle, not an individual. We are learning tons and tons about the software as a service (SaaS) model. Our plan it to keep going at the current pace, keep building, and keep listening. Our plan is to run as fast as we are able within the bounds of not running faster than we are able.

We are happy to keep building up the core pieces. We are seeing numerous outside parties that are catching the vision and building out more and more custom stuff.

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Shop 4179 General 11/19/18  

Emails and light tech support.

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Shop 4177 Server 11 11/19/18  

Bryan and I jumped on a meeting. We went over three small projects and questions. One was some label stuff mixed with hardware and printer settings. Another was dealing with API access and outside processes affecting internal data. The other question was dealing with access to the data 11 server. Fairly short meeting.

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Shop 4178 General 11/19/18  

Here is a new set of images and graphics from Naters (artist from Salida, CO), dealing with the adilas dog (mascot or marketing) concept and idea. The graphic shows concepts of: fast retrieval, organized inventory, efficient search, secure storage, and user friendly. See attached for some concept art. Fun.

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Shop 4123 Working with Eric 11/19/18  

Eric and I had a work session on the sub special account tracking project. This is where we are going to be allowing rewards, loyalty points, gift cards, in-store credit, and other special tracking needs. We spent most of the block reading over a brainstorming doc and refining it a bit more. We made a few decisions and added a number of new notes. Towards the end of the session, we even added a new payment type (money type) to the data 0 box for "Rewards/Loyalty". Our plan is to hit it again tomorrow.

See attached for a copy of the current notes.

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Shop 4149 Adilas Time 11/19/18  

On the morning meeting with Steve and Dustin. We started out with some light catch-up on what everybody did over the weekend. Steve had a question on some ecommerce stuff. He is working on getting some tiered pricing out into ecommerce. Bryan Dayton came by my house to get the Dymo label printer. He is working on some custom labels for a client. Wayne popped in and gave us some updates on the servers. Having someone dedicated to watching and helping the servers out will be huge. Alan was on as well, working in the background while the meeting was going on.

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Shop 4176 Demo for a client 11/16/18  

Went into town to give a demo to a tool company (kinda like a mini home depot or lowe's). They had three people in on the demo. It went pretty smooth. I was able to answer all of their questions. The one thing that they asked for, that we didn't fully have, was inventory alerts and full reordering thresholds. We have a mini/sorta version of that, but it could use some good loving.

I had an owner, an accountant, and a tech/computer guy in on the demo. They all had some great questions and we bounced all over the place. We setup a return meeting for after Thanksgiving. Fun to be out of the office and playing in the sales and training ground. It can get kinda lonely in the coding and developing world all the time. I like the interaction and just getting out. Good stuff.

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Shop 4171 Virtual Post-It Note 11/16/18  

Email between Danny and Steve at adilas. They are looking to see where we best can use our marketing dollars. This email came from Danny Shuford.

Good morning Steve,
I think it would be good for me to start recapping our meetings on Friday.  This way I can go back and see where we need followup.
This morning we discussed looking at other vertical markets that we are already in.  I made the suggestion that we go back to adilas and pull reports to see which markets have been the most profitable for us.  I think it's easy to assume that has been the cannabis industry but as we discussed the cost of doing business in this industry is extremely high when you factor in development cost and what we would really need to be competitive in marketing and advertising against some of the already established giants in the industry.  
We might be better served at going after bowling pro shops for instance.  That market could expand to tennis, golf, frisbee golf, ski, etc.  These rec sports all have specialty shops that need a product like ours.
We also discussed other industries that have serialized inventory such as trailers, motorcycles, auto, mobile homes, storage containers, etc.
In summary I will start pulling reports so we can analyze this even deeper.

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Shop 4172 Emails and tech support 11/16/18  

Lots of emails and tech support. Some of the topics were data imports, new transitional PO's, internal email options, and sales and marketing ideas.

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Shop 4170 General 11/15/18  

We had a bunch of screen shots that we uploaded for a meeting earlier today. Once they were up, I thought that they had too much info on them. I went in and added some sensor boxes to grey out some of the values (business privacy stuff). I reuploaded the images. I was also on a tech support call with Shari O. We have a client here locally in Utah that will need some in-person training done to get them going. We also chatted about some other internal email functionality options. It looks like we may need to revisit the email functionality sooner than later and expand the reporting, history stuff, and error catching. We may also need to go in and create corp-specific emails and put them in place in order to cut down on the number of returned emails. Basically, this will limit exposure as well as let the client know what is going on with the emails that are sent.

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Shop 4169 push project 11/15/18  

Quick bug fix. Bryan found a small bug, made the fix, uploaded it, tested it, and thought that we should make it global. We merged it in and pushed it live to all servers. Super small, but good clean-up.

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Shop 4147 Adilas Time 11/15/18  

Steve and I - meet with Dave Forbis to talk about marketing and direction

- Touching base

- Get an invoice from Dave

- Talk about marketing ideas and how to help generate funds - Dave has designed an email flyer... he would like to help test the waters and send it out to some of our adilas users. This is a direct campaign to point people to a specific adilas community funded project.

- Assisted living stuff - we would like to create a play site (corp 478 on data 0 - sunrise estates - assisted living) - Dave comes from that world - what is the dream - what is the most basic level and how can we solve those problems.

- Small game plan to help and work with Dave - see attached for some new docs and planning.

- Dave was a consultant, helping in the assisted living environment. He and his company were called in to help fix the major problems. His goal was to be in front of the curve vs being behind the scenes.

- Currently, there are a number of assisting living software packages but they are all very expensive. We could come in and provide a great product at a monthly rate with no contract.

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Shop 4138 Adilas Time 11/15/18  

Talking with Wayne, Bryan, and Steve about new servers, specs, and the configuration process. Wayne was talking about a virtual recipe for the servers and then using a program called Puppet that helps with special configurations and even bulk server setups. Bryan has been helping us with some server setups. We are trying to get things transferred over to Wayne and let him run with things. He really wants to do that kind of stuff. He used to do it for his other company that he worked for.

- Looking at server configuration options and such - lots of ideas and options.

- Steve had some questions about inbound and outbound API socket access (external traffic above and beyond what we know about and/or control). This could be outbound pieces to state compliance tracking systems and/or inbound ecommerce requests or inbound API socket calls (general data stuff). Lots of unknown potential and/or uncontrolled amounts of traffic (in/out). That is a big variable and is widely unknown. Steve doesn't think we have even remotely seen what is possible and/or on the horizon.

- Wayne was talking about a frontend software application called Cloud Flair or Cloud Flare. It helps to filter the traffic good/bad and what actually hits the servers. We were talking about protecting servers against attacks and what not.

- We were talking about different models where we break up the databases and keep things all on their own servers. Or we could build super structures and configure a super Linux box with a non web facing database server. We could then have a number of smaller web servers (code files) that connect to the super structure. See the attached for a couple options that we were drawing (possible configurations).

- We were talking about amounts of time, costs, and resources to duplicate things and spin things up and then manage them. Currently, we are on a two-week to a month spin up process for a new dedicated box. We would love to get that down to under 24 hours and/or something similar.

- Steve was talking about doing some costs analysis, prototyping, and calculated experimentation. Lots of good ideas but still lots of unknowns. We need to be smart as we venture forth. We need to keep the main adilas ship rolling along so that we can fund some of these new experimentations.

- As we improve the process, we are planning on circling back around and bringing the older servers and older software versions up to speed. We may end up cycling through the servers and slowly bringing them up to a new standard, as that get established. Lots of new ground.

- As part of the meeting, Wayne was showing Steve and I some of the Nagios (monitoring server) and its stats. We were seeing what updates ran and did not run, what CPU usage was going on per server, and what database traffic load was going on per server. Some of the servers, are close to 2 million queries since the nightly reboot at 1 am. It is only 10 or 11 am and already they are close to 2 million queries into the day. That ends up being between 30-50 (ish) queries per second as an average. That is tons of traffic. With some of Wayne's tools, we can now see some of the stats and trends. Pretty crazy.

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Shop 4168 General 11/14/18  

On the phone with Bank of America going over some business funding options and what not. They would like to reschedule a call for next week with Steve and I.

Back on the merge process for the sales tax project and the black box custom code.

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Shop 4142 Adilas Time 11/14/18  

Dave Forbis called and we talked about some marketing ideas. We setup a meeting for tomorrow to talk with both Steve and I. One of the things that he would like to do is help push some of the community funded projects as an alternate funding source. He created a small flyer that could be emailed around to help generate awareness. We talked about some things and even went in and made some small changes on the actual element of time for the reoccurring invoice automation project. I will attach the mock-up as documentation. It is not done yet, but it is at least a start.

Other notes - Here is the link directly to the reoccurring invoice automation project - https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/community_funded_projects.cfm?projects=1355 

- Read over the page and update some of the verbage. Small tweaks. Also, we talked about a quote from Steve, just the other day. It was "Choose your solution and then invest in your solution."

- I thought that it would be good to have the contribute button wired to point to the URL above. Also, it might be good to put the URL (web address) in plain English so that they could copy and paste it into a browser.

- If we are going to be asking people to contribute, we need to show the advantages and benefits of what they would be getting. In Steve's words, if we are asking for $10,000, we need to give them a $30,000 reason.

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Shop 4167 Adilas universe and galaxy levels 11/14/18  

While I was looking through some older papers, I saw this graphic. I'm not sure if it was ever pushed up online. It has a date of 1/11/17 and deals with adilas world building concepts. These are things like: 1. Adilas Universe Level (all adilas systems), 2. Galaxy Level (linked servers), 3. Cluster Level (individual boxes & servers), 4. Solar System Level (databases inside of the boxes or clusters), 5. World Level (corporations and/or companies inside of a database), 6. Location Level (sub areas within a corporation or company), 7. Group Level (any of the 12 main system player groups), 8. Individual Level (actual players or individual items within a group), 9. Data Level (how and where things are stored and what relationships exist between the pieces), 10. Run all levels over time (foundation concepts of time, space, and money (resources) that make up 3D world building).

The attached image is of the first few levels (universe, galaxy, cluster, solar system, world).

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Shop 4137 Adilas Time 11/14/18  

Just for fun... Steve, Dustin, and I were talking about the cartoon adilas dog concept. Steve had a colored prototype of the little adilas dog and we were talking about it. See attached for a colored prototype of the little dog adilas. As a question... what will I train my little adilas to do today?

Steve was working on some changes for ecommerce and being able to show tiered pricing out in ecommerce. Alan popped in and had some questions about in-line discounts for my cart favorite buttons. We are trying to see where they need to be attached. We are seeing three possible options. One is on the exact search (known item or known sub item), as a standalone or cart as a whole option, and also as part of the smart group buttons (tiered pricing). Alan is going to check more into this and get with a client who is looking for these options.

Wayne Andersen popped in and help both Alan and Brandon with some server stuff. He is implementing some server monitors that check services, CPU usage, RAM memory usage, database activity, and other monitors. He gave Alan and I a small tour and had us setup some things, in order to play.

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Shop 4160 General 11/13/18  

Quick graphic work and light tech support for a developer/designer.

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Shop 4166 Queue 11/13/18  

Working with Bryan to debug an API socket call to add a customer/patient to the queue. We were checking and checking all kinds of things. We ended up figuring out that the actual API socket code, was older on one box and newer on all other boxes. The problem was the old code was being used instead of the new code. It was that simple but it took an hour of both of us pushing on things to figure it out. We finally found it by running the same code on two different boxes and got different results. The old code was still adding the record, so it appeared to be playing well. The only difference was an adjusted time zone value vs a straight server time stamp. We needed the adjusted time zone piece to make it work and age correctly.

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Shop 4143 Adilas Time 11/13/18  

There was a server outage. I got a few text messages, phone calls, etc. I got on with tech support and they were calling it a UDP flood. So, I looked it up online and this is what it said - A UDP flood is a type of denial-of-service attack in which a large number of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets are sent to a targeted server with the aim of overwhelming that device's ability to process and respond. Anyways, everything seems to be back up and running. I'm grateful for the server guys who know what they are doing.

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Shop 4134 Adilas Time 11/13/18  

Wayne and Steve were talking about servers and some of the new updates that are going on. Wayne is helping to fine tune and monitor the servers. He wants to be in charge of that portion of the puzzle. He is very good at it and knows what he is doing. Steve and I are trying to encourage him to keep going in that direction. Some of the discussion items were dealing with servers, up-time, redundancy, database table locks, response time, active vs passive monitoring, and empowering our users and clients to view stats (maybe limited views) on the server. There was quite a bit of talk about new news and updates talking about the server monitoring and even possible mirror and/or redundancy back-up and/or mirror server options (insurance and roll-over technologies).

Wayne was asking some great questions about the current model and where we want to go with things. Steve was responding and answering the questions. We left off with a charge on Wayne to get in there, dig around, and come back with a plan. We may end up rolling some of the new changes out over a series of months. Good stuff.

We touched base with some of the other developers on the meeting and then broke out into our own work sessions. I was working on the sales tax branch and trying to cascade new sales tax changes through the black box pages. As a fun side note, there are around 400 (ish) black box pages that are part of the master code branch. That doesn't even include ones that are created and uploaded without being merged into the master branch. What that tells me is, that our clients like custom options and that section, black box or custom code, is a huge part of our model. It can be a pain in the rear some times, especially if we are trying to update things, but it also fills a need and our clients seem to like the options of being able to customize things. That is awesome.

Once everybody left the meeting, we all just worked on our own little projects. I was doing tech support and follow-up on some sales calls. Towards the end of the session, Steve and I chatted briefly about the client who may want to do some tracking on their assisted living facilities. We talked about maybe setting up a play site for the assisted living and running things with locations, elements of time, etc. Lots of good ideas.

We also talked about the adilas label builder that Calvin is working on. We are getting close on this round of the project. We would like to see where all of that goes and what comes out of it. We are looking to close out phase one and then start using it to see what else may be needed (round two or phase two).

Steve - we are a solution for solution minded persons. We are really seeing that the clients that like customization, they tend to be some of our greatest clients. Very interesting. We are also seeing that some of the reps are a great resource and are throwing some ideas and monies at things (pieces of the puzzle) that they need and/or want. Some of them are getting funding from their clients to help push things forward.

Random idea... what about opening up the door to our customers to get their own developers and let the custom side of things grow a little bit deeper. Maybe use the adilas market and let some of the independent developers run with things a little bit.

Training - we were talking about ideas and timing. Things are a little bit crazy right now, but we don't want it to get out too far before we circle back around and setup some more training. We were also talking about costs and paying for that. On a different note, we have tons of hidden benefits like hooking up Marisa and Drea on training. We also have Calvin who was at the last training and got tons of great info and feedback about his labels and Gmexting (group mass texting). Lots of hidden benefits and getting people trained and more involved.

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Shop 4165 Labels 11/12/18  

Working with Bryan on some custom bulk print PO labels. It got a little bit tricky as each label needed a unique barcode (created dynamically on the fly). We did some testing and got it to a semi-working level. Bryan is going to take it from there and make the final tweaks. Basically, we were just advancing the ball a bit and then he will run from there.

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Shop 4164 Meeting with Molly and Spencer 11/12/18  

Small GoToMeeting session with Molly. We looked at a small API socket connection question. They were really close. Just missing a who did it id number (transaction processed by id). Once they got that, they were good.

We also briefly talked about the possibility of setting up some hooks to help with a 3rd party solution and an API socket feed out from Adilas to woocommerce and back from woocommerce back to adilas (syncing up products and quantities). Molly and Spencer may be looking into that option and building a new 3rd party solution to help bridge that gap (building and selling a woocommerce plug-in for adilas clients). Good meeting.

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Shop 4145 Adilas Time 11/12/18  

Recording expenses. Looking into some black box code for the sales tax project. It is close to being done, but still needs a little bit of work on the black box part of the project.

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Shop 4140 Adilas Time 11/12/18  

Mostly a work session today. When the meeting started, we had Steve, Josh, and Dustin on with us. Steve had a few questions and was trying to get some direction. He is making tons of progress on his manufacturing and build pieces. He now has in-line transfer invoices happening when you use his bulk build pages. I worked with Dustin a bit on some dynamic looping (not straight forward looping but associated looping or random looping). After that, I worked on my own projects and everybody else did the same.

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Shop 4163 Working on a small bug fix 11/9/18  

Finished up some testing on the duplicate expense/receipt bug. Merged in code and pushed it live. Sent an email to the client to let them know to try it again.

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Shop 4162 Working with Alan 11/8/18  

Meeting with Alan on a number of different projects. We spent some time talking about an inventory counter piece that Alan did back in January of 2018. It is done, but has not yet been tied in and launched. We have a client who needs that piece fully live before the end of the year. I took a few notes while Alan was explaining it. We also talked about a project to add in-line discount options into the existing my cart favorite buttons. That would be really cool. We have a client who is willing it chip in on that project. The other project that we talked about is speeding up and more fully automating the reoccurring invoices section. We decided to wait on this project until we get some more funding. See attached for a few notes.

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Shop 4146 Adilas Time 11/8/18  

Back working on the duplicate expense/receipt bug and doing some page clean-up. The original page was created back in 2015. Just making it comply with our current page standards.

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Shop 4136 Adilas Time 11/8/18  

On the morning meeting with the guys. Steve had a number of questions about static IP addresses and locking servers down based on IP addresses. He also wanted a report about the demo that was going on yesterday with the assisted living guys. I gave him a report and he made a few comments. Oddly enough, some of the same things that the assisted living guys need and/or want, the campground folks want the same things. Both companies are virtually selling and/or renting one or more of their locations (camping spots, RV spots, or apartments or rooms). Interesting stuff.

This is just for me, but I wonder if we should add a small flag to the locations table to indicate what is rentable or not. We could then pull certain reports and show what is available or not based off of that flag and elements of time. Just a thought.

Alan popped in and reported. He is working on gathering up all of the permission based code and putting in all together in one cfc (component or file). That way we don't have to search all over the place for that same code. Another thing he is doing is limiting the number of page level queries that run to populate the snow owl drop-down menu system (tons and tons of links all based off of permissions). We set up a time to meet later today.

Josh, Dustin, and Steve were going to jump onto a Zoom meeting to go over things. Dustin is working on bulk cultivation pages and custom code. Josh is working on a new and upcoming discounting rules and discounting engine for system-wide discounts. All great projects. We merged in Steve's branch of code and got him all set that way.

I spent most of the session doing tech support emails, a small bug fix for duplicating expense/receipts, and working with Drea (adilas tech support) on a question about updating child inventory quantities. I didn't quite get finished with the bug fix, so, I'll be working on that after lunch.

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Shop 4161 Queue 11/7/18  

Bryan and I were looking into some possible errors when outside parties are using an auto add to the queue API call. What we found was that the outside entity was putting the corp id (what world) in as the payee id (who did it). Both were id's but it was messing up the queries trying to pull the data because it couldn't join tables correctly due to the wrong id number being used. It took a little bit of digging.

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Shop 4144 Adilas Time 11/7/18  

Working on a fun historical entry for the adilas logo. I was working on this earlier today before the demo with a client and finished it up during this small window. It has a number of older pictures and drawings of the adilas logo and some original concept drawings. Here is the text on the top of the image.

Adilas, LLC or adilas.biz was created in 2008. Prior to that, it was called the Morning Star System and was a custom write-up system for a local company. Up to that point, all of the code work and the full application had been created in Salida, CO. The name Adilas, is actually "Salida" spelled backwards. We came up with an acronym for adilas of - "all data is live and searchable". Kind fun. Also, the adilas logo was originally a stylized version of a major icon in the Salida area. It is called "S Mountain" or "Spiral Drive".

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Shop 4139 Adilas Time 11/7/18  

On the morning meeting with the guys. We had both Wayne and Calvin pop in briefly. Most of the morning session, Dustin and I were working on his code to auto increment these huge RFID tag numbers. Basically, you start with a huge 24 digit and/or character tag and then increment just the tail end. It has tons of zeros, alpha/numeric values, and an incremental portion. We spent a lot of time going over the sub loops and loops within loops. We got it and it seems to be working great.

Around 11 am (ish), Steve was showing us some cartoons about a dog. Anyways, Kat, Danny's wife, was telling Danny (one of our sales guys and label developers) that adilas was kinda like a dog. You tell it to go and do something, and it tries to go and do it. Anyways, Danny took this idea and worked with a guy from his church and came up with some fun cartoon dog images. Really fun. The artist's name is Naters Art from the Salida, CO area. Adilas is the word Salida spelled backwards. Kinda fun. Anyways, Naters came up with some great images of this dog, rolling over, with a bone, searching, and tilting it's head. The developers on the morning meeting were saying that they could see some of these images being used as icons while waiting, searching, success messages, error messages, info messages, etc. Lots of good laughs. See attached for a screen shot.

11 am -  meeting with Gene Spaulding with the SAL Management Group. GoToMeeting

We started out the demo and meeting with letting Gene show us around in his spreadsheets and what was connected to what. Really cool and he has taken things to a huge and super deep level. Steve and Gene were able to briefly talk about how both of them started at the spreadsheet level and then eventually grew out of that and into a database type technology like adilas. Good stuff.

One of the main pages that they had was titled - Census and Roster - who is where and what is what (simplified operational and accounting data). This fed the rest of the reports and pages.

Steve - what would be mission critical for you guys? They answered that it was the census and roster reports (getting data into the system). Simple screen to gather that information and then disperse it as needed.

They do have a 3rd party that does all of the onboarding platform stuff. All the paperwork, contract stuff, legal stuff, etc.

They have looked at some of the big huge platform applications out there... they are kinda looking for something smaller and maybe more custom. We did a demo and I think it went pretty well. I had Dave Forbis and Steve on the call with me. They had a controller and head manager on the call. Good back and forth and we had some fun.

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Shop 4159 Meeting with Will to go over transitional PO's 11/6/18  

Meeting with Will over a GoToMeeting session. We briefly talked about the transitional PO project. This is where an order (purchase order or PO) starts, and then has a payment applied even before any inventory is received and/or sent. It is somewhat of a PO that is between a request (order) and a received (live) PO. See attached for a couple of notes to get the project started.

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Shop 4158 queue and barcode 11/6/18  

Bryan popped in and had a couple of questions. Nothing major, just checking on things and what not.

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Shop 4117 Work session with Shannon 11/6/18  

Shannon joined the GoToMeeting session. Our original plan was to do a work session on the adilas user guide. We ended up spending the entire time talking about and going over ideas for a demo that is scheduled for tomorrow. It is for an assisted living center and a group that manages those facilities. I was showing her some scratch ideas and getting her feedback. See attached for some notes that we recorded during our session.

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Shop 4148 Adilas Time 11/6/18  

Project planning and scratching down ideas to help an assisted living center with multiple locations. Trying to use what I have and what I know.

This is a small note from this morning, while I was on a hike with Brian Stewart. These are some summed up lessons learned from King David in the Old Testament (David and Goliath).

1. Use what you have.
2. Take what you know.
3. Run to the fight.

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Shop 4135 Adilas Time 11/6/18  

Jumped on the morning meeting with the guys. I got pulled away on a phone call with a potential client. He showed me some of what he is currently doing (all on spreadsheets) and we talked about where things will and/or could go next. Great meeting and we will be doing a small demo with him and his people tomorrow morning. After that, I did some small to do list stuff and buttoned up a few pieces.

The last hour, I spent some time working with Dustin on his custom pages. He has a semi-complex system that allows for items to be checked and then grouped into mini sub groups. We planned some stuff out and then actually went in and started working on the code. It ended up being a bunch of mini loops. We had fun talking about the steps and then actually doing the loops within loops and figuring out the data pieces. Great session.

As a side note, Dustin is gathering tons of info and then needs to auto increment a huge 24 digit number that has a mix between alpha and numeric values. That is part of his loops within loops stuff. We gave him a smaller page that does a similar process and he will be working through the logic and making it part of his page. The values can be pretty complex.

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Shop 4157 Talking with Steve 11/5/18  

On the phone with Steve for half an hour going over ideas and options. We are looking into some strategic moves and how to increase sales. We also have a number of clients that we need to collect from and get our accounts receivables down a bit. Good meeting and we talked through a couple of good options.

I spent the rest of the time following up on emails, making client phone calls, light tech support, and recording notes. Good day today.

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Shop 4141 Adilas Time 11/5/18  

Working on some image concepts that Dave Forbis sent over. See attached for some fun new images of the cart and the horse (horse and cart) and how that analogy relates to operations and accounting.

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Shop 4133 Adilas Time 11/5/18  

On the morning meeting. We briefly talked about some updates from the weekend. We had a number of different developers pop in and make small reports.

Steve and I were about system stats and reports at the higher system level. We also need some rules and how we allow and/or don't allow play. Not just reports on how much data we are carrying along (total stats and counts)... but also, what is added new per day (incremental reporting). We need to be able to analyze usage, storage, and even analyze bandwidth. What are they truly using.

From Calvin, there may be potential in monetizing the usage of the application. If we are incurring a cost, we need to pass that on, plus adding in some profit. We have some clients that come in at a super low rate. Then they grow and develop and build and become more successful, but the system fees haven't increased to match that (at all). Basically, no one is monitoring the growth, storage, usage, and system stats. We need some report matrixes that we could show and then charge for. 

Calvin popped in and gave Steve and I pretty deep demo of the adilas label builder. We got pretty deep, we played, asked questions, and even got into some of the funding and financing of how do we pay for this, how do we fund it, and how do we keep supporting it? Good stuff.

Some people want to buy it modular (every little thing) and some people want to buy it as a package (get everything and use what you want).

Some of the matrix values might need to be: How many things get created? How often are they being used? How much data is being transferred back and forth?

How do we monetize things and get a real ROI (return on our investment)? It comes back to sales, rules, and what we setup. Steve and Calvin were talking about putting all of the tools out there and then letting them (the adilas users) use what they need. Kinda like a big giant rental center... they could use the big tools, the small tools, and everybody could use whatever they needed. They were talking about small mom and pop shops, percentages, set fees, or some kind of mix between those different models. Lots of options.

By us not monitoring server stats and usage, we and kinda killing ourselves. We want to come up with something that is fair and workable for all the different parties. That is where we want to get to. We want to track the cause and effect of data storage, file storage, processing (API socket calls, queries, data in/out), and maybe usage and bandwidth.

Looking forward... We may need some snapshot info (aggregated data) to show corp to server stats. We may need to start counting reads (queries and looking at things) and writes (inserts and updates). We may need just counts per day per corp. This could become some of our general matrix values. Steve and Calvin were talking about possibly charging for the net results (what are they getting out of it). We need to store it, and then go back and use that as the histories, stats, and usage.

Just an idea... what about showing stats per user and what they are browsing (who is generating the usage - who is looking at what). We could add some counters on the actual method calls (yep, Holly used me or pulled me).

Steve - Every year that a company is with us, we keep adding a virtual train car to what they are pulling and/or hauling. At some future point, we may need a way to snip and clip some of that older data off (how much are they hauling). This could be in and may include standalone declarations and other watchers, feeders, and triggers. Certain tables just keep ballooning and we are storing and storing data. We need to figure out a way to archive some of that data.

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Shop 4156 General 11/2/18  

Tech support and helping to fix a custom page setting error dealing with 2nd vendor/payees for PO's and expense/receipts. Pushed up new code. Emails to other developers and sending some new setup info to Michael Webber with McCorvey's Bowling World. Michael did some work for us back in 2012 and will be helping with an upcoming project. Good stuff.

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Shop 4131 General 11/2/18  

Working with Alan on a backend database project. We were flipping a table name and it was giving us problems due to master database privileges and permissions. We got in there and were able to get it fixed. Emails and small updates.

I also wanted to record a small conversation between Steve and I on the GoToMeeting session this morning. We were talking about ways to encourage companies to move out of the shared environment and onto their own dedicated servers, once they reach a certain size. One of our developers was reporting that a medium sized company was creating around 6,000 new database entries per day. That was for a medium sized company. That got us thinking about some of the bigger companies and how many records they are creating per day.

I mentioned to Steve that my wife, yesterday, simply said... "Do you have a limit that requires a company to leave the shared environment?" I had to answer, no. We currently don't have any limits and/or rules in place to help us with those decisions and/or levels. While Steve and I were talking, he mentioned that his wife said a similar thing the other day as well. Kinda funny, but we didn't even think of putting in a limit and/or rule to protect ourselves. That idea had to come from the outside. Long story made short, I'll bet we'll start looking into some rules and limits and make them standard.

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Shop 4106 General 11/1/18  

Recording notes, emails, and writing a mini proposal and teaser to a company to look at expanding their options and look into the benefits of going with a dedicated box (cluster level). I recorded the email in the client log for future reference. I also sent them a copy of a report showing their existing stats and hopefully enough to encourage them to look into some new options. I'm not very good at that kind of thing. Good afternoon session.

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Shop 4059 Adilas Time 11/1/18  

Phone call with Dave Forbis to go over progress on the concept drawings. We talked about ideas and where we want it to go. We came up with an idea to try to mix older scratch graphics with real graphics to give things a flavor of concepting and/or iterations (cycle of putting things out there and then refining them as we go). We are hoping that by showing both types of graphics, it will allow people to contribute and see that things are in a constant state of development. Basically, like allowing people to come as they are vs having to be in a white shirt and a tie - heck, we'll allow you to come in your PJ's, if you want. Approachable learning model.

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Shop 4028 Adilas Time 11/1/18  

On the morning meeting with the guys. One of the first topics of the day was a client's system stats and how to monitor who is big, small, or somewhere in between? We have a few small reports, but we really need to beef that area up and make it more available and visible. We would love to do some visual stats, like the new invoice homepage that Alan made. The difference would be that instead of just invoice and sales data, it would be corporation (world) or location level stats and data. That would be really cool. We went into one of the servers and checked around. The data 0 box had over 1,000+ unique logins yesterday. The corporation in question had over 55 unique users yesterday make and/or modify an invoice. That same company had over 110 unique users affect an invoice in the month of October. We would like to make those kind of stats available and ready for viewing. It helps with decisions and what not.

As we were talking about shared hosting plans, we had the idea of creating an in-depth news and update with information about shared hosting plans (standard adilas accounts), semi-dedicated plans (limited number per server), and fully or full dedicated plans (private server boxes or cluster). We also made a note that some of that info may go well in our ecommerce pages and section. Basically, let the companies decide if they want to upgrade and what not. Show the features, advantages, and benefits of what we have to offer.

Along with that discussion, we had some talks about how fast things are changing all around us... think of technology in general, software packages, servers, hardware, and even versions of existing products. Everything keeps advancing. It becomes a maintenance balance to keep up with things.

Steve wanted to be fair and look at upgrades and maintenance from both sides. What are the clients wanting and/or expecting (their side)? What are we wanting and/or expecting (from our side)? Where do we meet in the middle and who pays for what? Great questions.

We also talked about the fear of selling and making the sale. Sometimes it is scary to virtually rock the boat. This was mostly on my part, but I was expressing that sometimes my angle and strategy is very open and doesn't commit and/or over commit on certain things. Each person needs to be their own style. Later in the day, I was challenged to write a big email to open the door to a client about getting on their own box. It made me think of a quote from Spencer Johnson's, "Who Moved My Cheese" book about dealing with change. It says - "What would I do if I weren't afraid?" That is a good question to ask. It is even more fun to ask yourself that question and then actually go do it. Difficult but fun.

Historically speaking, we are seeing things such as the data 0 server. It was setup in 2011 or 2012, it is on a 2008 server, it uses older versions of ColdFusion (coding environment) and older versions of the MySQL database. That conversation moved us to talk about older technology like fax numbers and other older hold-overs and such. It is amazing as it comes down to a form of maintenance and upkeep. Lots of the new things are going to faster processors, solid state drives, and up to date versions of both software and hardware.

A quote from Steve - "Lessons in time". It is amazing what we have learned over time and by trial and error. We keep learning as we go.

Towards the end of the session, I helped merge in some new code from Bryan. His code was dealing with show/hide option for 2nd vendor/payee tied to PO's. After merging code and pushing things up, he went in and did some live testing. After that, I helped get Steve's latest code branch merged into the master code repository. His code is currently all in custom pages and mostly dealing with the cannabis vertical. He's got some good things going. On that note, he would love to turn over his code work and swap it out for more sales work. He is really good at that.

I worked on some feedback for Dave Forbis and a new graphic that he sent to me. See attached for a copy of the new graphics.

Eric popped in and we setup some bigger blocks of time to work on his special account tracking projects. As we were talking, Eric was talking about project management and the "risk factor" within project management and risk management. He is excited that our current project will help other pieces and clients, but it not dependent upon other pieces in the system. Our goal is to get that section finished and launched by end of the year. That would be awesome.

This is an observation, but there is a growing need to keep breaking things into smaller and smaller pieces. Eric had questions, just today, about how to show/hide fields, change names and aliases, etc. We have a mini project that was done and created for the customers add/edit page, but it doesn't go any further than that. We really need to break each section into smaller pieces and have group settings, page settings, and personal settings. That seems to be a growing need. Along with that, we also see a future need to sub divide the permissions into virtual functions within the functions themselves. It is crazy to see how deep those fractures are and will be heading in the future. Crazy customizable levels.

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Shop 4118 Cory: MIH4 - invoice address settings 10/31/18  

Bryan and I were looking over some code to show/hide an additional vendor/payee address on different PO's and PO pages. After looking into it, we decided to go a little bit deeper and wrapped the new settings and data look-ups with some conditional logic. It will make the whole thing look and perform on a tighter playing field. We were almost done but ran out of time. We will merge and push up things tomorrow. Today is Halloween and we both have plans with our families and it would still be another 20-30 minutes to fully wrap things up. It will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Shop 4105 Working on the user guide 10/31/18  

Emails and looking into an error with the old part weight field out in ecommerce land. It had some code that tried to format it as a number but technically, it was stored in the database as a string. I added some validation and conditions and uploaded the pages. This was an error that has been showing up from time to time but we just didn't know where it was coming from. Nobody reported it but the spiders (web crawlers and search engine crawlers) were hitting it over and over again. We found it due to a backend error trapping report that Garrett created a couple years back. Anyways, hopefully we have it fixed now.

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Shop 4063 Adilas Time 10/31/18  

If I get the sales tax project done, I'd like to work on the adilas community funded projects and adilas user groups - Bryan has already submitted some code.

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Shop 4025 Adilas Time 10/31/18  

Happy Halloween! As a fun side note, both Steve and Josh have Halloween as their anniversaries. They were able to chat and have fun talking about that.

Calvin popped in and we got some API stuff working on the adilas content server. He needs that functionality for the new adilas label builder app. Good stuff.

Alan, Dustin, Josh, Steve, and I were on the morning meeting. Steve had a couple of questions about some emails that were going around. We pulled in Alan and chatted about some database restructures, re-indexing of records, and full table rebuilds. We then talked briefly about a client that has a bunch of custom code but hasn't really been able to get things going. They are currently not paying their monthly bill and not responding to the David B. and Shari O. We have decided that we need to turn them off as it is costing our company trying to chase their company. If they want it, we can easily re-flip the light switch back on.

Wayne jumped in and we did some checking on his database migration code. We logged into the dedicated server and ran a couple reports. All of the data looks good and he will be contacting the client to let them know. This project has been ongoing for about 2 months now. Basically, we migrated about 10 corporations off of one of the shared servers to their own dedicated servers. Well, once we finished and released the new dedicated box, they came back and said, what about this other corporation that we had no notes and/or record of. Because it missed the normal migration process, and the new server was already live and consuming auto id numbers in the database, we couldn't do our normal migration process. Instead, Wayne had to write a new program that allowed for both servers to keep running at full speed and still be able migrate and copy database records across between servers. That may sound easy, but think of all of the auto id number and foreign keys based off of the auto id numbers that could get messed up. This was a very deep project. It looks great and seems good to go. That is awesome.

We intend to use this same program (actual software we have to run on the physical servers) to help us migrate other clients off of shared environments and into either other shared servers and/or to their own dedicated boxes. That is a huge break through for us. Good stuff.

After that, I jumped in and did some emails and tech support stuff. Towards the end of the meeting, Calvin jumped back in and we made two of his permissions go live for the adilas label builder. We then did some light testing on the live servers. It still needs some lovin, but we had a successful live test between data 0, the content server, and Calvin's adilas label builder app. That is pretty cool. He was going to make a couple changes and then get back with me. Pretty cool and some great progress.

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Shop 4115 Sub Barcode: bulk edit line 10/30/18  

Bryan and I worked on a few of his projects. He had some question and we looked over some of his code. We went in and talked about the bulk edit page for PO line items and adding new outline options to help update the sub barcodes. This would be some other enhancements to help out that bulk edit page.

Next we talked about a new project to show/hide options for the secondary vendor/payee options on printable PO's and save as PDF PO's. This deals with some new corp-wide settings and then cascading things around.

As a fun side note, Bryan is now officially a grandpa. His oldest daughter just had their first little baby.

Steve and Bryan were talking about the almost constant need of our clients to make and build custom solutions. Almost like an open source software solution, but we are the entity that helps them tweak things out and get the changes that they need.

After Bryan left, Dustin and I helped Steve out with some JavaScript questions for his new custom pages.

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Shop 4112 Meeting with Shannon 10/30/18  

This was a note for our meeting: Follow-up on each other's progress - adilas marketplace and the adilas user guide.

Brandon reported... good intentions and not much to show for it.

Shannon reported... she has been getting more time to work on adilas and that is a plus. She has been reviewing training from the last Denver training. She has also been working with Svend on the adilas market profile and expectations for hardware support. We also talked about lines (client needs) and what adilas will and will not cover. Hardware integration gets tricky. We want to help cover simple hardware support issues. We need to maintain the independent relationship as much as possible.

Shannon will be writing an email and setting up the conversation about max, min, expectations, terms, and what the general rules will be. We talked about allowing Svend and Smart POS to bill us for up to 1/2 an hour per client. If more time is needed, he would need to bill for that independently. Dealing with Svend and hardware, he would like to offer POS (point of sale) packages and the setup and integration parts and pieces of that (hardware packages and setup). He would also like to be available on a 24 hour option.

One of our goals, as adilas, is - see a need and fill that need.

With certain independents, we may need to hold their hand a little bit and help them out with some specific adilas training. That will either need to be covered as part of business and/or some other way of funding and taking care of that. Ideally, adilas would fund a portion of that and make sure all is well. We, as adilas, will then gain from that relationship if they, the independent and/or 3rd party solution, are able to take care of that part of the puzzle. Once again, see the need (identify where or what is needed) and then fill that need (either internally or put an independent and/or 3rd party solution in place to handle that need).

Our next meeting will be a work session where Shannon will be typing and I will be speaking and spouting off... :)

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Shop 4116 Working with Eric 10/30/18  

See attached and fill in some info about the meeting. Planning out the next level of the sub special tracking accounts (sub of the balance sheet) for things like loyalty points, rewards, gift cards, in-store credit, etc.

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Shop 4057 Adilas Time 10/30/18  

Meeting with Hamilton with Full Cricle IM (interactive media). Hamilton was doing the small demo. Basically, he is going to be working with adilas and integrating his marketing product with adilas. Josh Sagert is going to be doing some work to help with that integration.

- new clients today (new customer/client start dates)

- check-ins today (customer/client queue)

- reminders (small messages to help people know different things - emails and text messages)

- coupons and broadcasts (sales and promotions)

- opt in/out to the loyalty points via a mobile number (quick text verification)

- internal inboxes

- scheduling texts and emails and reminders

- keywords (flagging and tagging different client records)

- auto watching for rewards earned and sending reminders and texts based on certain sales rules

- preferences and products that match certain clients and their profile

- Multi-numbers (virtual phone numbers) to handle more traffic and number of texts being sent

- API keys and storing client connection data

Good discussion between Josh and Hamilton about discounts, campaigns, and how to tie things together. They talked about goals and ways of figuring out the target marketing pieces using the technologies. They also talked about dashboards and showing what was sent out and what was returned (ROI). In Hamilton's words, he wants to reduce the sales friction. By combining things (adilas and Full Circle IM) it could and will be a great combo. All the pieces in the same database, that helps create a system and allows for major options.

They also were talking about integrating out to ecommerce and tracking click through's (general or generic interest) and also retention results (resulted in a full purchase). Tracking leads, campaigns, and effectiveness. They really want to focus on the end user's and how well and easy they can use it.

Talking about possible options of how to sign in - enter the number by the user or by the person doing the check in process. There are also options to text in and then use that as part of the check-in process. Basically, talking about checks and balances and making sure that they knew who was who.

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Shop 4039 Adilas Time 10/30/18  

On the morning meeting with the guys. Steve reported on some progress with his extraction (production) pages (internal build PO's). Wayne popped in and we had a small discussion about the data 8 server. It seems to be having some random problems. Not sure what it is. When it is up, it seems fast and slick. When it is down, it just grinds and/or stops. On the phone with tech support with the server guys. I made some small changes to the PO line items page and added an outline type numbering system. This only comes into play with parent/child inventory.

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Shop 4069 Adilas Time 10/29/18  

Working with Eric on the sub special account tracking project. This is for things like gift cards, rewards programs, loyalty points, etc (subs of the balance sheet). Eric has been on vacation and wanted to show me some of his progress. We went through some of the master setup pieces and then into the corp-specific stuff. We made a few tweaks, but most of it looks pretty good to this point. Our next meeting will be some additional planning on how the system will start using the new special account tracking and making transactional records hit the database.

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Adi 1357 Research - Cognitive Walk Throughs, User Group Testing, & User Interface/Experience Redesign 10/29/18  

We would love to get more into user group research and what is needed, wanted, expected, etc. This entry is here to get us a staring place. With all of the functionality within adilas, this could go way out, but we could also break things down into smaller mini sections. See this element of time for some other great ideas along the same line.


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Shop 4035 Adilas Time 10/29/18  

On the morning meeting with Steve. As we were going through emails, we had more requests for custom homepages and even some users wanting to go back to the classic invoice homepage vs the newer graphical invoice homepage. We then started talking about all of the different levels of custom...

We went into corp-wide settings, group settings (12 main player groups), page level settings (page control - how does it look and what does it contains and how does it work), and clear down to personal settings.  That got us into a small talk and conversation about an adilas "fracture" account. This is a concept of breaking everything down into mini pieces that could be stringed and/or put together in any combination. This could include pre-sets, pre-built options, special skinning, etc. It could also get into real in-line database extensions, themes, core black box options, etc.

What we are really selling is... We have tons of things pre-built and have a viable solution that has tons of functionality. This is ready and out of the box. We then offer people the chance to build their own application and virtually extend the functionality to what they really want. Basically, Steve was talking on a sales level, and was thinking about having a number of checkboxes... when meeting with a company, you could virtually check the boxes of what we have, we could also allow them to then pick and choose what they want to add on. Basically, we, as adilas, could tweak out our own product and create all kind of custom wire jobs.

We need to apply our own client filters and see who wants to play. We don't want to get over our heads, but we have a great number of guys who can do and handle certain pieces. We have a solution that is usable, right out of the box. We also have a platform that is customizable and moldable (like clay). Steve was also talking about selective selling and really selling our model vs just the system. Not everybody is a fit for what we do and/or offer.

Idea from Steve... Run the system for 6 months and get good at the system. Then come back and tell us what you want to tweak out and/or change.

People want major functionality... however, they also want it to look a certain way (how pretty is it), they also want a level of control (what can they tweak and change).

Function, form, and control - Alan was mentioning the word "Control" - that gets clear down into that fracture type level. We could have preset templates, show/hide settings, toggle on/off settings, permissions and sub permissions, main pieces, sub pieces, and even show/hide of the different modules. Currently, we have everything available... we may actually want to look at module level controls. For example: do you use payroll? do you use stock/units? do you use x or y?

Idea from Alan... What if we did some testing on new users and had them do certain tasks. We then see how intuitive the process are. This would be a refining process and then work from there. As a side note, we have been adding on for years and years. That is our current model. Maybe we need to rework our inter core and make it more module based and then be able to show/hide and/or be able to toggle things (full sections and/or pieces) to an on/off level.

We also talked about packaging and limited packaging of the system... For example: The limited package, the standard package, the deluxe package, and the mother load... package. Not sure what to call things... but it could be really cool. Basically, it all exists, we just show it (smoke and mirrors) in certain ways. Based on the package style and/or level, we could show/hide other pieces and/or features. Another analogy is a race car engine and then we offer the body styles like cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, semi trucks, or even UFO's (see attached for an older image).

Adilas has a lot to offer... but what if I only need it for this or that? It sometimes feels like taking an army tank out to hunt birds, say something like pheasant hunting or duck hunting. Almost an over kill. What if we could dumb it way down and make it more approachable. Make it into smaller bite size pieces and then let them get deeper if they want. As a side note, like the ice berg analogy, we only show the most basic pieces. Then, if they want more, we allow them to get to it. Maybe either offer certain packages and/or hide everything by default and make them turn it on (at a corp-wide or world level and also at a payee/user level).

Steve - how do people want to buy things? We then need to cater to that level. See the photo gallery for an inverted funnel analogy. Currently, we have people enter with all options (like the top side of the a funnel) and then have them select what they want to get to the smaller level. What if we flipped that model and started out super small and basic... then they could either buy and/or turn of additional modules and/or features as they need them. So, basically, we start super small (like the bottom of the funnel) and work outward (getting bigger like the top of a funnel).

Alan - would like to do a cognitive walk through... What path do they take to do a task? Where did we want them to go and/or do? Where are their eyes on the page and where are they spending the most time? How easy was it for them to follow the path that is wanted? The cognitive walk through would include a small user group, and then the persons being tasked with the tasks would have to explain (verbal and/or written) what and why they are doing what they are doing. Basically, getting into the minds of the users and what they are seeing, focusing on, and/or actually doing.

Wire frames (interactive outlines) and getting to the basic decisions and taking that research back to the coding project. What is the phycology behind the decisions. What are the human levels that we might be missing and/or could really enhance just by display, menus, and structure. In Dustin's words... "putting rails on things".

We also talked about doing different cognitive walk through groups (users not familiar with the system) and how they would do their own different tasks. If they get stuck, why? What were they looking for and what were they expecting? This is more of a cognitive (brain activity) exercise to see what the thought process is and/or could be. One of the challenges for us might be - so many different business verticals and so many different choices... we might need to get a sample and make sure that we aren't hitting just one niche and/or personality type. Lots of different flares and possibilities. We would like to match who would be using the program with what we would be asking them to do. This testing also has some down-sides, such as preconceived notions, using other existing and/or older products, and actually testing people who would be using it.

Alan and I were talking about who we knew and what resources we could tap into to get some basic testing. Just throwing around some ideas. We added in a new community funded project to get in there and do some research and some of the cognitive walk trough's.

After that, Alan and I were reporting on our different projects. We love the options of having black box code, but there are teeth to that as well. We are starting to see the black box section as a huge time sink for the developers if they are making core changes. We have code that is not in master (in the main code repository), it could be changed at any time, and no one knows who has the last cookie. The developers work directly with the clients, and thus, they think that they have the latest code, but a new change could have been cascaded through to the other pages. We definitely need the black box code options and framework, but we need to eliminate as much duplicate code as possible. It is becoming an issue. It is not on fire, but it becoming a thing that needs to be addressed.

Wayne popped in and reported on the database migration project. He is planning on running some new tests tonight. He went backwards and did some major back testing and going back to a test driven design philosophy. He said that he got a great reminder on why we need to stick with a test driven design philosophy (watching out for the little things). The data migration process is super deep... it is basically allowing two different servers to run as they are... then in the background it takes data and tries to re-sync the data to get a perfect match, even though they are different databases with different auto id numbers. That is advanced mixing and blending.

We got into a bigger discussion about standardizing data and using special tables such as flex grid tie-ins and custom dates, numeric, and custom text fields. Some of those tables are great double agents and/or chameleon type tables (they switch as needed). Good stuff and it really seems like Wayne is trying to think beyond the current project.

We are constantly chasing a moving target... part of the fun... :)

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Shop 4114 Sub Barcode check 10/25/18  

Bryan and I got on a GoToMeeting session. We spent some time checking in some code for the unique sub barcodes for sub inventory. We then pushed up files, ran database updates, and then did some live testing. We tag teamed and did all of the live servers (lots of clicking and running database updates per corporation). That new sub barcode feature should be up and good to go. Great job Bryan.

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Shop 4053 Adilas Time 10/25/18  

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Shop 4026 Adilas Time 10/25/18  

Small update with the guys. Each of us reported on progress and next steps. After that, we all jumped onto our own projects. I worked on sales tax project. Towards the end, Steve and I got on a call and talked about funding, projects, and some strategy going forward.

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Shop 4113 Sub Barcode check 10/24/18  

On a meeting with Bryan. He showed me his progress on the unique sub barcode project. We also got Molly, an adilas rep and consultant on the call with us. We answered some questions and made a small tick list of 4 new items. Bryan and I then started working through the items. We got 2 of the 4 items done and setup a time to meet again tomorrow. After that, we spent a little bit of time talking about some new 2nd or additional vendor info on PO's. Bryan has a client that needs some tweaks and we talked about some new settings to help control those pieces. If we don't go the setting route, it would be multiple black box pages per corp (already looking at 10+ corps that need that feature). We are leaning towards new PO settings.

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Shop 4052 Adilas Time 10/24/18  

Recording notes and switching back over to the sales tax project and code review. That project has about 90+ files for round 5 that need to be checked and merged into master. Lots of testing has already been done. I'm on the black box part of the project. That deals with numerous pages that have code that is slightly different than the master code set - on purpose. It just takes time to get all of the pieces in-line.

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Shop 4030 Adilas Time 10/24/18  

On the morning meeting. Josh gave Steve and I a demo of his discount stuff. He has it far enough along that we could see him both adding and editing records (global discount rules based on dates and times). We talked about some standard adilas coding things, validation, and matching the look and feel. The main concepts are there, we just need to standardize things and then fully implement the new discounts and discount rules that he is building. It will end up being pretty cool.

Steve forwarded me an email with a small bug dealing with sub inventory and having more than 10 child or sub packages per parent line item. I spent most of the work session chasing that bug around and getting it fixed. It ended up that the code was dynamic (meaning it could handle any number of entries) but it was confusing number 1 (first sub or first package) with numbers 10 and 11. Here is an example: The code was setup to check for something like - " _1" (underscore one) where the 1 was dynamic. Well, once you get into items above and around 10... you get a match for _1, _10, _11, etc. That made it so that your results weren't perfectly matched up (due to the multiplicity of matches).

I tightened things up and pushed up new code to all servers. It now checks for a perfect match (1 to 1, 10 to 10, etc.).

At the end of the work session, Steve had some questions about checkboxes and showing saves selections when editing large number of checkbox options. We went over some key concepts and he was going to rework some stuff. I left the meeting as Josh was going to give Steve another small demo on his discount stuff. I had seen some of it earlier, and Steve was only able to catch a small portion of the demo this morning (Internet and connection problems).

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Shop 4111 Sub Barcode check 10/23/18  

On a meeting with Bryan. We spent the whole time going over his code for unique sub barcodes for sub inventory. The code is looking good and we should be able to get everything singed off in one more session and then actually go through and update all of the corporations and servers to have access to the new code and database fields. Making progress.

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Shop 4107 Meeting with Shannon 10/23/18  

Our to do list for this meeting: Keep following up on the adilas market and getting content for the user guide. We will both be checking on each other's progress.

Brandon reported on his progress and some new outline pieces.

Shannon reported on her progress and going over some older work sessions (prior notes and content). She was also able to connect with Svend (adilas market and some hardware stuff). As a side note, we may have Shannon help us get some of our developers out and setup in the marketplace.

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Shop 4058 Adilas Time 10/23/18  

Spent some time working on an outline for the adilas user guide. I added about 30 bullet points in the meet the players section. That area had about 50 key topics. I have expanded it to just over 80 topics. I will be releasing them once they are a little bit tighter. Some of the things that were added were topics and subjects such as: API sockets, barcodes, QR codes, black box page technology, check writing, coupons & sales campaigns, email settings, gift cards, GPS & RFID tag tracking, marketing, media/content, merchant processing, mini conversions, sub inventory, third party solutions, etc. I'm excited to work with Shannon and get some verbage and documentation on those subjects.

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Shop 4023 Adilas Time 10/23/18  

Alan - Reported on some database changes, new session and application based permission changes, and talked with Steve and I about possible corp-specific database tables. We are still in the pros and cons state of some of those decisions, about the corp-specific database tables. Alan also asked Steve some questions about the upcoming part/item weight and part/item count stuff. That is one of his current internal projects that he is working on.

Calvin - Popped in and showed up some progress on the adilas label builder. He has a bunch of things working on the local level. The next area is interacting between servers and using API socket calls. The last part of our session, we went over what it would take to make and create an adilas API socket section on the adilas content server. It already does some of that, but needs to be updated and retrofitted to help with Calvin's adilas label builder pieces.

After that, I spent some time doing emails and trying to help point Will in a good direction for a thing we are going to be calling "Transitional PO's" - these are a cross between an order/request PO and a live PO. It deals with when do you start paying for parts/items, when do you record them as inventory, and how do track the transitional date range when it is somewhere in the middle of an order/request and an actual live PO that affects inventory and payables. Basically, extending out the order and fulfillment process to a deeper level.

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Shop 4110 Hamilton: Fulll Circle API 10/22/18  

Working with Bryan on sub barcode logic. He had everything prepped and ready... We spent an hour and got the first sub inventory barcode (unique string) to go through the shopping cart. Bryan still has a couple of other pages to wire up, but we have a working pattern.

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Shop 4104 Working on the user guide 10/22/18  

Recording some money transfers and then back working on the code sign-off for the sales tax project.

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Shop 4049 Adilas Time 10/22/18  

Ended up going into town to transfer some monies between companies. We have a big custom label project going on and needed to move some monies around in order to help fund that project.

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Shop 4031 Adilas Time 10/22/18  

On the morning meeting with the guys. Dustin started out and showed us some cool photos of his trip back to New Hampshire. Alan and I got into a discussion about MySQL databases and different table engines or table types. Dustin, Josh, and I then had a discussion on how best to code a page that has some complex batching and grouping. We laid it out with three proposals and chatted about each. Both Josh and Dustin are working together on this project. Dustin in coding things and Josh is helping him with ideas and best practices (peer tutoring).

I switched gears and started looking into the black box code on the sales tax project. Towards the end of the session, Steve and I got on a phone call and talked some strategy and where we are headed. We also went over some of our payables and made some plans there. Trying to stay ahead of the game.

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Shop 4065 Adilas Time 10/18/18  

On a GoToMeeting session with Dave Forbis. We spent the first little while and talked about ideas for the billboard sites. See element of time # 4108 for more info. We went over Dave's ideas for the sales (quick interest catchers), principles (why), and the features (what). He wanted me to pick 3 from each category. We talked about things and made some decisions.

We then switched gears and talked about Campaign Rise (custom wire job project). They still need some automation and also some training. Dave asked some great questions and I tried to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Dave is willing to help us go get funding and monies for certain projects. We talked about how Steve used to do that and did an awesome job. Currently, he is doing more development work and working on the backend engine vs out front doing sales and talking with clients. We may need to help switch that around. Steve was able to single handed fund and keep the entire adilas shop going. He is really good at that kind of stuff.

One of the places that Dave wants to help out is with automating the reoccurring invoices. They already exist and auto queue themselves up, they just don't auto run themselves. We talked about adding a new setting per reoccurring that allows for manual process (default) or auto create process. We also talked about how the actual money part of that is whole other project and deals with three separate systems (adilas, credit card gateways, and bank or finance institutions). We have to mix and blend all of the pieces.

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Adi 1355 Automate The Existing Reoccurring Invoice Process 10/18/18  

The invoices are already able to queue up a reoccurring invoice based off of a master invoice in the system. Kind of like a copy of the master invoice. This project would speed things up and allow for reoccurring invoices to be auto created. The new features would allow for a switch between manual (default) and the new auto create feature.

This project would also include some major backend work to automate the merchant processing and reoccurring process of this as well. Currently, that portion is also manual and requires multiple windows to be open in order to complete the whole process (adilas, bank, and merchant processing gateway). Speeding up all of these manual processes would be a huge time saver for those who do process reoccurring invoices.

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Shop 4043 Adilas Time 10/18/18  

Random notes from the day. Brian Stewart is a friend and 30+ year computer guy and programmer. He works for a different company but we go walking and hiking together in the mornings. We talk business and code while we walk. Here are a couple of gems from today.

- There is a difference between working in your business or working on your business - Brian Stewart on a morning hike.

- Create systems... Instead of setting pass/fail goals... create a small system and then start playing the game. Success is playing the game and working the system. The results will usually end up following. - Brian Stewart on a morning hike.

- Brian and I spent quite a bit of time talking about good cop, bad cop, and helping to setup the community and environment that you want for your company. A lot of the discussion was dealing with finding that balance point between speed, function, stability, and beauty. Not everybody has the same personality and/or skill sets. Lots of mixing and blending. Some of the conversation was how to mix senior developers and junior developers and to help them play well together. Sometimes that mixing becomes an issue and also a who gets credit for what and who gets paid for what. Sometimes a tough mix.

On the morning meeting with Steve, Dustin, Alan, and Josh. We started out and got things going. Dustin is going on a trip soon and was reporting about some areas in the North East that he will be visiting. Sounds fun. Here are some other things that happened on the meeting.

- Helping Dustin with some FORM logic. He has a ton of form field data that needs to be dynamic, grouped, and passed over to an action page and still be able to maintain its complex data format and maintain its special groupings. We went through a number of scenarios and he took a number of screen shots. We talked strategy and I showed him some similar code that is used for duplicating PO's and passing dynamic data from page to page.

- Talking with Alan about the idea of on purpose allowing the view of the pages to fracture and be more controllable. We did a small graphic (drawing) and talked about how we have known form field values. We also have a known database table that could hold the data field settings such as show/hide, defaults, data types, special instructions, sort values, field name aliases, etc. We then talked about how we could potentially use ColdFusion custom tags to hold the logic to dynamically populate and/or build the HTML (web format) pages based on the custom tags. The custom tags are a combo between a function and an include. Anyways, we had a good discussion on that. Alan was saying that this plays in perfectly to the MVC (model view controller) type scenario that we would like to use. See attached for a small drawing.

- We had two other outside parties come into the meeting. We had Molly (an adilas consultant) and a guy by the name of Ryan McCorvey (a user for McCorvey's Pro Shop - Bowling). They both had similar requests. They have different pages and reports (or functions) that are hitting time outs. Both companies have tons of data and Alan and I were taking notes and looking for possible bottlenecks and either slow queries and/or slow database tables. They could do the same reports and actions with small amounts of data, the system just choked and/or timed out when trying to process too much data. Kinda like getting a huge mouth full and not being able to chew and/or swallow. Anyways, we worked with both individuals and took some notes. Alan started looking into some research on what causes those table level slow-downs and what not.

- As we get into bigger and bigger datasets, we have to play well with scalability, indexing, and being able to play the big data game. Interesting how things keep progressing.

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Shop 4109 Mollyz; cross corp barcode 10/17/18  

On a work session with Bryan. We started out talking about code and getting new pieces and features up and being used quicker. There seems to be a big bottleneck with me as the primary code sign-off guy. I just get pulled in so many other directions. If something is more pressing, the other projects just sit on the shelf. We talked about styles and how best to help push things forward.

After that, we spent the rest of the session working on a plan for the unique sub barcode for sub inventory. This is a prep step for the cross-corp labeling that some of our clients want to do. Bryan was asking questions and recording videos and I was navigating, drawing, typing, and trying to help explain the project scope and what pages and pieces need to be touched. I don't have the videos, but Bryan made a number of small clips using his small capture tool. At this point, we have a small lightly sketched out plan. He will push things forward and ask questions along the way as needed.

At the very end, we talked about some other custom projects and how those are funded and/or pushed through the system. We also talked about a small project that had to be reworked and who pays for that. We had some good discussions and seem to be on the same page. Good meeting and we're making progress.

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Shop 4050 Adilas Time 10/17/18  

Light research on some of the ideas that Dave Forbis was pushing up dealing with billboard sites and marketing ideas. I then spent the rest of the block updating server settings and security stuff. Email updates to a few key people.

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Shop 4108 Billboards 10/17/18  

This will hold the brainstorming for what Brandon Moore coined "billboards". They are essentially websites that have a video, information, image, etc. that redirect to the Adilas main site.  

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Shop 4041 Adilas Time 10/17/18  

Small discussion on weight based selling of eaches. The topic seems to have two parts... you have normal quantity and you have a possible weight or count that might be applicable. This whole section is a precursor to full on mini conversions and was somewhat of a simple (1 layer deep) mini conversion based on sub weights or sub counts. We are seeing that each item has a main unit quantity (recorded on the invoice and/or PO - what actually went out the door). It may also have a count or weight  (sub information) for the main unit quantity. Lastly, we talked about another section to hold a single weight or standalone value to help with reporting and equivalency stuff. As a side note, the naming may need to be dynamic because different things (categories) play in different ways. You might have a serving size, dosage, or count per package and then maybe even different percentages on different levels, etc.

Some of those could be sub attributes within sub inventory, but we were looking to give a few more fields on the parent item to record basic, non-changing information. Steve was talking about a converted piece... Basically, it shows x, but it really mean y, and needs to report or extend to z for certain reports. It is starting to get pretty complicated. We started to talk about a secondary multiplier and how that might play in. See the scans and media/content for our session playing with numbers and ideas. We came away, saying, that we need an out the door unit quantity (physical units or number of per's - single packages or units), we need a count per or a weight per (secondary multiplier), we also need a standalone value per (just for reporting in certain scenarios - equivalence values). Each of those three main pieces would also need a unit of measure to go alone with it. That way you could say, I sold such and such in eaches, they all have a count or weight of such and such, and that equates to this or that. It gets into tracking the different layering and depths of the information (the z axis - space, layering, and depth).

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Shop 4068 Adilas Time 10/16/18  

Updating some server settings. Made changes on servers 0-6. I'll do the rest tomorrow.

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Shop 4097 Meeting with Shannon 10/16/18  

Light report by Shannon on her tasks. She showed me the current profile for Smart POS from Svend (hardware guy). We talked about maybe using a small mini interview and helping to get some of these guys and gals to get their info out to the public. Sometimes that is hard to come up with on the fly. We also talked about who is going to pay for the support on the hardware side? Also, what are the lines (rules of the game), obviously we can't pay for never-ending support, especially on hardware issues. The other question was how do we track those leads and/or referrals back and forth? Great questions.

What are the lines between tech support (basic) and actual training (hand-holding or extended time with the client)? Who pays for what? More questions about expectations and budgets.

Tons of older content that was pushed up by Shannon into the Adilas University site. See this entry:

https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/time_web_gallery.cfm?corp=371&id=3941 - 27+ Word Documents dealing with user guide content.

Where are we going next on this... We setup some time to work on the user guide project. We will keep building things and do things step by step. Slow and steady wins the race.

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AU 3941 Other User Guide Drafts 10/16/18  

These are files that were started on for populating the user guide back in 2013/2014.  I am uploading them now onto Adilas University so that they can be used for User Guide content or be otherwise accessible for documenting and any other needed purpose.  

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Shop 4044 Adilas Time 10/16/18  

On the morning meeting with the guys. Josh was showing some of his discount settings and pieces (new pages for setting discount rules and such). Alan popped in and gave some update reports. We talked about next projects and who was going to do what. My computer ended up doing a full reboot right in the middle of the meeting. After that, I did emails and research on user admin stuff for server database users. Nothing super special.

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Shop 4101 Photo links 10/15/18  

Working with Bryan to update the sub domains. Most of our servers have a "www" sub domain (ex: www.adilas.biz or www.adilasdata9.biz). The new code that was launched allows for things like order.somedomain.com or something in that line. The new code also fixed the ecommerce image paths. Good little session. All servers have been updated and new code is in place.

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Shop 4067 Adilas Time 10/15/18  

Emails and pushing up a custom database back-up file for a client. Going over the data 0 server and cleaning up older files (sweeping the floor a bit).

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Shop 4027 Adilas Time 10/15/18  

On the morning meeting with the guys. We spent the first little bit getting caught up and bringing everybody up to speed on the different things that happened over the weekend. Alan was reporting on his findings with the data 8 server (locking tables) as well as the data recovery for a single client on data 0 (re-building back data from a back-up). Steve then asked some questions about the customers table. We got into a fairly lengthy discussion about table joins, corp-specific tables, number of records, caching data, storing quick access records in the session scope, and the difference between cached data and live data.

Steve, Alan, and I talked about splitting up the customers table into a corp-specific table. That is a pretty big project, but it could have some real benefits. Currently, there are about 250 (ish) tables in the database. Most of them are what are called shared tables. We basically put all of the data into the same tables and then specify what corporation gets what data (invisible fences or virtual sandboxes). We currently have 5 corp-specific tables (super high traffic areas). They are for things like the customer queue, invoices, po/invoice line items, invoice payments, and sub inventory. There are also some other corp-specific tables, but it depends on what 3rd party solution have been turned on. Long story made short, the main customers table seems to be the next candidate to do some work on. It's not the number of records in the table... that is relatively small (ish), it's the number of joins and connections that make that table a super high traffic area. The other two table that are getting some high traffic are the customer history table and the invoice history table. Both of those pieces are not as critical, but they are getting thousands and thousands of new records every day.

The main customers table connects with invoices, quotes, elements of time, customer queue records (who is next), and all of the normal CRM (customer relationship management) stuff like additional contacts, log notes, settings, reports, and histories. The main customers table is a huge access point. We allow corp-wide settings to be used on the naming of the customers. This allows for things like patients, members, students, clients, etc. Lots of moving pieces.

Anyways, we talked about some pro and cons of making some changes there. We anticipate that a major re-write, without going to crazy levels, would be two weeks to a month. I did a local search for the phrase "customers." (customers dot like a table join) and got almost 400 pages on my local box. Some of those pages have between 25 and 50+ instances or occurrences per page. It could be a pretty big project, for sure. I'll bet that within the week or starting of next week, we'll get someone on that project. We are going to need it sooner than later. It works great now... it just needs to be able to scale a little bit better. Build and break, build and break. That is what we do.

After our morning discussions, we broke into mini work sessions on our different projects. I paid some bills, recorded some expenses, made some notes and recorded those notes, and went through emails.

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Adi 1354 Hide/Show Additional Contacts on Customer Intake Data 10/12/18  
Build out the customer data input settings to show or hide the Additional Contact input fields.
Have a + button at the bottom where you normally see the additional input? When clicked it would expand and show the fields 1 at at time?
Then, show/hide the + button and show/hide the fields could be controlled from the settings. 
Either see all as current or see the + and see no fields or even maybe just 1 field?
Maybe the setting options are show all, show just the +, show the + and 1 fields. Either way when the + is selected 1 field shows and 
another + to open up the next, until all are displayed.
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Shop 4100 Emails 10/11/18  

Spent some time writing emails and logging some notes in the client log files.

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Shop 4099 NCS: Cross corp 10/11/18  

On a call and GoToMeeting session with Bryan. We had to jump between a number of different projects. We got a call from a client and had to look into an issue. That somewhat interrupted our meeting for a little bit. We had another developer join us. We checked some things out on the live servers and then made some plans to help with the issue. After that, Bryan and I got back to planning out some of the projects that he is working on. We went through some sub domain pieces and I sent him an email with some requirements, specs, and notes.

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Shop 4060 Adilas Time 10/11/18  

Prepped a bunch of things for Dave. Sent an email off to he and Steve to cover some of the topics we talked about this morning. Back on the sales tax project and code review stuff.

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Shop 4029 Adilas Time 10/11/18  

On the morning meeting with Josh and Alan. We went over a few new changes from yesterday. Alan reported on his work with Bryan and making a new black box database table (custom table - specific just for that client). Alan and I talked about some naming conventions and how all new black box database tables will have "bb_" to start the table name. For example: bb_53_some_table_name.

We spent a little bit of time going over some new needs for quantity and weight multipliers. Alan and I decided to add two new fields to get things into real numeric values. Currently, some of the people are using some of the existing fields, but those fields are strings or varchars (text based) fields vs real numeric fields. Alan will be making some changes. We know that this project will have two phases. The first one will be to add the new fields and then match-up what ever values we can. The other part of this is going through hundreds of other reports and top cart mini's (gram counters) and Metrc API reporting (state tracking stuff) and flipping the older text based logic into real numeric values and real math. We will be using a value of 1 in the numeric weight field as a default. 1 times anything is the same number. If they want to change that ratio, they will at least have a spot (numeric field) where to do it.

I then started to work on the sales tax project and bringing up all of the black box code to match the master code files (checking for new changes on the custom tax fields 6-10 and other dynamic naming). As a side note... Custom is awesome, but there is a flip side to that... It takes quite a bit of maintenance to keep things up to date if you are changing core pieces.

I spent some time reviewing some notes and info that Dave Forbis gathered up dealing with Stripe (online merchant processing and credit card gateway). See element of time # 4095 for some notes and links. After that, I got on a call with Dave and we went over a few things. We have four different topics that we will be looking into next. They are:

1. Reviewing some older things (tons of white boarding and graphics that were done by Dave from a couple years back) - The goal here is to circle through and pick-up anything that still has merit.

2. Start working on some billboard type sites. These are small websites that have a smaller focus and virtually point people and users to the bigger adilas application. These are things like world building, data assembly line stuff, new school accounting, 3D models for world building and digital story telling. Dave and I were also talking about some concepts that adilas is built upon that are either core and/or we've pushed pretty far. Dave was saying that we could create mini Ted Talk type videos and/or graphics. Get people thinking and talking. Use those pieces to point things back to adilas and what we are doing. Some great marketing ideas.

3. Currently, the adilas platform has a very high concentration of MMJ or Cannabis related industries. Maybe get a list of other kinds of companies that are using the system and show some of the diversity with how and what they are using in the adilas platform model.

4. Dave would like a list of the different domain names that we have and where we would like to focus on building small billboard type sites. I will get this together and send it to him. In a way, we are lightly playing the digital real estate game and trying to setup small little claims. Those claims have two fold purposes... One, they will become virtual billboard sites pointing to adilas and the core concepts that we are built on. Two, they will provide prior art - which makes it so that others can't copyright, trademark, and/or patent - intellectual property stuff. It basically strengthens and protects the main core of what we are trying to do. Good stuff.

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Shop 4051 Adilas Time 10/10/18  

Looking over and reviewing code on the sales tax branch. Made a few tweaks, added some new links, and moved some report columns around. Most of it has been pretty smooth. Light tech support for some clients. As a side note from emails and discussions today, the weight field and a combo of the quantity times the weight field are heating up and we are seeing more and more needs there. We will try to talk about it tomorrow in our morning meeting.

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Shop 4040 Adilas Time 10/10/18  

The guys were in looking at bootstrap CSS pieces, templates, and dashboards. Steve, Dustin, Josh, Alan, and I were all looking. Here are a few of the links that they were looking at:




After that, we all broke into our own little areas and worked on projects. I was working on some new navigation links for the snow owl theme headers. I got my code done and pushed it up live. More work on checking code for the sales tax project.

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Shop 4098 General 10/9/18  

More testing on the fifth round (tax-v5 branch) of the sales tax project. Also worked on some new links and navigation for the snow owl headers.

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Shop 4011 Meeting with Shannon 10/9/18  

Meeting with Shannon - 2 tasks to follow up on - hardware with Svend and picking up existing pieces for the adilas user guide.

New notes - She has met with Svend twice and they have another meeting setup for later this week. Their goal is to get Svend's adilas market profile up and have some live content by next week. Once that profile is live, we will let Shari O. and Drea know to help point people who have hardware questions to Svend's market profile. As a second step, we would like to do some more news and updates (tips and tricks) dealing with hardware and then give some credit to Svend and such. Create links back and forth between the adilas market profile and the news and updates.

Shannon will reach out to Russell and see if she can get some more advanced training on both news and updates and advanced options for the adilas market stuff. Russell is still the master there.

On the user guide stuff, we also went in and found some of the old content that was created for the adilas user guide. I did some light checking on my end with no new results. Shannon did find a number of her files. Shannon will be pushing those pieces up in to the adilas university so that we can get to that info. She has about 20 Word docs that have some beginner user content.

We scheduled a meeting for next week, and will stay on task with those two tasks. Just advancing the ball. Also, as a fun note, I gave Shannon some other updates on who is working on what and some other inside adilas news. We are really excited to have Shannon back working with us. It will be awesome.

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Shop 4064 Adilas Time 10/9/18  

Reviewing code on the step or phase 5 section of the sales tax project. This deals with custom taxes 6-10 (six through ten) and dynamic naming options for normal state, county, and city tax fields. It also includes a few other pieces, but mainly it deals with the last 5 custom tax fields. Testing and making small tweaks. Hoping to get this project up and fully launched by end of the week.

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Shop 4038 Adilas Time 10/9/18  

On the morning meeting. Alan and Dustin were working on complex forms and passing dynamic data between different pages. Lots of AJAX, JavaScript, and JQuery. Alan did some demos and explanations on some new session based permissions checks. He should be launching the new graphical invoice homepage today. It has tons of charts, graphs, and summarized data.

Calvin popped in and went over some of the new API sockets that he will be using for the adilas label builder. He is going to be using about 8 or 9 custom MyEasySoftware API 3rd party sockets (custom built for his label builder). He also went through some other flow and button options to show us some of the progress. It is looking good. He passed me some new table definitions and I wrote a small database update file for him so that all servers and developers could get updated records. As a future note... eventually, we will need to update every page that currently has adilas paperwork (custom document assignments) so that they can look-up and show the custom labels and assignments that get built through the adilas label builder application. Cool stuff.

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Shop 4096 Community Chooser Project testing 10/8/18  

Working with Bryan and going over pages for the adilas user group section. We had to work quite a bit on headers and footer to make it work and run. That was kind of a pain but we got it working. We then started to review the code and make sure that it was all there and properly flowing. One of the next steps will be Bryan passing me over code and then I'll go through it with a fine tooth comb.

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Shop 4062 Adilas Time 10/8/18  

Eric and I jumped on the afternoon meeting. We had some discussions about master special accounts and being able to add/edit master rules. Eric was coding and I was working on some other projects. We talked about things like: Setting start dates for loyalty points, what items to include and/or exclude, how to handle new rules and settings (even in the future, after the initial setup process takes place), etc. We also talked about, do we want to allow for options of adding new rules per special account or just stick to options to edit copied master rules? How does it all play out?

As we were coding, Eric was making some notes and asking questions here and there. Also, there were other developers on the call. Most were pretty quite, just working on their own stuff, but every once in awhile, someone would chime in and/or ask a question. Towards the end, Steve and Dustin had a couple questions about using the session scope and putting things in/out of the session scope.

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Shop 4042 Adilas Time 10/8/18  

Alan popped in and showed us all some demos on the new invoice homepage (with graphics and charts and summarized data). A couple of us saw a demo last week. Everybody else was just seeing it for the first time. We then went into a discussion on permissions and setting those per user per session. Alan was showing us some new functions and working with database access objects (DAO's). Great demo and discussion.

Wayne popped in and reported on his database migration project. He took some time and explained some of his process and also told us about some lessons learned. He spent some time talking about unit testing and doing test based or test driven design. Good stuff.

Steve and I briefly talked about Calvin and the adilas label builder. We talked about rounds, versions, and where it still needs to go. We are all on board and headed forward. It is fun to see all of the projects that are coming down the pipeline.

We have some other clients that have requested some backorder and shipping pieces. They submitted some specs and requests over the weekend. We will be looking into that project and breaking it into smaller pieces and seeing who we can get on the projects and who will help fund what parts of it. Later on in the session, I started looking through the email and attachments that they sent us. As I got deeper into this project, there may be some pieces that we could do internally (all adilas clients need) and other pieces that are fully custom. I put the ball back in their court and gave them some contact info for a couple of the developers. I also tried to lightly let them know where I could play without charging them. If it goes beyond that, I would have to charge as well. Basically, I will help my guys and do some initial stuff to get things going for free. If it goes deeper than that, I'll have to charge them as well.

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Shop 4095 Stripe 10/5/18  

This will be where I gather all the information I can about Stripe and storing it for later reference. Some specific items I have been asked to look for/research:

  • What type of certification do clients need to sign up for stripe? (Depends on if you want to be a Stripe partner {then no} or a verified stripe partner {then yes})
  • Do they offer commissions? Can we become a reseller of Stripe? 

    Does Stripe offer a revenue share program for its partners?

    Stripe does not currently offer a revenue share as part of this program.

It is common for our merchant processors to have high standards to entry (must be open for so long, must be making a certain amount, etc.). We are looking for a merchant processor for new businesses that can start selling. We used Stripe in our Adilas Shop with great success.

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Shop 4094 Working with Alan 10/4/18  

Alan popped in and showed Josh and I a demo on the new graphical invoice homepage. The page has a number of new graphs, charts, buttons, and quick stats and results. We gave him a couple of suggestions, but mostly told him that it looked good. I will include a couple small screen shots of the graphical homepages that he is coming up with. They are looking great.

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Shop 4093 Adilas community projects page 10/4/18  

Bryan jumped on and we did a work session on the upcoming adilas user group code. Bryan has advanced that ball quite a ways. We thought and lightly planned this concept up while on the Denver training trip, and now it within a couple of days of being done. Pretty cool. Most of the session was going over code, doing clean-up, and making small to do lists for the rest of the project.

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Shop 4092 Phone call with Calvin 10/4/18  

Calvin and I chatted on the phone. He gave us a demo earlier this morning on his adilas label builder. Super cool and making tons of progress. We chatted on the phone about funding options for pushing the project forward and what not. We discussed options of selling licenses for the first round product, doing some fundraising (crowd source funding), and/or allowing people to fund it through micro loans to adilas. We also spent some time talking about his GMext and GMext Pro products. Calvin is trying to come up with a good saying and/or tag line for his products. We went over a couple of options. He is planning on showing us another demo next week to show us how far he has made it. That will be awesome.

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Shop 4048 Adilas Time 10/4/18  

Working with Eric on more code for the special tracking accounts. We finished up a multi-step add/edit process and had a good work session.

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Adi 1353 Community Chooser Project testing 10/4/18  

The Community Chooser Project allows developers, business owners and consultants to add project ideas. They can then vote on them to help Adilas prioritize the projects.

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Shop 4037 Adilas Time 10/4/18  

On the morning meeting with the guys. Dustin was reporting to Steve about some of his progress. He is brining some cool interface pieces to the table. That will be really cool. I was working on a non compete and non disclosure document for Full Circle and Adilas. We are going to be pulling in some of the Full Circle marketing, emailing, and texting services under the adilas roof. That will be awesome.

Calvin popped in and we had a small discussion on new permissions for his adilas label builder application/program. We went through a few questions and scenarios and then created the permissions. They are currently hidden, but will be release as soon as they are ready. We got the new permissions pulled down from data 0 to his local box for testing.

After that, Calvin gave us a label demo to those who were on the morning meeting. I saw a demo (recording) from a couple of days ago and wow, I was impressed with the changes and the direction. It was really fun and we even pushed it pretty hard to see how it would responds. Good report and great progress there.

Towards the end of the session, I was working with Steve on passing in dynamic sub inventory attributes for some of his bulk functions on his plant pages (move in bulk, add in bulk, record plant phases, harvest in bulk). Working with sub inventory and sub attributes within sub inventory gets pretty deep, pretty quick. Lots of moving pieces.

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Shop 4091 AllGreen: push 3rd party error code 10/3/18  

Bryan jumped on and we were looking over some code changes. We merged in some code and then further tweaked some things. One of the new changes was a special header change for a corporation (showing who is logged in on every page). We also merged in a new 3rd party error log for who approves the different discounts. This is somewhat of a hidden history piece, but we are now starting to capture who is the manager approving the different discounts in the system. This new history is tied to a corp-wide setting of whether or not the corporation requires an approval or not for applying discounts. The reason that I said it is hidden is, you have to know about it and get a special permission turned on even to get to the reports. Basically, if we need to capture something that may be sensitive (we don't want everybody to see it), we can do it through the 3rd party error logs. We then get to control who has access to those reports. Each report has a special key pass coded (how the errors are stored and retrieved for reporting processes).

After Bryan jumped off, Dustin jumped on and had a quick question on some of his JavaScript and AJAX calls. He is getting quite good and is bringing in some new functionality. That is exciting.

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Shop 4089 Meeting with Dave Forbis 10/3/18  

Steve and I were meeting with Dave Forbis. There are some outstanding invoices that are owed to one of our internal developers (trying to get a custom project pushed through). We offered Dave to help cover those invoices and he will be doing work for adilas to help cover those costs. As a side note, this isn't a problem, this is actually a solution and a deal of sorts to help cover and advance all parties. Making lemon aid.

- We want to protect the developers and make sure that we draw a line in the sand and say... we need to renegotiate payment and work from this point forward (help to draw that line in the sand).

- Our clients need to grab and push forward their own dreams. We can't build out their dream from them without their help and input (ideas and funding). It has to be a two-way street.

- This particular project (the one that got forced through) hit right in the middle of a really hard transition between the adilas shop and somewhat of dissolving things and bringing all projects back under the main adilas account and/or allowing independent developers to run with their own projects.

- We have a need on the merchant processing level. We already have some deeper options available. We are looking to create a shallow and/or super easy solution to round things out... Our first assignment for Dave would be to figure out - what it takes to hook up with Stripe (online merchant processing gateway)? Could we be a re-seller of that? What would that look like? Do we need to certify on certain things? How can we help make this easy for our clients? What are the rates? What are the commissions? What are the requirements? What pages do we need to put into adilas to make it a turn key solution? etc. Basically, let's take this one pain point (easy merchant processing) and get it going. Yee haw.

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Shop 4047 Adilas Time 10/3/18  

Working more with Eric on some of the logic for the special tracking accounts (special accounts). Good session. We were working on multi-step form processes.

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Shop 4032 Adilas Time 10/3/18  

Our product is kind like open source software only more of an open community software package (anybody could contribute and/or ask for something). They can't go in and make changes on their own, but they can help push things forward based off of input and seed monies. Either way, it takes time you have to pay someone to do that tweaking and/or changing.

As a side note, we are seeing more and more of a need for deeper and deeper ordering, backordering, fulfillment, shipping, manufacturing, sub routines, supply chain stuff, just in time stuff, and other operation based activities. We already have a number of those pieces, we just want to get them more built out and automated. I would really like to see some of this going into elements of time (mixing date/time values where needed) and also more of the data assembly line type methodology. Those would be my wishes.

Alan popped in and showed us some progress on his charts and graphs for some of the new homepages. I think that they will really help with some much needed look and feel for some of those primary homepages (invoices, PO's, deposits, and expense/receipts).

I went in and fixed a small validation bug and the started to work on a new joint venture non disclosure and non compete form with and for Full Circle Interactive Media.

Josh popped in and gave us a report on some things. Some of the report was dealing with a deeper need to mix and blend date and time options for discounts and being able to set things up with easy interfaces and yet be super powerful. Another part of Josh's report was dealing with education and getting clients setup correctly. Basically, there are so many settings that no one really goes in there and plays around with them. Also, another comment was that some of the settings and options were not related to their industry. They saw things like religious tax categories, stock/unit (vehicle and trailer stuff), and other non industry options. Our model is very open, but sometimes that creates a feeling that we don't fully know their business.

- Discount pricing engine and maybe even special my cart favorite buttons that are discount specific. This could be all kinds of stuff. We have also had some other requests on limiting discounting and even allowing or not allowing standalone discounts. It would also be super cool if you could duplicate discounts, clone things, and build off of existing items. Having bulk tools to help where needed.

- Here is some other research on discounts, pricing engines, and my cart favorite buttons, etc. I would like to go in this direction... https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/time_web_gallery.cfm?corp=748&id=3666 - you could also search the developer's notebook for pricing engine, discount, or my cart favorite buttons.

- Being able to create new items based off of existing

- Being able to do global settings for different industries... basically, set up a new corp, then be ale to click special setup buttons to update and change settings in bulk. We could have multiple sub options that may be clicked. As a side note, we could also program certain themes (actual folders) and use black box technology to virtually show/hide certain buttons, fields, features, settings, etc.

- Color coding for items going low or needing to be reordered - great idea

- Room based inventory vs a location based inventory (sub levels and sub locations)

- Limiting access to all other areas and/or rooms (once again sub levels and sub locations based on permissions)

- Being able to duplicate items and PO's even quicker. Basically, a save as type option to duplicate an item. Kinda like cloning an item or starting from a known point based off of other items. Make it quick and easy based off of existing items.

- Where is all of the data located? We have tons of great data but all of our data is on specific pages and requires a page to page progression (normal web flow). Some of the other systems are starting to pull multiple data pieces into the same page (ajax and jquery stuff). Basically, putting everything on one page or a one-pager type dashboard and/or interface.

- We have had clients who want us to auto close sub packages. This may be accomplished with settings and rules. Not everybody wants the same things. That takes us into settings and such.

- What about an off line mode? When no Internet is available? What about a local instance that could be synced up later on? This is bigger than you think... If you were to go this route, this may need to be a hybrid type solution where we mix localized software, some kind of queue type system (grabbing and holding the data), and then the ability to sync up the data later on. Alan was talking about a potential risk mitigation process and the need to have companies have other plans in place incase a disaster occurs. Both Josh and Alan were talking about possible news and updates that show options such as MS Excel, setting up a hot spot based off a phone, local software options, good old paper and pencil mode. Idea from Josh - What about a local label maker... that could really help as well (small and limited scope).

- Questions on multiple location pricing. What are the price points and price breaks? This got into a small discussion on what a white label or other entity charges.

- Let's keep working on making it pretty and simple and powerful. If you could mix these things, that makes it awesome.

- People want to set it and forget it... a one time wonder or single setup.

- People want the big dumb animal pictures... super simple.

- Once you become super familiar with something... it gets hard to let that go.

- Training a client to be proficient in all areas is really tough... it comes down to training and maintenance. Keep making things easier and easier.

- We might need to make the tips and tricks and news and updates easier to get to... if people want that stuff.

We gave Josh a task of getting out some pens and paper and sketching out interface ideas and going through the discount needs. We recommended that he use the pyramid (triangle) type approach. This would be starting at the top level (corp-wide settings), then go down to groups (customer types and part categories), then go down to tiers and/or buttons (smaller groups with rules and assignments), and then clear down to the item level. We also need to take into account both includes and excludes.

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Shop 4090 AllGreens: show employee logged in 10/2/18  

Bryan jumped on and had a few questions. We went over a few things and got him going.  Also, he has a client that wants to show who is logged in on every page. This could be a new setting. We could then show/hide that info in the header somewhere. It sounded like the client wanted that info on every page. That sounds like a header thing to me.

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Shop 4055 Adilas Time 10/2/18  

Jumped on the meeting with Eric. We were working through more flow and logic on the special tracking accounts (balance sheet subs of subs and used for things like loyalty points, gift cards, in-store credit, etc.). We made some good progress on the master level settings and rules (super high up on the adilas admin level).

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