To test this new feature, go to then use Corp key ID ‘testing’, Username ‘Guest’ and Password ‘1234’. Then go to Classic homepage >> system maintenance >> set manager discount – discount engine.

The developers are working hard to launch this new feature into production. The new functionality will allow you to set multiple, specific discounts for daily or weekly specials that your company may be running for promotional sales.

This new update will make doing repeating sales promotions much easier to maintain and track. It will allow you to print specific sale-priced barcodes, that will ring out according to the rules set within the Discount Engine. These rules allow you to set specific items/categories, a discount percentage, and specific days of the week that the sale price will apply. You will also be able to cap the discount amount being given, with a maximum allowed discount setting.

We will update you with a more detailed instructional, once we have the completed update fully released. We look forward to receiving your feedback on the impact you feel this may have on your business’ functionality, and welcome any comments or concerns you may have.

As always, feel free to reach out to your consultant or Adilas Technical Support with any questions you may have. The phone number for Technical Support is 719-966-7102 or you can email