Dispensary Kiosk Services

Green Kiosks use driver’s license scanning technology to simplify the customer check-in process. Each multilingual QuotePro Kiosk is built on a proven ATM platform that accepts cash payments and is able to make change to the penny. Our online payment reporting services help automate the cash reconciliation process so your employees will never have to touch cash again. Our client dashboard provides a 360-view of your business through real-time graphs and reporting services.

Key Features & Functionality:

• ATM functionality
• Cash and card payments
• Change to the penny for cash payments
• Multi-note bill acceptor and bill validator
• Check-in services
• Driver’s license and barcode scanner
• Custom receipts
• Real-time dashboard analytics
• Integrated and stand-alone reporting
• English/Spanish
• Outdoor model available

To watch a short demo of this product please click here.

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