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Thanks for your interest in adilas.biz! We've been pioneering trails through the business world for the past 13+ years. A huge part of our success has come from the countless number of ideas and suggestions that have been made by you, our users and associates. We thank you for your input. Keep the ideas coming and we'll keep building!

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Thank you for choosing adilas.biz! Together, think of where we can go!
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Thank you for choosing adilas.biz! Together, think of where we can go!
As part of the pioneering process, we've gleened a number of cool ideas and processes along the way. We are trying to follow an existing analogy of water turning into ice as things progress over and through time and space. This water turning into ice analogy has been used to describe and show the process of daily operations becoming more firm and solid values. The end goal is to allow good operations to become ice or final numbers and accounting. Along the way, we track and record the progress so that it can be monitored.

In the development process, we are going to use the same analogy of water turning into ice. The projects, ideas, and concepts start out very loose like water. As we spend time and organize the ideas and concepts, they become more firm and become a plan, dream, or a project. Our goal for the community funded projects is to capture ideas and dreams. We will then start working with those ideas and dreams to formulate them into plans, projects, tools, and eventually features. As a part of this process, we invite you to join us in helping to contribute ideas, concepts, dreams, goals, and yes, even funding. Feel free to donate any amount you wish. Just let us know which project(s) you want your donation to go towards. We are excited where things are headed and invite you to help where you are able! Thanks and enjoy!

To donate, use the form above, call us at 719-966-7102, or mail a check to:
Adilas, LLC - adilas.biz
517 Blake Street
Salida, CO 81201