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Main Login
The main login is how you gain access to the application. Both the username and the password are case sensitive. The username must be at least 4 characters long. The password also has a minimum of 4 characters. Click the login button to submit the form.

As you login, you are limited to a "three strikes you're out" policy. This means that if you are unsuccessful in your login attempts, you will be locked out of the system for a period of time. If you need help or forgot your password, contact your supervisor for help. In order to do a login reset, copy and paste the special login reset address that is listed below and paste it into your browser window. Make sure and hit go and/or press enter so that the browser goes to that page. Once the reset is successful, the main login screen will be shown. See below for details.

[forgot password]
To do a login reset, copy & paste this page address into your browser:
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Look in the page header to find the help file for every page within the application.

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