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3922  Green  Daily Tasks 7/31/15 • Emails, recording notes, and adding a couple more community funded projects. I added a new one for budgets and forecasts and another one for blogs and forums.
• Steve called and we chatted on the phone for about an hour. Lots of updates on new projects, options, and vision for the future.
• Scanning in expense/receipts and invoices from developers.
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3940  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/31/15 -We need to create a PDF flyer that David could email around with his monthly bills.
-We could also send the PDF flyers around to the reps and consultants. That may help them know about some of the new changes and what options are available. As a side note, we could also add a custom code commission for reps that help us sale custom code jobs.
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3921  Green  Daily Tasks 7/30/15 • Emails and tech support.
• Recording notes from yesterday’s meetings. The words that stuck out from yesterday are systems, maintenance, processes, and communication.
• Working on the CMC adjunct contract form. Changing some rates and working on the contract. Posted file online.
• Went in to Logan to work with my guys.
• I helped a developer on a project that captures a canvas drawing and makes a digital signature of sorts. Dave, an intern, and I planned out 5-6 new projects. It really helps to have someone recording notes as it happens.
• I jumped back in and worked on some code to help with signing off on the GPS/RFID tag tracking as a sub of time. 30 miles.
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3939  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/30/15 -Talking with a guy that wants to do budgeting and forecasting on projects on a weekly basis. Maybe even smaller internals. Quick and easy checks to go along with his goals and budgets. This would be a great little sub of time or an add-on to go with elements of time.
-The two key persons in his organization are his financial person and his HR (human resource management) person. Both do a great job and help take stress off of other management and other team members.
-He also said that he got the same accountant as his banker had. That increased the banker’s confidence because they used the same one. Scott also has his books professionally audited twice a year to help keep his people on track. The audits help people get things done and done quickly. He also said that he often asks his banker for advice and the bank has become somewhat of a free financial advisor of sorts. Anyway, some cool ideas – good conversation.
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3920  Green  Daily Tasks 7/29/15 • Emails, tech support, and recording notes in my notebook.
• More emails and tech support stuff.
• I wrote a long email to a rep about the railroad analogy of cause and effect needs and business opportunities. It is crazy how systems seem to keep gong and building and expanding.
• A developer came over to my house to work. We had a great talk about the adilas shop and what we need to do make it work. Lots of drawing and sketches. See other notes for ideas and details.
• Went in to Logan. Most of the day was spent doing project management in one form or another.
• Dave, an intern and I met in a side room and roughed out 5 projects. Dave and I worked together at the whiteboard and the intern did some note taking. Great little session.
• I helped a developer with his custom wire job project and we made some progress.
• The last hour and a half was spent between a developer, Dave, and I talking about our project management process and how we could help watch each other’s back. See the additional notes for more info. The focus was on safety nets, systems, and key pieces. 30 miles.
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3938  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/29/15 -Systems tend to cascade, grow, and expand…
-It is really hard to fit a real system into a box or a static environment. Systems are dynamic and have cause and effect relationships.
-Systems need room to expand, respond, and interact.
-Certain actions and reactions keep expanding like ripples.
-Systems don’t really fit in to boxes or static environments.

An analogy between people on a tightrope and a safety net to help keep them safe.
- Handbook or guidelines
- Maintenance
- Project management
- Budgeting
- Billing
- Payout
- Sign off & approval
- Admin & management
- Expectations
- Requirements
- Documentation & details
- Goals & vision
- Communication

-Some of the key stakes and posts are: A handbook or guidelines, maintenance, project management, budgeting, billing & collections, payout & payroll, sign-off & approval, admin & management, expectations, requirements, documentation & details, goals & vision, & communication.
-There are more key points but the above list and graphic are enough to get things started.
-We need to allow our shop members to do internal cross billing if they need help. We may need to cap this but imagine that a developer needs help with a project. Whoever helps (if it is more than a quick help out or direction) could figure out an agreeable amount to help offset time. Personal time management of sorts.
-Maybe have the two parties pass it by admin to get approval and changes made to payouts and payroll. Help document the story.

Possibly 3rd Party Solutions that are needed:
- Rentals
- Forums
- Gift cards
- eCommerce & websites
- Blogs
- Affiliate programs
- Appointments & scheduling
- Some of these could be some great ideas for the adilas shop or some other entity to build and then sale to adilas clients as extra add-ons.
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3919  Green  Daily Tasks 7/28/15 • Went in to Logan to do a sales call with a consultant. We met with a principal from a local charter school. We talked needs and pains and how adilas could help. Lots of back and forth. The principal has needs for expense tracking, a check request process, and inventory tracking. The other thing that they would like is a way to handle and monitor budgets and forecasting. That seems to be a growing need for systems. After the meeting I helped the consultant grab some office furniture and we hauled it over to the office. 30 miles.
• Went in to the office. We had stand-up meeting and told everybody how the sales call went.
• I spent a couple of hours with different parties either looking at what they are working on or helping to get things going.
• A developer showed me some GPS stuff for a phone app.
• Some other interns and I got on a GoToMeeting session and we went over some projects and possibilities. They are going to make some calls out to clients.
• I then spent quite a bit of time with a developer working on a custom page process for a clinic and getting new patient into the system. After hours I did some office clean-up and restocking of supplies.
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3937  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/28/15 -We are seeing more and more need for budgeting and forecasting models and features. I think that could be a great sub of time. This may also tie into watchers and feeders. The budget settings need to be able to hold projections, forecasts, and goals. We then need to go through and track real usage and application of those pieces. People want to be able to see and tell where they are at as compared to the projects, forecasts, and budgets.
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3918  Green  Daily Tasks 7/27/15 • Phone call and GoToMeeting session between Steve, a developer, & I going over the sub inventory and cost controls (packaging) project. Steve was on the call listening but mostly it was the developer and I going over known pieces, flow, and direction.
• After the phone call and GoToMeeting session, I spent a little bit of time going over project details and pushing content up to the servers. I even uploaded one of the videos from back on 6/15/15 that had the intro to the project.
• Went in to Logan to work with my guys. I worked on cleaning out my email inbox and passing along possible projects to Dave our Project Manager.
• I met with another intern and we chatted about his mini project. I did a number of new icon graphics for the icon menu project. The rest of the day was spent on other phone calls and emails. 30 miles.
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3917  Green  Daily Tasks 7/25/15 • Working with my brother to wire up two different sites. They are a basic sales page for vehicles, trailers, RV’s, and motorsports. Awesome graphics and very loose flow. The other site was the one my brother did for his practicum and internship back in February and March of this year. It is a training website for adilas university. I got really excited about the graphics and options that it has. We spent quite a bit of time going over the photo gallery which has graphics of 3D world building, the adilas interactive map, core business functions, main system players, etc. Lots of fun. Here is the current URL or link to photo gallery page:
• Recording notes about my session with my brother and other light brainstorming on how to get the word out.
• Signing off on GPS and RFID tag tracking code done by an intern.
• Working on the advanced sub time search and search results page.
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3936  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/25/15 -Tying into the recent railroad analogy… what about a book or article with a title of… “Creating a modern day railroad town.” – just an idea.
-My brother would like to develop some basic standard starting packages – per industry or as a preset starting template. This would help flip the settings and permissions around on a more global and standardized model.
-My brother also wants to do specific training videos for specific clients or for a specific industry. That would help them get up to speed quicker.
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3916  Green  Daily Tasks 7/24/15 • On the phone with a new intern for about an hour. We did a GoToMeeting session and set him up his own little world. I showed him around and did some training on sub dates and time for tracking billable hours. We did an invoice together and just chatted. Good meeting.
• Tech support call with a rep. We were talking about duplicate entries in the system.
• Recording notes in my notebook.
• Went in to Logan to work. Spent quite a bit of time with a developer. We ran through a number of scenarios and tracked projects all the way through the financials. It was fun to run the numbers on the scenarios. 30 miles.
• Recording notes in my notebook from a meeting with a developer and his friend from a couple of days ago (7/22/15). More ideas about the platform or railroad analogy and pre-built model. Lots of fun ideas about education as well.
• Talking to an intern about setting up cookie cutter pieces and products. We talked about industry specific setups and how things like that could fund the whole process.
• Signed off on code and pushed up a multi corp sales page. This was an intern’s custom page and project. We expanded the day limit from a week at a time to a month at a time. Posted file on all servers.
• Signing off on code for elements of time, billing for time, and the GPS and RFID tag subs of time. Signing off on an intern’s code.
• Recording more notes and catching up on my notebook.
• Signing off on code and tightening up the update cart logic for calculating time and other minor validation pieces.
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3935  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/24/15 -On the main adilas eCommerce site we still need to add options for shipping and PayPal. We also need to check code for additional contacts, customer/invoice tie-in, and in-line discounts for eCommerce.
-Add value through education.
-On the eCommerce pricing page… maybe modify the pricing.
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3915  Green  Daily Tasks 7/23/15 • On a GoToMeeting session with a developer. We were wiring up the auto populate expense/receipt to balance sheet project and functionality.
• Recording notes from loose pages into my notebook.
• I also had a couple of developers give me call to chat.
• On the phone with a new intern and a developer.
• Went in to Logan to work. Spent some time signing off on code for a multi corp sales report.
• I spent most of the day working on the affiliate proposal.
• Both my sister and the project manager helped me do some planning. Both were helping me to protect myself from myself – over promising and/or working for dirt cheap. He and I worked at the board and my sister took notes on the computer.
• After that, I sat down a wrote a three-page letter and proposal to a client. The document had a one-page narrative, one-page project details for Phase 1 of the affiliate program, and a final page that highlighted phase 2 and 3 of the project. Once I got done with the page, I sent them off via email. Long day today. 30 miles.
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3934  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/23/15 -Thought from a developer… What if we flipped the model and charged for education. Basically, allow different parties to certify to different levels. We could than help people who wanted to be certified become so.
-Turn education into the business of education.
-We have a lot to offer… including business opportunities and potential.
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3914  Green  Daily Tasks 7/22/15 • Emails and tech support.
• Great meeting with a developer and a contact of this developer. They came over to my house for a meeting about GPS. As a fun side note, we only spent about 10 minutes talking about GPS stuff. The rest of the time was spent on how our business model grows and prospers. See other notes for more details. I took 2 pages of notes from our conversation. Super good meeting and even an answer to prayers. See other notes for a railroad and platform analogy.
• Went in to Logan to work with my guys. After stand-up meeting, I explained the railroad and platform analogy to our Project Manager and a developer.
• I helped an intern on the API socket stuff. We had to do some deeper debugging.
• I worked with a developer and an intern on a project to simplify the add new customers and custom family members to the system.
• My sister and I worked with our project manager to rough out a number of new projects. This is the round one stuff to get an idea and scope on the project. After the rough out session we assign a value so we can quote the job. Anyway, we went through 8 new project in a small amount of time. Dave and I were at the board and my sister was recording notes on the computer as we went. Super slick and very awesome process.
• After that my sister and I went into more details on the affiliate program. The project is quite deep and it is more along the lines of three projects rolled into one. The scope of that project deals with gift cards, loyalty and reward points, an affiliate program (2 deep – backwards referring process), and promotion codes. Pretty deep with lots of access points and backend wiring. Good stuff. 30 miles.
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3933  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/22/15 Notes from a meeting with a developer and his friend/associate:
- Analogy of a railroad (or pre-built platform). So, the story goes that this gentleman wanted to ship a load of used cars from back East to the Mountains (Rockies). Anyway, he called up the train company and tried to get them to ship his vehicles. The company actually said no, they only shipped new cars (insurance stuff). So, he asked about other options – here is where the analogy comes in – the person said back to him…. You can do it, but you need to:
o Buy the land
o Put down the tracks
o But the train or buy a rail car
- Basically, the guy was saying – you can do that but you need to build your own railroad system to do that.
- This answer shocked him and at first he was kind of taken back… then after he thought about it, the answer made more sense and he learned some lessons from it.
This little analogy ended up being an underlying topic on platforms that we used over and over again in our discussion.
Basic railroad tracks:
- Buy the land
- Put down the tracks
- Buy the train

Basic railroad tracks:
- Think of different industries and/or niche products or pieces
- Railroad tracks with different spurs or branches
- Once the main track system is built, you can create offshoots or spurs

Going along with the railroad analogy (continued):
- What about spurs of spurs, niche products, custom lines, etc.
- Once the main system is laid down, all kind of options could be added on, bolted on, offered by 3rd parties, etc.
- Sketches of basic tracks & tracks with spurs & branches

-What about the virtual real estate around the tracks? That is an open market and available to outside parties.
-If a railroad is too old fashion – maybe call it part of the data highway or virtual data assembly line – whatever.
-Anyway, if 75% of the system is fully in place, the other 20-25% is basically custom stuff.
-As the main priorities get taken care of, the customers will want the next and next priorities taken care of. This process virtually creates a reoccurring customer because they keep rolling from priority to priority. That is awesome!
-In the railroad analogy, if you buy a box car and put a sticker on it (the other 20-25%) that becomes your part of the system. The tracks are still owned by the railroad company but you, as a customer, are allowed to use the system as your own (in a certain way).

Basic Rep Model:
- Client --- two-way relationship (key) --- Rep/Consultant
- Clients – Adilas – Direct pay for service
- Rep/Consultant – Adilas – sales commission 20-40%
- The key piece is the two-way relationship between the clients and the rep/consultant

Basic Shop or Hub Model:
- Clients --- two-way relationship (key) --- Shop or Hub
- Clients – Adilas – Direct pay for service
- Rep/Consultant – Adilas – sales commission 20-40%
- See entry from back on 7/20/15 to get more info on the shop model
- The Shop or Hub model offers a number of different services but could be the same as a Rep/Consultant only bigger.

Basic 3rd Party Solution Model:
- Clients --- Normal two-way relationship --- 3rd Party (product solution) --- secondary two-way relationship – commissions --- Adilas
- Clients – Adilas – Direct pay for service plus possible payment for 3rd party solutions
- A 3rd party has an additional relationship with Adilas

More notes from the meeting with a developer and his friend/associate:
- 3rd Party Solutions could be spread around the platform or railroad model. Think of different products, solutions, niches, add-on’s, etc.
- Main track system: spurs or branches off of the main tracks
- These could be other 3rd part options and solutions
- Each one could be industry specific
- They could be products, services, solutions, etc.

Think Historically…
- Imaging how town across the west were setup to support and use the railroad
- Once the train came to town, that allowed for people to come, products to come and go, businesses to support the new needs, etc. People ended up building whole towns just because the trains would stop there.
- The train company didn’t own the other businesses and the other businesses didn’t own the train company. They worked together in some kind of relationship – both parties needing the other. This creates a dependent relationship.
- Adilas is starting to see a number of new dependent relationships starting to show themselves. Our clients need a rep and/or consultant. The reps and consultants need a developer to help them build custom pieces. Developers need project managers and designers to help them produce the new code and features. All of these people need a way to track things and help with billing. The process keeps going and provides numerous new jobs, careers, businesses, services, etc.
- Because one thing feeds and grows another… The growth of adilas will be somewhat like the spread of the railroad to the Western United States. Our product, the adilas system, brings with it tons of jobs and opportunities. That is fun!
- So, if our product and system creates jobs and opportunities, how can we help that part of the system grow?
- We could start recruiting people who want to help and service those positions. Maybe colleges, tech schools, business schools, consulting services, insurance people, sales, accountants, data entry people, designers, developers, trainers, etc. Basically start building small communities.
- Most of the growth comes back to training and education.
- Training and education cost money. As a side note… The cost could be flipped depending on where the need is. If a business pays for a person to be trained they gain an employee. If a person pays to be trained you gain a student who can then do something. Interesting twist.
- How do you keep your guys and gals (sheep) in the fold? Often it is through training, education, set standards, and then some form of return and report type system.
- Sometimes growth and pain are parallels.
- Part of the model may be pushed towards marketing and training as well as recruiting and retention. You’ve got to keep things somewhat together.
- Don’t promote them out of their abilities. As a fun story, this guy was saying that they had two guys on the night crew that were doing awesome. They promoted them to a different position and things fell apart. The company was about to fire them it got so bad. Right before they fired the guys, they decided to switch them back to the night crew. Both guys flourished. Basically the point was… don’t promote them out of their abilities.
- The adilas model may end up looking like this… with independents, shops, hubs, 3rd parties, etc.
o 3rd party with added features & products
o Sketch of how things connect – model (Adilas, 3rd party, clients, independents, & the shop).
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3913  Green  Daily Tasks 7/21/15 • Recording hours and ideas from yesterday.
• Emails and checking application error reports. Sent off a couple emails to developer to have them check and update some of their pages.
• New logo for a client.
• Fixing a small bug on default expense types for vendors. Other tech support calls.
• On a GoToMeeting session with a developer going over his project to help auto populate balance sheet numbers.
• Went into the Logan Office. I spent some time with a developer working on icon menus.
• I worked with an intern and signed off on code for a multi-day sales report project. Great job.
• I did a little bit of work with an intern on the adilas API socket project.
• My sister and I worked on some processes and procedures. We are trying to put up some safety nets to help protect us.
• She and I then did a brainstorming session on a client’s affiliate program. Lots of concepting and documenting ideas. This was one of the first times that one person was at the whiteboard and one person was at the computer. That seemed to work out very well. Great breakthrough. 30 miles.
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3932  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/21/15 -“You know enough” – what a great way to conquer fear – comment from my sister.
-Build and help each other. The rising tide raises all crafts.
-People value something if it has value to them. The value that people put on something is not an automatic – it depends on the person and how they see and/or interpret the subject at hand.
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3912  Green  Daily Tasks 7/20/15 • Emails, recording notes, and resetting passwords on all servers.
• On the phone with Steve going over the new game plan, goals, costs, developers, projects, and options.
• We spent quite a bit of time on two main topics. One was our new developer’s budget. The other was direction and details on the sub inventory and cost controls (packaging) project. Good stuff.
• On the phone with a developer getting him tech support numbers and remote server credentials and information. He is going to be tweaking on some of the remote servers and such.
• On the phone with a developer going over what our plans are and new developments after talking to another developer and Steve. Good stuff.
• Recording notes and prepping.
• On the phone with another developer talking about new options and transitions for client funded projects and wage options.
• On the phone with a couple of developers going over options and transitions.
• Went in to Logan to work with my guys. I worked with a developer on a business plan for the Shop model. We went through his document one page at a time and talked about things. We also revised verbage and updated the plan as we went. Lots of drawings and scratch paper work to talk about different scenarios and different models.
• I talked with another developer on the phone about lightly delaying the cuts and custom code switch for developers.
• I then talked with another developer about upcoming changes.
• I met with both Dave, our Project Manager and my brother and we went over budgets and sales goals. At the end of the day, Dave and I went over projects, needs, and direction. I have really enjoyed his help. He has been a great leader. Busy day! 30 miles.
• Made a number of phone calls to interns and developers about funding and budget plans. I left a lot of messages, chatted, and even sent some emails. Good response from the guys and gals that I chatted with.
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3931  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/20/15 -At some point, we will need to make an internal ticket or invoice that will be tied to elements of time. Very similar to internal repair tickets or invoices for stock/units. Basically a way to take internal inventory items and/or labor services and apply them to elements of time. This will be part of the event tracking and job costing model. We will also need these pieces to show up on the elements of time to show the costing and mini P&L (profit & loss) per project, job, event, or whatever the element of time is called. We’ll use the stock/units as model or how to do it.

-All of the guys need to start wearing multiple hats and doing other pieces of the project.
-The less they depend on me the better. Help them learn to fish for themselves!
-As we keep going… it is interesting how we keep coming back to phases and smaller pieces. The big grand design still exists but is too big to roll out at once. We keep going back to bite size pieces and doing things in phases and smaller steps. At least that is doable.
-One of the hardest things about bidding a job is fixed dollar values and fixed dates. Our project manager was teaching me that we need to teach our clients how to treat us by teaching them our system and process vs. fixed dollars and dates. Very interesting and it makes sense.

The best model that I used with a developer today – talking about transitioning over to the Shop – was a core and then stacking on new products and features model. Here are a couple of drawings that we used: (See photo gallery for sketches)
- Start with a core piece
- Bolt on a new piece, This could be a new product or service
- Grow as needed
- Keep the core and then expand from there

Here is how a developer drew the Shop model. It has a light umbrella that keeps it together. It has different services that fit under that umbrella. The base, for our shop is custom code and developers.
- Base: developers & custom code work
- Shop umbrella: other services such as sales, consulting, customer service, project management, setup, training, hosting, design, etc.
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3911  Green  Daily Tasks 7/18/15 • Emails and recording bills and expenses.
• On the phone with Steve. Our whole conversation was dealing with funding, developers, and how to cap and control labor costs. Our costs are currently far out weighting our revenue and monies coming in. That is adding stress to everyone’s life. We are going to need to make some cuts and do some clean up. This is a touch subject and runs deep due to the amount that we have invested in our different guys and gals. The discussion and conversation was civil but definitely heated as varying opinions were expressed. The nuts and bolts were basically, I need to clean things up and make some cuts or Steve would do it and only keep a few selected people. Basically, we need to change gears from training, grooming, and internal development to fully client funded projects and production mode. We have to produce.
• Making a plan, goals, and a budget of who we could keep and why. Lots of thinking, brainstorming, and prayers.
• Went out to a developer’s house to meet with he and his wife. We discussed lots of options and went over plans, budgets, goals, and a history of where we have come from. The history and story of how things have developed really helped his wife see better what was going on. Great meeting and I think it really helped. I’m planning on doing similar meetings with a couple of other key people and players. 20 miles.
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3910  Green  Daily Tasks 7/17/15 • Recording notes and prep work.
• Adding in sub dates and times and grand totals in a number of different pages. These are some totals that help with invoicing time. As a note, the elements of time already had invoicing options from back in July and August of 2011. This was just some enhancements to help with auto math calculations and totals. As part of this update we spread the math values to multiple new pages. Trying to ramp up elements of time.
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3909  Green  Daily Tasks 7/16/15 • Working on elements of time and light math changes for showing aging and total times.
• Emails and project management for a project for some interns. Started writing up an email and it morphed into a 5 page word document with graphics, screen shots, and details. Possible overkill but trying to line out a $2,000 project to auto populate the 2nd entry of an expense/receipt that is tied to a balance sheet. Anyway, trying to line out my guys.
• More work on detailing out the auto post expense/receipt to balance sheet item project. Sent an email off to the guys.
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3930  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/16/15 -By your own style!
-If you are hunting for treasure – look around you to see what you already have – you may find that you already have a treasure.
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3908  Green  Daily Tasks 7/15/15 • Working on signing off on GPS and RFID tag tracking code. Original changes were made by an intern almost a month ago. Going through things page by page and testing and signing off on code.
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3929  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/15/15 -The main time homepage would be really cool if we could make and create my saved favorites for that page. This would include the calendar, the time slot report view, grouped results, and details. This could really help the elements of time page to play a bigger role in the entire site.
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3907  Green  Daily Tasks 7/14/15 • Going through tons of emails and messages. I’m currently in California as part of a family reunion and family vacation.
• New logo and colors for a couple of clients.
• Research on personal settings. Added two new personal settings for my cart favorite buttons. One is for who’s buttons to use by default and the other one deals with Flash or HTML my cart favorite buttons.
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3906  Green  Daily Tasks 7/13/15 • Recording notes from loose pages and post-it notes into my notebook. It is crazy how fast I get behind.
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3905  Green  Daily Tasks 7/9/15 • Getting caught up on emails.
• Replied to clients, developers, and reps about different questions.
• I read through a developer’s first round draft for an employee model handbook for the adilas shop and hub model.
• Reached out to an intern about building out the adilas API socket connections.
• Created some light verbal quotes on some custom projects.
• Recording bills and writing checks out for interns. I will be gone for the next week and a half. This makes the bank look negative but we won’t hand them out until there is money to clear them.
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3904  Green  Daily Tasks 7/8/15 • On the phone with Steve talking about projects, needs, and developers. We then got a developer on the phone for an hour and talked about custom projects. Lots of stuff going on in adilas land right now.
• Went in to Logan. As part of the standup meeting, I rolled out part of our plan and where things are at on an internal level. I covered limits, expectations, options, etc.
• Basically, a quick review of the last couple of weeks. Things have been changing very fast. I worked with a developer on checking in his code for the bulk print labels stuff. We made a couple of tweaks and then pushed and merged files with our master code copy. We pushed up to servers and tested online. We used a developers multiple FTP client (app) to push files to multiple servers at a single time. That will be a huge time saver.
• I worked with a developer and went over adilas shop options, flow, and opportunities for new services.
• My brother showed me a bunch of his new graphics and interfaces. They are looking awesome and will be super fun.
• My sister came by we worked together on some billing and tech support options.
• My sister and a developer worked and talked about custom support, consulting, and tech support packages and options for adilas clients. The developer is thinking about options for the shop model and other reoccurring revenue streams. Busy day! 30 miles.
• Recording hours and calling and talking to a potential developer about starting on his mini project.
• Recording bills and invoices from my guys.
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3928  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/8/15 -Special corp-wide settings or a world level master control board to set up corporations, worlds, and inter-world (between) settings. Idea came from Steve.
-Both a developer and the Project Manager have had the ideas to use the sales reps and consultants in communications between adilas and its clients. A great resource.
-Communicate and share tips, news, new features, and even what other people are doing as custom projects.
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3903  Green  Daily Tasks 7/7/15 • Went down to Salt Lake City with my sister. We talked all the way down and all the way back about adilas, life, the gospel, etc. Great conversations.
• While in Salt Lake we did two main things. First we had a group orientation meeting with the Utah Micro Loan Fund people. They gave us a packet and went through it with the group. A good presentation and lots of good info.
• After that my sister and I drove around Salt Lake and looked around. We ended up driving up both Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon. We went all the way up to Brighton ski resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon and then all the way up to Alta ski resort up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Beautiful drive, very green, and very pretty.
• We then met with some clients at the Murray City Library. We had a couple hour meeting on a two-deep affiliate program, gift cards, customer credits, and web based promotion codes and coupons. Lots of notes on an information packet they gave us. We went over the information packet in detail.
• On the way home my sister and I got into a pretty deep talk about boundaries, expectations, saying no, and protecting ourselves and our team. The goal is not to get into a pressure situation, a timeline crunch, or a price war.
• Basically, we need to setup some processes and/or procedures to help us buy some time to fully look at things and make informed and thought out quotes and promises. The quick quotes and timelines are taking a toll. 200 miles.
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3927  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/7/15 -Put up a new PDF flyer and new help file dealing with the concepts of the data assembly line. See entries in September and October 2014 for more details.
See sketches on scans in photo gallery 7/7/2015 of:
- Static
- Dynamic
- Dynamic with time, checkpoints, & permissions
- X = Time, Y = $, Z = Space
- 3D Assembly Line for data – include objects & data over time, resource tracking, & spatial elements (space)

-Put up a new PDF flyer and new help file talking about expanding the concepts of world building, systems, and different levels and how they interact and play… Universe, galaxies, clusters, solar systems, worlds, locations, groups, individuals, data level, and run all levels over time and through space.
-“We teach people how to treat us.” – My sister. This could be good and bad, abusive and helpful, pushy and firm, etc. Very interesting concept. She and I were talking on the way down to Salt Lake City about clients, relationships, and expectations.
-I hate to say it, but we have trained a number of our clients to push and demand the moon for pennies or almost nothing. We have jumped almost every time. It turns into an abusive type relationship. Nobody likes that. This is just me confessing about adilas and some of our clients. Adilas has just taken it on the chops, time and time again. We’ve got to put our foot down. This is for me personally as well. I barely make it from check to check with no wiggle room.
-My sister and the Project Manager are going to help make some safety nets (processes & procedures) for our development team. Virtual safety nets for our development team.
-See notes on 7/29/15 for an expanded view of this graphic.
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3902  Green  Daily Tasks 7/6/15 • Working on graphics for the community funded projects. I redid a couple of other graphics. Trying to create a new look to expose the adilas world building concepts and more. I really think that some new graphics will help our users know more about what we are doing and where we are headed. Communications are somewhat tough to keep on top of.
• Added some new ads and layout for the main login page.
• On the phone with a developer going over pay rates, hours, and how to transition over to custom work. Great phone call and GoToMeeting session. We were talking and running numbers and scenarios in Microsoft Excel the entire time. We came up with a good plan to help with the transition. The plan dealt with our top four players at the Shop right now.
• Went in to Logan to work with my guys. I worked with a developer to get some generic PDF labels created. This is for a bulk print labels project.
• I then met with another developer and looked over his plans to further define the adilas shop and key roles within that environment. He had a nice Excel spreadsheet with graphs and such all laid out and displayed.
• Later on, he & I got on a GoToMeeting session with another developer and went over his ideas and new documents. We further defined roles and responsibilities and even put names with the different roles. Lots of work with spreadsheets and such.
• At the end of the day I got to play with some new Flash interfaces that my brother is working on. Super cool stuff. I want to get them wired up – so that I could use them. Awesome! 30 miles.
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3901  Green  Daily Tasks 7/4/15 • Recording bills and scanning invoices.
• Adding a new wholesale tax category to the list of options.
• Started working on some new personal settings for my cart favorites.
• Reviewing some past entries – lots of neat memories as I searched for “personal settings” in the adilas university (developer’s notebook) section. I ended up going on a walk and recording some thoughts in my little mini notebook. Good evening and a great 4th of July.
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3926  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/4/15 -Idea from my sister… Flag each digital timecard to help record clock in/outs and payroll status per timecard. Basically a flag to note if a timecard had already been processed through payroll.
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3900  Green  Daily Tasks 7/3/15 • Working on some new changes to the application errors and error reporting pages. Trying to make the error reports more human readable and friendly. Added in some new verbage and descriptions.
• Went into Logan to work. I looked at my brother’s new bubble layout in flash. It looks great.
• A developer came by to work with us for the day. This was his first time coming by the office.
• I had a small sales meeting with consultant to go over models. I drew him a couple of models on scratch paper.
• Another developer showed me his multi-site FTP tool. This will help with bulk uploads, staging, and possibly large files being pushed via FTP. Lots of possible options.
• I had a small session with a developer going over mixing the different pieces between code, project management, and sales.
• Basically, the custom code level is currently built out more than any other piece and feels slightly out of balance. The next phase will be project management and sales in the weeks and months to come.
• I uploaded and tested error handling that a developer had created originally. Small display and layout changes. 30 miles.
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3925  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/3/15 -Slight disconnect between custom code, project management, & sales.
Current percentages:
- 80% customer code
- 25% project management
- 10% sales
Ideal percentages:
- 100% custom code
- 100% project management
- 100% sales
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3899  Green  Daily Tasks 7/2/15 • Went in to Logan to work with my guys. I had a 2.5 hour meeting with a developer going over ideas on models and how we could stack and grow this thing. See other page for some model ideas.
• I worked with some other developers on mapping out a project to automate expense/receipts and balance sheet items. Lots of training and showing them they why behind the need.
• I got on a conference call a developer, a client, and my dad. We went over the progress that we are making in the GPS world and land. Good meeting and the developer was able to get some new information. The GPS landscape is kind of random with hidden little pieces scattered all over. People are holding pieces and not sharing information very easily. Interesting!
• The owner of the building where our office is, called me in to chat with me. He wanted to know what we do and what we offer. We had a great discussion and ended up filling up an entire whiteboard with drawings and sketches. We covered: dynamics, systems, player groups, functions, settings & permissions, rep models, server structures, 3D world building concepts, data assembly line concepts, stats, and even possible 3rd party predictive models for stats and other analytics. Great little meeting.
• As a fun side note, Dave helped me out twice today by pulling me out of very long meetings. He pulled me out of the meeting with a developer this morning and with the building owner this afternoon. I kind of needed that extra help to pull out of those meetings that just keep going and going. Good meetings, just long… : ) 30 miles.
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3924  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/2/15 -The heart is project management, project coordination, and getting things pumping through the system.

Tons of other models – use adilas as the core or data engine in each model
- Adilas core with different off shoots, hubs, independents, etc.
- Departmentalized sections & divided infrastructure. Hub or shop model.
- Add-on model – start with a core and add on, bolt on, as needed
- Industry or niche specific model
o Trailers & automotive
o Ag & Farm
o Medical & clinics
o Retail & point of sale
o Food & deli
- Think about: military, GPS, scheduling, rentals, dispatch, financial, services, yard & tree care, specialty shops, boutique, online, digital, logistics, schools, etc.
- Don’t stop here … these are just some ideas
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3898  Green  Daily Tasks 7/1/15 • Working on numbers and prepping a file to present to the adilas interns and developers about wage changes and options.
• Went into Logan to work. Got setup for a special team meeting to talk about wages and payment options. We did a GoToMeeting session. I presented numbers and did a presentation. We ran reports, looked around, and went through a number of Microsoft Excel documents, graphs, stats, and different payment models. We went through loan options, proposals, and wage options. We had a good group discussion and talked about limited hours, limited dollar amounts, or some other progressive – hybrid models. We also drew out some different models and talked about sales & services. One of the best subjects and topics was cookie cutter projects and things that we could duplicate over and over again. Doing custom is fun and awesome but it takes very highly skilled developers and each project is different than the last. That takes time, training, project management, and multiple moving pieces. Anyway, a great meeting and session.
• After the meeting I worked with an intern and did some prep work on a project.
• The rest of the day was spent helping other interns, developers, support people, etc. 30 miles.
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3923  Blue  Daily Ideas 7/1/15 Normal Rep Model for Adilas:
- Clients --- Reps: Independent Relationships
- Clients --- Adilas: Direct Pay $
- Rep --- Adilas: Commission paid to rep %
- There exists an independent relationship between the rep & the clients
- The clients pay adilas directly. This is for their monthly service.
- As needed, adilas pays the rep a % (percentage) commission based on the monthly.

Other models & how to grow adilas:
Normal Rep Model:
- Clients – direct relationship with Rep
- Clients – direct pay to adilas $
- Rep – commission from adilas %
- Other reps & independents
- Direct pay for servers
- Super systems with their own servers and subs – repeatable shop or business hub model
- Hub or Shop Model: (direct pay)
o Support
o Sales
o Project management
o Custom code
o Consulting
o Setup
o Training
o Hosting
- They could buy their own servers and/or boxes and bill, provide support, training, setup, and other SaaS (Software as a service) features.

-There could be as many hubs, shops, stores, or niche products as needed. Virtually unlimited growth options. White labels, independent clusters, niche products and services, etc.
-We could serve up niche products and services, generic business options, small clients, medium sized clients, or even big huge clients. Basically, we farm out or sub out the different services and adilas focuses on the core product or data engine.
-Adilas wants to be the core product, the data processing, storage, usage, etc. Basically, the backend data engine piece.
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3885  Green  Daily Tasks 6/30/15 • Going through tons of new emails that come in while I was gone to scout camp. Lots of new invoices, logos, and project requests. Entered all bills and invoices into the system.
• Working up a budget from $10,000 to $150,000. Created an Excel Spreadsheet with various options. If I had $150,000 right now I would use it as follows:
Category ---- Value:
People – Wages – Interns & Developers -- $60,000
People – Wages – Other Team Members -- $10,000
Site – Internal Look & Feel -- $5,000
Site – External Look & Feel -- $10,000
Sales & Advertising -- $25,000
Site – Adilas World – Adilas Community -- $2,500
Training – User Guide – Videos -- $2,500
Site Automation & eCommerce -- $10,000
Adilas API Socket Connections – Development -- $25,000
Total: $150,000
• On the phone with two different lenders to talk about options and loans and funding. Trying to figure out where we are headed.
• Went in to Logan to work with my guys. I helped here and there – all around I spent some time with a developer talking about funding options and numbers.
• I also went on a walk with a developer and chatted about what is needed. I know that I need to make some tough decisions that affect other people. That has been weighing on my mind and my heart. That is tough and not very fun. I’m also trying to figure out what to do. Kind of a rough but good day today. We’ve made a ton of progress, we just need to change focus a bit. 30 miles.
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3897  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/30/15 • Working up a budget from $10,000 to $150,000. Created an Excel Spreadsheet with various options. If I had $150,000 right now I would use it as follows:
Category ---- Value:
People – Wages – Interns & Developers -- $60,000
People – Wages – Other Team Members -- $10,000
Site – Internal Look & Feel -- $5,000
Site – External Look & Feel -- $10,000
Sales & Advertising -- $25,000
Site – Adilas World – Adilas Community -- $2,500
Training – User Guide – Videos -- $2,500
Site Automation & eCommerce -- $10,000
Adilas API Socket Connections – Development -- $25,000
Total: $150,000
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3884  Green  Daily Tasks 6/29/15 • Recording notes from loose pages.
• On the phone with Steve going over projects, quotes, and options for developers. We went through the favorites (saved report settings for elements of time) and went through the different projects. Kind of fun to see us using adilas for project management stuff. A huge thanks to Dave for entering things and setting up a flow process. Steve and I talked about a number of different projects based off of Dave’s preset favorites and saved report settings.
• Went into Logan to work. My brother showed me a bunch of graphics and such. He also showed me his Flash bubble navigation system. I worked quite a bit with Dave on project requirements, costs, and time quotes.
• A developer and I did some debugging on a PDF invoice and email link issue. Posted new code on all servers.
• Spent some time with another developer talking about GPS and flow.
• I worked with another developer on a consolidated bank report. He is going to be adding in his first system permission for the multi corp bank consolidation reports. Other emails and random stuff. 30 miles.
• Finished up recording notes from loose pages. I’m actually caught up as of right now. Yea! These notes take a lot of time but have been a huge comfort to me to get the stuff on paper and out of my head. The other blessing for me is to go back and re-read the different entries. As I do, I see the hand of the Lord in my life. Good stuff! : )
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3896  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/29/15 -The simplicity of a child’s approach. I needed to prepare a small lesson on Sunday for some families that I visit. My son came up with some simple coloring pages for the kids, a small lesson called “it’s a short flight”, & a little bag of gummy bears. I was amazed at how simple it was!
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3883  Green  Daily Tasks 6/27/15 • Recording more notes from loose pages.
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3882  Green  Daily Tasks 6/26/15 • Recording notes from loose pages. I was able to finish from 5/5/15 to 6/11/15 while up at Scout Camp. It was fun to relive the drama, crazy times, and new and exciting changes. I’m so grateful for these notebooks and for the ride. It has been crazy, but I love it!
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3881  Green  Daily Tasks 6/25/15 • Recording notes from loose pages.
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3895  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/25/15 -As part of Scout Camp the boys and I participated in a thing called the “Polar Bear”. Super cold spring water coming out of a big metal pipe. Anyway, the boys and I had to go under the big pipe and let the cold water fall on us as we repeated the scout oath and scout law (both). The female camp staff member was helping the boys with the process. I watched in amazement as she helped also 50 boys and leaders do the Polar Bear. The water was so cold that it took your breath away and you could not speak or talk. So, she said the scout oath and scout law 50 times each. She got soaked, helped boys in, out, say what they needed to, and helped to encourage them. Awesome service and it was fun and humbling to watch. I want to be like that. Thanks to that staff member for the great example.
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3880  Green  Daily Tasks 6/24/15 • Recording notes from loose pages.
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3879  Green  Daily Tasks 6/23/15 • Up at Scout Camp (Hull Valley, Cub River, ID). Recording notes from loose pages into my notebook.
• Recording notes.
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3894  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/23/15 -I head a great story about a wise man who lived on top of a high mountain. A young man went to see and test him. He caught a small bird and brought it before the wise man. The young man asked the wise man what was the state of the bird? The wise man responded… it is what you will it – meaning that depends on you. The young man asked for more information. The wise man said – If I tell you the bird is dead, you will release your hands and simply let it go and it will fly away. If I say it is alive, you will tighten your grip, squeeze the bird and it will die. Therefore, it is what you will it to be! This was a great story given by the camp director. He related it to scout camp and told the boys that this week would depend on them and what they got out of it. The week may hold hot days, cold nights, crazy weather, bugs, ups, downs, etc. The experience depends on the boys and what they will it to be. Basically, it comes down to attitude and desire.
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3878  Green  Daily Tasks 6/22/15 • Recording notes from Saturday 6/20/15. Light brainstorming and prepping for the day. Lots of good stuff going on.
• Adding a commission model to the different developer models for adilas. Most of the ideas came from a developer on this model. I also added some additional verbage.
• Working in both Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF to create the developer models, commission, pay rates, and add-on’s.
• Wrote an email to the developers to let them see what is going on.
• Writing checks, paying bills, and doing emails.
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3893  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/22/15 -Contact Ebonite International Inc. about the Drill Spec Coordinator system. Maybe propose a web based model and 3rd party solution for them to be on adilas.
-Add some smaller graphics to the login page.
-Maybe three across to show some of the new features.
-Start using slogans such as… adilas – all data is live and searchable – your data, your world, your way – You dream it up, we’ll wire it up – think custom.
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3877  Green  Daily Tasks 6/20/15 • Emails, tech support, phone calls, and prep work.
• Lined out a project for interns.
• Quick call with Steve.
• On the phone with a developer going over ideas and options to help with both funding of projects and payments for interns and developers. Great conversation! Lots of open communication going back and forth. He has been awesome. We also decided to hold off on any major changes until he gets back from New York.
• Phone calls, tech support, and checking out a bowling software package called Drill Spec Coordinator. We have a number of bowling Pro shops that use adilas. Many of those pro shops want a feature similar to this package inside of adilas.
• I installed the software and did a couple generic screen captures to get a flavor of the program. I then uninstalled the software from my machine. The vendor’s name is Ebonite that makes the current software package. They are a bowling standard and deal with balls and special drilling specs for holes and grips on bills.
• A developer came over and we chatted about a number of office models and pay structures. He pitched a performance based commission model. We both took a bunch of notes and worked through some scenarios. Great meeting and we made a lot of progress. He also pitched a number of ideas dealing with teams, rotations, job sharing, cross training, and other performance based concepts. Great meeting!
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3892  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/20/15 -I could really help out by planning things and projects fully out. Once the plans are made and presented, they could be made and/or created by another developer. My job would be vision, direction, and showing potential.
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3876  Green  Daily Tasks 6/19/15 • Recording notes, paying bills, and phone calls.
• On the phone with Steve going over funding, projects, and needs. We talked quite a bit about the different developers.
• I got an email and a small urgent bug fix. I got it fixed and emailed one of the developers to let them know about the problem.
• I then talked on the phone with a developer about numbers and business stuff. I had him look at his email and read through my new levels and such. We are trying to figure out solutions and ideas.
• Went into Logan to work with my guys. We started to wire up my brother’s interface mock-up. Great breakthroughs and fun to see things get wired up and started. This will add a whole new level to adilas and what is possible. That is exciting.
• I finished up the page for the header, footer, and css competition. I pushed it up online for the guys.
• The goal is to develop a new look and feel for adilas by just altering the headers, footers, and backend css.
• I then worked with interns on a project to clean-up and split up database tables.
• I had a great phone call with my sister. She is really helping out tons with tech support and training.
• I spent some time with an intern working on his multi corp monthly report project. Busy and productive day.
• I also spent some time with the project manager and verbally presented the developer pay schedules and options to some of the guys. I thought that it went over pretty well. 30 miles.
• Recording notes onto loose pages. Lots of review and trying to get things figured out. Good day today! : )
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3875  Green  Daily Tasks 6/18/15 • Recording notes from yesterday. Lots of numbers and business talks yesterday.
• Reviewing video footage from yesterday. I watched the last 20 minutes of the packaging GoToMeeting section (start at 1:38-1:58). It has a great dialog on how our model has changed, grown, and how we are positioned to really move into the different markets. Kind of fun. The last five minutes talked about some pieces that make adilas unique (1:54-1:58).
• Tech support calls and fixing a small bug with the teacher/student interface.
• On the phone with a developer going over business plans and decisions. He wants to get things under control very soon and quickly. I hope that everything goes well with some of the transitions that are needed.
• Went in to Logan to work with my guys.
• A developer and I went on a walk around the block. We chatted about sales, numbers, and shop dynamics. There are some concerns with decisions and management stuff. Normal HR (human resources) stuff between people and personalities.
• Met with a guy today who is a technology consultant that works with another friend who I’ve been chatting with. We met and talked about options and what adilas could bring the table. I used the interactive map flyer and the GPS core layout flyer to explain what we can do. Those graphics really help to explain the concepts of 3D world building and the data assembly line concepts. Those pieces are part of the story or why we do what we do.
• After he left, we had our normal morning stand-up meeting. As part of the meeting a developer presented some of his plan. It was received with mixed reviews. We all talked about some options and what we want to do. Lots of emotions and different people somewhat jockeying for positions. Basically, debts are high, funds are low, and spirits are somewhere in between. Things aren’t super bad but finances and money are definitely tight. I’m hoping and praying for a miracle.
• There is a lot of potential but it is hard to convert raw potential into raw money, capital, and cash flow. If we got paid for all of our outstanding invoices we would be okay. However, our receivables are kind of slow and our payables are mounting daily. Anyway, I didn’t see how the meeting ended. I had to leave and go get a Boy Scout physical for Scout camp next week. When I came back to work, everybody was busy working.
• Around 1:30pm a client came by to our shop for an appointment. We met and talked for a good 45 minutes to an hour before his partner came to participate in a group brainstorming session. We all had fun and used up the whole whiteboard (wall) going over a two-deep affiliate program. We talked needs, listed out ideas, options, goals, rules, and various dreams.
• There was good dialogue between the group of us there. Lots of drawing, sketching, and consulting going on. My sister took some notes of the session. There was also lots of good learning going on. Both of the partners have been involved with numerous businesses over the years. They are both quite seasoned and are a wealth of knowledge.
• See entries back from 12/4/10 for some notes that I took while watching one of the partners do a foam clothing class (cold weather survival stuff). Some of the concepts and principles that I learned from him have played a huge part of what adilas has become. Concepts such as systems, acquisition of knowledge, function over fashion, they why and how that is developed over time, etc. Great stuff and very pivotal both now and especially back then.
• Just for fun, I looked up my notes that I did back in December of 2010 and showed them to him from inside the adilas developer’s notebook application (elements of time). That was kind of fun.
• After those guys left, I worked with numerous different developers on their different projects. Crazy day! Fun, long, emotionally charged, and a lot of learning and applying concepts. Good stuff! 30 miles.
• Spent the evening defining multiple different developer pay models. I created an hourly system, titles, qualifications, add-ons, prices and costs, and other options. There are developer models for training, interns, developers, trainers, leads, independents, 3rd part solutions, and custom or open models. Lots of options
• Anyway, I created a spreadsheet for the different models and what each one gets, requires, and may or may not need/use. Lots of different options. Trying to create a hybrid solution of sorts. I sent out an email to Steve, the project manager, and developers and asked for their feedback.
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3891  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/18/15 -“Principles last and endure. Sometimes you can tell if it is a principle if it stands the test of time.” Jim Phillips. By way of a note, he was in our shop today doing a whiteboard session with us on a 2-deep affiliate program. He taught a class on foam clothing (survival stuff) back on 12/4/10. See that entry for some other good notes.
-We have had more requests for customer credits and being able to easily apply those credits back to a customer. Basically, automate the in credits (accumulation) and automate the out bound usage of those credits (usage or applying the credits).
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3874  Green  Daily Tasks 6/17/15 • Emails and recording notes.
• Going through files and methods to split up database tables for world building pieces.
• Went in to Logan to work with the guys.
• Worked with an intern to give him some admin permissions on all servers for uploading and helping with client look and feel and client logs.
• A developer grabbed me and we had a good meeting about moving forward with the hub or adilas shop model. We talked about getting things back to an organic growth model. Things have been kind of crazy lately. We talked about adilas feeding the shop between $1,500 to $2,000 worth of internal work a week. This is $6,000 to $8,000 a month (roughly). We talked about a feeder period of 6 months and how much we could gain by an arrangement of that kind. We talked all kinds of numbers, break even projections, direction, vision, etc. This was probably a two hour meeting with whiteboard drawings with lots of talking and discussing options.
• After that, some interns and I did another session on the sub inventory and cost controls (packaging) project. We scripted the database creation process and then got into a small business lesson. We ended up talking for about an hour on where adilas is at as a company.
• Sadly, only the lead up portion got recorded using GoToMeeting. Someone else had a demo and needed the GoToMeeting account. Fun conversation.
• I think that interns got into it very well. That was fun.
• Another fun part of the conversation was the why we do what we do. I really enjoyed that.
• After that session, I talked with a developer about options for GPS and internal 3rd party solutions. He would possibly like to get into providing the GPS units, setups, installations, etc. I told him that the market was open and we didn’t have a problem with that.
• I also spent an hour or so with the project manager roughing out projects at the wall (whiteboard wall). We did about 6 projects with different options and costs. It really helps to bat the projects around with someone else to talk out details, flow, complexity, options, and costs. Busy but great day! 30 miles.
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3873  Green  Daily Tasks 6/16/15 • Emails, recording bills, and recording notes.
• Went in to Logan to work with my guys. After stand-up meeting I gave some of the guys FTP (file transfer protocol) assess to push up new demos and marketing content.
• Worked with an intern to line out his new corp-wide setting project. This is part of the auto retrieve RFID tag values when restoring a quote to the cart for final checkout.
• Other interns and I did a small session on the packaging project. We built the database table and talked about the sub inventory fields, columns, and associated tables.
• I then worked with a developer on what he is going to need in order to get his multi corp sales report done. I showed him some live data to help him get an idea of how this report would be used in real life.
• A developer showed me his print multi pdf labels project.
• A contact sent us a referral. He does a think called medical tourism. Basically, they offer a trip to Mexico, a nice hotel, an American doctor, and a full remote recovery package. We chatted and talked about options and what adilas could offer and bring to the table. It was a fun visit.
• I’ve been using a couple of graphics and printouts to help explain what, how, and why we do things. The graphics really help get the concepts across.
• After the sales meeting, I met with the project manager on a couple projects. We figured out assignments and rough timelines. He has been a huge help to keep things going.
• I helped a developer and intern with some new high admin permissions. I gave the developer access to setup new adilas accounts and worlds.
• My brother came by and I helped him get started on cataloging video clips and YouTube videos. We are going to use the media/content tools to catalog the YouTube videos.
• Another brother showed me some of his design work that he has been doing He is doing awesome. I’m excited! 30 miles.
• Went over to a family friend’s house to talk with him about projects. We ended up talking about concepts of watchers and feeders. Good stuff.
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3872  Green  Daily Tasks 6/15/15 • Working on code prep for a client. More work on code that a developer did for the full database split and migration back in March of this year (helping people get off the bus). Full world building pieces.
• Went in to Logan to work with my guys. I got a room setup to help do some training on the sub inventory and cost controls (packaging).
• We did a multi hour session on the project and recorded the session. We used a couple of laptops, a digital microphone, a projector, and lots of talking and interactions. Good stuff!
• A contact came by and chatted with a developer and I about setting up radio packet data and working with CSV (comma separated values) files. He was giving us ideas on how to get and chew up text and packet data. This project deals with runners and even tracking of data for the Bear 100 mile race event.
• I spent some time with an intern signing off on code to be able to email invoices to clients from inside of adilas. This is a new general tool for all users. 30 miles.
• On the phone with a developer doing a salvage job on a data upload that went weird. We used GoToMeeting and were able to retrieve almost 100 lost customers and customer records based off of invoices and dates. Good stuff.
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3871  Green  Daily Tasks 6/13/15 • Recording notes, emails, and research. Watched a couple of videos on Arduino microprocessors and how to set them up. Just trying to get familiar with what is out there as options.
• Updating and signing off on code for icon menus. Reposted a number of files online.
• Prepping files for a developer/client. He wants to work on the internal cost corrections and update cost PO process. This is also tied into a possible project dealing with a setting for using average costing models. Some of the pieces of the project I believe in and want, and some of the pieces I really don’t want – like average costing.
• More prep work for getting files and database pieces ready for this developer/client.
• Trying to prep world building code to migrate corp specific records for a client. Ended up reviewing a developer’s code from back in March of this year. Crazy how time flies.
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3870  Green  Daily Tasks 6/12/15 • On the phone with Steve talking about both current and upcoming projects. He is trying to get custom code jobs for us to do. His goal is $1,000 a day in custom code stuff. We talked quite a bit about our developers and the talents, skills, and their levels. We’ve got some great people helping to play the game.
• After the phone call, I did a quote for the contacts that had been in this week out of the Provo, UT area. They sell services and eLearning packages for wind power plants and simulation software. As a fun side note, the quote was pretty simple but also included options for training, data migration, and some custom code. I’m going to try to include those pieces on most of the new quotes that I do.
• Went into Logan to work with my guys.
• I spent a little bit of time helping a developer get a bigger database copy to get the data he needed in order to work on a multi corporation bank reconciliation project.
• I worked with an intern on the email invoice project. We only got about halfway through before I got pulled off on something new.
• I talked with a developer about GPS stuff and we looked into some different options. He is going tons of research including into Arduino microprocessor chips to deal with GPS tracking. All kinds of stuff.
• A contact and family friend came by to meet and talk about a new exercise start-up company. They need some tech help to help them store tons of data. We had a great meeting and have another meeting setup for next week.
• As a fun side note, this was the first time that I heard that there is starting to be pain for consumers with all kinds of app data spread out between tons of different phone or mobile apps. I’ve heard that same thing between software packages for business for years. However, this was the first time to hear the same data problem between apps and mobile apps. It makes sense, an app is just another piece of software but designed to be small and mobile. It is amazing how the lack of a full system trends towards future pain in pulling things back together. Interesting…!
• The last part of the day was working with a developer on a GoToMeeting clean-up of a data import. We had to go in and fix a number of pieces and do some after the fact modifications. We spent about an hour and a half and got everything all cleaned up. Busy day today. 30 miles.
• Took my brother home to his house. On the way we talked about how much he is helping with his positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit. He is going great and creating a number of fun and fresh graphics. Fun stuff. He will go far! : )
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3890  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/12/15 -Keep planning to help interconnect multiple software packages… this could be business packages, apps, phone or mobile packages, and even custom or niche products. The goal is to eventually make or allow them to play as a system. Things like alternate external id numbers, application flex grid, and real in-line extensions are going to help with these needs. JSON (java script object notation) may also help to hold special data, values, rates, and mappings, keep things dynamic (aliases, permissions, and settings) and plan for the future.
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3869  Green  Daily Tasks 6/11/15 • Phone calls and tech support.
• Went into Logan to work with my guys.
• A developer gave us a demo on where he is at using the google API sockets and GPS data from a trip that he went on.
• I worked with an intern on adding a new auto populate RFID tag setting. Lots of training on what is going on.
• Some contacts came over and we did a demo for them. These are the guys that came over yesterday that my dad brought over. The demo included vendors, PO’s, items, recipes, builds, quotes, customers, invoices, and expense/receipts. This was about a 2 hour demo with lots of questions. One of the contacts does training and simulation models. He also deals with wind farm hardware systems. He is out of the Provo, UT area.
• A developer and I signed off on code for a fulfillment and processing invoice flow and process. Good stuff. We cleaned up some code and pushed files live.
• At the end of the day a developer, project manager, and I talked about a percentage back to adilas to help fun new developers as well as project management. We talked about a 10-20% managing fee on a project. That money would go to help with sign-offs, pushing files live, and all billing and follow-up for the projects. Fun but crazy day! 30 miles.
• Emails and working with a developer on data import sign-off for some clients. We did a couple of phone calls and even jumped online for half an hour to do a GoToMeeting session.
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3889  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/11/15 -On quotes, carts, and invoices… It may be a cool admin feature if we could allow open costing or a phantom cost (ghost or virtual cost) to be added to an invoice or quote where the items will be purchased from someone else but still plan a part of the deal. Instead of direct costing on unlimited items, maybe add a phantom or virtual cost field to help figure out profile and mark-ups. This new option (permission) would even allow cost changes inside the shopping cart. This is just a concept at this point but thinking about making this an admin (red) permission.
-On the new client ecommerce demo site, include a blurb that talks about using the phone app for eCommerce. We want people to start using their phones to browse and view adilas stuff.
-On quotes, we need a way to be able to email a quote directly from the printable quotes page. We are working on this option for invoice but maybe expand it to be both for emails and quotes.
-On the media/content add/edit form, add a link to the HTML helper help file. This is for the main description field for media/content.
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3868  Green  Daily Tasks 6/10/15 • Emails and viewing a Ted talk by Simon Sinek. See notes above and on other page.
• Updating the main login page. Took off a couple of ads.
• Fixed an invoice bug and prepped some developer update files for helping developers migrate and update their local systems.
• Went into the Logan office. I spent the first couple of hours working with a developer on sales, goals, and vision of how the adilas model works. We spent quite a bit of time drawing things out and going over numbers.
• We also had a discussion about a hybrid independent model vs. a full traditional employee model. Good stuff.
• I helped to rough out a project for an intern. We even got to start working on it. It deals with grabbing the last known RFID tag numbers for shopping carts that are restored to a cart.
• I got another intern helping me do some prep work on the data 3 custom files. He was prepping them for the invoices and invoice payments switch and migration project for data 3.
• A developer and I had a great meeting with a client. My dad brought them over to our office and we chatted for a bit. We spent quite a bit of time talking about concepts of the data assembly line and how that works. We also talked about concepts of systems and how to interconnect things together. They want a product demo tomorrow. 30 miles.
• Went over to Bridgerland to meet with my dad and the Ham radio guys for the Bear 100 race. My dad and I pitched the adilas concept and tying in everything for GPS, automated data entry and retrieval, and custom searches and special interfaces. Good stuff, great meeting.
• Recording notes, paying bills, and emails.
• Working on custom files for the data 3 server.
• Migrating and splitting all invoices and invoice payments on the data 3 server. Testing new code. This marks the completion of the project to split up invoices and invoice payments on all 4 data servers. Yea!
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3888  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/10/15 Ted talk by Simon Sinek about inspiring leadership:
-I got a fun email from my brother. It had a video link in it to a Ted talk given by Simon Sinek about how great leaders inspire action and vision. The talk was from back in September 2009. Anyway, a great talk. I took a whole post-it note full of ideas. The nuts and bolts… teach the why!
-Golden Circle – why is the core – what is your purpose – reverse the order and teach the why – Driven by a cause –
(Target sketch – from the center and working outward – why, how, what)
-People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.
-Innovation and adoption cycle: inventors and early adapters (Teach people the why!) Why, how, what.
-Tell people what you believe.

Random sketches of board – meeting with a developer on flow and options….:
- Clients, direct pay, adilas. Rep, own relationships, commission for development or sales.
- Hub model – this could be duplicated over and over again. Adilas – world building & a hub that provides other features such as:
o 3rd party products
o Developers
o Customer service
o Project management
o Sales
o Training
o Consulting
o Other services
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3867  Green  Daily Tasks 6/9/15 • Checking on new code for both data 0 and data 1 servers.
• Checked custom pages for changes dealing with invoice and invoice payments.
• Went in to Logan to work with guys. After our stand-up meeting, I started prepping a file to allow the guys to play with the adilas headers and footers. This includes the CSS (cascading style sheets) for the look and feel of the system.
• Basically, we are looking to upgrade and/or give our users options on how the pages look and feel. This will be the start of the header/footer/css competition.
• I worked with different people on projects and ended the day talking with the project managers about adilas, the hub model, services, and how to do things to make the hub model or store ideas work. That was fun. We pulled out a laptop and looked right at numbers inside of adilas. We then talked shop and did some projections.
• My dad came to visit with me today as well. We talked and chatted for a while about the Bear 100 race and what we could do for them using adilas. My dad then talked with some of the guys and looked and my brother’s graphics. Fun stuff. 30 miles.
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3866  Green  Daily Tasks 6/8/15 • Finished up the custom wire job for the adilas community funded projects. This includes cross tying invoices, elements of time, and updating budget settings. Launched code and ran a couple of invoice through to test live settings. Fun little wire job. Pretty cool!
• On the phone with Steve talking about projects, funding, and custom code. Lots of ideas and direction.
• Went in to Logan to work with my guys. We talked about transitioning off of the adilas internal pay system into fully client funded projects. I worked and helped different people with their projects and questions.
• Most of my day was spent prepping files for splitting invoices and invoice payments on the different servers (data 0 & data 1).
• Developers, interns, and the project manager are getting ready to do some cool stuff for the trailer and used vehicle market.
• A developer was helping an intern today with an email invoice project. 30 miles.
• My girls (daughters) helped me migrate invoices on both data 0 & data 1 servers. I wrote and recorded hours in my notebook while they clicked buttons and migrated invoices and invoice payments on different servers. Uploaded new files to both servers. Light testing. Late night.
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3887  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/8/15 -On adilas eCommerce, we need to check to make sure that the classic shipping options are fully connected. This means we need to check to make sure that the additional customer/contact gets added to the invoice. This deals with a shipping address as a sub invoice assignment.
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3865  Green  Daily Tasks 6/6/15 • Working on getting custom files ready for the data 0 server update to split out invoices and invoice payments.
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3864  Green  Daily Tasks 6/5/15 • Went in to Logan to work with the guys. The day started out pretty quiet. We only had four of us in the office for the first hour or so.
• We had some good chats and talked about marketing strategy and ideas. Good conversation.
• I worked online with a developer tons today to finish up his PayPal project.
• I spent quite a bit of time with a developer learning about GPS and how things work.
• The project manager and I roughed out some projects on the board (wall) for five new projects.
• I worked with my brother on some web stuff and talking about mock-ups, dashboards, and web pages.
• An intern worked on projects and participated in some project outlines and rough out sessions.
• Our project manager is doing a great job with customer service and project management. Good day today. 30 miles.
• Prepping custom files for the data 0 server invoice and invoice payments split up migration.
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3863  Green  Daily Tasks 6/4/15 • On the phone with a contact talking about investment options. Sent him an email with documents, numbers, flyers, and links to different pages and sections.
• Went into Logan. Put some new code into our safe deposit box for safe storage.
• Dropped off a digital key at Bridgerland and headed over to the office.
• Emails, phone calls, and tech support.
• Worked with a developer to sign off on code for his stock/units, save report settings, and exports to Excel.
• Light debugging.
• Singed off on some tweaks that an intern did for the customer queue.
• Talking with the project manager about custom projects. 30 miles.
• Pushing some of an intern’s code to a live server.
• I then did some prep and clean-up for the next round of invoice migrations. I then got on a video chat with a developer to go over some payroll pieces and new payroll changes. I’d like to get him on a monthly commission to help with payroll and updating records, state and federal withholdings, and other tax settings.
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3862  Green  Daily Tasks 6/3/15 • Went in to Logan to work with my guys. I spent most of the day signing off on code for splitting out invoice and invoice payment tables.
• I helped with random questions but mostly worked on code today.
• I did however see some great things the project manager was contacting people and doing project management.
• A developer was helping some other interns with custom projects.
• My brother was doing mock-ups and graphics.
• Another developer was finishing up stock/unit reports and another developer was doing PayPal stuff.
• It was kind of fun to watch the guys work.
• I was really impressed with how well a developer did helping the guys with their custom projects. 30 miles.
• Finishing up the first round of code for the invoice split up project.
• Signed off on code for the data 2 server. It was the most unstable of all the servers.
• Migrated tons and tons of invoices and invoice payments on that server. Each corporation now has their own main invoice table, PO/invoice line items table, and invoice payments table.
• During testing, the server seems to be running much faster and more responsive. Yea! Time for bed! : )
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3861  Green  Daily Tasks 6/2/15 • More work on signing off on code for splitting up the invoices and invoice payments table.
• Recording bills and invoices.
• Went into Logan to work with my guys.
• Worked with an intern to line out his custom code project for adding a city filter to the advanced customer queue page.
• Worked with a developer on his saved settings for stock/units.
• My brother showed me a fun trailer and vehicle website that he built.
• Went over to Bridgerland to meet with some developers and my dad about GPS and GIS tracking.
• Spent about 1.5 hours talking about our goals and dreams for GPS tracking and even tracking.
• On the phone with a developer going over ideas for PayPal stuff.
• Went over some email settings and flow on being able to send emails to customers using simple settings and a strategic button(s) or subpage.
• Spent about an hour on the phone with a developer’s brother. He is a business consultant and has a fun product for strategic project planning. We may be able to integrate with him using API socket connections and other computer to computer type interactions. Lots of options. 30 miles.
• Exporting some bigger logos for a custom invoice for a company.
• Did some code sign-off on invoices and invoice payments.
• Pushing on the sign-off for invoices and invoice payments. Lots of testing and debugging.
• Finished up the main core cfc’s. Pulled down all of the custom pages and went through those pages on a page by page basis. Quite the process. Got too tired to finish…
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3886  Blue  Daily Ideas 6/2/15 Notes from a conference call with a developer and his brother:
- Having good tools is a huge key!
- The 1 page plan concept
- Organizational effectiveness
- Scorecard – analytics
- Task management
- Performance management
- Ready-made tools
- Project management and strategy management
- Consulting – both customized consulting and standard consulting
- Complete the system!
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3860  Green  Daily Tasks 6/1/15 • Up early working on splitting out invoices and invoice payments.
• Signing off on code and testing new changes.
• Went in to work with the guys at the office.
• I helped a developer with some saved settings for stock/units.
• Roughed out some project outlines with our project manager and helped here and there with other projects. 30 miles.
• More work on signing off on splitting up invoices and invoice payments.
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3845  Green  Daily Tasks 5/30/15 • Recording notes, light brainstorming, and checking on domain names.
• Working on splitting up the invoices and invoice payments tables. Somewhat of an internal surgery to help with server stability and application query speed.
• More work on the invoices and invoice payments for different corporations.
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3859  Blue  Daily Ideas 5/30/15 -Plan and setup a meeting to pitch the adilas service hub model. Include a number of key players and persons who could make it work. Allow the meeting to be an open forum and even assign different persons parts of the presentation as part of the pitch. I think that would give it a good flare. Sell the sizzle!
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3846  Green  Daily Tasks 5/29/15 • Finished up the payroll changes and calculating commissions based off of either profits or gross sales. Also added an option to save the commission reports as pdf documents.
• Uploaded files and tested.
• Went into Logan to work with my guys. I talked quite a bit with the project manager about the adilas service hub model and other options. It just keeps growing in size and options. That is kind of fun.
• I worked with a developer on his project for stock/units and saving report settings.
• Three developers were working on icon menus.
• The project manager talked about projects. We went through them, defined them, and then started to assign them.
• A developer, the project manager, and I had a conference call with a client. We talked about GPS/RFID tag tracking. We are building some GPS and logistic tracking pieces to help him out. Great phone call. Lots of options.
• Signed off on code for Steve.
• Started into some code sign-offs for a developer and his GPS/RFID tag tracking stuff for elements of time.
• Emails and tech support.
• Spent the last hour or so talking with project managers about how to open up and build out the adilas service hub model. We also talked about development grants, training interns, and helping people excel at what they are good at. Fun stuff. 30 miles.
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3858  Blue  Daily Ideas 5/29/15 -Add my saved favorites (as a link) to the interactive map (part of the side bar). Also add links to the media/content home, all advanced searches and exports, retail quick cart, YouTube videos, adilas world, adilas university, adilas hub, adilas GPS core layout, etc.
-On the GPS core layout, put the multi interface chooser as an option from the core or center. (Link to the multi interface chooser from the core of the GPS core)
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3844  Green  Daily Tasks 5/28/15 • On the phone with Steve pitching the idea of setting up an adilas training center and/or a hub or service shop for different adilas services. These could be things such as: customer service, training, setup, consulting, sales, web design, eCommerce, graphics, custom code, project management, data entry, migration and data imports, etc.
• Tons of possible services and different options. We also talked about creating industry specific niches for training, sales, consulting, design, setup, compliance, etc. The other subject of our conversation was franchises and franchising out any part of our model. Awesome phone call and lots of ideas.
• Went into Logan to work with my guys.
• A developer set me up with a headset and a Google voice account.
• I was on a GoToMeeting session with a developer going over shipping and eCommerce stuff.
• I worked with my brother on some of his graphics, flyers, and mock-ups.
• The project manager and I had a good conference call with some guys from a cash management and compliance company about GPS, RFID tag tracking, cash management, kiosks, and loyalty cards. Good stuff!
• I worked with a developer some more on other eCommerce stuff and questions that he had.
• Another developer and I worked on splitting invoices.
• Four of us got on a GoToMeeting session with Steve to show him icons, graphics, flyers, app mock-ups, and adilas university training stuff done by my brother. Fun demo.
• My brother and I were kind a tag teaming and pitching a number of ideas and concepts. Fun phone call and GoToMeeting session. 30 miles.
• Recording notes for the day. Lots of good stuff going on.
• Signing off on code for splitting up invoices and invoice payments. Testing and even migrating some local database records.
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3857  Blue  Daily Ideas 5/28/15 -Customer service is a major part of the SaaS (software as a service) model. – Steve
-Sell the real-estate around adilas
-Concept shops – Adilas centers or Adilas hubs, dealers, resales, training centers, shops, and “niching adilas”.
-Add some SEO (search engine optimization) to help people find adilas and what we offer.
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3843  Green  Daily Tasks 5/27/15 • Checking in on the data 2 server. It got upgraded from ColdFusion 10 to ColdFusion 11.
• Light testing and checking other servers.
• Recording notes.
• Also as a note, last night I updated some settings for doing stock/unit trade-ins.
• Light tech support.
• Emails and ordering printer toner and supplies.
• Recording bills and invoices.
• Went into Logan to work with the guys.
• My brother showed me a bunch of cool graphics and new sales icons for some new flyers. He is doing a great job.
• I spent quite a bit of time today with a few developers. We were signing off on code for icon menus. I also showed them how to push files live. I’m hoping that will help open up the code sign-off bottle neck. Currently that is one of our bottle necks in the process.
• After that, some developers and I started in on the migration process of splitting up the invoices and invoice payments. That’s going to be a big project. 30 miles.
• Signing off on code and posting files online. Small tweaks.
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3841  Green  Daily Tasks 5/26/15 • Checking the data 1 server. Upgraded from ColdFusion 10 to ColdFusion 11. Small tweaks and checks to make sure all was well.
• Working on payroll options to show sales commissions based off of gross sales vs. commissions based off of profits.
• Working with sub reports, totals, and output displays.
• On the phone with Steve talking about internal projects like splitting up database tables for invoice and invoice line items.
• Other projects are packaging and full database split or world building concepts. We talked about funding options and how to work and play the game.
• Went into Logan to work at the office.
• A developer called in from New York via video chat.
• Another developer called and let us know that his Reno, NV, thing was going to be more intense than originally planned.
• We had a full house and staff there today. We had 10 of us guys here today.
• All of these guys know generally where they are headed and it is exciting to watch them. I bounced between people and helped where possible.
• I also did some email stuff and did a number of tech support related things.
• We got a developer some new data and got him lined out to work with stock/units and making sure that we could refine searches, save report settings, and exports to Microsoft Excel.
• Some developers were doing sign-offs on icon menus.
• My brother and the project manager were working on sales ideas and such.
• I worked with a developer a bit on the eCommerce API socket connections. That section is somewhat of a mess right now. It is going to take some time. I also met with the owner of the building and talked about rent, needs, options, and ideas. Busy day! 30 miles.
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3842  Green  Daily Tasks 5/25/15 • Memorial Day and major server outage.
• Tons of phone calls and emails.
• We had ordered a server upgrade on the main data 0 box. The upgrade went well but no database connection were setup.
• We then had an incorrect login to the ColdFusion Administrator so we couldn’t get in and tweak things around.
• Anyway, we finally got it fixed and the servers are all up and running at this point. Crazy day! Plus, today is Memorial Day of course! : )
• I had some help and inspiration on getting things back online. Answers to prayers.
• Working with a developer to sign off on some code for some custom invoices. We did some debugging and testing. Posted new files online.
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3840  Green  Daily Tasks 5/23/15 • Working on payroll changes. Going through emails and code updates from a developer for payroll changes. Light debugging and testing.
• Working on a new payroll switch to calculate commissions off of gross sales vs. commissions off of profits.
• Worked on cascading changes to different pages that deal with payroll and commissions.
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3839  Green  Daily Tasks 5/22/15 • Answering emails and doing tech support stuff.
• Added a new community funded project of adding a second vendor/payee to an expense/receipt. This would allow a credit card transaction to hold who was still owed (payable or bank name) and who the items were purchased from (additional or servicing vendor).
• Checking servers, resetting passwords, and setting each server to restart every day. Hopefully that is not an overkill.
• Went into Logan to work with my guys. Smaller crew today.
• Most of my day was spent with a developer testing and signing off on code. We launched the Green Bridge gateway and pin debit code today.
• I helped a developer with a layout on a custom invoice.
• The project manager came by and we talked ideas for over an hour.
• A consultant came by and we talked sale and features for about half an hour.
• Lots of fun and exciting things are happening. Good stuff. 30 miles.
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3838  Green  Daily Tasks 5/21/15 • Printing off checks to pay interns and developers.
• On the phone with Steve going over projects, servers, and funding. Those seem to be the biggest topics right now. Steve is very excited for some of the upcoming changes that we will be making to the servers. I also proposed to him that we work on the sub inventory and cost controls (packaging) project and invite others to watch and participate via GoToMeeting or after the fact from saved video recordings that we post online. Steve liked that idea.
• Went into Logan to work with the guys. I spent the whole morning working with a developer, dressing up pages, and going over code. He even showed me around his C# code for the software bridge.
• On a different note, it was awesome to pay all of the guys their checks today. Funds have been very tight lately.
• I worked with a developer and our project manager on a project dealing with average costing. As I was explaining it, I almost talked myself out of it due to the new problems that it makes.
• We ended up talking tons about the new and upcoming project for sub inventory and cost controls (packaging). That is the real answer.
• Average costing fixes some small pieces but then opens up other holes and problems going both backwards and forwards. It also requires lots more math and looking things up on every hand. It kind of muddies the water.
• Lots of good drawings on the whiteboard (wall).
• Did some work with a developer on signing off on code for eCommerce and shipping.
• I also spent some time with a developer working on the new eCommerce code and API socket connections.
• I was kind of lost for a while but finally started to get an idea of how to tackle that project. As a side note… I’ve got weeks and weeks’ worth of code sign-off in front of me. Huge load! 30 miles.
• Recording notes from the last couple of days. I’m feeling like I need to get back into payroll stuff. I’ve got a few loose flags flapping in the wind.
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3837  Green  Daily Tasks 5/20/15 • Recording notes and reviewing.
• Working on the action page to accept credit cards on the adilas community funded projects. Lots of copying and pasting from existing code inside the secured site.
• Basically, we are doing a custom wire job for ourselves. It sure helps to have things built into internal API sockets and functions calls. Good stuff.
• Went in to Logan to work at the office. Busy day.
• The project manager has been going through tons of emails, trying to get projects out and into the open. He is doing quite well that way.
• I worked with a developer on his gateway payment integration project.
• I got to look over a bunch of code that a developer did for GPS stuff. He has been doing very well.
• I spent a couple of hours with a developer going over code and signing off on parts and shipping stuff. We fixed a few things and had a good session. This was the longest session that I have had to work with this developer.
• I also spent a little bit of time working with my brother on his graphic projects. 30 miles.
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3856  Blue  Daily Ideas 5/20/15 -Create various niches within adilas. This could be flow, functions, graphics, interfaces, client types, industries, needs, etc. My brother and the project manager had some fun talking about these kind of ideas. It is fun to listen and dream along with them.
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3836  Green  Daily Tasks 5/19/15 • Recording notes and ideas.
• Recording bills, invoices, and a loan from a developer’s company.
• Added a new project to the adilas community funded projects for bulk uploads of photos, scans, images, files, media, and other content.
• I also applied the developer’s loan to the sub inventory and cost controls (packaging) project.
• Working on the community funded projects code. Wiring up the backend to allow for credit card payments and donations.
• Emails and sending a possible sales rep some info on adilas. Sent him a number of PDF’s and Excel files.
• Went in to Logan to work. It was raining like crazy. I worked with an intern on logos for clients.
• I helped a developer with an invoice project. We totally redid the entire top section to make it more packing slip friendly.
• On the phone with a developer and the project manager going over an invoice payment integration project. This developer does an awesome job of writing down the steps and making a plan. That is a huge key to help him succeed.
• I looked at my brother’s graphics and helped developers with their shipping and FedEx project. That has been a nightmare of sorts.
• The data 2 server has been struggling and went down today. We’ve got some big clients on that server. I think the database needs some help and needs to be split up and optimized to help with the load crazy times.
• The project manager has really been helping out with leadership and consulting for me. He’s been doing phone calls, emails, and documenting projects right and left. Big help! 30 miles.
• Small graphic layout change for a client out of Washington State. He does or wants to do armored car transport and logistics.
• Small graphic changes to a layout mock-up for a presentation. Emails and follow-up.
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3835  Green  Daily Tasks 5/18/15 • Recording bills and invoices from my guys. Printing out some checks.
• Making a few more tweaks to the adilas sales, stats, and features packet. Added a couple more graphics and some light verbage.
• Re-exported files and uploaded to adilas elements of time using the media/content section.
• Signing off on code, small tweaks, and posting new files online. Light testing.
• On the phone with Steve going over projects, funding, and direction. We covered a lot of ground and batted around a number of different ideas. Kind of all over the place.
• Went in to Logan. Met with a developer and he gave us a check for $10,000 to help fund the developers. What a huge blessing.
• After our morning meeting, I went out and ran some errands. I put the $10,000 in the mail and visited a number of folks at Bridgerland.
• I talked with both the college president and the manager of Custom Fit and said thank you for letting us come and use Bridgerland for four months straight. That was awesome!
• All of the guys signed a card for the Custom Fit manager.
• I then went and got some cleaning supplies and snacks for the office.
• The project manager worked on cleaning out my email inbox. I’ve got tons of emails that I haven’t been able to get to.
• I signed off on some code for a developer and then worked with another developer on some icon menus.
• I also worked with a developer on uploading logos and how to do that.
• Developers were working on FedEx shipping and another developer was working on GPS tracking stuff. Lots of progress was being made.
• Also, my brother has been coming in the last couple of days. He brings a lot of new energy and excitement.
• My sister also came in and worked with the project manager on project management and sales ideas.
• At the end of the day my sister left me a little note saying – Brother – keep going! I really appreciated that. 30 miles.
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3855  Blue  Daily Ideas 5/18/15 -Lots of fun ideas about taking part of adilas and making small niche or industry specific apps. Lots of talk about sales teams, industry specific interfaces, special teams, and different marketing approaches. Great ideas!
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3834  Green  Daily Tasks 5/16/15 • Recording notes and light review of progress.
• Spent time reviewing my notebooks. I was looking for some stats that showed growth (actual numbers)… What I found was growth of character over time. Kind of interesting. Trying to prep a document for a business loan.
• Prepping with numbers for total and yearly sales figures.
• On the phone with a sales rep and consultant going over the process of doing an internal build PO. Lots of inventory related questions and such. Light training.
• Working on some sales figures to give to investors. Making charts and graphs in Microsoft Excel. Used the phrases – adilas – all data is live and searchable – Your data, your world, your way!
• Finished up the adilas sales, stats, and features packet. Added some fun graphics and a sales forecasting and projections worksheet to play with numbers. It took a while, but I was having fun. Hopefully it will work to help us get some outside funding. Yee Haw! I sent a copy to a developer and his wife to help get a small loan. Our plans are to use this packet for other investors and other funding ventures.
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3833  Green  Daily Tasks 5/15/15 • Went into the Logan Office. I was busy all day long.
• I saw a lot of good things going on without any help of mine. I saw more seasoned developers helping newer developers, people sharing dreams and goals, and people actively talking and interacting together. I saw guys stepping up, making decisions, and then going for it. I really enjoyed what I saw today. Good stuff.
• I worked with developers on data imports, icon menus, black boxes, and custom code. We also wired up a remote pdf option for push email notification that contain links to pdf invoices.
• Our project manager was going through my email inbox and helping to record projects and quote requests.
• My brother and the project manager had a good discussion on reskinning adilas and doing mobile apps.
• A developer showed me some of his new code for FedEx. We had a couple of conference calls with clients and made some progress there.
• My sister came by and went around and met with each developer. She has been such a great helper.
• I also met with a developer a couple of times on his Windows Software integration project. We keep hitting road bumps with that project. He also approached me to offer a loan to help cover some developer costs. What a huge blessing. Great day. 30 miles.
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