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Color Code: Green
Created By: Brandon Moore
Created Date/Time: 9/21/2018 3:21 pm
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Budgeted/Estimated Value: 20,000.00 Dollars
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Time Id: 1352
Template/Type: Community Funded Projects
Title/Caption: Create and Publish an Adilas Master Plan
Start Date: 9/21/2018
Total Time: 0.00 Minutes
Target/Due Date: N/A
Main Status: Active

click to enlarge - photo by: Brandon Moore - Tons of great photos, scans, and images - both refined and raw to show concepts of where we are heading. Go here for the full photo gallery - https://www.adilas.biz/adilas_for_business/photo_gallery_full.cfm
click to enlarge - photo by: Brandon Moore - Dream it up, we'll help you wire it up! Concepts of how we want adilas.biz to be setup - choose your flavor, pick your tools, skin your engine, and build your world. Your data, your world, your way!
click to enlarge - photo by: Brandon Moore - 3D World Building - What does your world look like? Could you use: Sales & Inventory Tracking, ecommerce, Calendar & Scheduling, Payroll & Timecards, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point Of Sale (POS), etc.? We've got it!
click to enlarge - photo by: Brandon Moore - Adilas GPS core layout with world building. Take it from a universe level, world level, location level, player group level, individual level, data level, and then run all levels over time. That's adilas.biz!
click to enlarge - photo by: Brandon Moore - The adilas.biz interactive map - this was the first layout that tried to show what you get in a condensed visual layout. Designed in 2010 and 2011, this shows a number of the core pieces of the puzzle and how they relate (what is close to what). Enjoy!

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Visual Concepts and Graphics   Web/HTML 9/21/18 This link will take you to a photo gallery of drawings and notes taken from the Developer's Notebook. These drawings and images each have a caption under each picture (when viewing the larger pictures). There are tons of concepts that relate to world building and the data assembly line pieces. Great resource.
Developer's Notebook Research   Web/HTML 9/21/18 This link will take you to a search that pulls up entries that match "World Building" and "Data Assembly Line". Two of the main pieces. Lots of entries relating to these pieces and how we have been uncovering pieces as we go.
Developer's Notebook Research   Web/HTML 9/21/18 This link will open up the developer's notebook and do a search for master plan and big three. As a note, the big three are:
- World Building
- Data Storytelling or Digital Storytelling
- Assembly Line For Data.


Currently, the adilas.biz master plan is held in the minds of a few of its founders. It has never been fully funded and written out. We think that would be a great project and could help our existing users, current clients, and even future clients. It would also possibly allow us to get more funding if there was a firm and written plan of what is needed, in the works, and where we are headed.

As of right now, the only written business plan is very general - such as: "We are heading North" (meaning up :))