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USB Credit Card Readers

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Merchant processing done through will save you time, money, and headaches! Give us a go!
Merchant processing through is not required in order to use our services. However, if we can highly recommend something... this would be it! Can you imagine... start to finish transactions, additional data drill-downs, enhanced page flow and shortcuts, and everything under the same roof. Just the concept alone is another reason stands for all data is live and searchable.
Different options for swiping credit cards.
  The application allows for either magnetic card swiping or manual entry of credit card numbers. If you are interested in speeding up the payment process, we recommend that you use a USB card swiper. They can be purchased for $40 to $60 from any vendor or retailer. No specific brand or model is required. Two of the top vendors of card swipers are IDTech and MagTek. Here are the only requirements for the swipers:
  • USB Interface (how it connects to the computer)
  • Emulates a keyboard (reads magnetic data in plain english)
  • Able to read Tracks 1 & 2. (main credit card tracks)
Many of the swipers on the market have tons of advanced features. The application does not require the advanced features and recommends that you get the more simple products (ideally under $60). Two products that we can recommend are the IDTech Minimag and MagTek Mini. Both are quite simple and easy to use. Feel free to shop any retail computer store or your favorite online shopping site. Google "USB credit card reader" and get tons or options. You can also try Ebay, Amazon, or

Note: Even though any merchant may use a USB swiper or card reader, there is a special switch that needs to be activated on your actual merchant account. You need to have an account setting set to "retail" for the lower card rates to be applied. Without that switch turned on, swiping the cards only speeds up the transaction time (no physical entry) but your rates will be the same as a manually keyed in card. has worked with our provider and gateway so that no additional retail injection key is needed. The whole thing is a turn key solution and is ready to go! If you have any additional questions about the "retail" setting, please contact our support staff.

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